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106 Reviews on “Fresver Beauty - Tiong Bahru”

  • Jia Jun
    7 months ago

    As a guy, i feel that facial isn’t as important, I feel that it is just for ladies common stuffs, nevertheless i went for a trial session of facial, upgraded to DRS Cryo Radiance Facial, therapist did a fantastic job on me, she tells me step by step of the treatment done on me and after the session, results was extremely amazing, my large dirty pores is been well clean and had shrinks my pore instantly, good jobs👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻well done, looking forwards for my facial in another few week

  • Richelle Lee
    7 months ago

    Had a thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable experience at Fresver Beauty,
    my congested and sagging skin has always keep me troubled but after having Mummy V Shaping Facial,
    My complexion glows and felt uplifted, and naturally I left the nice atmosphere place with a smile, will continue to have the treatment as to maintain good results

  • Michelle
    7 months ago

    I have been with Fresver since 2018 and it gets worse each time I visit.

    I visited Tiong Bahru outlet on 11/9 and I was appalled by the professionalism by the staff.

    Knowing that I have visited Kovan’s outlet previously, staff started to exchange conversation amongst each other , asking if they need me to fill up a new form, why I change outlet, should they change my card to Tiong Bahru in my presence while I wait for them to resolve their issue. This seemed unprofessional as staff does not seem to know their work.

    The treatment was no better. After a long day, all you want is to unwind and enjoy the treatment but the therapist keeps interrogating you from your occupation to your family background.

    Seriously, I don’t understand what has my occupation got to do with the treatment that I signed up for. It feels as though the level of service will differ based on your occupation.

    While cleansing, staff started to hardsell and say that current treatment is unsuitable and request to top up? Isn’t it ironic that eveytime I go, the treatment is always unsuitable? Then why did you sell the treatment to me in the first place if my skin is always unsuitable for the treatment? Is it poor judgement of your staff or you just want to close the deal by recommending any random package that you can.

    The extraction was horrible. I was in pain and therapist ask me to just endure the pain else my blackheads will never be clean. This was not what I experienced at the Kovan branch.

    I asked about my milia seed treatment and eye treatment and therapist mentioned that it can’t be performed due to lack of time.

    At the end of the treatment, I was brought to the room and the hardselling begins. I was told that I had no more facial treatment left and there was no way that I can use my eye treatment and milia seed treatment unless I buy a new package.

    Is this a new sales tactic to decline customer’s request to perform eye treatment and milia seed so that they have to buy new facial package in order to utilise the eye and milia seed treatment. This is so unethical.

    However, when I called the Kovan branch today, I was told I still hv 1 more facial treatment in contrary to what Tiong Bahru shared? So who is correct? Tiong Bahru or Kovan? Being an established company, I would expect proper system to track and update records.

    I am expecting the management to follow up with me with regards to my feedback.


    A director by the name of Karen, contacted me.

    She has zero interest in understanding customer’s concern and kept insisting to meet up to discuss at Tiong Bahru outlet despite my request to liaise via email or zoom.

    When shared that I would like to be contacted by someone else, aside her, because I am unable to communicate with her, she insist that she is the only one I can liaise with.

    Seriously, such a big organization, only 1 person can address feedback? You gotta be kidding me.

    Still waiting for someone else other than Karen to contact me.

  • K.S
    1 year ago

    Best don’t sign up. Not even step in. Impressive on the screen showed but it come with a high price to pay. For their price you can go some where else to do it. After purchased their package. Each time enter room cleansed, a consultant will comes in and tell you this and that, upgrade, promo etc. ended up you top up buy promo. or said that face extreme dry suitable for this or that or new lunch product etc etc. Purchased package not use, every time go buy and top up do others -their technique. Talks a lot. pressure, not a relax time when there.

