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22 Reviews on “Miracle Day Spa”

  • Patrick Khoo
    1 year ago

    Definitely won’t be coming back to this place
    again. Massage was super rushed – no time to relax, masseuse started within 30 secs of me walking through the door. Massage is conducted in the open area so not the most peaceful.

    Owner is talking to his friend loudly in the background about food and the history of China, clearly not caring about the clients.

    Masseuse has very strange (or poor?) technique, half the massage is him using his elbows to rub on the same spot with varying degrees of intensity and speed. Sometimes sharply increasing pressure without warning. Technique consisted of this weird thing with his thumbs where he just presses down into your body quickly over an area – mostly pressing into areas that cause sharp pain, especially at the back of the knee area.

    Masseuse is not gentle at all, throws my arms around with force when trying to move it. At times, technique involved pressing down on my back with his body weight, until it was hard to breathe. No oil is used so massage can be quite rough on the skin. Whole massage felt rushed -just wanting to finish with no care taken, never did he asked if the pressure of massage was going ok.

    Do only come if you want frills massage with a strange technique that might leave you in pain.

  • Jessica Pahl
    2 years ago

    Had an amazing neck and shoulder massage here today, one of the best I’ve ever had. The staff were very welcoming and knowledgeable.

  • Jeff Liu
    2 years ago

    Worth every penny. Massage was great and hit all my pain points + got my back cracked. Would definitely recommend

  • Joy Chen
    2 years ago

    I called the owner to check if we can come now, but when we arrived there is no one there. Then I called the owner again but he said the reservation is full (with the store empty…) 老闆沒錯,但就是隨心所欲營業的店⋯

  • Chris Chan
    2 years ago

    I’ve been visiting this boutique reflexology and body therapy outlet for more than 10 years. Awesome techniques, especially sports massage from Master Zhi Hong, that’s not commonly available in most of the bigger chains. Highly recommended!

  • Rovik Robert
    2 years ago

    Probably one of the most effective massages I’ve had in a while. Zhi Hong offers a regular massage for $40, and the ability to actually fix your pain issues for $50, and after taking the latter, I definitely felt a change in my neck and shoulder region. The space is basic and functional, but when a massage works, it works.

  • James L
    2 years ago

    Very helpful for waist pain

  • Andrea Latour
    3 years ago

    Great deep tissue massage, painful.. no privTe room though

  • Frederick Tan
    3 years ago

    They’re on Classpass

  • Jong Kim Poh
    3 years ago

    Every effective and good services

  • John Koh
    3 years ago

    Been coming to Master Zhi Hong for a few years, first to treat my strained leg muscles. Thereafter for usual knots and relieve. Each time I will be in “pain and agony” but leave feeling the body tension gone and relieve

  • Sabrina Lee
    3 years ago

    I had my doubts about this place but please don’t hold back. Master Zhi Hong is super kind and extremely knowledgeable in this field, and he was able to treat my back which has multiple issues. His rates might be on the high side but it’s worth every penny. Strongly recommend!

  • Chris C
    3 years ago

    The owner has immense passion and in-depth expertise in foot reflexology. Having been to so many places over the last 20 over years, the standard here is undoubtedly one of the best around.

  • Jomar Eldoy
    3 years ago

    Very professional! Great service.

  • Yuko Matsuda
    3 years ago

    It hurts uncontrollably. But in one session, the mobility is going up. It hurts though.


  • Estrella Chua
    3 years ago

    I’ve been trying a few places to find a good masseuse. And I am happy to share that I finally ended my search today.

    My Yoga instructor told me my shoulders are stiff and also I haven’t been able to turn my head as flexibly as before, so I came here with all these problem areas.

    After my session, the twisting range of my neck has gone back to normal. My back was also cracked during the session and I feel completely relaxed now.

    10/10 would recommend to my friends and families and also start being a regular here.

  • Stefanie Lim
    3 years ago

    I’ve had nerve issues in my neck for years due to torticolis.

    Been to so many massage places, osteos and even bought an expensive pillow. But nothing helped.

    It’s gotten worse the past 1 year that sometimes I wince in pain when I try to sleep.

    I came to Miracle Day Spa with the thought of just spending a relaxing 1 hour lunch break but decided to tell Mr Fang about my neck and shoulder issues.

    And oh my gosh. NO REGRETS.

    And Mr Fang HELPED me sooo much in just one session. He adjusted, cracked, pressed with such accuracy and right pressure!

    Definitely coming back!

  • Paridhi Agrawal
    3 years ago

    Zi Hong is very experienced in giving massages

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