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67 Reviews on “Cheongdam Korean Skin Management - International Plaza”

  • JL
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for taking such great care of my skin!

    Your expertise and attention to detail have made a noticeable difference, and I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

    You truly have a gift for what you do, and I appreciate all the effort you put into making sure I look and feel my best.

    I need to mention these 2 awesome therapists whom are Joan and Vivian.

    Kudos to Cheongdam for having such employees. ???

  • Irena
    3 years ago

    Cheongdam knows about the skin condition really well. I must really give credit to their therapist Kelly who are highly skilled on their facial care and extremely welcoming. She will guide you to have the best results for your skin. Highly recommended.

  • Val
    3 years ago

    Went to tanjung Pagar outlet. The facial was great, everything was good except for hard selling. She keep pushing me to buy their package. Feel annoying. I will give 5 stars if there is no hard selling.

  • Woon Shi Mei
    3 years ago

    It’s was my first visit and they apologise to me profusely when they attend to me late about 30 minutes as so many customer need to be attend by staff. They are patience and explain to me about my skin condition after they remove my makeup . My skin is sensitive , red and have pigmentation, and they advice me to get hydration treatment instead of brightening treatment as my skin is dehydrated. My skin feel soft, clean and hydrate after they recommend me 5 step pure oxygen therapy treatment.!Show me the calming products Step by step and no hard selling. I purchased the calming products couperose fluid , toning gel and couperose cream as I want to reduce my redness and dehydrated skin. I have been using the products for 3 weeks , my skin improve a lot.
    I can’t wait to go for my 2nd visit facial .
    This is my honest review .

  • Annes An
    4 years ago

    Really good service! Would highly recommend Joeanne

  • wallace che
    4 years ago

    Great service by Janice,who helped to identify my skin issues and the correct treatments for me ?

  • Ramya Saravanan
    4 years ago

    Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

  • C Chan
    4 years ago

    Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
    Visited Novena Branch. To be honest after reading all the positive feedbacks on Google & Facebook, I had high expectation on their services. I saw most of the customer mentioned that no hard selling from the beauty consultants. However, I would say, this is the worst facial experience that I have experienced so far. All they know is only hard sell. Hard sell not only on the add-ons treatments and packages as well.
    So disappointed.

  • Gladys Wee
    4 years ago

    The place is very welcoming and the staff will take the effort to explain everything clearly.

  • J Wong
    4 years ago

    Very detailed analysis and explanation of my skin’s condition and recommended me the appropriate treatments. Very attentive and professional. Visible results after one treatment.

  • Natalie Ryneveld
    4 years ago

    The service was professional from start to finish. Everything was clean, efficient and they knew exactly what they were doing! They gave me a customized treatment and my skin was so bright afterwards! Would definitely come back. Super friendly

  • Jolyn Koh
    4 years ago

    I visited their Tanjong Pagar branch in Aug 2020. Facial was good albeit expensive. They Whatsapp me the next day, asking about my skin condition and said if I have any questions I can reply them. Initially I was impressed with their service level. But something bad happened when I WhatsApp them that I wish to refer a friend. When my friend reached Tanjong Pagar, she was told the appointment was for Novena branch. I am upset with this episode because my friend’s trip to Tanjong Pagar is completely wasted. And isn’t it obvious that I had my service done at Tanjong Pagar so when I refer a friend of course I would refer them to the same outlet. And their WhatsApp reply did not inform me or my friend (they WhatsApp both of us) that the appointment is booked for Novena. Disappointed.

  • A K
    4 years ago

    Great services and friendly staff.

  • Erwin Romero
    5 years ago

    Honestly, I had a high expectation about their services since I have read all good reviews about their facial treatments. I had my acne scar treatment and tried 3 sessions but unfortunately I don’t see any changes nor seen any reduce acne scar on my face. Well, they have informed me that I need to take at least 5-7 sessions. But I have experienced pimple breakouts every time I’m doing a facial treatment with them. Hence, I decided to stop and not to continue anymore.
    Since, I cannot reply to the response below. I will write my response here:

    This is just a honest feedback from a client who have tried your service. Please don’t be offended.
    I have also showed you the latest photo of my face after the 03 sessions. My last session was 20-Dec only and in between of each sessions I’m experiencing pimple breakouts. I have shared this to your consultants as well. Let me correct you I never declined any help from your end. In fact, I’m also waiting for any follow up from your clinic like what you have done in the beginning of my sessions.