  • Alice Yeo
    2 years ago

    Very hard selling during every session. felt very stressful to go for the facial session although I’m supposed to be relaxing during the session

  • zechian kang
    2 years ago

    hardselling, sub standard services

  • Erna
    2 years ago

    Saw this Add on facebook and booked an appt for Promo Trial on the 26 June 2021 @TB Branch. The therapist was good despite to Language barrier, overall she tried her best to explain in English. However, was surprised with the sales person, can’t really remember her name but the super hard selling skill is really super and left me with no choice but to sign up with $2k++ package.
    18 Aug 2021, I get my 1st treatment done, all went as expected unlike again the sales person,I wasn’t expect that i will again being pushed to take another package right after my very first treatment,however m not taking any. This is really disappoint me, as i want to relax and enjoy the treatment instead of being worried. Something that made me even angry was that no “after sales service”. I did not hear anything from them till i call them on Dec 2021 and sorry but have to raise my voice. Someone said “Let us take care of you” all bullshit. I am super disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will not even recommended this place.

  • Mel R
    3 years ago

    I have the diamond peel package. The results are amazing and my skin looks rejuvenated! Coco was my latest therapist. She was friendly and then let me relax into the session, she was experienced and provided a quality service. During the consultation afterwards she gave me prices for future packages but was not at all pushy.

  • J.N
    3 years ago

    Went for free trail and super duper hard selling. Super annoying and tried to reject, the therapist kept on mentioning you can just put in the deposit as Low as S$100 to secure the package. If after the treatment you feel not comfortable, we can just cancel it. But, in the receipt, it stated, package sold, outstanding amount is Xxxxx.
    No comment for the service but the hard sales really is too over.

  • Gladys
    3 years ago

    Signed up for a package with the consultant telling me that they don’t hard sell until my sessions are near to finishing ? Turned out to be the exact opposite, every single session thereafter once you lie down there and a therapist (always on rotation) has cleansed your face and analyzed it , they will suggest trying out a new treatment on promotion or to add on something/upgrade. Very persistent even after rejecting them and it’s extremely annoying when you just want to relax . After a few times I can’t even be bothered to sit down after the sessions, just give excuses to rush off . Not very worth it if you calculate the total costs after the initial package price .

  • A Ting
    4 years ago

    Regret not seeing all these bad reviews. Very pushy, hardcore hard-selling tactics for every visit. They will try to sell you something every session without fail. Always tell you they have special price/promotions, do not even know if what they claimed are true. Prices after discount are still expensive. Wanted to rate 0 stars but minimum to rate is 1 star.

  • P. NG
    4 years ago

    Received a message for a complimentary facial and was told that facial would last 75-90 minutes. Went to the Tiong, baru branch on a non peak weekday. Was attended to by a Ms. Xuan Xuan who could hardly speak English, so communication was an issue. I had informed the receptionist that my mandarin was limited but was still assigned someone who couldn’t really speak English. Ms, Xuan then proceeded to start the facial while explaining the condition of my skin to which I told her I didn’t understand due to language. She asked me if I wanted to top up $88 for a lifting treatment and I declined. Once I declined, it became very obvious that she lost interest in serving me well. While she was still polite, she did a very rushed job through and the whole facial lasted less than 60 minutes as I had timed it. Will not go again.

  • Jenn Ng
    4 years ago

    Went for Womb treatment. Hard sell like crazy every week. I will buy if they don’t hard sell, but because they did, the more I don’t want to come back to face such pressure. Please learn to do business the upright and honest way. Your service is not bad, don’t ruin it with your desperation. If people like your service, they will come back.

  • xue cui
    4 years ago

    Excellent service, all staff are kind and patient. Especially the consultant Samantha is very professional and nice. Really enjoyed the facial treatment and massage from the therapist.

  • Natalie Yong
    4 years ago

    Highly do NOT recommend this place. Be prepared to be faced with hard selling after every session. Once after the facial session, the beautician brought me into another room and started introducing me to a new machine they had, even before seating me down or letting me retrieve my bag from the locker… The extent of hard sell here is insane and though I am left with 1 last session from my package, I will not go back. And yes, the facial was mediocre.

