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27 Reviews on “FIL Skin Body & Spa Intelligence - Chinese Swimming Club”

  • Teejay
    8 months ago

    Very satisfied wit my visit especially wit the front desk Angel 😇….she was so attentive and greeted me wit the warmest smile upon my arrival at the outlet located at amber road(Chinese swimming Club). Despite her work load on hand,She never failed to attend to me and greeted me wit her warmest attitude!!!! It’s FIL Skin care to lose such a good staff like Angel 😇

  • Ivy Lim
    2 years ago

    Changed owner; increase pricing. No loyalty priviledge on birthday; lousy skin care toner and scrapped off good moisturiser good and reasonable price. I stayed because my beautician is good and know my condition. But their manager who pushes products are all not those i used to know who also know our skin condition and our finance and commitment. Straight away asked you commit 25x? Think that we are idiots to sign a long commitment and if they close shop i look for who?? 10x 15x etc is considered normal as one a month visit is mostly enough for a normal person.

  • Lisa Gaff
    2 years ago

    I had a wonderful time here. The service is wonderful. Manager Natalie is very knowledgeable on products & services and recommendations perfect for my needs. Would introduce my friends to this Spa. Well done ??

  • David Fong
    2 years ago

    Very friendly staffs, service are good

  • Keith Lim
    2 years ago

    Their services is great. Very professional and efficient. All the front counter & beautician staff is extreming friendly and loving. Always enjoyed my time whenever I visit them. Thank you so much FIL CSC Team???

  • laikuanw
    2 years ago

    Fil has experienced and skillful beauticians who are customer oriented too. The environment is quiet and clean since it’s located at the top floor of Chinese Swimming Club. The branch manager Natalie is professional and patient in handling questions that one may have on services rendered and how they charge for packages.

  • Jasmine Koh
    2 years ago

    The beautician Adeline was extremely competent and made the facial experience a good one. The manager Natalie was knowledgeable and friendly. Overall a good experience.

  • Takashi Derrick
    2 years ago

    Was brought by a friend to try out on their services. Opt for their massage session. The whole session was enjoyable and relax Very comfortable environment.

  • Allan Chia
    2 years ago

    Been here with FIL CSC team for facial with Adeline and massage with Maggie and Siew Yong for years, love the environment here and the staffs are professional and friendly. Wonderful experience especially with Natalie and her team that provides excellent service and good jobs, keep it up.

  • Maydena Yeo
    2 years ago

    I have been doing massage here for quite some time. Their massage is the best. I have tried many places but here is the best. The massage therapists will always see to the needs of my concern which is more on my legs. Always felt relieved after their massage. Thank you so much.

  • Love Candy
    2 years ago

    Came this spa for a massage & facial. Very nice environment. Therapists skills are very good. Had a very great massage & facial. Enjoyed it very much..

  • Cecilia Chia
    2 years ago

    Manager Natalie and the team have a great service, she and all staff are friendly and the place are nice cozy place.

  • Vi Vian
    2 years ago

    Went recently for consultation and was warmly welcome by the staff and the manager Natalie was very helpful in providing information and tips on skin care routine.

  • Suchitra Menon
    2 years ago

    It was a pleasant experience. The treatment was well explained. The manager, Natalie, was considerate and took the time to explain what was to be expected during the treatment. Excellent service from the team at FIL CSC

  • c
    2 years ago

    Totally agree with the general opinion that standards have declined steeply since the new managemament took over.

    The cold, haughty and insolent manager Natalie, actually tried to impose new conditions on usage of a package I purchased earlier. I told her that terms prevailing at the time I’d signed for/purchased the package, which were also stated on my record, must be honoured.

    To my utter shock, Natalie then remarked that the staff who had spoken to me “wanted to sell me the package”, so she did not tell me everything. It is unacceptable
    and terribly unprofessional of Natalie to speak and behave like that. Terms and conditions can’t change whenever there is a staff turnover. A company must abide by what is written, agreed upon and signed at time of purchase.

    The big drop in customer service
    level is also evident in the delays to confirm appointments, their less than courteous tones on the phone (except for Cynthia), the chilly reception when you enter the premises and the ‘hard-sell’ attitude of consultants.

    It is a pity the new team has very likely turned off loyal customers, who may otherwise chose to
    continue with the good service provided by beauticians like the experienced Jenny.

