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  • Tiffany
    2 years ago

    I will not recommend this clinic as there is no improvement at all. The therapist is not so detail and her mood swing alot, always in a rush. She is good in talking but her skills very lack and machine usage may not be good enough. Thought I found a good clinic as doctors are good and the review are so good but after paying and tried then I realized it turns out bad. Very disappointed!

  • chien lew
    3 years ago

    I would like to share my experiences with Eeva Medical Aesthetics Clinic and compliment about Dr Lim for her always giving professional, reassuring treatment plan. I have been suffering for acne issues for many years.
    She is always understanding and address my concerns promptly.
    Thanks to the team that who always provide good services.
    Kudos and Highly recommends this clinic!
    Truly a sincere team.

  • Melissa Tan
    3 years ago

    thank you for the amazing doctors and really love how cosy this place feels so much so that this is the go to place for me for my aesthetic treatments from here on. Felt really comfortable and never once was there any sort of hard selling from anyone. Due to prior experiences from prev clinics I can really safely say I really love the results as well as the doctors as they really genuinely address your concerns

  • kylie 24
    3 years ago

    friendly and very responsive

  • Luan Ee
    3 years ago

    Dr Grace cares for my skin more than I do for myself ?

  • Stephanie Y
    4 years ago

    Dr Lim Luping was very patient, engaging, detailed in explaining, most of all, she’s very empathetic. Clinic staff, Joan and Jesyn were so caring and helpful. Clinic doesn’t hard sell as I didnt want to buy a product due to my budget.
    Thank you Eeva.

  • Cher Vcado
    4 years ago

    Professional and friendly service.Thankyou Dr.Lim and team !

  • Qy Toh
    4 years ago

    The staffs are really helpful. They have good follow ups with their patients after consultation with the doctors.

  • Izaak Joseph
    4 years ago

    Awesome experience. Swift response time and an experience you will cherish. Give it a try right away!

  • Ern Joo Lim
    4 years ago

    Great experience as a first timer. I especially loved how Dr. Lim really took her time to explain my conditions patiently with me as well as my treatment options. Special thanks to the staff Jesyn and Nicole who took special care of me and they were all very friendly and helpful too. I had a great visit and the doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend this clinic.

  • Phua tin tin
    4 years ago

    I’ve been visiting Dr Grace and Dr Lim for all my skin concerns since 2014 because of a friend’s recommendation. The doctors are meticulous, caring and consistent in upkeeping the quality standards of treatment and service.

    My main skin concern has always been treating melasma which can be pretty frustrating since it is a condition I’ll live with. Even so, I am thankful to the doctors for curbing the melasma from flaring or worsening. And I definitely see much improvement in my skin pigment while still being able to enjoy the sun and outdoors with my family and grandchildren.

    I’ve had friends and neighbours who noticed the improvement of my pigment issues. They’ve also started their pigment removal at Eeva Medical Clinic too. I’m thankful to have found the solution to my pigment melasma and I hope many more will get to reap the benefits of joining the pigment programme which the doctors customised for each person and each visit.

    Thank you Dr Grace and Dr Lim Luping!

  • 3wooden Four
    4 years ago

    Excellent advice from dr Lim and Jesyn. They are friendly and there is no hard sell on package. They let you decide on your own budget and advise whats the best for you. Slowly seeing results and cant wait for next session.

  • Aroma Matters
    4 years ago

    Everyone in the clinic is caring and I feel at ease every-time when I visit. Dr. Lim is patient and kind, I really enjoy their service. Product wise, i have dermatitis on my face and the product didn’t cause any reaction. They are also very responsive on WhatsApp, can consult them anytime.

  • Olivia Ivia
    4 years ago

    Love Eeva Medical Aesthetics. Got my whitening supplement from them and it work so well.

  • vereen loh
    4 years ago

    Ordered some products from Eeva Medical and received prompt service from their staff. Products arrived within 2 days and they followed up with me to confirm if the products were delivered and in good shape.

  • Maykent Kent
    4 years ago

    I like to have my face treatment here with Jesyn, Dr Lim Lu Ping and Eeva Team 🙂 is really nice and friendly. Highly recommended .

  • Heng Jia Jia
    4 years ago

    Thank you jeslyn for good service,thanks eeva team and dr grace

  • Felicia Tan
    4 years ago

    Jesyn was very patient in explaining the benefits and treatment process of Rejuran . My skin feel smoother and glowy under the magic hands of Dr Grace and Dr Lim. Would definitely recommend to all my friends to visit Eeva!