  • Foo Say heng
    4 years ago

    Big shopping mall in Johor

  • Jiawen Chen
    5 years ago

    Received *1x complimentary Cryo Radiance facial with shoulder massage (FOC Relaxing Eye)* @Tiong Bahru Plaza from air tickets purchase. The therapist who attended me is very friendly, as well as the beauty consultant Jamie, thank you ladies.
    The entire treatment process is hassle free and satisfactory. I’m still considering signing up a package with them because I’m staying nearby and it’s really convenient to drop by every other week to pamper myself. But the package prices are still less attractive as compared to FAVE. Hoping for better pricing and marketing strategies…

  • Joanna Ng
    5 years ago

    First reviewed as 5 stars but after several visits, therapists who did milia treatment for me generally avoided the bigger milia and did not remove those bigger ones even when requested. There is only one therapist I met so far who has shown the skills and integrity in her job. The hard selling after every session is extremely uncalled for with such service. Lesson learnt do not sign packages based on first impressions.

  • YuLei Liu
    5 years ago

    A leading beauty provider since 1988, Fresver Beauty is a trusted home-grown brand that features the best aesthetic facial treatments through constant innovation, and promises transformational results in total relaxation. Allow us to enhance your beauty, relief your stress and refresh your senses.

  • Dawiyah Dam
    5 years ago

    Had a good time with Kai xin at Fresver Beauty.
    Indeed a good facial and relaxing time.

  • Elaine C
    5 years ago

    Had a very nice facial experience here and the staff are friendly!

  • Charmaine C
    5 years ago

    Excellent service in extremely pleasant surroundings — felt utterly rejuvenated after the session!

  • Kai Sin Tei
    5 years ago

    Fresver customer service and beautican are nice and friendly. They explain the step and how does the treatment helps with the skin in detail. They are very gentle too. Recommend.

  • Maureen Lim
    5 years ago

    Fresver customer service and beautican are excellant. Their explanation are very detail and very good. Must say very perfect. Can recommend friends to do it. Brav

  • Ching Xing Ng
    5 years ago

    Eileen and Fion were very skilled and knowledgeable. I felt very pampered!

  • Jeanette G
    5 years ago

    Good service. Beautician is knowledgeable and service-oriented.

  • Maddie Tan
    5 years ago

    very professional and kind staff. facial was nice and relaxing.

  • Esther Lee
    5 years ago

    Saw a visible difference in my skin after the treatment!

  • Shermaine Leong
    5 years ago

    Good service

  • Bernice Lee
    5 years ago

    Went for a Cyro Radiance facial at the Tiong Bahru branch and I was pleasantly surprised with the treatment. My skin was bright and radiant after the treatment. The therapist Kaixin was really good and the rest of the staff was very detailed in explaining the various treatments

  • siewling phang
    5 years ago

    Therapists are caring and very detailed in carrying out their services. They even checked with me whether i find their room too hot/cold and said i could ask for changing of room if i would like to do so. Facial massage was superb too!

  • Vera Marlinda
    5 years ago

    I had my first facial experience in Singapore through Fresver. Went to their Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet for a Classic facial care. The ambience is great, the staffs are warm and welcome. The session went smoothly. I can feel the different on my skin afterwards. It’s very recommended!

  • Qiu Yun Ong
    5 years ago

    I have been a customer of Fresver for 8years. The team is great providing the best care they can provide starting from the moment I step into the store. The receptionist, Evon, will always greet me with a smile and the beautician, Eileen, treats my skin tenderly providing me with the best service she can where I will fall asleep most of the time. thank u Fresver!

  • Mary Lim
    5 years ago

    Fresver customer service and beautician very professional. Give detailed explanation while doing facial. Very good and awesome experience. Highly recommend. Bravo to Fresver management for having a team of wonderful staffs.

  • Valerie W
    5 years ago

    Good customer service and comfortable facial. Quick and seamless reservation experience at customers’ convenience which is much appreciated. Would recommend.

  • belinda chok
    5 years ago

    Signed up for facial packages here. Did the milia package also. Love the results. No scaring. Beauticians are good, enjoyed the facial massages.

  • Yi Ling Lee
    5 years ago

    Kai Xin and Jamie were friendly. Feel comfortable after the treatment. The massage is good.