  • katja schlamp
    5 years ago

    Super-savvy, polite and courteous. I can only recommend it. Make a reservation.

  • Charmaine Lee
    5 years ago

    Professional & detailed ??

  • Michelle Tan
    5 years ago

    tried a trial session and was sold on first session. no hardselling and facial therapists are all kind and polite!

  • low shumin
    5 years ago

    Good service, able to see improvements in my acne prone skin. 🙂

  • Alfred Ho
    5 years ago

    My skin has definitely improved.

  • Sam Goh
    5 years ago

    Very detailed therapists and effective treatments using machines

  • Dena
    5 years ago

    Today I had the fantastic conventional treatment Aqaupeel dermabrasion + In-house Brand soft Mask again with Joeanne, she is genuinely talented and cares for your skin 100%, I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for some pampering! Cheong Dam is a lovely & cozy place to be, such a wonderful experience, definitely value for money.
    Thank you, Joeanne, for your excellent service!

  • Eve s
    5 years ago

    had my first trial facial with Aqua dermabrasion, Hyarulon water and Cryro calming treatment. My ski was much brigther, hydrated and even tone. Place is clean and facial lady is knowledgable and explained the treatment clearly. Would recommend and come again

  • Sally Ong
    5 years ago

    Very knowledgeable staff with personalised service.

  • Chai Willie
    5 years ago

    Treatment is good and results obvious. Highlight recommend.

  • Jing Yi Chua
    5 years ago

    Enjoy my facial sessions here and I have seen improvements in my skin!

  • Superlicious JJ
    5 years ago

    Great service and friendly staff! A wide variety of masks and services available to try.

  • Valen Lee
    5 years ago

    I have been looking for the right place for facial and I chanced upon Cheongdam. I was keen to try out this place as they use Korean products. It was the best decision made and my skin has improved so much. Joeanne has been very meticulous and patient. She cares for my skin more than I do. Thanks Joeanne, you always make my skin glow after every treatment!

  • Yanling Teo
    5 years ago

    Great service ! 🙂 Staff are friendly and they are good at recommending the suitable treatment for you. My skin feels so much refresh after the treatment.

  • Maryna D
    5 years ago

    I was disappointed as I’m used to an experience of cosmetologist applying multiple products and massaging it in. Also massage of shoulders and neck. All this was foam clean and then a sheet mask for 146$. Strange and overpriced. My skin feels tight.

  • Claire Diow
    5 years ago

    Notice Cheongdam skincare by accident on Facebook. First time appointment leaving me very good impression with the services provided. Tried MTS, the result is significant!! Their service and result are fantastic. Highly recommended.

  • Jee Leng
    5 years ago

    Enjoyed the facial thoroughly. The service and treatment is good. Highly recommended!

  • Xuelin Zhou
    5 years ago

    My first facial experience with Cheongdam is a great one.. Joanne recommended a suitable treatment for my skin and indeed my skin are brighter and hydrated after the whole treatment. Will definitely recommend my friends to visit Cheongdam.

  • Evangeline Cai
    5 years ago

    They have good facial services customised to your needs. No hard selling.

  • Claudine Koh
    5 years ago

    Found Cheongdam Skin online when I was looking for a Korean facial salon. The therapist are friendly, patient and professional. The most important thing is that they DO NOT hard sell their treatments or products. I’ve only been here a couple of months and I can already see the improvement on my skin.
    Highly recommend Cheongdam!

  • Fiona Tay
    5 years ago

    Just tried the treatments here and the results were really good. The therapist is very kind and understanding and gave me lots of advice on what skin treatments will be best for my skin condition.

  • Aaron Gan
    5 years ago

    Love the treatment and experience here. Staff is wonderful and knowledgeable, and I’ve been coming for here past 6 months! Highly recommended

  • philene teo
    5 years ago

    Convenient Location and welcoming environment. The treatment and service was better than i expected. I would definitely recommend CheongDam to my friends and family.

