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22 Reviews on “Pixie Nail Spa - Causeway Point”

  • bern sia
    1 year ago

    Too expensive

  • Sharon Michelle
    1 year ago

    My mum and I had a terrible experience at this stupid place two days ago. We both went to get our pedicure done and prior to this I had called them asking how much was classic gel and they said it was $39. Upon reaching the price increased to $108. We still agreed and proceeded. Slightly later the lady brought two something like bath bombs and asked whether we wanted. She said it was $32 each just to make our feet more hygienic. We said we dont want and the other lady asked us to take and she will give us discount. We said no twice yet she forced us so we agreed again. Then the lady who did my mum’s legs kept on talking and talking and said my mum had fungus underneath her toe nail and asked us to do the 3 in 1 treatment which was 200+. This time we really said no and she said the same thing like 10 times that my mum had fungus? Then she took a small bottle and said it’s $128 and forced us to buy it. We said later. She put that bottle which was in its packaging on my mum’s lap since my mum was using her handphone and that packaging fell into the water where my mum’s legs were and she told us no one is going to buy since packaging is damaged and literally all 3 ladies working there ganged up and asked us to get that bottle of fungus treatment. It was such a terrible experience. Since I paid for everything, the lady had the cheek to tell my mum to pay for the bottle. I will never go back. This is what they call hard selling and people should stop when customers say no once.

  • Maetiara Pearl
    1 year ago

    Nice people and very good service. I continue my package every time cos near home and relaxing to destress. Conmendable service. Dedicate to Ms Norvel who always does for me. And the rest too.

  • Shilah J Faisal
    1 year ago

    A lot of hard selling. They will keep asking despite me telling them and giving them a straight no. They also charge extra on top of already quoting you a price. Extra for all sorts of things. Even choosing a specific colour

  • Violet Tang
    1 year ago

    They are busy with hard sell & packages rather than the service itself or customer satisfaction

  • Lilith Lynn
    1 year ago

    A little heads up for those who are signing package with them or going for manicure service. This is based on my own experience. A little hidden info that are not shared upon signing with them that made me regret.

    1. Nail polish removal only free if previous manicure is done by them, otherwise please be prepared to top up $20 despite they say free removal for package signed. There will be no make up session for removal of your package as well if your manicure are done at other places.

    2. Manicure touch up only valid within 1 week, after 1 week is chargeable. (my thumb gelish manicure falling off in whole piece in less than 2 weeks)

    3. Booked an full set manicure appointment 2 days in advance, when arrived they mistake as touch up appointment only and recommend I do touch up only for my nails as they short of manpower which i think is a horrible hard sales tactics! Even before they told me my appt will change to touch up they even spoke among themselves loudly that the customer siting beside me should be grateful that they let her in without a appointment. Than WHY let customer without appt in if you got not enough manpower??

    4. 10 days before Christmas & Chinese New Year there will be surcharge. (This one as usual but just a little reminder since we are here sharing info)

  • Suhaliana Ali
    1 year ago

    I came in with the intention to do normal manicure ($29) + pedicure ($39) with no painting of nails, just shine. They started by soaking my feet and put in the pink ball (like bath bomb) into the water for soaking my feet. All went okay, and another lady came to do my hands. And brought 2 small bucket for me to soak my hands. Midway, the lady wanted to scrub my leg and asked if want to use a better scrub, can lighten marks. I asked how much, she said $68. I said no need just normal will do and she said okay $48 coz I first-timer. I said okay. (Initially I thought the scrub was part of the pedicure and was surprised when she quoted me $68)

    Towards the end of my session, I was pressured to sign up package. $3,600 for 15 sessions + 5 sessions free! Then I rejected, it got lowered down to $1,020 for 10 sessions + 3 sessions free! I rejected again. While they were trying to get me to sign up, I looked at my bill and was shocked! Manicure $29, Big ball $38, pedicure $39 big ball $38, feet scrub $48. Total $192. What a rip off.

    They still insistent to get me to sign package and kept lowering the amount. Even said I don’t need to pay for this one. Last deal was $400 for 4 manicure and 4 pedicure. I did the calculations in front of them and said it doesn’t make sense, and end up they said they included the $192. Seriously, this is how they will manipulate and deceive others who are not strong enough to say no.

    I left the shop paying $192 and my cuticles have blood and nails are not shiny at all. I should have just shine and buff on my own. What an ugly experience.

  • Aida Yohana
    1 year ago

    They are busy with hard sell & packages rather than the service itself or customer satisfaction.

  • Bernice Teo
    1 year ago

    This outlet has much friendlier staffs compared to Waterway Point outlet. Some pressure with package as mine is finishing, definitely not hostile and rude like the Waterway Point outlet. So glad to be able to use my remaining package here. Do try out their scrub, very rough but brightens your skin somehow. ??‍♀️ Love my yellow toe nails ?

  • Bob Blub
    2 years ago

    Joanna and pei were very friendly, and paid great attention to the service, providing a wonderful experience

  • Sher L. (シャーリン • リオン)
    2 years ago

    Decided to try Pixie Nail Spa out after seeing their $18 Gel Manicure promo on Shopback. Amazing service! Had my nails done by Norvel. She is friendly and makes good conversation. We had a good time chatting about everything. The nails were done exactly how I liked them. Great experience!

  • Rach MusicChannel
    2 years ago

    v friendly

  • Cj Calvert Jng
    2 years ago

    I have eyelash package with Pixie CWP. Pei Pei is my consultant and she has never (once) failed to deliver her superb work and meet my expectation.

    Pei Pei is very detailed in the process of doing my lashes (everytime). Her work quality is so good that my lashes can usually last for 6 weeks!

    I would highly recommend Pei Pei to anyone who is looking for eyelash consultant, especially with high expectation.

  • Hani Iliyana
    2 years ago

    Honestly the pedicure was good but the beautician was rude.

    Firstly she was super invasive, which was ok for me. Maybe was trying to be friendly. But her attitude changed when I didn’t want to buy the package. I didn’t appreciate her remarks. The remarks might be okay for some people but I just feel it was unnecessary.

  • Shujuan Lim
    2 years ago

    I bought a voucher for gel mani and gel/classic pedi for $30 through ShopBack. Made an appointment for Friday 12pm. I was 20 mins late. There were 3 manicurists and no customers but I was told to make another appointment and come back another day as they had customers coming soon.

    Much regrets that I did not have the opportunity to try their service.

  • khor Young
    2 years ago

    Best service and excellent feeling for your nails and leg❤️❤️❤️?

  • Jason Prince
    2 years ago

    My wife shared her experience with me, definitely will not recommend, super unprofessional and rude staff. Just wanna do a quick job and finish it. Worse service ever

  • Angele Khor
    2 years ago

    Novel and pei pei are so experienced and very detailed. From the way they worked, you’ll know.I’m truly amazed by their’s immaculate skills. Their’s service was super. They took time to really get their’s job done well. Nice and cosy place not as noisy compared to outside nail salons. I will definitely come back to this place again. 要关门了,还把工作做到淋漓尽致??为了我,她们俩还要OT.

  • Joscelyn Chew
    2 years ago

    Very friendly and nice customer service ?

  • Coffee&Toast Ellaine
    2 years ago

    Very friendly staff Pei Pei at causeway branch

  • Brenda Yee
    2 years ago

    good service…recommend!PeiPei is very experienced and professionally…When i confuse with choosing colour she was very passion and help to match???

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