  • Dorothy Koh
    4 years ago

    I wish I had came across Dr Lim and team (Nicole, Jesyn and Peggy) much earlier. However I am so happy and grateful to have eventually found this clinic filled with 100% caring, easy going and yet professional staff. They have helped me so much with skin problems that once only recently had seemed impossible to tackle, or being told it will never be resolved. What is also great you can find at this clinic are products that are safe and effective, developed and formulated by our amazing Dr. I would recommend to go here if you are seeking results. What I want to also say is always believe in possibility <3

  • Claire Tng
    4 years ago

    Very friendly doctors and helpful assistants. Always a pleasure heading over for sessions! 🙂

  • Kar Ling Choo
    4 years ago

    I just started to visit Eeva medical aesthetics clinic this year to treat my old acne scars. I came across this clinic while researching for a clinic to do rejuran S. So far it has been a pleasant experience there. Dr Lim Luping who is treating me is very professional and caring. She takes time to assess my skin conditions and address my skin concerns accordingly. This gives me confidence that my skin is in good hands. And I am seeing some results now. The therapists over there are also nice and friendly. I would recommend who have scar concern or acne problem to pay them a visit!

  • Rachel Koh
    4 years ago

    Professional and friendly service. Patient in answering all my queries, set me at ease. Thank you!

  • Lynette Loh
    4 years ago

    Non pushy, overall experience was so comfortable!

  • Candy Poh
    4 years ago

    After trying one session sylfirm treatment my skin brighter, pigment and pores improved. I would like to thanks Dr Lim and Dr Ling for their constructive advice.

  • JUE JJ
    4 years ago

    Friendly staff & Fast service ?

  • Patricia Ng
    4 years ago

    I like being here because the Doctors are very professional and caring. They dun do things just because it’s the latest fad knowing there might be side effects. They really treat us patients with a heart. Not pushy on sales of procedures or packages. For once I truly say the Doctors here really care for the patients. I’ve been to other clinics before, every time I end up stressed out to take up new packages or being pushed to buy things during my treatments. I hate that. But here never a chance. The Consultants really make u feel at ease during treatments. No sales talk just talk about everything under the sun. I love it here. No second thoughts about it. And they really only recommend things or procedures to you if u absolutely need it. But choice is still up to us. That’s what I love about this place.

  • Jia Foong Chong
    4 years ago

    Just wanna drop by here to compliment Dr Lim for her excellent service and always giving professional, reassuring treatment plan. She is always understanding and address my concerns promptly. Jesyn is also especially attentive to her client’s needs and always responsive even during weekends. Her smile always brightens up the environment in the clinic. Kudos and Highly recommends this clinic! Truly a sincere team.

  • Cheng YuYing
    4 years ago

    Dr Grace has been great! After doing about 8 sessions of laser my face is brighter and acne scars are alot lesser. It is super easy to book an appointment there as they are super accomodating which is great for those who are busy. No hard selling there and all of their staff there are friendly! Recommended to go of you are seeking advice for skin conditions!

  • Damien Chua
    4 years ago

    Had severe acne for 3 years (big, inflamed and full of pus), tried many products without any success until I decided to look for an aesthetic clinic and I chanced upon Eeva Medical. The Eeva team was not only able to treat and stabilise the acne and the scars thereafter, but also shared their knowledge of caring for the skin.

    I only regret not finding out about Eeva Medical earlier. Strongly recommend to those with acne problems like me.

  • Rachel Lim
    4 years ago

    I arrived 30mins ahead of my appointment and was attended to immediately.

    Doctor Lim is very attentive, explained the condition very well and in-depth, and gave different options of possible treatment.

    Nice and personalised experience overall.

  • Elizabeth Yew
    4 years ago

    Thank you to Dr Lim and the team who are always so friendly and professional in ensuring I get the best treatment for my face acne and scars. Have been battling with these for the past few years but after a few visits my face is almost all clear now, I should have come sooner!!! They also have pretty good facial products – currently using some and I really like the Hydra recovery gel and the Elite miracle C+!

  • Helena Leong
    4 years ago

    After a long 2 months of not doing facial due to circuit breaker, I came to Eeva to do a deep cleansing. I was attended by Jesyn and team who was efficient and experienced that after the facial, I can feel my face got so much cleaner and smooth! Even my husband who went with me and did the facial, he was saying how good it is and most importantly no redness on our face even after extraction (blackheads etc) compared to other facials that we went before.

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