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  • melissa chang
    1 month ago

    I have lash package here, lash design is nice and the glue doesn’t have strong smell.

    I like the staff Yue too. The shop is at a convenient location.

  • Lydia Azman
    1 month ago

    I really love how meticulous my lash tech is with what I requested. Got my lash done for the first time here (Jurong outlet) and I would totally recommend Jiang Yue! I love her. She really know what she’s doing, and she makes me feels secure! I will 100% come back again and recommend to others. I opted for “Japanese Airy Lash mixed with Thai Lash” incase anyone’s wondering. 😊

  • Jessmak Jessmak
    1 month ago

    Staff yue very nice lady n friendly good job keep it up .

  • Jia Ling Toh
    1 month ago

    Nice experience and service provided by Yue. Friendly and patient. Highly recommended 👍👍

  • Yan Lim
    2 months ago

    I had an excellent experience in lash palace. The staff (JL) very friendly and provide good service for hair removal. Highly recommended =)

  • Wen Liansuo
    2 months ago

    (Service is very good, no hard sale)

    服务很好,没有Hard sale

  • Fang Ni Chia
    3 months ago

    (The eyelash artist is very skilled and friendly and will introduce the eyelashes that suit the customer.

    Very good customer service

    The reply is fast and very responsible, even making arrangements in the middle of the night👍👍👍)




  • Shirley chai
    3 months ago

    (The lady is very good at chatting and she also helped me do my eyelashes very satisfied!

    Highly recommended)



  • Sophia热爱飞行的小空姐
    3 months ago
  • 李梓萱
    4 months ago

    (The hair removal experience was great, very clean, not painful, and no sensitivity or itching afterward. I highly recommend this store.)

    脱毛体验感很好 很干净 不会痛 过后也没有敏感发痒 很推荐这家店

  • 刘新伟
    4 months ago

    (The service attitude is good and he will introduce you to the one that suits you. I am very satisfied with the eyelash extensions.)


  • hui chen
    4 months ago

    (I have always wanted to find a beautician who specializes in eyelash extensions. A friend recommended me to come here and he patiently explained it to me. I have very few eyelashes. Thank you, Teacher Feifei, for helping me match the length of my eyelashes. It was a happy experience and also your care. Beautiful New Year’s Eve)

    一直想找专业做睫毛的美容师。朋友推荐来这间 很耐心为我讲解介绍 我本身睫毛少的可怜。辛苦菲菲老师啦 帮我搭配睫毛长短 开心的体验 还会关顾哒。美美跨年啦

  • lhddy lhddy
    4 months ago

    (It can be ranked amongst the top three in Singapore, I recommend everyone to check it out.)


  • kailung voon
    4 months ago

    (The technique and attitude are very good)


  • Yoke Ling Cheah
    4 months ago

    (It’s my first time to have my eyelashes done at their home. It looks really nice and comfortable. I will recommend it to my friends☺️)

    第一次在她们家做睫毛 真的很好看 而且又很舒服 我会推荐给我的朋友去☺️

  • Mai Đinh
    4 months ago

    Like my lashes to be done at Jurong. Staff are friendly.

  • Sally Lao
    4 months ago

    (I like their eyelashes, they are very natural and comfortable, recommended 👍)


  • sinru ruru
    4 months ago

    (I read the recommendation from Xiaohongshu. When I went there, nobody greeted me or even introduced any design / style. While helping me, she glued the false eyelashes on and then took them off, which hurt me. She didn’t say sorry, and I couldn’t relax during the whole process. All I can say is that I won’t go there again next time.)

    我是看小红书推荐的,我去到的时候 连声哈咯都没说 连介绍什么款式的也没有, 在做的时候 她把假睫毛粘上去了然后又拿下来的时候 弄痛我了 也没说声对不起 , 整个过程下来我也不能放松。只能说下次不会再去了

    4 months ago

    Yuki is a good therapist,have a good service and super friendly,i‘m follow her from bugis outlet to jurong outlet,recommend for her service👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Miga Cang
    5 months ago

    I did my eyelashes extension with Yuki. She is very friendly, patience and professional. Highly recommended and thank you Yuki for the good service 👍

  • fei
    5 months ago

    owner was very rough and impatient, the whole treatment felt quite uncomfortable, results weren’t great too

  • Agnes Lin
    5 months ago

    I just had my lashes lifted today at lash palace Jurong. The lady was REALLY fast and quite rough with my lashes. I’ve done lash lifts many times before and this is the first time it got done under 35 min….. just wished that she was gentler. It felt like she was in a rush to get the job done. Not too sure if I would recommend it to others.

  • Xdd Shuaige
    6 months ago

    Didn’t got the name of the lady that did my lashes today but she was so so so nice! Very happy with her service.

  • Geraldine Seow
    6 months ago

    Did my lashes here for the first time, the lady yue/月 was very patient in recommending me in the type of lashes to do since it was my first time~ i did the Japanese airy lash and it looked amazing!! So happy with the experience i had here, 月 was also great in executing the process as it was painless and her hands were steady throughout! Thank you so much~👍🏼😇

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