  • Liezl N. Cristobal
    5 years ago

    I saw cheongdam in an ad on Facebook, so I tried and hoped it’s not over price as I am having trouble with acne but also on a budget. The staffs are nice and friendly, especially I would like to commend Amber for giving me such a wonderful service, she didn’t hard sell, instead she offered me the treatment that’s on my budget but also what my skin issues needs. She’s very friendly and she is always patient to explain the how, what or why of the treatment she will do before we proceed. The procedure is always relaxing every time and my skin is getting better, and that’s what I really wanted. This is all worth it! ❤️

  • Nana Moon
    5 years ago

    They are very particular in taking care of your skin. Which makes you want to go back there even more trusting their service and their delicate hands on you.

    They send reminder and customers may communicate via WhatsApp (this is a plus service for us working during office hours) and they respond quickly to enquiries especially for some sensitive treatments which requires delicate maintenance after the treatments.

    P.S: they do not hard sell. There may have suggestive selling for what is best for your skin maintenance. However they do not hard sell. And the smiles never fade.

  • HaniChaan
    5 years ago

    Detailed guidance on my skin types and routine! My skin feels soft and less irritated then before. Patient stuff there. Definitely will visit the next time round!!

  • Rahmat Adnan
    5 years ago

    Their services and treatment are of the best quality. The beautiful Therepists here are also very knowledgeable about what’s good for the customers and the kind of treatment that produces the best results. I would like to thank my beautiful Therapist, Amber for guiding me and helping me out throughout my treatment. She’s very kind and patient and thanks to her, my skin have been improving ever since! To those of you who may have second thoughts about Cheongdam Korean Skin Management, I assure you, it’s worth every penny and time!

  • Anja Do
    5 years ago

    I’ve been coming here for 6 months, on monthly basis & the ladies here give me and my husband such amazing service & treatments. They provide consultation for every session, what would work for your skin & never oversell me anything I don’t wish to try. Highly recommend this place for regular facial, very affordable with the package!

  • cheok pei ying
    5 years ago

    I have been doing my treatments at here for about 4 months, I feel that my skin are getting better and better. A very great experience so far and their staffs are so nice and patient which will always explain all the treatments step by step. Definitely will recommend Cheongdam as it provide a very professional consultation on skin treatment.

  • Seow Chen Ng
    5 years ago

    Clean and welcoming environment & good location.
    A beautician is very nice and thoughtful. Very comfort with the facial machines.
    Highly recommended and Looking forward to my next session!

  • Huimin Chai
    6 years ago

    Pleasant and relaxing experience for facial treatment!

    The session began with a consultation with a korean therapist who introduced their 5 steps treatment regime at Cheongdam Korean Skin Management. I was impressed with the extensive selection of treatments for different skin problems.

    Then, my therapist examined skin condition and recommended the suitable treatment for me. She was very observant and could tell that I have very dry and sensitive skin problem which will react badly to harsh chemicals. So, she recommended to begin the treatment with pore cleansing using skin scrubbing, then treating my skin to the hyaluron water complex machine & oxygen vitaspray machine, before finishing with an aqua cool mask for me.

    Throughout the treatment, my therapist was very gentle and attentive, explaining to me the details of the treatment, even providing useful tips to improving my dehydrated skin condition.

    Immediately after the treatment, my skin feels fresh, hydrated and supple.

    Looking forward to my next visit!

  • Chelsia Goh
    6 years ago

    Had a great facial experience with Cheongdam earlier today. Therapist was very polite & gentle throughout the session. There were many different types of treatment available & she recommended me the most suitable treatments based on my skin concern – whitening & brightening.

    First, the treatment started off with a facial scrubber session to remove dead skin without being too harsh – a tool was used to “shoot” mini jets of water on the skin to gently dislodge dead skin particles without harming the skin using hard scrubs.

    Then, the medical treatments of Ionto Vitamin C & Hyaluron Water Complex followed. The therapist had recommended the Ionto Vitamin C as helps with brightening the skin however it can be drying, so she recommended the Hyaluron Water Complex treatment to follow after that to replenish the lost skin moisture. Really appreciate the effort by therapist to recommend the best combination of treatments to suit my skin concerns!

    Was amazed at how bright & glowy my skin was after the facial session. It was glowing & hydrated but not oily.

