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22 Reviews on “Jean Yip - Tampines Mall (Hub)”

  • Vivien
    4 months ago

    While the hairdressing service is all right, there should be transparency. I booked my session (from my package) for 1 Feb. It was changed to 4 Feb. The customer service should inform me that there is a surcharge. Usually when I have a package – nailes (they will inform), massage (no surchage). There should be transparency. I know that hairdressing saloons may have a surchage but not with package – usually no surcharge. Why is it that I wasn’t informed? Only after my hair colour, then I was told to pay $10. Also, I felt that I was not treated well – from tone of the in charge. There was also hard-sell. Price quoted was high. Also, a kind of ‘threat’ that the price will be 198 for one session if I don’t sign up today. I wanted to know if the haircolouring suits me. Again, my hair itched terribly! Good thing I didn’t sign up. At my usual hairdressing salon where I have been going for more than 30 years, I was treated well, with friendly chatter, respect (lacking at Jean Yip). On top of that, the ingredients used were natural, no paraben, organic and do not cause terrible itch. Price was half of what I paid for my package ($88 then)..

  • Honey Bee
    7 months ago

    Enjoyed their massage sessions but what pissed me off is their never ending attempts to hard sell me even during the massage session!! It’s very disruptive! Won’t be coming here again cause I came for a relaxing time, NOT to be hard-sold! So irritating

  • meiqi foo
    7 months ago

    (I am very satisfied with their service. They are all friendly and I like the service introduced by Lovis. Thank you for your service attitude in maintaining my hair beautifully and dyeing it to the color I like.)


  • Sway Lek Low
    7 months ago

    Good service by Vancy. She takes good care of my nails. Fast and careful. Recommend.

  • Man Lok
    7 months ago

    Vancy cut my nails very clean very shining omggggggg Jie Jie heng hao

  • Josephine Leow
    7 months ago

    Sandy ding is a good hairdresser and tried her best to meet the expectation. I like the look she gave

  • Bryan Chok
    7 months ago

    Great service by Vancy and Joey always 😊 tried the fungus treatment and it was great 🤭

    7 months ago

    I brought my partner to jean yip at tampines mall for manicure.. she was certainly satisfied of how professional Vancy was. I saw how she is very particular in every detail even in the very corner of the nails. I thought this place was quite pricey, but seeing how my partner was happy with the service, it’s definitely worth the price! Will definitely come back here!

  • elle cruz
    7 months ago

    I went to jean yip nails tampines, and had the best experience with my pedicure done by joey.. she even suggested an amazing nail color that would make my nails look longer and easy to manage.. she is very gentle and thoughtful.. great service overall.. highly recommend 👍🏻👍🏻☺️

  • Celestina Sharmini
    8 months ago

    Agree with the previous review that they are very pushy to sign up for the package and very judgemental when we don’t sign up.. facial itself was good hence the 3 stars.

  • Katherine Koay
    8 months ago

    Thanks Miki, you are alway my best hair therapist, i enjoy doing hair spa here. Thanks!

  • Pete Chua
    8 months ago

    My girlfriend brought me to Jean Yip Nails for manicure service. Excellent service provided by Vancy. She is attentive to the condition of my nails and did a great job. Speedy service also. Highly recommended! Ask for Vancy’s manicure service at Jean Yip Tampines Branch!

  • zhang xin
    8 months ago

    Super unsatisfied with the service. I made my appointment using the promotion package of $36 for 3 IPL sessions. However, I didn’t even do the treatment and the hard sell begin. At first she told me to get 20 sessions at $2800+, I’m just a student and definitely can’t afford to forge out so much so I turned down the offer, then she went on to say u can take 10 sessions at $1300 and I still said no. At last she said that I then need to take a protection care of $88×3 so that I can use together with my $36 treatment. And she said a MUST. I don’t get why is it a MUST since it’s not what you advertise on your website. I ended up not even doing the session yet as well cuz I said I was going overseas for 4 months soon. And they said cuz I did not say at first and the consultation was already done so I must pay for it. Which makes no sense???

  • Nur' Syafiqah (fiqahcaro)
    8 months ago

    The experience was just fine. Arrived 10mins early than the appointment fix. I was escorted to a room to fill up the some forms and was left there for 30mins beyond appointment time, staring at the wall. That was the red flag. Facial was normal, beautician was nice and explain thoroughly on each steps. Upon wrapping up the session, as usual, was given a tea and barley as dessert. Then there it was, the hard sell that last close to 15min. As i refused as the welcoming experienced was pretty bad, I decline the package but they went on and on to the extend when I made payment, they still go on to sell their packages.

  • Jerome Tay
    8 months ago

    If I could rate a 0 I will. I went for facial trial and they told me the price is not as advertised. I end up paying 200 for one session and had a bad allergy and swollen face and eyelids afterwards. For my package refund I got in exchange some Brazilian sessions. The frequency was set either too high or too low and it burnt my skin. The entire experience was a trauma. Then the beautician did only half of the parts I paid for and argued that my package did not include it. After much clarification she ended up doing the missed parts anyway and said she did not want to quarrel with me about this. She also blamed me for having too sensitive skin. Base on experience shouldn’t a beautician know that everyone has different skin types and she could at least ask or doing a test first? In addition I paid for the parts and do I still need to “quarrel” or clarify with the salon at every of my sessions? Do I need to remind you every session what I paid for and what treatment steps are included? It’s a sneaky, cut corners service that absolutely does not match up to the price they charge. I feel embarrassed and i am turned off by your unethical practices and low quality services.

  • Jasmine Chan
    9 months ago

    Professional service from angel

  • Valliammah Alagapan
    9 months ago

    Yuki, from Tampines Mall, is the facial specialist. She did an excellent job. She has great customer service. She is assets to jeanyip.

  • Angelina Teoh
    9 months ago

    Lovis @ Tampines Mall excellent service ! Friendly , knows exactly how i want the cut, makes sure it suits my appearance ! Great job Lovis! Love my hair cut! 👍😊

  • Amy Hu
    9 months ago

    Sammi is great, after over 20 years of her services, we became friends for a long time.

  • Yogita Dhingra
    10 months ago

    I have taken a package and called them on 17th July and asked for an appointment after checking 4 or 5 dates and timings which were not available so finally got an appointment today i.e. on 21st July at 3.30 pm. Today morning received message that appointment got cancelled….what?

    Now I am trying to fix an appointment and no slots available. They didn’t bother to reply as well.

    Terrible experience.

  • Ishbel Warifa
    10 months ago

    Joseph provided great service!

  • Jingyi Gong
    10 months ago

    Nice n comfortable environment with approachable n friendly staff. Very grateful to have a professional n good interpersonal skills stylist Mr Lovis who is able to understand my request ☺️.

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