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21 Reviews on “Joyre TCMedi Clinic - Causeway Point”

  • 李慧
    9 months ago

    cindy 非常好?? (cindy is very good ??)

  • Li Ping Koh
    10 months ago

    Interested to try bojin facial, so I tried Joyre as it is in a convenient location. Although the room was SO tiny that I could hardly move about to stow my bag, the facial massage by Amy won me over. My face was visibly less puffy, and I felt deeply relaxed. The manager Lynn was friendly, but she was not very clear about the pricing and payment. Eventually I decided to treat myself to a 10x package and already looking forward to my next appointment!

  • Htfooht@Gmail. com 87298729
    10 months ago

    Amy service very good

  • nandiah balakrishnan
    10 months ago

    Aunty Winwin is very very good, Her knowledge and massage was good. O could see a difference just eith one session!

  • Boom Hong Tan
    10 months ago

    Hard sell hard sell and hard sell! When you first step in the receptionist start to hard sell you, then the massauer, after that the beach manager ! Suspecting all the good review are fake and written by the owners. Not recommended!

  • May Pang
    10 months ago

    Win-win is best service. Nice friendly. Experience.

  • Ong Seng Thiam
    10 months ago

    Amy is very experienced. She is great. The staff are very kind. I will introduce it to my friends


  • yongpey lim
    11 months ago

    Good service for Cindy. She is friendly & her service was excellent

  • areyouok now
    11 months ago

    I went to Joyre TCM for the first time today, and I was not impressed. The massage itself was fine, but the staff was very pushy and hard selling. They kept trying to sell me on additional treatments, even after I had said no multiple times. It was very uncomfortable and made me feel like I was being pressured into spending more money than I wanted to.

    I went to Joyre TCM because I was looking for a TCM massage to help with my back pain. I told the staff about my back pain, but they didn’t seem to listen. They just kept trying to sell me on packages of 20-30 massages, which would have cost me thousands of dollars. I told them that I couldn’t afford that, but they kept pushing. They even said that if I didn’t buy a package, I wouldn’t be able to get the full benefits of TCM.

    I was very disappointed with my experience at Joyre TCM. I felt like I was being taken advantage of. I would not recommend this business to anyone.


    Overall, I was not happy with my experience at Joyre TCM. The massage was fine, but the hard selling was too much. I would not recommend this business to anyone who is not comfortable with this type of sales approach.

    Advice for people who going this shop:

    You are rich and ready for package.

    Be clear about your needs and expectations before you book an appointment.

    Be assertive and say no if you’re not interested in buying anything.

    Don’t be afraid to walk away if you feel like you’re being pressured.

    There are many great TCM massage shops that don’t use hard selling. Do some research and find a shop that has a good reputation and offers a massage that you’re comfortable with.

  • wylyn Ng
    11 months ago

    Friendly environment. Bring mum to experience the body bojin. Thanks for the professional and patient of their staff Cindy,Lyn Cai & Lily.

  • Esther Lee
    11 months ago

    Sally service is excellent

  • Maggie Lee
    11 months ago

    Cosy ambience and friendly service by Lily, Sally and Amy. Did meridien body massage & moxibustion. Reasonable package pricing. Recommend ?

  • Tracia T
    11 months ago

    Place is slightly small. Was attended by Summer. A nice lady with passion towards her job and does it well too

  • Zen Li
    11 months ago

    Great services from Summer! Thank you summer.

  • Sook Ping Tan
    11 months ago

    Summer is a nice lady. Great service

  • Isebella Leo
    11 months ago

    did a 10mins trial from Xia Tian( Summer ) . she is very professional! very comfortable and my shoulder felt so much lighter. Really recommend others to try it.

  • Ivan Zhao
    11 months ago

    Lily and Summer’s technique and adjustment is very good, my neck is no longer painful after the session, you can try

    Lily 和 Summer 的调理很不错,按完后脖子不痛了,can try

  • Lily Liu
    11 months ago

    (My shoulders and neck are usually very painful. I passed by here today when I was shopping. Cindy and Lynn enthusiastically introduced the treatment plan to me. I tried it and felt very comfortable and the pain was not so painful. Thanks to them, I will come again for treatment.)

    平时肩颈很痛,今天逛街路过这里,Cindy,Lynn 热情和我介绍调理方案,我try了一下感觉很舒服,不那么痛了,感谢他们以后会再过来调理

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