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  • Daphne Lim
    2 months ago

    Did pedi plain color nude. Love it! Nailz boutique moon did a great job and was patient with me.

  • Sanyukta Pingali
    3 months ago

    Terrible experience. The staff is extremely rude, they don’t honour appointments made, and their work is extremely unprofessional.

  • Lilly Phan
    3 months ago

    they did a cute design which i liked, but in the beginning we agreed on a price of $25 in total. when it came to paying they said it was $40 because of the design even though they said everything was $25. read the other reviews and it’s the same, a scam, not recommended but did good designs. and it wasn’t so harsh.

  • Sneha Vinod
    4 months ago

    0 star rating to them! Extremely horrible service! Staff are also extremely rowdy and impolite. They try to hard sell to students and furthermore tried to scam me as I showed a picture of a nail art that I wanted but the lady used nail stickers on my nail which entirely ruined the look of my nails..and still charged me the same price for that!! I am honestly very surprised about how unprofessional and lazy they are to use stickers on customers’ nail!!! Pls do not visit them for any services as they do not respect customer’s choices

  • Faith Kung
    5 months ago

    I would NOT encourage you to sign their package with them especially during festive season they will charge additional fee. & the staff are quite rude, they talk behind your back in their languages. Not professional, very bad service.

  • Michelle Seah
    5 months ago

    Did a pedicure and she was supposedly helping with the minor ingrown. Ended up with a cut on my toe causing it to be infected. Will not recommend.

  • Joan Tay
    5 months ago

    I had such a bad experience with Xumi today. She was rude and shouted at me after I approached her for touch-up. She was unhappy and unwilling to do it. This is the first time I went back for touch-up. Its amazing that when they want you to sign the package, they are so nice and friendly to you. Btw, I have been a loyal customer for many years.

    Totally agree with some of the reviews here. The services are getting from bad to worse!

  • T3_Serene Tan-Quah
    6 months ago

    I have signed a few packages with them since few years back. Their standard is getting really bad. When the manicurist removed hard skin on my daughter’s finger, she actually cut her. Her finger was bleeding after. On the same occasion, the girl that was working on my pedicure cut so deep that I felt pain on my toes and screamed. Not once but twice. No apologies, just pretended like nothing was wrong. I need a refund. This is totally unacceptable.

  • Rafiqah Ramly
    6 months ago

    Jenny, great service and personality. Very bubbly and nice to have conversations with her. Do come and find her 👍👍👍

  • Pei Wen Lim
    6 months ago

    Booked 11.30 appointment and the manicurist came in only 11.55am. Even told me only 25min late it is no big deal. Bad attitude and not even an apology.

  • Aishah Ru
    7 months ago

    They are incredibly efficient! They possess great skills that save time.

  • Dewi
    8 months ago

    If there is 0 start I would definitely give them, went down to remove my gel and the manicurist didn’t clean it properly even when I ask her to clean it more because I can see there is still gel on my nails . My suggestion if you are not willing to do the WORK Do not accept the costumer!!

  • Jennie Tay
    9 months ago

    I don’t understand why all the girls keep complaining, but I went to do my manicure and pedicure the service they do very good and all the staff very nice and friendly, I do nails at ladies Bella far for so many year ,I really can’t go anywhere do my nails.

  • Melissa Tan
    9 months ago

    Been doing gelish express mani here for ~1 year. Good colours that get refreshed periodically and they take direction well. My one gripe’s that they file off rather than soak off existing gel. WRT to pushy sales, that is the nature of Far East salons during your initial visit, but they did not try to upsell a single time while I was using my package of ~$180 for 10 sessions and I’ve never been asked to pay for any extras. All sessions were polite, pleasant and professional and I’ve resigned a package for the next year. The one time I had a nail chip in a week, they redid it FOC.

  • Jess Botha
    9 months ago

    The mistake I made was not reviewing google reviews of this place before coming.

    I confirmed the price outside:

    Express Gel mani & pedi

    Gel soak off for my hands

    Final price $58

    The lady doing my nails started whispering about the details of the package which already sent alarms bells ringing.
    The package they wanted to sell me was $380 for 10 sessions which equals $38 per session so $76 for gel mani & pedi if I was to take a package.

    That is more expensive than what I would pay by just walking in?? $76 vs $58.

    The lady I was dealing with couldn’t understand what I was saying and essentially couldn’t understand the scam she was selling.

    Plus other nail salons around them are cheaper!

    She then persisted to haggle me and basically beg for me to buy a package.

    When her colleague found out I wasn’t buying a package she then started to beg and the whole experience was horrendous.