  • Jane C
    2 years ago

    Omg have to agree with the others that the service has dropped so much with the new management! I am also a long time customer of FIL CSC, close to 10 years. Previous team is friendly and warm and greets me every time I go. The new team? Cold. No smile. No greetings. Act atas. Only interested to hard sell!!!

    First, they can’t find my appointment booking, but managed to give me my facial. After the facial, a cold face lady without smile just brought me into a room without introducing herself and start selling me their new products!!! Told her I still have a lot of products at home, and she said yeah we all have a lot of products at home, but you need this. Duh. Told her I will consider it but not this time, she just walked out, very unhappily. Then I went to the counter and told them I have not signed off for my facial, then they said they can’t find my card and the cold face lady supposed to let me sign on another piece of paper, temporarily, until they found my card. Seriously? Oh well, I guess she is so unhappy I didn’t purchase anything from her that she can’t be bothered to ask me to sign off!

    Seriously, these team should work in the casino with their poker face, not in the service line!!! Fire them all and bring back the old team pls. If not, you will lose many loyal customers!!!

  • Danielle Grace Tan
    2 years ago

    The facial is quite good but since they’ve changed management their customer service is quite bad. It used to be so good so I don’t understand why. Very little efforts to help even schedule appointment & very unwilling staff. For the price, I really am not sure it’s worth it.

    Really I just wish they would up their customer service. It’s stressful & frustrating to have to deal with it when booking a facial.

  • Sharon Teng
    3 years ago

    I have been a long time FIL customer (> 10 yrs). Agree with the previous reviews that the customer service at the Chinese Swim Club outlet has dropped like a ton of bricks since the change of mgt and after the merging of FIL and Body Contours (BC). Seems like the BC staff have taken over the mgt of this outlet and going by their customer service or lack thereoff, it’s no wonder that BC was unable to sustain its business. The staff keeps screwing up my appointments, zero smile and greeting when I turn up for appointment, rude manners over the phone and total money-grubbers – keep harassing to sign up for more packages even before I even finished my current one which has 20 more sessions to go. Can’t believe FIL has let the mgt of this outlet go down the drain after it has built up such a loyal base of customers. Disappointed and angry at the current state.

  • Mandy Lim
    3 years ago

    I’ve been with Fil spa for 15 years or more… and this is the first time I feel extremely disappointed to the point that I need to pen my feedback here. Their service was really good previously but since they changed management, all they are after is $ and no sense of ethics. I recently went for facial in July 2021 after a long time as I have stayed away due to the pandemic. The therapist and the treatment was OK but what was distasteful was the attitude of the customer service personnel or promoter, Angela. She started telling me that my package was expiring on 12 Dec and that I have to finish my entire package off $1900+ by 12 Dec and no extension is allowed. She asked me to top up at least 1k for her to do an extension.i explained to her that it is pandemic times and I dun wanna top up and requested for top up since my package was bought before the pandemic and honestly I wasn’t informed about the expiry date when I top up package. But it was written on the receipt so I have to admit I didn’t pay attention to it. However I have kindly requested for an extension due to pandemic ( even places like coslab where I had balance of $300+ didn’t even mention about expiry date to be). I also explained that there were constraints and concerns to come for facials or massages and that’s y I haven’t been using my package. Besides they did not have masseuses for a few months before July and I prefer massages. She said that there will not be any extension unless I top up at least 1k.i requested for an email to write in my request which I did. But few days later, Angela called me and told me that her boss said no extension unless I top up at least 1k. I requested her to inform her boss to reply to my email request but no official reply came in. I’ve been a long time customer and it is really disappointing that u treat your loyal customers this way. I only have 4 + months to use up an almost 2k package. It is unprofessional for FIL to treat customers this way. Extremely bad service. And I’m still waiting for the official to my email request.

  • Anubhav Narang
    3 years ago

    Worst place for promotions. I got a voucher from Fave. Made multiple calls but in vain. It is a SCAM!!! Beware!!! ## fave

  • Shiju John
    4 years ago

    Chiro sessions with Dr. Tao are always great!

  • Lilian Sim
    4 years ago

    Great place for facial and spa treatments! Have been a loyal customer for 18 years and counting…

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