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  • Serene Ng
    6 months ago

    Everyone notice the difference in me.

    7kg is what I lost in 4 months. body age from 45 to 39 and visceral fats from 4.5 to 2.5.

    Overall I felt refreshed and able to wear back my S/M size felt good.

    Need to be discipline with the food consumption as well as the timing is also one of the factor. Overall it’s a great weight loss program.

    Staffs are very helpful and friendly too.

    I would like to thank Linda, Elsa and BT for their meticulous attention and helping on my weight loss journey.

  • Deyna manuel
    6 months ago

    helped me lose weight without any diet 💯 💯

  • Angelina Huang
    7 months ago

    Thankful for Linda and the staff at Love de Beauteous for helping me become a healthier me. I was almost 70kg when I started the programme last year and managed to drop to 56kg. Definitely looking better and more importantly I feel healthier and energised! Linda and the staff were encouraging and gave good advice to help me persevere and be more self disciplined in my water and food intake. Now, I’m back with them to do maintenance and treatment for detox!

  • Almond
    10 months ago

    I have always been around the weight of 63kg and has been for more than 20 years. I never imagine I could go down to 54kg which is even lower than my weight before child birth. I googled and got to know about Love de Beauteous, decided to sign up 20 sessions of cupping treatment after reading good reviews. I must say I am impressed with the results as I still frequently have dinner appointments because of my job during the treatment. I have also tried the MTM facial which targets my sagging skin and double chin. Immediately after one session, I could see my face sharper and smaller. Highly recommended!!!

  • Scarlett Ruby
    11 months ago

    During my regular session, I asked Linda If she has any treatment for my sagging skin around my neck and jaw. She told me that actually my skin condition is good however there were inflammation around the neck that pulled the skin down. She introduced me to the neck detox treatment and I did the first session yesterday. The result is amazing. When I came home, I told my daughter I did a neck massage, and she told me “no wonder you neck look smaller and your face sharper”. And what is more amazing..I always had 2 lumps behind my ear, and 1 was almost gone now. Apparently the drainage that she did on the neck also somehow drain that lump behind my neck. Thank God for this unexpected result and thanks Linda for your treatment. I believe the next lump will also go away in the next treatment.

  • Yvonne N
    11 months ago

    I have been to several ‘branded’ slimming centres, trying to lose weight but I never lose weight but I lost money due to their hard selling tactics. Happened to chanced upon Love de Beauteous and decided to give it a try.

    Linda gives me very personalized service and she will customize my diet based on my daily activities with close monitoring. The best part of the diet is I can eat till I’m full, no starving is required. I signed up for 20 sessions of TCM cupping and Iost about 8kg after 10 sessions.

    That is not all.

    My health improved tremendously – I used to have fatty liver with ALT and AST exceeding the recommended range (ALT was 50 and AST was 35 in Dec 2022). Recommended ALT and AST is between 10-35 for my age. My health screening results last week showed that my livers are now very healthy (ALT 16 and AST 21).

    Highly recommended as Linda and her team is very dedicated, always there to assist and best of all, there was no hard-selling.

  • June Lim
    11 months ago

    Before signing up for 20 sessions of Fire Cupping , I was tired and had lots of stomach bloatedness. Now I have lost close to 10 kgs and feels a lot better. I am more energetic now and generally feels better. The staff at Love De Beauteous are very considerate and caring. They are also excellent at what they do. I would not hesitate to recommend Love De Beauteous to people who is keen for weight loss with a flexible diet to achieve your goal!

  • Angie Ng
    11 months ago

    I have been trying to lose weight through exercise and diet but was not successful. Get to know TCM slimming treatment from my friend, decided to try cupping treatment.

    Although it took a little longer, 30 sessions for about 9 months, I lost 19Kg throughout the treatment despite holiday trip, Christmas, and CNY seasons.

    Body fat Dropped 11%, and my inner health improved as well

    Love de Beauteous personalised approach, diet recommendations make it a great choice for anyone who wants to loss weight in a healthy way

    Feel fantastic to look good and healthy. Thank you, Linda and her team.

  • val ng
    1 year ago

    Been trying to lose weight through diet and exercise for a few months but my weight didn’t change much. Decided to try cupping and lost 13kg throughout the treatment, despite many overseas trip, staycation, Christmas and CNY.

    Took a little longer – 30 sessions for about 8 months but it is still a win for me!

    Dropped at least 5% of body fat and 3.5% of visceral fats.

    The treatment doesn’t limit you on the amount of food you eat, just the type and variety. Overall i think it is still quite doable.

  • Alina Stephanie
    1 year ago

    Price was affordable for me and i lost a lot of weight. It’s very relaxing and the staff are all very kind. Linda helped me through and it is definitely recommended for those who wants to try out losing weight. The diet is also really easy to follow!

  • loral 17
    1 year ago

    I recently completed the TCM cupping slimming programme with Love de Beauteous and I am thrilled with the results! I lost a total of 17.95kg for less than 4 months.

    The program was a comprehensive and effective approach to weight loss that helped me achieve my goals in a healthy and sustainable way. I managed to achieve a weight that I had not been for decades. I am at the same weight as I was in my early twenties.

    One of the main benefits of this TCM cupping slimming programme was its personalized approach. The program was tailored to my individual needs and goals, taking into account my body type, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. This helped me feel confident and motivated throughout the process, as I knew that the program was designed specifically for me.

    The diet recommendations, which were easy to follow and integrated seamlessly into my daily routine. The meal plans were delicious and satisfying, and I never felt hungry or deprived. I realised that I have been eating more wholesome and real food since the start of the programme.

