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  • Veldas L
    1 year ago

    Went for the December lash promo… Not too great a result for the eyelash extension as the stylist recommended an unsuitable curl and length for me… lashes recommended by her cant be seen obviously and were too short for my liking. though she showed me photos, my lashes turned out differently. Was rather disappointed with my experience since lashes aren’t cheap , took 2 hours , and I wasn’t happy with the result. I won’t go back again…

  • Monica
    1 year ago

    Saw that they were having promotion for eyebrow embroidery and decided to book for it. Was my first eyebrow embroidery experience. The lady that drew my brows used the usual measurement thing and when she asked me to check I was shocked as one brow was higher than the other ? obviously I asked for changes and she free hand. During the embroidery some part hurt and she said because I waited too long adjusting my brows (well what was I suppose to do just accept the crooked brows semi permanently??) she even went out for a bit and came back and her hand smelled of cigarette smoke. After the embroidery as I’d expected the results were uneven. When asked she said because of my mole on the left eyebrow and she even suggested I can have it removed.

    To my shock someone doing nails for a customer came over to collect payment. Her attitude and tone was horrible. She asked with a straight face and attitude if I wanted to pay more for a package or to get a touch up done. I was just waiting to pay and get out as I’d been there for hours.

    I also did my lashes with a China lady she did an amazing job with my lashes. Unfortunately I didnt get her name. She was very nice and friendly and even tho we could not communicate properly she did try her best in other ways.

  • Sherry Lian
    2 years ago

    Booked appointment for eyelid fibroblast. Went there, therapist said couldn’t do it cos the treatment works best with people for wrinkles.she asked me if I have checked their terms and conditions. I said I did as it included droopy lids.

    So technically they collected the deposit and then said they couldn’t do it and asked to do other treatment instead.

    Company could have asked for a photo of the lids before having client go down to the place and waste my time.

    I would give a 0 star if I could.

    Will not recommend this place.

  • Angela chen
    2 years ago

    The salon is clean and cozy, very relax environment. The staffs are lovely and April has very good technic on manicure! I am very pleased with the result ☺️☺️Highly recommend!

  • Koh Jing Ting
    2 years ago

    Eyebrow embroidery was smooth and the lady was very professional. No hard selling.

  • amelynn tang
    2 years ago

    Did eyebrows embroidery for the first time and I must say I was amazed by the results. Rosy was very meticulous and focused throughout – she also guided me on what shape and colour suits my face! Very professional?

  • Roseanne Yeong
    2 years ago

    I want to preface this by saying that my experiences with the staff at the Rangoon outlet has always been pleasant. Throughout my two years of consistent visits to Limmy’s, I’ve been served by Yvonne, Karen and my now beautician Rosy. I have no complaints over their service.

    However, what I’ve come to take issue with is their lack of transparency re package pricing and terrible accounting system.

    I have bought two packages for SHR treatment from Limmy’s to date. At my last visit, I was informed that I had no sessions left when a lump sum payment was made to renew my package a while ago and I was certain I had more sessions left. The staff who informed me of this assured me that she would investigate and get back to me about this by the week, but to my dismay, there was no follow up until I surfaced the issue again.

    I went for another SHR session today and despite having been assured that I still had 11 sessions left after I pressed for some clarity and more accountability on their end, I was told in person that they hoped I could agree to come for lesser sessions (7 to be exact) because their staff had failed to track the progress of my package since I first purchased it.

    I cannot help but say that throughout my conversation with the staff, I felt like she was claiming that I was trying to defraud the company and that they were doing me a favour by coming to a compromise when the mistake was theirs. For one, it is not my responsibility as a customer to make sure that the services I’ve received matched their accounts. I am not so sure that the staff who was conveying the message to me even knew what she was saying. This became clear to me when she started off by claiming that I had paid upwards of $1.5k for the packages I’ve signed up for, but after I noted on the different values reflected in their system, she changed up and said that I had in fact paid approximately $1.9k.

    In addition, when I queried on why they wanted me to agree to 7 remaining sessions, they mentioned that it was because their staff was unfamiliar with the system. Essentially, I was to bear the cost of the mistakes the staff of Limmy’s has made, beginning from their failure to keep track of their own accounts from the beginning of my package(s). When I called her bluff, she became visibly flustered.

    It is not my responsibility as a customer to make sure your accounts are accurate and it is not my responsibility to hear the brunt of these mistakes.

    There were many more things that struck me as wrong throughout our interaction today but I shan’t waste more time typing.

