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  • Alyssa Dai
    1 year ago

    The mistake at the front desk caused me a very bad experience, I’ve been here so many times, I’m really disappointed. Front desk girl with short hair.

  • Vera
    2 years ago

    Went there for a foot massage on a weekday night and it wasn’t crowded. The ambience was 10/10; the water sounds from the mini bamboo fountain, the relaxing music, the lighting were all good. They started 5-7 minutes late even though we had arrived 10mins earlier than our appointment time. Luckily, they ended an hour later so we still had our one hour of massage.

    My friend and I went into a private room with two female therapists, and it was very cosy. We had a foot bath followed by a foot scrub. A short shoulder massage ensued. Following that, they let us lie down on the beds (my first time lying down for a foot massage!) and placed a flat hot pack beneath our backs. It was quite comfortable. The masseur also put a towel over my body in case it got cold. The lights were also switched off and it was a super good environment to sleep in!

    The massage was good. The masseur happened to rub this spot in the middle of my foot that was itchy, painful, sore and relaxing at the same time. There were times, however, where she would exert too much force and at one point in time, I had to tell her that it was painful. I would have given this a 5 star had the masseur rubbed less on the bone areas of my feet.

    The finishing touch to the massage was when the masseur took out those whacky sticks (not sure what it’s called) and hit the sides of my legs. It was okay, but in retrospect, I felt that the force was too hard because I had some light bruises the following day.

    All in all, I would go back, but tell my masseur to refrain from massaging too hard and also tell her the specific parts I would like her to focus on.

  • chetna vatsa
    2 years ago

    The massage here is really good. I went with a back pain and was feeling very good after the massage. The masseuse kept a hot pad on my back after the back massage and it was very relaxing. I gave 3 stars because environment was noisy as other masseuses were chatting and laughing quite loudly just outside my room. I would have slept for a bit with such relaxing massage but couldn’t due to noise 🙁

  • Gan Guo Wei
    2 years ago

    I bought a 60 min foot massage using a Fave deal. It started out with a brief shoulder and neck massage while your feet soak in warm water. The masseuse helps to scrub your feet and then commences the foot massage. I chose to sit in the foyer (as depicted in the picture). The masseuse was skilled and did a great job and there was no hard selling of packages at all. The place is hygienic and has a very relaxing atmosphere and they served tea afterwards. Might come back in the future!

    2 years ago

    Beautiful place with professional masseuses that are well skilled in hitting all the right pressure points. Will be back!

  • Khine Zar Lin
    2 years ago

    Good and clean environment…no hardselling and No.7 Lawrence did a great foot massage. Will come back again ?

  • Irene Chua
    2 years ago

    First time visiting Neil Road Brunch.

    Got myself an hour full body massage. A very clean and decent place. Staff are extremely friendly. The massage was really good. Staff will first ask on areas required to take note and during the massage will keep track if the massage strength is ok and clearly explained certain areas of concerns!!! Feeling really relax and good after massage! Highly Recommended.

  • Sierra
    2 years ago

    Will definitely be back! I first booked via Fav. In my opinion it’s a very woman friendly place and you will feel safe even though the masseur is a man. They even leave the door slightly open for safety. You have two options for the foot massage you can sit (which will be in the lobby) so no privacy, or you can lay down in the room. It was my first time to lay down for a foot massage but it was really nice and even more comfortable. They started first with a shoulder massage and the pressure was great! And in between you start your foot bath and scrub, followed by as you lay down they put a hot pack for your back. It was a bit too hot at first but it cools quickly. Foot massage was really great and just enough pressure for me ! Followed by a hot towel on both legs and a wooden hammer at the end. It was a really lovely experience and more than what you get at other foot massage places.

    As I exited my shoes were waiting for me. I was expecting they would ask me to buy a package but maybe they were too busy. I’ll be back for sure! Thank you!

  • Gaurav Yadav
    2 years ago

    I want for a hour massage explaining very clearly that the back is tired. Now I am stuck with back ache in lower back. I am not sure if the person knew where to press.

  • Scarlett C
    2 years ago

    Price reasonable for fave deal. Booking process smooth sailing, staff was polite. The massage was alright and hit the points that were relevant. Loved the hot cushion and best served green bean soup & barley tea. Just fave customer but VIP treatment. Thank you OD, will come back again in the near future (:

  • Sophie Poll
    2 years ago

    The staff were so lovely and friendly! Best massage I’ve had in a long time. Would definitely go again!

  • Katherine Wu
    2 years ago

    Number 9. This uncle is good!

  • Ken Chang
    2 years ago

    Horrible massage place. Rude and totally unprofessional. No skill. Massage was so soft it’s like paying someone to touch your body.

  • kwang lee
    2 years ago

    Recently, there are a lot of massage parlors offering strange services, but this place really only cares about massage. Although the facility is old, the reception is always friendly and the masseuses often do not speak English, but it is still an authentic massage.

    I went to several massage shops according to the Google rating, but most of them either write good reviews for themselves or that someone is good at them, and if you follow them, most of them recommend additional strange services.

    But at least there are no such worries here.

  • Zya Yi
    2 years ago

    No.18 << she is well treating the massage and knew exactly the point I felt uncomfortable. Hand pressure is enough and her massage using finger(or device?) was very professional.

  • Rachel Yeo
    3 years ago

    Had aching & stiff shoulders for months, decided to give this place a try together with my husband. Very welcoming receptionist, was directed to a cosy and clean couple room on level 2. Masseur was professional and even offered to do a Gua Sha for my husband. We both enjoyed the massage and will definitely be back again!

  • Claire Phuah
    3 years ago

    Have been visiting for the past 6 years and definitely can’t live without them. From the friendly receptionist, Sheena to the amazing masseuse No.58 and relaxing environment.

    Immediate stress relief, definitely worth every pain. 🙂

  • Clifford Lim
    3 years ago

    Nice ambience cap off with professional work attitude.

    Highly recommended.

  • Ling Lingay Masias
    3 years ago

    I have been there once and i had tried their body massage , its very hard to communicate with their staff because they only speak mandarin i think. I called for appointment today and i am not happy with the staff who answered the call she has poor attitude and impolite. She asked me if i had masseuse preference and i answered anyone will do then she replied that female or male masseuse can ah ( as she pronounce both as masseuse for male and female and she sounded rude when she talks) . I was shocked and clarified with her that im female and since it was my first time to encounter body massage with male staff. Suddenly she dropped my call while i am still talking to her which in the first place i should be the one who must end the call since im the one who called.

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