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23 Reviews on “Natureland - Orchard Liat Towers”

  • S. Wang
    1 year ago

    Good massage experience. Did a 5-in-1 for 60min, got a private room for 2 pax booking. Massage therapist – Polo & Rabbit have good techniques.

  • ultraman RES
    1 year ago

    No use paying a premium for a massage located in Orchard Road when the masseur is inexperienced, her massage was so light that it was non-existent. It felt like I paid $100++ to be gently tapped on than getting a proper massage. Her technique was irritable and at times so gentle that it was very ticklish/uncomfortable. I didn’t bother complaining to the masseur, clearly, their quality standards has dropped significantly and given the recent price hike, it doesn’t justify the cost. What a waste of 1.5 hr and money. Never going back, and will not patronise Natureland again. Definitely will not refer it to any family or friends, ever. Go at your own risk!

  • mac newman
    2 years ago

    good atmosphere

    and honey ginger drink

  • Kevin Dudevoir
    2 years ago

    Staff was friendly and massage was perfect for a long week of non stop work!!

  • Street Smarts
    2 years ago

    Avoid at all cost. Do yourself a favor and take your money someplace else, there are many late night spa places.

    The masseuse was visibly annoyed she was asked by the manager/receptionist to do another 90 minute massage (because it was likely her last one for the day). Rolled around on a low chair all the time without applying pressure to the right spots.

    Used tons of oil and pointy elbows 90% of time contrary to my pleas not to use elbows. Went over the same spots 20+ times (yes I did start counting at some point).

    Turned on A/C to max which was a cherry on the top saying ‘it’s okay’ and keeping it on for some time when I asked repeatedly to turn it off and complained I was frozen. Steer clear.

  • Kaitlyn Ng
    2 years ago

    Came here for 60 min tui na. Our therapists, Dong and Kei, were very attentive, friendly and professional. Great experience!

  • Gary Chew
    2 years ago

    Michael is my go-to guy whenever I need quality hard massage to soothe those knots! A real gem if you ask me. Appreciate the 101% he puts in all the time.

  • Tianyun Wen
    2 years ago

    The service of front desk crews were very bad & rude to us. No smile, no polite. It made us felt so disappointed. My friends & me came few times for messages. Some staff were good. But we did encounter few foot therapists were sleepy & yawned when doing foot massage. It really gave us a bad experience. And we hope the staff can be train or have a briefing before they start work.

  • Nichole Wilson
    2 years ago

    Good experience….beautiful ambience

  • Noel Huang
    2 years ago

    Booked and went in after work since it’s nearby. Thought that I’d get a decent/better massage in Orchard with an established brand, like at least have a standard. But no.

    The masseuse was pretty bad, rough, no proper rhythm or technique. I had better at neighbourhood shops for less. I’d imagine that there would be some QC of their skills or training.

    Facilities was good and clean.

  • Goefficiency
    2 years ago

    nice massage place. The massage therapist Tomi is especially attentive and nice.

  • Ana Nursha
    2 years ago

    A last minute plan to get a shoulder massage. Was really glad they had availability for 3 pax. Despite not being able to communicate much with my non-English speaking masseuse, I had an enjoyable massage. She was really trying to ease the knots on my shoulders. The room was clean. Love the fact that it opened till wee hours of the morning.

  • Khee Yeo
    2 years ago

    One of the best places to get a massage in Singapore

  • Sharon Edwards
    2 years ago

    So I arrived without any pain and left with a bad pain in my leg. I feel like she was trying to tenderise a piece of meat!!! The ladies speak little or no English so you cannot make yourself understood. This type of massage might be good for a big burly bloke who needs tight muscles pummelled a bit, but for anyone else, I cannot really recommend.

  • Jenny Lu
    2 years ago

    Vegas is great !! Highly recommend.

  • Tommy
    2 years ago

    Great decor and atmosphere! Skill level was a mere ok only though.

  • Jz L
    2 years ago

    One of my fav outlets where lobby is well segregated, lots of private cabins for exclusive massage!

  • Lim Jessica
    2 years ago

    Very good experience. Had body massage 2 days ago with Alice and Cha cha. Husband and I enjoyed very much!

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