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  • Alice
    1 year ago

    I have been going for body treatment service by Grace, every month or even twice a month (if there is available Saturday slot) since year 2011. This was recommended to me by my husband as he has been using their body treatment service for several years. Grace is very professional and is extremely good in her job as she is able to relieve my pain and discomfort. After every session I felt relaxed, hence I will only go for my body treatment only if Grace is available. Also like to compliment the counter staff, they are all very friendly and accommodating and help to fit me into a weekend appointment slot due to my busy working schedule in weekdays, especially these ladies, Iris, Amelia & Joanne. Thank you all for making my day whenever I visit Dr Haach @ Raffles City.

  • Mary Ng
    1 year ago

    My husband and I have been coming for body massages by masseuses, Jessica and Grace, twice a month. We find them both very professional and good in their job! Thanks Jessica and Grace. The environment here is also clean and high end. City Hall branch manager Amelia is also very attentive. I would recommend Dr Haach to friends for good and relaxing body massages .

  • Gan Yuen Tang
    2 years ago

    I had my body therapy – Palace Warming, Tui Na @ Haach Raffles City by Susan. She is very attentive, targeted massage and relieved my pain and discomfort. With her understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, she can give good advice on health care. Like ? the manager of the store, Angela, is also very friendly, no hard sell ?

    I had my body therapy – 暖宫护理,推拿 @ Haach Raffles City by Susan. She is very 细心,针对性的按摩和解除我身上的疼痛和不适。配合对中医的了解,她能很好的给予养生的建议。赞?店的经理,Angela,也很友善, no hard sell ?

  • Lee Siew Hong
    2 years ago

    Friendly and excellent service staff. Appointment easily made in advance.

  • Weiyin Lim
    2 years ago

    Have been with Dr Haach for many years since 2016. My favourite outlet is Haach @Raffles City.
    Went for facial treatment and massage which serviced by Susan who really professional and skillful. Her manager Angela is very nice and knowledgeable in sharing good treatments suitable for my conditions. Even the counter staff are very friendly.
    Love their services.

  • Gao Feng
    2 years ago

    Good service, enthusiastic, professional, manager’s service is very good, beautician Kate has good skills.

    2 years ago

    Went for facial treatment and massage which serviced by Susan who really professional and no hard sale throughout the process. Store manager Angela extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She always gave constructive advise and recommendations, proud of these 2 staffs and looking forward my next visit ❤️

  • Wei Liu
    2 years ago

    I have been to haach from this year.i am very happy with there service.manager Angela and consultant amelia Iris all quite nice,there are very perfectional.and my therapist miki give me very good experience.her face massage quite comfortable.after the treatment i feel my face more hydrogen.i love it.if you want to start your facial haach is the good choice.

  • RH
    2 years ago

    Worst hard selling place i have even been to, DO NOT SIGN UP AT ALL COST!
    I signed up for a 15 session package and you would have thought i can enjoy the session without pressure but nope, they hard sell to you EVERY SINGLE TIME! They even stop halfway during the facial session to sell you something. The manager was the worst as she commented loudly at the reception area about the issue with my skin, totally embarrassing and un professional. All they want is to squeeze every single customer dry with their ridiculous price, i basically forfeit my last few session and felt relieved i do not have to go back, IT IS THAT BAD.

  • Zolchimeg Munkhtur
    2 years ago

    Enquired online to book their promo for $29 facial that I kept getting as an Instagram ad, but a lady called and said that unless I was Singaporean or PR, the rate will be $59. Will not go to a place that discriminates their customers based on their status.

  • Elsie Kok
    2 years ago

    Worst experience ever since Angela ( Chinese manager) took over the mgmt of Raffles City branch. i was their client since 2000 and she literally chased me out of the shop to Tanjong Pagar branch despite my card was at Raffles City outlet. An angry customer and she gave me a rude and loud response insisting that they do not want to entertain me! An extremely condescending attitude that is completely unacceptable and downright rude to be even acceptable in the lowest level of customer service line! When I asked for balance package to be encashed, she simply ignore and said cannot be done. When I press further she reply to wait for her answer! This is how a rude & condescending response will burn decades long of relationship and reputations for your brand!

