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24 Reviews on “De Aurora Beauty - Marine Parade”

  • Ashley Chew
    1 month ago

    Terrible, terrible service. Bought fave voucher, I was told that I could book on a PH at first, and then I had to follow up with staff to check if I’m allowed to. Turns out, I wasn’t.

    Eventually, after I rescheduled to another day, I was held up because of traffic and heavy rain. Told staff I’ll be late by 15 min but instead got told I have to reschedule my entire appointment. they are supposed to take “1 hour” for what I bought, and my appointment is slated 7pm. There’s more than enough time but because they need to close at 8.30 pm and it is rushing for their staff, thus I’m told I have to reschedule despite there being a 1.5hour buffer. How is this fair for the customer who has made effort to leave and be on my way? It was also not mentioned that late appointments would be rescheduled.

    Granted it is my fault that I am late, I fail to see the illogical reasons quoted and it is also terrible customer service, especially considering the bad weather conditions.

  • Pamela
    2 months ago

    Not a good experience. They are not honest upfront about certain add-ons. On top of that, I personally felt they overcharged for it. I didn’t want to argue with them as the person was insistent, and I just wanted to finish off my package in peace. But shame that by doing so, they just lost a customer and gained a neg review. I really had a good mind to report them to CASE. Will monitor them one more time.

    And they always try to hard sell package top up. If they continue to do so, I will be doing more reviews about them on other platforms. Just beware of them and recommended to stay away.

  • Sunnyday
    8 months ago

    Their manicure service is not worth the amount paid. I ended up with uneven nails and they keep hard selling their package. Will never go back to them. If you are thinking of a manicure service, please do it elsewhere. Not recommended even a single bit.

  • Charmaine L M
    9 months ago

    The service has improve a lot since my last visit 8 months ago. The staff are friendly and patient especially Mavis, she had gave my feet a good clean and pedicure them nicely. Thanks!

  • Maya
    10 months ago

    the place is meh to me , theres another place there called Im Nails, they are amazing!! love them , the colour that they gave me was premium and it was rly satisfying and good customer service!!!

  • Ashleigh Keira
    1 year ago

    Made a last min appointment and managed to do a express manicure here! Despite the reviews was pleasantly surprised. My nail technician was Zher Ying. Despite my express gelish being a simple and quick service, she gave excellent service and even had sweet recommendations like going for a lighter colour instead due to my nail condition.

    Was nice chatting with her over insightful topics. Will definitely consider getting their package just for her service and attention to details. Keep it up! 💪

  • A
    1 year ago

    Bad experience. Wanted to try a new nail place but the service staff were so rude. They were slow and inefficient too. Won’t be back.

  • Ragini Maggon (Vidur)
    1 year ago

    Pls do not visit the Marine Parade branch as the lady behind the counter is extremely rude and does not even understand the definition of customer service. I had to go back for soak off in 8 days as the gelish was extremely thick and did not stay . The girls are soft spoken but they are bullied by the bosses. I also witnessed them being rude another elderly lady who walked in. It was very sad. All in all an extremely poor experience and I hope this review helps people save their valuable time and money. No stars for this one.

  • Chris Chua
    1 year ago


    My wife has a gel package with the previous owner and the new owner took over the business. Though they mentioned they honour the package but in reality they are unhappy.

    Incident nos.1. My wife went for her manicure. Initially my wife wanted gel nail polish but due to time constraints she wanted an express nail service and the owner say a more expensive gel package cannot be used for an express service 🙄 (my wife did not ask owner to refund the difference in price). She told my wife to sign another express package if my wife want to do express. Sensing something is wrong with this shop new owner my wife keep quiet and ask them to do gel. The best part is they accidentally cut my wife finger and toes skin (bleeding) and did not apologise at all.

    Incident nos 2. Due to unused package my wife is back again to do her gel manicure. When starting my wife told the manicurist not to remove dead skin as she hurt her last time(same manicurist suay). To my wife surprise and amaze, the manicurist told my wife if she don’t let her remove dead skin then she need to buy another express package as her gel package is include dead skin removal. 😂 she was speechless and why can’t she just skip one step on the existing gel package , instead being told to sign an express package , if she not involve the dead skin removal , can’t deduct from the existing package , what logic is it!!! Won’t recommend this shop , the ladies only eye on business and heartless.

  • Vicki Thng
    2 years ago

    Made an appointment for 12pm but was only attended to at 12:30pm, without an apology until I stared super hard at one of the employees. Not super friendly to me because it was my first time but I could see that they were friendly to their regulars (double standards?). Nail job wasn’t terrible but nothing to rave about either (I actually asked for Squoval nails but the lady heard oval and made them oval so she tried to make them squarish but ended up making them rly short)… won’t be back again.

  • Jacqueline L
    2 years ago

    Disappointing, need to be clear on their pricing say one thing then want to charge more unless you buy their package deals, shame I would have been a regular customer too

  • Al Malone
    3 years ago

    Lovely girls who run a tight ship. Friendly, not too pushy (but not pushy at all would be more welcome) and superb manicures & nail art. My gelish has never “lifted” even after 3 weeks. The girls (especially Chloe) are real gems and the quality of their services truly sell themselves – I just wish that they were not asked to do any sales as the hard sell really spoils the otherwise great experience.

  • Shirley Seah
    3 years ago

    I’m a return customer and have been with the studio for many years. I’m served well by JC and team. The team is light hearted, professional that make your hour spent very enjoyable.

  • Jaslyn Go
    3 years ago

    Been a customer since they just started their Marine Parade Branch. It’s been many years and I can’t stop going back to them. Love all their manicurists, they are all very sweet with astonishing workmanship, excellent service attitude. Always accommodating to my needs and achieving the difficult nail arts that I always required them to do.

  • Ivonny Liemantika
    3 years ago

    Very professional, capable and friendly staffs

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