    They did this without shame and in front of their customers in the salon.

    The only way to get my point across was to eventually raise my voice.

    The quality of my nails was also not good – I will definitely not be returning.

  • vera
    11 months ago

    0 stars. absolutely horrible. very dishonest business, staff had every intention of fleecing me for money. tried to hard sell many times and then changed attitude to a hostile one when i did not add any services. nails were also badly done. very upsetting, i will advise everybody not to go here unless you want to spend a lot of money on horribly done nails.

  • Bằng Linh
    1 year ago


    Tuyệt vời

  • Aniko Czegledi
    1 year ago

    Ladies avoid this place!!! If there was an option of no stars I’d give none! Awful service! All other reviews about extra charges are true! What worries me most is that they don’t seem to sanitise their equipment, nor using clean towels for each client! They don’t even clean out the basin after use! Terrible hygiene! On top of that my pedicure wasn’t done properly!

  • Joan Tan
    1 year ago

    I went there in 2021 to buy a package with my friend who claimed that this was a pretty good and cheap nails shop. Without thinking much, I bought the package.

    I recently went back on CNY eve and I wanted to do my nails. At first, I entered and told them I have a package. They told me that I cannot use my package because its the holiday season. I was perplexed because I was not told of this terms and condition before purchasing and since I’ve travelled all the way to Orchard, I didnt mind paying the normal price (not the packaged ones). The lady then told me there is an additional $5 charge on top of the normal price because it is peak season. I accepted thinking it was $20 in total (though i hesitated). I wanted a different colour on my nails and the lady said it was another $5. At that point I felt cheated and could have done my nails at other malls for cheaper price but I was already halfway through it. At the end, it was $25 but I accidentally gave the shop $30 because I didn’t calculate properly(my bad). (BUT) Before giving, I asked the lady boss if its $30 and she said correct. Though I’ve been scammed of my $5, I felt they have lost my trust in them.

    Just today, my cousin told me that the layers of the nail polish was v thick (without me telling the story) and said it doesn’t look pleasing, which made me very disappointed (like imagine during CNY u spend so much but somebody says it looks bad).

    Tdlr: though the pic colours looks pretty, it was rlly thick. Remind me to not patronize the shop ever again.

  • Eleanor Tan
    1 year ago

    extreme hardselling, tried to sell me package 5x, when shaping cuticles cut my skin and finger bled and was swollen for fww days

  • Lee Lei Tan Monica
    1 year ago

    Lisa is a terrible manicurist. She injured me while taking out my gel extension. They still have the cheek to charge me $25!!

  • Harvindeer Kaur
    1 year ago

    I would not even give 1 star. Call to make an appointment and was confirmed with the booking but the girls rather take foreigners and refuse me. I paid a package and each visit I have to endure this with the girls. After speaking to their boss only I was allowed to get my nails done but with their grumpy faces. Never ever visit this outlet.

  • Rii
    1 year ago

    The manager sucks, the last nail technician did my pedi also sucks! blame me for not remembering what is the number of the nail polish on my hand. I just continue going to this place to finish my package. They bully the co workers in front if the customers. they non stop chit chatting in their own language. They don’t give the service you paid for. Really, i feel stressed every time i go there. It’s supposed to be relaxing.. end up having migraine. 🤦🏻‍♀️ not going back to this place again. at first, they treat you so nicely after signing up for packages they treat u however they like. pls don’t go to this place!

  • Maryy Josephinne
    1 year ago

    Alot of hard selling. They r not upfront about their charges till you sit down and have started your nail services. Nail polish was finishing so very badly painted nails. Nail coloring not consistent. Rushing to complete as they keep accepting walk-ins.

  • V
    1 year ago

    Ladies, patronise this shop AT YOUR OWN RISK. Simply DO NOT VISIT. The other reviews are true! I don’t usually write reviews but I really feel a need to warn fellow ladies out there against this shop. This has to be one of my worst manicure experience in the whole of Singapore. I regret not checking out the reviews as I was thinking how bad can it be? I was wrong 🙁 Long story short after the session’s, I had a nail that bled even after 6 hours due to improper handling, $250 poorer, fingers nails that resemble more of toe nails ( due to the wrong acrylic extensions size that was placed on my nails), odd sized nail shapes, And the staff had the cheek to say ‘oh so nice the nails you take far far to see’

    I’ve read another review which mentions that a fellow customer had a bacterial infection. I’m so sorry she had to go through such an experience.. I don’t want to take the risk hence I’m intending to remove all of my freshly done manicure tomorrow. With another salon of course. Even if I get paid, I don’t ever want to step in to this nail salon ever again.

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