  • JinQuan Yang
    3 years ago

    Keep on hard selling to my friend, pressure her to keep purchase their products. Not recommended, it cause her alot of stress by visiting and endure till she use finish her PACKAGE end, will not come to here anymore

  • Ashley Yeo
    3 years ago

    Really like the services and treatments here! Thank you Cindy and Iris for the great experience! 🙂

  • Richard Wong
    3 years ago

    Visited Haach at Raffles City and I have to say the experience was amazing!

    Iris (consultant) – clear and concise run-through of their facial treatment and products. Very professional and most importantly, she is able to speak in layman’s term for customer like me to understand.

    Elisa (beautician) – highly skilled! Couldn’t recall when was the last time I actually fell asleep during facial treatment. The white/black head extraction was painless. The entire facial session feels like a spa.

    I’ve signed up for their facial package.
    Highly recommended!

  • Catherine xueting
    3 years ago

    Enjoy the facial service if the hardsell aside. The service is good but really annoyed the customers by keep on hardselling as if the services are low value. Also the price that they tell are not included gst all the time. Like what other reviews mentioned, aggressively hardsell after every sessions of the facial. Keep on pushing higher and higher price package, and even said my skin got eczema and have to do treatment. (Told them my skin is just dry skin not that serious where they insist I have eczema trying to convince me) Tried the body massage and guasha session previously, and they even tell that I have frozen shoulders and to push for more pricy packages with their devices. (I didn’t feel any pain on my shoulders)
    Happy to end all my sessions and definitely won’t give any visit anymore.

  • Fatin Halina
    3 years ago

    Welcomed warmly, offered water, great. Went with an influencer discount for basic facial at $39. Therapist was Celeste, who is very experienced. Advised me Hydrogen and Oxygen Therapy for a top up of $88 each. I went with Oxygen therapy after hearing the benefits. She did a great job I enjoyed the facial and massage and our conversation, however she missed out some spots during the extraction since no steaming is involved, I do find that there are still sebum seeds on my forehead. Also I developed a pimple on my nose just as I got home which is disheartening. After facial, very aggressive hard selling by Jenna. Failing to get me to sign the package, she looped in a blonde haired lady, probably the manager, as back up to continue convincing me. The deal is great honestly, but I’m just not one who likes to put down money first before doing anything. They were very persistent, I probably said no thank you more than 5 times. Really good efforts, I totally understand that there are certain KPIs to meet but some days it’s really good to just respect customer’s space. I’ve read and heard of experiences by others that there’s a doctor who comes in to assess your skin, but there wasn’t such for me which is fine as I am aware of my skin condition which isn’t at all bad. Okay products tho I mean if you think it’s good for your skin and value for money since there’s no expiry date and other friends or family can use your package, by all means. However if you’re just looking for trials, stay strong or avoid entirely.

  • J
    3 years ago

    Went for the reviva rose facial trial at 39. Topped up another 68 for a diamond facial peel at the therapist recommendation. Facial was not bad but the hardselling after was bad. My “payment” took 20 minutes and the manager Shin was being really pushy, would recommend the clinic to not pressure its customers as much.

  • Jeanette Tung
    3 years ago

    Haach @ Raffles City provides excellent service.
    Management and staff are attentive and accommodating.
    They offer an extensive.range of treatments and products and each visit is a pleasureable experience.

  • Idah Salleh
    3 years ago

    Went for the reviva rose facial cos of the influencer promos @ $39. Beautician told me that I need a laser for my face due to pigmentation. Top up another $172 (including GST). I agreed and went ahead as she said there’s gonna be a visible difference. A doctor was the one who did the laser. He told me that my pigmentations wasn’t that bad and the “girls” will be trying to sell some packages to me. I just acknowledged. Of course with the many times of hard-selling I did not sign up for their packages because I don’t really need it.

    Facial: facial was ok, pretty basic. Extraction was quite painful but bearable for me. They massage your face with this cooling crystal ball which felt really nice and the mask was v cooling and soothing too. Results-wise, did not really see visible brightening afterwards.

    Ambience: luxurious exterior but actually v small on the inside.

