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  • Jenny Tan
    10 months ago

    My consultant Penny is very kind and very polite and treat me very well …I would give her 5 A stars for her service . Continue to keep up with your good work

  • J.T.
    10 months ago

    I have been served by mainly Stella and her colleagues, and the experience has been great. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to identification of whether it’s detox or fats accumulation issues. Treatments are rather tailored to body conditions. I hope to see results soon but I do feel healthier with the treatments especially detox.

  • Natashia Karim
    10 months ago

    Excellent services and by far, satisfactory results. My personal LWM consultant, Penny is caring, attentive, and professional. She try her best to attend to me, in achieving together towards my desired goals. LWM receptionists and alongside consultant, Lynn are friendly and sociable too. Thumbs up!! Keep it up!!

  • Charika Wijethilake
    10 months ago

    Thank you for helping me to get the confidence of gaining the shape of my body from mummy belly. Also to encourage me to maintain body weight and diet. Special thanks to Lynn too..

  • Veronica Tan
    10 months ago

    I want to compliment Chanel for her unexpectedly amazing service. She took care of all my needs, my health & pain on my body. She convince me and assured me for best service.

    Chanel was courteous, prompt and professional with her service. And the best thing is she was superb with her job.

    Keep up the good job!!

  • Shirley Lam
    10 months ago

    All staffs at NEX are very professional and skilled, they also very friendly and nice. My consultant Nicole is knowledgeable and would take care of my concerns and she will patiently explain to me. Good slimming experience with her!!

  • Jtju K
    10 months ago

    (stupid tax, fraudulent deal

    I was forced to buy 30 courses of treatment. When I wanted to refund the next day, the salesperson said that she needed to seek approval. After all, I had already enjoyed the free course of treatment. The salesperson strongly asked me not to refund the package.

    A total of more than 10k was spent but there was no obvious effect at all.

    I can only blame myself for being stupid. Looking forward to the day when it ends. .)



    总共花了超过10k 却一点明显的效果都没有。


  • faz
    10 months ago

    My experience at london weight management at NEX is a 10/10. Lynn is a very good and friendly consultant for me and my mother and her explanation about the whole procedure was clear and proper. We always look forward to come because of the good and friendly customer service provided by this outlet:)

  • Vivien Lee
    11 months ago

    I have been with Stella for several years, very good and friendly consultant, know my conditions, I am in her good hands!

  • Cel
    11 months ago

    Chanel and Kelly are patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Appreciate the effort to always work towards customer’s needs.

  • Vivien Ee
    11 months ago

    I have been with London Weight Management (Serangoon Nex outlet) for 9 years, and Stella has been my consultant from day one. A trusting relationship has been built between my consultant Stella and myself over these 9 years, as she journeys with me in this weight loss journey.

    My weight was 68 Kg when I first started and my current weight is 47kg. The treatment has been effective in helping me lose weight in a healthy manner and in restoring my confidence as a woman.

    After acheiving my desired weight, I am currently at the maintenance phase of the treatment, during which Stella helps me to focus on tightening and firming, so as to minimize the risk of rebound and to enhance the sustainability of my weight loss. It has indeed been a life-transforming journey for me. Thank you Stella and London Weight Management (Serangoon Nex).

  • Jasmine Yeo
    11 months ago

    My consultant Stella has been really friendly and helpful. After every treatment I’m able to feel the effect (looser pants, able to see waistline).

    Happy with the results now. Thank you!

  • Debbie Tan
    11 months ago

    Have been with them for a few years now. Since the 1st day my experience with the consultant and staff there were great. They were very informative, as well as friendly and comfortable to be with. Especially to Stella and Kelly whom have put in so much effort to take good care of me, being more that just a customer to them. Overall it was great!

  • Hannybee Toh
    11 months ago

    Susan is friendly, approachable. Professional in her service. I like her!.

  • Ya Feng Chua
    11 months ago

    My consultant Chanel was very informative on my first visit and walked me through the different treatment methods. She’s very nice and friendly and always makes sure you are feeling comfortable during treatment. Overall an enjoyable experience!

  • Tan Tearin
    11 months ago

    My consultant, Christine, she is a very friendly lady. I feel that she cares for my well-being above all else. She always make her schedule to work around mine so I will not feel rush to come for my treatment. Every session is enjoyable because it feels like having a nice conversation with a friend. Being here not just enable me to have a chance to get to a healthy weight, it also helps to de-stress from life.

  • Shirley
    12 months ago

    My experience with Lynn was very comfortable. She explained in detailed on the process and tailored treatment plans. She is very assuring and made me felt that she will help me achieve to a better health and shape.

  • Elicia
    12 months ago

    Had very good experience with LWM. Especially consultant Lynn Koh! She’s very nice and patient lady. Always feel very nice chatting and doing sessions with her.


  • Michelle Miranda
    12 months ago

    My consultant Lyn..very good consultant I have good session today.from 72kg after 5 sessions 68+kg.Took their package $328.

  • Jasrenee Teo
    12 months ago

    While the consultant is friendly, sweet and gentle, the communication was poor. As an English speaker, I was unable to understand her very broken English half the time and neither was she able to understand a lot of my questions.

    During my first visit, the consultation took a whopping 45 minutes from the time I arrived before the actual procedure started. It felt like a school lecture. I was told over the phone that the visit would take 1 hour but the whole thing took almost twice the time. I reminded her that I had to leave at a specific time too. I felt that my time was not respected.

    The presentation and explanation of how the fat is blasted (or in her words “plaster”) seemed rather gimmicky and unconvincing with the usual imagery of before and after of other people and lots of illustrations of fat cells.

    It was my first time there so they had to do all the physical measurements of my body. My measurements weren’t shared with me, only written down on a sheet. So I can’t be sure if the measurements of before and after are accurate. It would be easy to just scribble down measurements that are ~2-3cm less than the ‘before’. I did not see any visible changes.

    They do use the old-school method of making you feel bad about your body to sell their packages, as expected from a weight management company.

    The treatment was done well and with considerations for my comfort. I’ll give her that.

    I’m so sorry, but communication is everything and I couldn’t really understand what was being explained due to poor language skills.

    She also told me that the fat blasting treatment cost $900 for 30 min usually but the package is ~$580 for 10 sessions. Felt really scammy from that point.

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