    Facial was completed in around 1 hour even though there were several steps involved – suitable for office ladies to squeeze in a quick lunchtime facial. Will definitely come back again!

  • Stephanie Jing Liu
    6 years ago

    I tried their 6 personal step customize skin treatment. The therapist Hyun Seo recommended me to go for Skin Scrubber, Hydrogen water complex and Oxygen Spray after a careful skin diagnosis. During the whole treatment, she explained patiently on each of the procedure. She also discussed with me about my skincare routine and advise the correct way on how to apply my skin care correctly patiently. Hyun Seo is a very meticulous therapist. She noticed that i had uneven skin tone around my forehead and discussed with me the solution to even out the skin tone in that area. I felt very comfortable throughout the whole treatment. Unlike many other facial salon, there are no hard selling but only solutions to your skin problems. Prices are also very reasonable and their treatment are very targeted to individual skin problems.

    Overall, i am satisfied with the results i have achieved after 1 session. Look forward to my 2nd session with Hyun Seo. Will definitely recommend if you are looking for alternative solutions to your skin care without huge damage to your wallet

  • Andy Soh
    6 years ago

    Down to earth pricing with great customised Korean facial treatment. Highly recommend therapist Hyun Seo if you are thinking of paying a visit soon!

  • Thitiporn Pomsarai
    6 years ago

    Staff very nice and good recommended service was good will come back

  • Tin Ting Chua
    6 years ago

    Have been at Cheongdam for about a year and I’d say my facial complexion got better each visit with their unique customised treatments for different skin problems. Highly recommend Tiff and her team for providing good and quality facial at Cheongdam! 🙂

  • Nurul Huda Samsuddin
    6 years ago

    The staff at Cheongdam Korean Skin MGT is awesome! They have the gentle touch and they explain in detail regarding the skin treatments they have for you. They also properly assess the needs of your skin during the appointment and have a variety of value-for-money treatments to choose from. Thanks a bunch Cheongdam! <3

  • Walailak Wisetsuk
    6 years ago

    Very nice service and patient with professional staff. They given a customized service depends on my skin problems. Will come back again

  • 張馨文
    6 years ago

    Staff is very friendly, price reasonable and also location is convenient.

  • June Wee
    6 years ago

    Very Good services. I like their 6 personal customized treatment. Which allows you to mix and match different types of treatment. Do check them out

  • P noi
    6 years ago

    Convenient Location. Clean and welcoming environment.

    I had my make up removal and deep cleansing with radio frequency gently done by a polite Korean Therapist which she recommend after a careful diagnosis of my skin. Her proficiency in English was good.
    Then I had another therapist, Tiffany, a Singaporean skilled with many years of experience in Beauty Industry both in Korea and Singapore, she did hydration treatments and extraction for me, each procedure explained as she goes.

    A good beautician is a thoughtful one who takes her time and put in effort to squeeze out all the dirt completely as if she cant stand it if its on her face. Im glad she is very meticulous and patient about it, making sure the roots of whitehead are all taken out.
    Tiffany and me also discussed together about my skincare problem, products and routine and offer me tips how to apply correctly.

    I have super sensitive skin but after 2hours with them, I have no allergy reactions at all, leaving happily with a fresh face. Thank you so much!
    I would definitely recommend CheongDam to my friends and family!
    Looking forward to my next session!

  • Milan Phạm
    6 years ago

    Found this place by an advertisement on Facebook, wanted just to give it a try since my face having a heavy breakouts but they was surprised me by their service and a good results too. All of the therapist are friendly, patient in explain about the treatment, professional and the most important thing is they are not hard selling. I’m already a regular customer since a year ago and will be continued it.
    Highly recommend ??

  • Michael Tay
    6 years ago

    Professional, friendly and patient staffs. Excellent skill treatment and painless extraction for me. I was surprised by their reasonable pricing, I could have to pay more if I am doing the same treatment elsewhere. Will be back again:)

  • Sharon Tang
    6 years ago

    Love the treatments here. Staff are always patient and helpful. Just tried on the cucumber natural essence masks that they brought in and really love it. Can feel my skin is so much calmer after applying the masks as I had extractions earlier on in the day. This place is like my second home. Want to try on every single treatment

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