  • Bernice Lee
    5 years ago

    Went for a Cyro Radiance facial at the Tiong Bahru branch and I was pleasantly surprised with the treatment. My skin was bright and radiant after the treatment. The therapist Kaixin was really good and the rest of the staff was very detailed in explaining the various treatments.

  • hnw
    5 years ago

    Very polite and friendly staff, pleasant interactions 🙂 they also give reminders for appointments and are responsive to your needs. Calming and soothing environment.

  • Joey Chew
    5 years ago

    Good service, staff are friendly. Great experience!

  • Sandy Tan
    5 years ago

    Therapist is considerate to suit my needs. Overall facial is enjoyable

  • Joyce Lim
    5 years ago

    Just had a facial with Eileen at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Great facial! Fast and effective, love the rooms and service.

  • Joanna Lee
    5 years ago

    First experience has been encouraging and will consider coming back
    Staff has been very patient and polite

  • heng uhan
    5 years ago

    Therapists and consultants are very patient and nice. It’s my first time and they will guide me through everything.

  • Mabelyn Tan
    5 years ago

    Staff was very friendly and highly professional. Comfortable environment and great experience on the whole.

  • mary ong
    5 years ago

    My therapist , Kaixin is very skilled in her massage.Had an excellent time with her today.

  • Christina Ong
    5 years ago

    Vikki was very patient thru out the whole process of the facial treatment. She uses her heart with guest and showing what we call Hospitality in the service industry. With her great service attitude I totally believe that she will be an awesome leader one day. Thanks for the great service provided. Loving your conversation and patient today. Will definately bring friends along.

    People will not rememebr what you tell them but will definately remember how you make them feel thru the facial treatment.

    Thumps up for the awesome treatment today at Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet. You had make the different.
    Will definately see you again and hope to be serve by you again.

    Christina Ong
    Happy Guest @ Fresver Tiong Bahru Plaza Outlet

  • Ti Xiaoqian
    5 years ago

    This is my first experience with Fresver. When entering the outlet, the environment make me feel worth it and comfortable. First, the consultant will examine your skin situation and provide solution for your improvement. After that, my facial was conducted by a friendly facialist. In the process, she will explain clearly to me what are the steps she is doing and what are the function of those steps which I think it is very good as I know what I am spending for and is it really good to the problem I have met. I really like the facialist a lot haha. I did enjoy the whole process and yes I did sign up a package at the end. As I can feel that my face becomes brighten. Hope that I can have a better skin with Fresver in the future! Oh ya, the staffs are so friendly, make me feel so welcomed haha! A reccommended facial clinic!!

    5 years ago

    Professional serv. To achieve whitethening lifting and firming result.

  • Vivien Chawl
    5 years ago

    Good facial technique by the beautician. Gentle.

  • Xuan Nguyen My
    5 years ago

    Crazy about upsell. I constantly got pressured to buy this and that because of campaigns, promotion to the extent I avoid them, despite still having membership

  • Meng Zou
    5 years ago

    good facial treatment. staff are friendly.

  • Shujian Lim
    5 years ago

    Service was good thank you.

  • Lellian Amancio
    5 years ago

    Very nice place

  • witchygal chix
    5 years ago

    Good service

  • Bai He Lyu
    5 years ago

    good service

  • SM .C
    5 years ago

    Went for a Diamond Chrome Facial trial that I have bought from Fave. I was asked to top up $94.16 (after GST) which I did becos the Diamond Chrome didn’t suit my skin i.e. might be too harsh. The lady doing my facial was knowledgeable but after the facial, I was brought into a room for about 30 mins and the hardselling was super intense! I was introduced to different packages/products despite rejecting 4 times and in d end I succumbed to the pressure and paid for a second visit. Overall, the facial treatment is ok but the hardselling is intolerable.

  • Jia Jia Phua
    5 years ago

    Hard sell like mad. Great ambience but they gonna burn a huge hole in your wallet and make you feel guilty for not taking care of your skin.