  • Wei Lim
    4 years ago

    The facial & therapists were alright, but I detest the incessant hard-selling EVERY SINGLE TIME I went. It made every session such a miserable experience. Go if you want to sign on a huge package, and make them shut-up until it’s time to gouge you again. They will always use the same techniques, 50% off, one-time/ time-of-the month promo, staff-discount, therapists recommendation, every single trick in the hard-selling manual. I was so happy when I finished my final session of the package. Good riddance.

  • Annabelle Ong
    4 years ago

    Terrible and worst facial I have ever! Lots of hard selling throughout.

    Massage was rough and extraction was the worst. The beautician used the pimple popper tool to scrub hard thru my forehead as if It was full of dirts. It’s so painful that I told her immediately. Thereafter, she just softly touch my face for a min and immediately apply some smoothing lotion on my face and left me in the room before applying the mask.

    As I have got a free trial facial thru my friend, During the whole procedure, they kept advising to top up some cash to do a better facial, mask and even buying their products. The price they offer was always 50% off. Even the cashier counter was rude when I’m leaving without signing up or buying their products.

    Please try all means to avoid this place. Not even if it’s free.

  • Janice Leong
    4 years ago

    Went for the reviva rose facial cos of the influencer promos @ $30. Would not recommend.

    Facial: facial was ok, pretty basic. Extraction was quite painful but bearable for me. They massage your face with this cooling crystal ball which felt really nice and the mask was v cooling and soothing too. Results-wise, did not really see visible brightening afterwards.

    Ambience: luxurious exterior but actually v small on the inside.

    Service: The lady was v nice at first and made me feel comfortable. About 5 min in she asked if I wanted to TOP up $68 for an acne serum. Declined and she straightaway lowered the price to $38 using her “staff discount” and said that if I still don’t want it, she has “nothing to say”. Thought it was abit rude. I declined again. At the end, as expected, they tried to sell packages repeatedly. Had to keep declining. When the lady finally took my card to process payment, the manager heard I wasn’t buying anything and another round of hard selling began. I practically walked out the store while they were still talking and told them I didn’t need a receipt. They still continued calling me multiple times the next day.

  • Calvin Bow
    4 years ago

    Had a package with them for a while already. Almost forgotten. Today, we had church service in Raffles City and I dropped by to ask if they can slot me in for a session. They found a slot for me at 3 pm. My previous therapist Debbie left and Jovy, my newly assigned therapist did a great job. She is chatty and friendly. I appreciate better service than any other things. Helen, the branch manager was the one who sold me the first package and I renewed my package again with her today. Keep up the good job and Gongxifacai.

  • H J
    5 years ago

    Extremely overbearing and poor service. Feels like a cheap place with lots of hardselling 2 mins into the facial and throughout. The beautician was so rough and heavy handed that serum kept going up my nose during her facial massage. Definitely not returning nor recommending to my friends.

  • zermaine fontaine
    5 years ago

    I visited Haach on 13 April 2018. My review as follows:

    1. Location: great since it is located in Raffles City Shopping Mall so it is convenient.

    2. Store ambiance: trying to look luxurious but a pity the store size is small so it didn’t exude the luxurious feeling

    3. Therapist: the lady who did my facial is quite polite, and her skills seem good. She did not try to upsell/hard sell add on to the treatment

    4. Counter staff: the lady was a bit losing her cool. Initially quoted 10 sessions @ $1210, later tried to sell 6 and then 3 and then 2 sessions. It wasn’t exceptionally off putting but you get the idea that she’s showing her true colours soon. I cut her short and paid for my treatment and left.

    Overall, i think Haach is trying to sell packages to customers but they failed to think that with the price they quoted, one can easily go to other more well established French brands that is almost the same price for facial.

  • Francis terra
    6 years ago

    Experience is good and environment is nice.
    Staffs and consultants are friendly and polite.

  • Lara Sabater
    6 years ago

    At city hall, Terrible staff , super rude and not kind at all

  • Chee Jian Wee
    6 years ago

    Great service and friendly staffs.

    Keep up the good work!

  • seetharaman V
    7 years ago

    Katherine – very good – diligent and friendly

    Verone – very friendly

  • Steven Jr Lee (Steven)
    7 years ago

    Visited HAACH @ Raffles City last Saturday. The therapist is very good in the facial massage and always making sure the extraction is not painful. The consultant Noel is very friendly and professional too.

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