    I have an audio recording of my conversation with the staff and am able to prove my claims. For the lack of a better word, I felt like the staff was trying to scam/confuse me with numbers.

    If there are any more disputes, I have no reservations to escalate this to higher authorities to investigate the transparency of this business.

  • Diana Chia
    2 years ago

    I did eyelash extension with them Limmys and Rosy was very gentle with my eyes, no hardselling and was very patience in explaining the different lash craft

  • Kimberly Sim
    2 years ago

    Great service done by Rosy! Thank you!!

  • Naruepak Kaewkedthong
    2 years ago
  • lunaa tic
    2 years ago

    The staff is very polite and professional when doing my appointments. However, like many others here, I do not agree with their unethical pricing of treatment packages. I had taken up their Brazilian SHR unlimited package at $508 after reading their raving reviews and them lauding themselves as the “cheapest in the market”. However, upon going for my first appointment I was told that there would be shaving services priced at $30 per session. This brings the total ‘package’ price to about $650+. I had already paid a $20 deposit for my package, drove all the way down from the east and didn’t want to waste a trip so I agreed to go on with the treatment.

    There are cheaper and more ethical salons out there doing the same treatment area with the same technology for half the price. In fact, I have been doing full arms and legs SHR at Glow Beauty at Toa Payoh at a very reasonable price with no shaving service cost. Once I’m done with my package, I’m never patronising Limmy’s again.

  • Rachel Lin
    2 years ago

    Kudos to the team at Limmy’s especially Rosy and Karen. Very meticulous and thorough for the pedicure, eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension services that I did last week. There was no hard selling unlike my experiences at other salons.

    The sincerity and professionalism was impressive and I will definitely be back.

  • Semangeline Teo
    2 years ago

    I would like to say a big thank you to Miss Jacqueline. It is my first time at Limmys to get an eyelash extension and I absolutely love it . Jacqueline is meticulous and she designed the lashes best suit my bare lashes . Will definitely be back again. Thanks again for the awesome service and experience 🙂

  • SLBH
    2 years ago

    I’ve been with Limmy’s for the past 3 to 4 years because I trusted them. Always very comfortable doing my services with them, no hard selling and staff were helpful and friendly. So 2 weeks after I did my last eyebrow embroidery, I wasn’t very satisfied with the result after the scab healed and colour faded. So I texted Limmy’s, told them my issues. Rosy who attended to me, replied me without much delay. She even booked another appointment to help resolved the problem during this busy cny period. She was patient and provided professional and amazing services throughout the whole process. Never regret engaging Limmy’s and will recommend my friends to them. Thank you Rosy for being so professional and helpful. Highly recommend her.

  • Cindy Goh
    2 years ago

    I did the feather stroke eyebrow embroidery and I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks to Rosie who made sure I was comfortable and for making my brows look good!!! ☺️

  • Diana L
    2 years ago

    I did my first ever eyebrow embroidery (microblading) at Limmy’s today and I’m very happy with the result! Evonne is punctual, friendly and clearly is an expert at this field. She explained the feather stroke method and was more than happy to do multiple revisions of my brow design until I was happy with it. At this price point, I highly recommend her.

  • marta magdalena
    3 years ago

    Went for classic Mani & Pedi. Both done with lot of expertise, care and precision. Highly recommend!

  • Sarah Kamsani
    3 years ago

    Staff were friendly, not pushy and took care of me very well. I did 5D-6D Natural volume eyelash extension today and it feels so light. I like the long lash effect. No sting during the process. Rose made sure i was comfortable and I highly recommend this place!!!!! Would definitely return again?

  • Hui-Yin Ho
    3 years ago

    I wanted something really simple and natural as it was also my first time doing eyelash extensions. Jaquelin was extremely helpful and patient walking me through the whole process. She is very professional and did an amazing job. The entire experience was wonderful, will be back in future!

  • Kimberley Marsh
    3 years ago

    just did the eyebrow embroidery and evonne is literally so nice!! i opted for the numbing cream which made the process so much less painful!

  • Angela Wee
    3 years ago

    Evon did a great job on creating my lashes. I look beautiful again. ((;

  • Stephanie Song
    3 years ago

    Did manicure and lash lifting service today and I freaking love it! Jacquelin is amazing! She’s so sweet and really did a good job! She make sure I’m satisfied with every nail before she went to the next step, extremely nice! After everything done she went through with me the package but never force me to sign due to I still got other package with my friend’s salon. But I will definitely come back! Thank u so much Jacquelin! ?

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