  • Alvin Heng
    5 years ago

    It’s about 6months after I reviewed Fresver at Tiong Bahru. I think it’s fair that I give an update on my face condition. Over the last 6 months under the careful and delicate treatment plans crafted out by Eileen my face have improved tremendously. Not so oily, lesser blemish, scars lighten up and my pores became much smaller. Just signed up TLC ( damn shiok lah) and did a oxygen treatment ( dunno the name hahahah) from them. Have to make an appointment at least 1 week in advance as they are pretty packed. So customer like me who goes on impromptu treatment maybe disappointed at times. Eileen explains the treatment super well and I know I can leave my face in her caring hands

    The environment is condusive and comfortable for me to have my treatment done. The extraction is precise and painless. Every step of the treatment is carefully explained to me and carry out professionally. I will like to specially point out the therapist Eileen at Tiong Bahru for her excellent customer service and high level of skill set.
    I strongly recommend Fresver!

  • Kuro ii
    5 years ago

    Hard selling never changed so as their way of selling. I didn’t find any package attractive enough to purchase them. Their knowledge of the equipment used is not that much because they didn’t emphasize on the benefits it has. Would have brought it if they told me more on that.

  • Nor Fuzzylah
    5 years ago

    Customer service was excellent. Consultant Samantha were very friendly and knowledgable. She guide me through the journey of better skin. And hope that i will continue to do the good steps and achieve my skin goals! Therapist Tina was clearly experienced and her choice of products and sweeping massage technique gave me glowing results. I love her facial massage.

  • Ming JI
    5 years ago

    Manager Samantha and therapist Sandy are very professional and knowledgeable .
    Sandy explained every step clearly and carry the treatment extremely well. While Samantha will patiently guide me thru the required treatment for my particular skin condition. Both are customer orientated and will come back again for sure.

  • Shirleen Pang
    5 years ago

    Therapist Sandy is very professional and explained every step clearly. Polite and friendly. Great relaxing environment

  • Hotmail Li
    5 years ago

    For those that who want to visit for free trial, pls be prepared that there is no “free lunch” and you will experience a very hard selling tactics from their staff by saying that your skin dry, sensitive…. Whatever u mentioned in ur profile for the skin areas need for further improvement they will use it to hard sell the service. My advice is to google search other reviews from diff blogger before you visit.

  • HweeKoon Chua
    5 years ago

    Nice environment and my therapist Sandy is excellent. She is good in her skill and not pushy in term of hardsell. I feel very relax whenever I go for my facial. Well Done!

  • Low Ko Wee
    5 years ago

    Being a long time loyal customer with Fresever Beauty, their excellent services and exclusive products have helped me taking good care of my skin for the past one decade. Their staff are friendly and professional in giving me advices to improve my skin quality, which makes me feel more healthy and always stay young.

  • jeremiahli93
    5 years ago

    Was introduced a promotion relative to my taste by Sandy, highly customer orientated and knowledgeable. Well done!

  • Clare Sim
    5 years ago

    I highly recommend therapist Kaixin for the Total Lymphatic Cleansing treatment. This is my favourite treatment at Fresver because I’ve seen immediate and obvious results in the uplifting, removal of puffiness and dullness through a thorough massage that drains the toxins and fluids from the face via the lymphatic channels. For this to be effective, you need a therapist with firm and steady hands. Kaixin has such hands and it’s clear that she is an experienced professional. She was very thorough in her massage, frequently checking with me if the pressure was ok. I could see the lightening of my eye circles and brightening of my skin after her service. I felt very well taken care of as a customer by Kaixin. Its a pity we can’t choose our therapist at Fresver!

  • Gabrielle Dinkin
    5 years ago

    Good services but there is a hard sell for sure. Just be prepared for that going in

  • Justina Chen
    5 years ago

    Li Jing did a wonderful job for my facial today, friendly and skillfilly handle my face, highly recommended.
    Her manager Shirley, always gave me the warmest welcome, and great explanation of the product they will be/had been using on my face. Thsnks ladies! Double thumbs up!!

  • nurul fatin
    5 years ago

    I had my facial several times at this beauty salon already. I’ve had mixed experiences from different therapists. They really do make a difference to your session. The best therapist who has attended to me so far is Kai Xin from the Tiong Bahru branch. Do check her out when you visit this place for your facial appointment.