    Another benefit of this program was the support provided throughout the process. The program included regular check-ins with Linda and her staff, who provided encouragement and guidance along the way. This helped me stay accountable and motivated, and I always felt like I had someone to turn to if I had questions or concerns.

    Overall, I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a healthy and effective approach to weight loss. The personalized approach, comprehensive recommendations, and ongoing support make it a great choice for anyone who wants to achieve their weight loss goals in a sustainable way.

  • Jumi Jo
    1 year ago

    I have been trying to lose weight for more than a year to reduce the knee pain I have been suffering but without success. I could not exercise due to the knee pain. Seeing my friend successfully slimmed down, I seek her recommendation and was introduced to Love de Beauteous.

    Without much thinking I embarked in their TCM slimming programme in December 2022. I started with about 61kg and now I am 48kg after 3 months. In fact, I am lighter than before I was pregnant with my first child!

    Now I feel healthier, lighter and have more energy than I used to have before this programme. Thanks to Linda and her staff who are friendly and approachable guiding me through this journey.

    If you are looking for non-invasive slimming programme, try it. Just follow the recommended healthy diet and drink lots of water along with their cupping sessions, you will see results. I am happy with my results.

  • wong elsa
    1 year ago

    The TCM slimming treatment is really effective. I lose 16kg within 2.5 month time. I feel not only lose weight, but also can improve all area of my inner health. Appreciate all staff here, they are friendly and always ready to help. Will continue the treatments here, as all the treatments can see results.

  • Yew Yew
    1 year ago

    I was looking for a TCM slimming near me and chanced upon Love De Beauteous. Its location is very convenient 2min from Toa Payoh MRT, ample parking space too for those driving. The staff are nice. They would recommend stuff however not pushy. It’s chinese cupping method but need to follow their diet strictly and drink lots of water. Each session of cupping is around 15-20min. Diet not as restrictive as many other slimming places, except the first 3 days of diet. I could have beef steak for lunch! i lost 6-7kg within 1month, amid Chinese New Year season. Hopefully can maintain weight loss. For those who take up full package of 20 sessions, they also offer 3yr anti-rebound warranty.

  • Abby Chen
    1 year ago

    Lost a total of 19.4kg in 3.5months. That’s after considering the stayca, overseas holidays, Christmas Feastings and CNY Feastings during this period.

    The meal plans are strict but works very well if you follow accordingly. No restrictions in the amount you can eat, but stricter in the types of food you are allowed to consume. Definitely trains you to be more conscious of what you put into your mouth, for sure. You have to drink loads of water too, which builds a healthy practice of drinking water, something which I don’t usually do.

    Linda and team are super supportive and helpful, answering all my random questions during this period. Will definitely recommend this treatment if you are determined to see through the process.

  • Michelle
    2 years ago

    I have this unexplained dizziness and headaches for few years. Visited ENT and went thru physiotherapy but barely helpful. Found out that Love De Beauteous have the moxi treatment that might be helpful to me and so I gave it a try. Bought a 20 sessions at first and absolutely satisfied with it. My dizziness and headaches recovered like 70% and I bought another 50 sessions to maintain my condition. The moxi treatment is absolutely relaxing and seriously I loved it alot ! Besides head moxi, I can use the moxi session for bust as well. Amazingly you can see how your bust lift up instantly with just 1 session !!

    If you have unexplained dizziness and headaches like I do, I suggest you can try out this moxi treatment. It’s relaxing and I’m sure you will in love with it. Not to mention, all the staffs will take good care of you and you’ll feel pampered whenever you visit them.

    Thumbs up !

  • Michelle Tan
    2 years ago

    Considering I used to patronise them and bought a few times packages with them, was shock to be inform by Linda that my package has expired when the last I went in May 2022, I was not informed at all and always can’t get a slot to utilise my package. And now I was informed my package has expired in Mar 2022. Not going to come back ever! They probably only want to serve customers who will keep topping up the package and go regularly so as to earn more.

  • Lengbee Ethan
    2 years ago

    Started the weight loss program at end of Apr this year and in a span of 3 months, I have already lost 12kg from 64 to 52kg which is slimmer than my pre-pregnancy weight. TCM treatment coupled with diet plan has helped me to lose weight steadily and healthily without affecting my breastfeed milk production. The diet plan is also very flexible whereby I could eat balanced meals like meats and vegetables, although be prepared to avoid carbs, sugar and fats. After the slimming program is done, there’s also additional TCM sessions to ensure no rebound which is very thoughtful because as you know, maintaining the weight after the program is even more challenging than losing it, so having professionals to monitor you after weight loss is very important. All in all, very satisfied with the outcome of the program and the service attitude of the staff.

  • Wang Marilyn
    2 years ago

    Tried the nanomax facial treatment. Pigmentation was visibly lighter and skin tone is more even and brighter after just one treatment.

  • Yvonne Heng
    2 years ago

    My weight gain from 58 to 68 due to the pandemic has caused me severely depressed and lost confidence in myself. Thankfully I found Love de Beauteous, I’m very grateful to Linda and her team for their efficient method in helping me to lost 10kg in just 3months!! I am now only 58kg and wearing a size S!! I feel more confident now, my skin has improved due to less toxin in the body and my health has also improved a lot bcoz I don’t feel tired so often nowadays. It’s very amazing! If you want to be healthier and prettier, please do not waste time and pay a visit to Love de Beauteous so that they can help you too!! Thanks again Linda & her team! ❤️❤️

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