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20 Reviews on “Pinkies Nail Spa”

  • Nas Wong
    11 months ago

    Terrible service. They rushed for new customers and didn’t did my classic pedicure right as it was too fast. People working there are very rude. The spa has many cockroaches on the sofas

  • Josie Choo
    12 months ago

    Great experience here with Cindy! She did such an amazing job with my nails and listened attentively to what I wanted. She made sure that I was happy with my nails throughout the entire process and always asked before proceeding with anything. She was also super quick and efficient which I greatly appreciated.

  • yvonne ng
    1 year ago

    just went there and had by far the worst experience a client could have.

    -very aggressive in removing my previous nails and filing my nails.

    -super rude, lady was laughing and badmouthing my friend and i in viet, they didnt know i understood them.

    -extremely impatient, i was deciding for 5seconds and she said “can this chic decide already, stop asking her friend. i have things to do.”

    -always pauses the things she do to persuade more customers to enter.

    -at the end she wanted me to model but my finger couldnt bend the way she wanted to, she got mad, threw a prop on the table.

    -in general, her and her colleagues had so many bad remarks to say to me and kept cursing in viet. i dont recommend coming to this place, there are better salons out there that are as skilled as them. overall, good work on the nails, but theres a long way to go in working on their customer service.

  • Clvr
    1 year ago

    Did my nails a few times here. Services was ok even though the lady who did my nails was quite impatient.

  • Q
    1 year ago

    I went for their classic gel mani and pedi. For my mani it turned out translucent and patchy on all my nails, the applications aren’t even at all. They told me it’s because the nail polish is “jelly” but that’s not how it looked on the sample nail, it was opaque/solid on the sample nail. FYI, jelly nail polishes don’t look patchy. They refused to add on an additional layer upon my discovery. For my pedicure, I told them I wanted my nails to be cut. Only when it was completed I realised they did not cut it which was totally unacceptable for me because it’ll hurt me once my nails grow a little more and they refused to fix it/redo. Go at your own risk.

  • Baii Xiiao
    1 year ago

    Good experience,I don’t know the name of the Nail technician ,but she was especially attentive during drawing the cute bunny of my nails.

  • Zahirah Binte Zainal
    1 year ago

    Did my classic mani and pedi. Pedi was okay but mani was horrible. Just want to do a quick work and get over it. And unhygiene. So many cockroaches crawling omg. Never coming there again

  • Victoria Ng
    2 years ago

    Had a great experience with Yao who did my nails beautifully. She was very attentive during the shaping of my nails especially.

  • Gsc Singh
    2 years ago

    Worst skill and service staff ever. Thumb was painfully cleaned and Had to redo my gelish few times and their attitude looks like I owe them money. No single sorry received. Ladies please look for other place.

  • C C
    2 years ago

    Went there for a quick mani with a friend and I chose this bright purple colour. However, the lady that did my nails was very clearly rushing so she could eat her lunch(she was even the one who asked us to come in). In the end, the colour came out so translucent and light compared to what I chose that you can even see the white part of the nail. She also did not put the serum at the end like the other manicurist did for my friend, had to ask her about it after she said done. Giving 2 stars instead of 1 as my friend’s one turned out quite well. Just think that service/attitude depends on the manicurist you get, and that shouldn’t be the case.

  • Buddy Tan
    2 years ago

    Extremely professional.

  • TGLY
    2 years ago

    Been going to this place close to a year, the first few experience was great and the price was very reasonable. But after my recent few trips it wasn’t as pleasant anymore. They increase the price out of no where and further increase it every time when I was halfway through my nails without warning and charge me for services that they never used to charge me before. The staff was also very rude and did not accommodate me. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT.

  • Camy Cheng
    2 years ago

    My go to place for nails because they deliver got the good price I’m paying. But for the past two times I went, I was attended by some unfriendly manicurists. I don’t know their names and they’re weren’t exactly gentle. Still, they got the job done.

  • Nabila Darvesh
    2 years ago

    Good service by Fiona. I did my nails shaping and nail art. She was very kind. Paid a decent amount, not very expensive.

  • piggy chia
    3 years ago

    First time trying nails, and it was a scam. Ended up i paid $83 for a ugly design and i had to find another place to remove and change my nails. The staffs there were not friendly as well. I strongly recommended y’all not to go to this shop. don’t waste your time and money here please.

  • Minky
    3 years ago

    She’s name is Linda.

    She couldn’t do the procedure I wanted and I was very offended. I asked her again, but she responded very unkindly. Saying things that I don’t understand. At the end, I paid the money and she laughed mockingly at me and said something I couldn’t understand.So I chased her, and then she turned her back on CCTV and cursed at me (finger cursing) I was angry and cursed at her. she can’t get paid and provide services. It does not have a basic service mind. I want to know how she provides services here. (Because she would have come to Singapore on a working visa.)

    I received an unfair service even though I paid for it, and I don’t think it’s a service.

    I wasted my time and money and suffered mental damage.

    That woman is doing a ridiculous service.

    It doesn’t make sense for a woman like that to do this service.

  • gina kwan
    3 years ago

    Nice and worthy nails spa

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