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  • Jay Lee
    8 months ago

    (The CEO was also a very nice person and I was grateful~

    I think there is a reason why many people went there~

    See you next time~~)

    Positive Energy and Vibe Here

    대표님도 너무 좋으신 분이고 감사했습니다~

    많은 분들이 다녀가셨던 이유가 있는거 같아요~

    다음에 또 만나요~~

  • Midori
    1 year ago

    Thank you for always taking care of my skin, Ms Keun Young. I am happy to know such a good skin care salon. When I arrive at the salon, she immediately checks my skin condition of the day and giving care for suitable treatment. I’ve been to this skin care salon and the quality of my skin are changed. There Hifu and Vitamin care can feel the effect immediately after the treatment. I introduced here to my mother and my friend because I wanted to share this effect with them, and they are all happy with the results too!! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much Ms Keun Young.

  • Soyeon Kim
    1 year ago

    Although it was first appointment, they were friendly and of high quality. This place is peaceful ambience and one-on-one personalized care. I am satisfied and appreciate it.

  • Jinkyung Jeong (마로)
    2 years ago

    (I’m so satisfied 😄

    Massage not only for the face but also for the shoulders👍

    Today is my first time, and my facial complexion has changed dramatically in just one go.)

    너무 만족 스러워요 😄

    얼굴은 물론 어깨마사지까지👍

    오늘 처음인데, 한번 만에 얼굴안색이 화악 달라졌습니다.

  • 김지환
    2 years ago

    (While I was looking for a place in Singapore that I could trust to take care of my skin, I happened to make a reservation through an acquaintance. First of all, they were very friendly, and secondly, most importantly, I was very satisfied with the treatment. If you want to feel the value of paying for skin care, don’t worry too much. We recommend this skin care shop.)

    싱가폴에서 제 피부를 믿고 맡길만한 곳을 알아보던 중 우연히 지인 소개로 예약하고 다녀왔는데 첫번째로 너무 친절하시고 두번째로 가장 중요한 관리후에 만족감이 상당했습니다. 피부관리를 내돈 주고 그만한 가치를 느끼고 싶은분은 너무 고민만 하지 마시고 , 이곳 스킨케어샵을 추천 드립니다.

  • Damian Koh
    2 years ago

    I have been visiting J-Rophe for over a year now. Thanks to their delicate care and use of quality skincare products, my skin always feel refreshed after treatment. You can trust that you will be absolutely taken care of here.

  • Serena's Story
    2 years ago

    Tried their basic skin care and face lifting and OMG with an immediate effect, I can tell with my naked eyes. Beside their wonderful service, not forgetting their affordable price range unlike other skincare shop. Definitely going back for my next and the next section.

  • Jaewon Han
    2 years ago

    Visited with my fiancée for her facial. They were very attentive and kind. In particular, their detailed examination of my fiancée’s skin before and after the session was very through and impressive. It is still early to see any drastic improvement just with one session, but the director who did the facial was reliable and we happily booked the next session with high expectations.

  • Jay Jirundorn
    3 years ago

    It’s extremely difficult to find a trustworthy skincare provider. From the professional knowhow all the way to the technology being implemented, the level of care that I received from JRophe was exceptional. The directors also went above and beyond in helping me understand what impact Singapore sunlight could do to my skin which ultimately transform my view of JRophe from a “service provider” to a “trusted advisor”. A solid 10/10.

  • Jess Joohee Lee
    4 years ago

    OMG my skin has never been in such a great condition before… I have very sensitive and acne-prone skin with a lot of pores around my nose area and just one skincare session at JRophe made a whole lot of difference. Most of the blackheads were gone and my smooth skin lasted weeks. I can’t wait to see how my skin texture & complexion will be improved at JRophe! Plus, their lymphatic drainage massage is amazing – in fact, it is my favorite part of the whole session.

    The staffs here are really friendly and attentive too. Their shop in Korea has been providing the quality skin care service for 10 years and is well-known even to Korean celebrities. They are experts in skincare and know what they are doing for sure. I highly recommend those with skin concerns to make an appointment and let go of the skin concerns.

  • 정주리
    4 years ago

    (I searched and found it, and the store was clean and my rough skin became completely soft. I’m satisfied.)

    검색해서 찾아갔는데 가게도 깔끔하고 좁쌀 있던 피부가 완전 부드러워졌어요ㅋㅋ 만족합니당

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