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21 Reviews on “Colour Workshop Nails”

  • Hida
    5 months ago

    Horrible service as always. Unfortunately I have package, need to finish it off. But the place never answer call or return call promptly. Look at how rude and unprofessional the staffs are! I have been calling since last Wednesday!

  • Amy lin
    10 months ago

    (Not bad, youmi is good)


  • Zoevin Peh
    11 months ago

    Always no one pick up calls. Every time you message wanted to make an appointment they only reply you few days later.

    They pretend to check if you managed to make an appointment?

    When I asked if this date available.. guess what reply from them will be few days later again.

  • Sharanjit Kaur
    11 months ago

    I would not even rate it one star. Worst service I have ever come across. Even other parts of Asia provides better service. Talks rudely and down at customers. They don’t even answer their phones. Even the standard not great always rushing. They push you to pay their package. I have one left and rather not use it. Can’t take their service anymore. There are other much better nail salons. Highly not recommended.

  • Rebekkah Paulette
    11 months ago

    I’ve been going there for about 5-6 years and back then although the service was not spectacular, which is expected considering their pricing is on the lower side, the staff were always quite friendly and even with language barriers (most are from China) we still managed to communicate well and even share a joke or two. But in recent years, once of the manicurists who was promoted to manager handled customers very rudely. She shouts and snaps, which is completely unnecessary. There have been many times where I have had to wait sometimes up to 30mins+ despite making an appointment because they have taken walk-ins without properly budgeting their time. But when I reach late by 5 mins she will shout from the counter inside the shop to the outside saying — NO! No more your appointment! You late!
    The service has also gone downhill, the manicurists are rough and don’t know what they are doing. I developed a painful in-grown toenail issue as a result. Soon as my package was done, I said good riddance and didn’t look back.

  • Sreshya Kamakshi Vishwanathan
    12 months ago

    Affordable, good quality and reliable place to get my nails done.

  • Tongfei Shi
    1 year ago

    (Worst service, nails are done after signing the package, it is difficult to make an appointment, when the appointment arrives, they just call an intern to fool around and it’s over, the thickness of the painted nails is uneven, definitely don’t go to this place to do your nails)


  • Nicole Johnson
    1 year ago

    Great service, nail cutting, and lux finish. High attention to details. I’ve been coming here for 6 years, and the staff have always done a great job that never chips. Gelish nails look posh! They don’t always answer the phone but you can try WhatsApp or they return missed calls.

  • Yinghui
    1 year ago

    My to go place for nails!

  • K Tan
    1 year ago

    Cheap package, okay quality but the worst service I ever seen. Super pushy when it comes to signing a package but their will never pick up your call for appointment after that. Basically throwing your money to the drain if you sign one with them. When they want your money, they will provide good service. once you signed, it was pretty much a rushed work and never ending unanswered calls to book appointments. Tried calling them 3 days straight, multiple calls per day and different timing knowing that they could be busy during peak hours like lunch time, but still the same s**t, no pick up 🙂

  • Kate
    1 year ago

    Great and so reasonably priced! Service is quick, efficient and gel always lasts 3+ weeks without chipping/lifting. Call to make an appointment – they won’t pick up but always call you back same day to schedule!

  • Clarissa Tan
    1 year ago

    What a pity, they do quality work but the worst service ever. Even though removal of gel nail polish is part of the package, but whenever I want to remove it (not during a manicure session), they would just chase me away. For example, I’ve called this afternoon to check when I can remove the gel polish today and they told me after 7pm (and they never ever suggest to make an appointment for removal, and always told us to walk-in). They rudely told me that there’s no space and come back after 8:30pm. What a waste of my time and I’d to insist to them that I would like to an appointment for removal, then I got the slot.

    I only recommend the manicure/pedicure, but not the service. Don’t expect much for the service as a paying customer.

    Edit: FYI – I’ve been coming here regularly for the past few years and I’ve existing packages with them.

  • Florence Tan
    1 year ago

    I visited this place and signed package more than 4 years. Their service is getting worse! They rushed you to choose color and being very rude. Staffs are gossiping after previous customer left, very unprofessional. I noticed that now I can book appointment on the same day, however the staffs are mostly less experience and very rude.

    I will not renew my package after this.

  • M S
    1 year ago

    Been coming here for a few years but the service is going consistently downhill!

    They take more appointments than can be managed, therapist seems to handle multiple clients at the same time leaving you in the middle of your pedicure! Multiple steps forgotten in the pedicure and needed reminding, including basics like top coat and cuticle oil.

    Not a pleasant experience and will definitely not be coming back!

  • Lim Cai Yi
    1 year ago

    Very bad service by BING BING.

    They will only offer reasonable service if you are a loyal customer.

    Followed my friend here and the service they render to me is so bad.

    Appointment basis on a weekday, we still need to wait, they are short handed.

    I wanted my friend to proceed first (mani and pedi) so that it’s shorter waiting time for me (pedi only) but they insist that I do first and even threaten that I don’t do

    it NOW she won’t have time to do it for me anymore.

    Very bad service from ponytail lady wearing spects BING BING she even say my request was ridiculous and no logic in front of all their customers.

  • Amanda Chan
    1 year ago

    Made an appointment and was told to sit on the chair, person who attended to me was talking loudly on the phone while setting up my station carelessly. Water was too hot and she walked away, another working staff had to help me adjust the water. Sat there waiting for 15-20 min before I asked the first lady if someone was attending to me, to which she promptly replied “yes she’s eating right now” with a rude attitude and threw the colour palette at me without saying anything.

    I was flabbergasted. I made an appointment at a certain time and still have to wait for your staff to finish the meal? Then you should’ve slotted me in at another time! On top of that, you simply threw the colour chart at me like I was an inconvenience?

    Because I made a bit of noise about it she assigned another staff to me, but that just goes to show that they had hands on deck, why do I have to wait ~20 min past my appointment time???

    The main lady / manager at the counter was so rude. I thought of signing a package because it was cheap but I can’t get over how careless the service is. Won’t return and DO NOT recommend. Disgusting service.

  • Valerie Lee
    1 year ago

    Don’t bother buying their package. Despite calling to book an appointment I ALWAYS have to end up waiting for at least 30 minutes, makes me wonder why I even have to call in to book if I have to wait. Staff is rude and not meticulous as well.

  • Priscillia Chua
    1 year ago

    Buy package but dont pick up calls or return whatsapp

  • Kananana N
    1 year ago

    I have been a loyal customer since 2019. Xiao-ge and Xing Xing was one of the most attentive and high-skilled staff. But I find some of the staffs can be extremely rude.

    If you bought a package already, better find a staff you like and arrange to get it done by them only.

    Price are good but hard to book and shop is always very busy.

  • Chiyoko Murata
    1 year ago

    I always get my manicure and pedicure done here. Thank you xing xing for the beautiful Christmas design, I love it!!!

  • Felicia Wu
    1 year ago

    Price point is great, manicurist is friendly and service is good!

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