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  • Chloe
    10 months ago

    Super fast and efficient lash service , did 2D lash and it was amazing 😊 very worth it would come again

  • Vino Thini
    10 months ago

    Went to this branch for manicure & pedicure. A job well done by therapist Viya for my pedicure. She was very patient & was passionte about the job assigned to her.

    Well done & keep up the good work.

  • Michelle Z
    10 months ago

    Very fast and efficient session, Anny & Kari both very experienced staff and friendly :)))

  • Mai xo
    10 months ago

    Kari & Anny did waxing servicing for me & it was rlly good for a first timer, highly recommended thank u!

    11 months ago

    anny was very kind and gentle. she is always asking how am i feeling or if i am experiencing any pain. overall it was a good session, felt super refreshed after the session. would definitely come again!

  • Neha Tiwari
    12 months ago

    I visited to far east plaza for B wax it was really good experience the staff Anny was so friendly and experienced will surely visit again and highly recommend to others as well ❤️

  • Sharan Kaur
    1 year ago

    Just with second session of diode full legs laser my hair growth has slowed down tremendously. Price is so worth it and Annie who did my procedure was so

    professional and amazing. Kudos to the team. ♥️

  • Lisa Babu
    1 year ago

    I have been doing facial laser hair removing treatment . This have been my 4th session and i have seen diffrence on my hair growth.

    Thank to kari who helped me alot during the process she is really helpful and friendly

  • Rashmi Sivram
    1 year ago

    Amazing service by kari and team..very gentle and professional..would recommend to everyone who is looking for laser..

  • Tiara Tiara
    1 year ago

    Im currently doing full face diode laser. I have seen alot of good results. Kari is very nice and patience….. cant wait for more good results!!!! The best and trusted ipl!!!!

  • Revathi Sugumaran
    1 year ago

    Did my laser treatment for both my armpit and full legs which was done by my therapist Kari. She really does an emazing job. Kuddos to her!! 👍

  • Chen Anna (Anita)
    1 year ago

    Amazing service done by Kari. She is so professional and pleasant. I enjoyed the whole time and definitely come back next time.

  • candy rachel
    2 years ago

    Very nice service!! Thank you so much!! Everyone was so friendly! Anny and Stellar are both very friendly and nice to talk to! Thank you!!

  • G. TM
    2 years ago

    Owner replied quickly via Carousell and I got an appointment for the next day. The therapist was gentle. The place was quiet and nice.

  • Chrysalis Jong
    2 years ago

    Amazing service done by Anny 🙂 professional, gentle and friendly! Also cleanly done and she tweezes out the little hairs! Better than the previous places i have been and will definitely come back!

  • Juana Senin
    2 years ago

    Anny is my beauty therapist and she is super good!! It is my first time doing my eyelash extension and BB facial glow.. i feel so relax as there’s a massage, it was really good! I even fell asleep! I feel so comfortable for a first timer and will surely come back! Reccomended!!

  • Vincent W
    2 years ago

    Very good facial

  • Freda Kong
    2 years ago


    My worst ever waxing experience. I had to stop halfway to tell them that I don’t want to continue doing it anymore.
    I am someone known to be able to tolerate physical pain among all my friends, but this place is the worst waxing place to come to.

    *disclaimer: very detailed content about Brazilian waxing*

    I found this place through Carousell and it was on promotion. Me wanting to save money, I decided to make a booking. It was my first time there, and when I arrived, I was told to “change” but when I looked around the room, there was nothing but a plain piece of blanket so I thought they would come in with a set of clothes for me to change into. A minute or so later, they came in and asked why I’ve not changed. I was confused but apparently, I was supposed to put the blanket over my legs (their definition of changing)

    After “changing”, the boss (I assume), came in and started upselling me some SHR removal which I kindly rejected.
    Thereafter, a lady proceeded to do the trimming & waxing for me.
    She smeared the very hot wax on my private area, and before the wax even harden, she started to pull it off, which she obviously failed at pulling out anything, only making me yelp in pain. She then continued to add more wax on my private area which I already said was really hot and when I took a glance, my private area was just full of wax that didn’t seem to be able to be removed. She mentioned that she wanted to trim my hair even more. She also seem flustered and immediately went out to look for the boss.

    The boss came in and tried to help, but she did the same thing; just smearing extremely hot wax on me even though I said it was painful. At this point I was just staring down at my private area, seeing how my skin has already turned red and painful.

    The boss tried to gaslight and blame it on me saying “oh your hair is too thick”, “when was the last time you did waxing?” etc but I’ve been to wax factor before and even though they did mention that my hair was thick, I’ve never had such a painful experience there. I’ve never felt like my hair was stuck inside an non-hardened wax and still being pulled.

    It was so painful that I stopped the session when it was not even half done. Even when I said I wanted to end the session, they did not sound apologetic or try to salvage the situation by offering me any alternatives. They just told me to change. The moment I changed and went out, the boss asked what payment method I preferred and made me pay in FULL. $32 (UP. $58) for this kind of service, sure I’d give it once and never return. I paid and left immediately.

    Called up Wax Factor right after and arranged for the appointment to happen in 20 mins. When the lady saw my situation, she was shocked at how red my private area was told me she will not shave there anymore, and instead, just help me pluck them. She also commented how my hair was trimmed too short and that it will be painful. She did mention to me that my hair was thick, but her service and professionalism still made my experience there so easy and the pain was nothing compared to what I experienced here.

    Lesson learnt in this experience: you get what you paid for. I am a loyal Wax Factor fan now.


    The management called me up and apologised, explaining that it was the wax issue and that they have changed the supplier for it. They offered me a full refund + a free classic manicure session. The staffs apologised to me when I went down the next day and they seem very genuinely sorry about what happened. Gotta say kudos to their emergency PR reaction 🙂

  • joan
    2 years ago

    Amazing experience attended by Kari. Friendly and professional, no hard selling marketing. Must try of their service. will arrange another one of these days again. Thank you Kari!

  • Shiyan Lee
    2 years ago

    Amazing service. Classic nail pedi so good Anny! Would totally goback again for the service !! Tks

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