    She really gives service right from the heart. I came to my appointment right after work, she asked if I had dinner. When I said I didn’t, she asked if I was hungry and even offered some biscuits when I jokingly said I was. You can tell she’s really passionate about what she does, having had 13 years of experience as a beautician. Unlike some therapists who tell you how terrible your skin condition is in order for you to have poor self esteem and end up spending more money at their place, she said very objectively what she felt could be improved and offered a few options. It also felt sincere when she did that, and after making my choice, she explained in detail every step of the facial.

    The extraction was very precise, and my face felt very clean and glowing after the facial. Kai Xin is so gentle yet effective with her hands, I felt comforted knowing that I had her as my therapist.

    I also appreciated that she tried her best speaking in English when I told her to practise her English and I could correct her whenever I can. She knew I could converse in Mandarin but did not do so when I told her I only learnt the language so that I could provide good service to others, having to work with mainly Mandarin speaking population. She respected me as a client and spoke in English to her best ability and even asked me for terms that she was not familiar with in English. I really liked that she was giving excellent facial, tried to personally reach out to me as a person (asking if I was hungry), and also went the extra mile out of her comfort zone to speak a language I was more comfortable with!

    The best part about the facial was the massage from her magical hands! She can really tell when there were tight knots and after a few strokes, I could feel my head, shoulders and neck feel a lot lighter. She was so gracious and delighted when I told her about it, she even kept telling me she hoped I could sleep very well tonight and made me feel like I really deserved the pampering. She really has set a benchmark of great standards to a facial. Thank you Kai Xin! Fresver is so lucky to have you!

    The only reason why I don’t give 5 out of 5 stars is their hard selling of packages and products. Some ‘managers’ can be really pushy in trying to get you to get ‘promotional’ items, or add on treatments to the amount you have already paid. Also, they keep telling you about how bad your skin looks so that you can salvage your situation with the special packages with their limited time only offer. I’ve had my moments of frustrations at the boutique before, and only then they agree to back off and stop their hardselling. Fresver, please be more mindful with your hardselling tactics, it can be a real turn-off. If not for therapists such as Kai Xin, I will be more than happy to leave my package.

  • Mickhee Lew
    5 years ago

    Beautiful beauty salon and looks professional however the skills of the staff, equipment they used not really advance, quite costly for a normal facial wash, should improve staff skills and invest in equipment instead.

  • Mia Alegrado
    5 years ago

    I was serve by Tina, Rene and Karen today. I always enjoy the Moxi treatment everytime coz I feel so refreshed and relax after. The facial I did today was caviar rose also very nice too. Tina was very polite and nice. Karen was helpful in guiding me with my treatment as well.

  • April L
    5 years ago

    Be ready for their extreme hard sell tactics if you visit this place. I succumb to their hard selling and signed a package after my trial session. Every visit was a stressful one with their therapist trying to get me to upgrade with some add-on, or try another extremely pricey treatment. That’s not all. After every single session, they’ll put you in a room and keep hard selling you to upgrade your package or purchase more sessions. There’s also the hard selling of their products, which are not cheap at all. I was made to feel as if they have a aim to make sure you spend a sum of money there every visit even if you have already signed a package. I do not deny that their treatments are good, but I have visited other salon with equally good results at a much lower price. Although i still have a number of sessions left on my package, I am probably just going to let them go to waste because the hard selling every session there is just unbearable and unpleasant.
    p.s. I am not the only one – just google ‘Fresver Hard Sell’, you can easily find a handful of reviews by others who have equally bad experience. I’m just slapping myself for not having read these reviews before deciding to patronise them.

  • Yuan Lim
    5 years ago

    Had a great first time visit with Sandy & Samantha 🙂 Service was good and the environment was so relaxing

  • Tony Seah
    5 years ago

    Therapists and consultants here are very patient and they always recommend good treatment plans that work for me. Prices are fair.

  • Adriel Chua
    5 years ago

    Attended to by Sandy. Very polite and great service

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