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15 Reviews on “Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic”

  • Jacelyn Phang
    5 years ago

    Been to celevenus thrice now and every single visit was a good rest for myself. CeleVenus is in the heart of town, and I always come out of their clinic feeling very refreshed.

    I’ve tried their facial and Venus legacy treatment (for arms) and had enjoyed both services very much. My therapist was Hong Jie whom is professional and good. I look forward to each visit at their clinic!

  • Jingle Belle
    5 years ago

    I’ve paid a total of 10 visits to Celevenus so far! I’ve completed 1 session of Hydrating Facial, 1 session of Oxygen Infusion Therapy and 8 sessions of Venus Legacy (Thighs). Be it for my face or for my thighs, all treatments have been safe, effectively great & working excellently well for me!

    Would like to give a special shout-out to my Venus Legacy (Thighs) experience: Photo attached is a comparison from my 1st session & my 8th session over a period of 8 weeks. There are visible results & obvious difference. My thighs are definitely more leaned and toned. Skin looks more firmed, youthful and brighter due to the help of collagen production. And mentally, I’m much more confident about my body now!

    I enjoyed the treatments extra much, thanks to the wonderful services provided and their very friendly (and sometimes, humorous) team of beauticians. Location of the clinic is perfect as well because it’s in the heart of the city area which is so accessible & convenient.

    Next on my wish list is their Sculptra service! Hope to try that out one day to save my very bad dark circles!

  • Anthony Chong
    5 years ago

    The clinic is very posh and the staff is very friendly. Especially Elieen. Very nice and friendly lady.

    Doctor Dylan is very gentle and very professional in his assessment .

    Overall experience is very pleasant and enriching.

    Did my CO laser for the pigmentation.

  • Vivian Er
    5 years ago

    Amazing experience.
    Love the results, it’s super effective.
    Highly recommended!

  • Jan
    5 years ago

    Dr Dylan was patient in explaining the various treatments available for my concern areas and only suggested those I require. He is truly professional, friendly and caring, with a commitment to sculpting the best possible “you”.
    Nurses in the clinic are models themselves, beautiful faces whom are firm and youthful, with high nose bridge that look so natural.
    I did Sculptra as my friend highly recommends it, and for my loss of facial volume. Botox for my forehead. Sculptra will require time for collagen production and I’m now super excited about the results!
    The comfort (for someone who is extremely scared of needles), service level, skill and professionalism of doctor are my key considerations for an aesthetics clinic. Will definitely patronise them for the anti-aging treatments again!

  • Faith Tan
    5 years ago

    Best aesthetic doctor in Singapore! Excellent bedside manners and a genuine heart for all his patients. The team of nurses are also very professional and caring. Overall a top notch aesthetic clinic that I will return to again & again for my beauty needs.

  • Ripple Sim
    5 years ago

    Results of Dysport injection is very effective in correcting my asymmetrical squarish jawline! I have a slimmer face now with no side effects. Love the non-invasive treatment, will go back again when required! 🙂

  • Juliana Stryker
    5 years ago

    I met up with Dr. Dylan Chau at Celevenus after hearing his praises being sung by so many of my friends. He was indeed very attentive and knowledgeable about his craft. I brought up many concerns I’ve heard about laser treatments and Dr. Dylan took his time to ensure all my queries were answered before the procedure. I’ll definitely be back for more treatments and facials.

  • Chloe
    5 years ago

    Love how my acne condition for my skin has improved significantly! No more huge acne outbreak and currently only left with acne scars to fix now. Hong jie always helps to make the blackhead extraction and treatment process speedy and efficient! My face always feels so much cleaner after.

  • Agnes Koh
    5 years ago

    “I was recommended to CeleVenus by a friend years back relating to Chicken Pox scarring issues.
    Since then, I have done Sculptra and Laser as a remediation for anti-aging, and have been very satisfied with the great results. Thank you to Dr Chau.”

  • ahkang k
    5 years ago

    Excellence skill from Dr Dylan , my sculptra is wonderfully done .. thank you very much …

  • Tan Eileen
    5 years ago

    I did botox jaw reduction in this clinic and the result was amazing as they had a plan to maintain the reduction of size. The moment I gain my confidence with this clinic, I started to do intracel for my pores and other anti-aging treatment like sculptra (Dr Dylan Chau’s specialty) and skin lasers for skin clarity. Plus point was the clinic staff were helpful and they don’t make make feel like they were up selling unlike some other clinics.

  • Lecinlurve
    5 years ago

    I was really impressed by the youthful appearance of Dr Dylan Chau himself when I first met him. Upon speaking more to him in depth, I knew I was in good hands for my anti-aging treatment – The non-sugical & non-invasive way! The Sculptra treatment administered really helped me achieve a youthful look effortlessly. I also further went on to try square jaw Botox for a more V-shaped face contour and I really loved it! The pretty staff at CV were v patient in explaining the entire procedure & expected outcome. Highly recommended aesthetics clinic in SG.

  • Charlene Sim
    5 years ago

    Did my undereye fillers with Dr Chau. My eyes look younger instantly. Thumbs up.

  • maya lee
    5 years ago

    I have been with Celevenus since April 18 and I must say i’m impressed with my experiences with them thus far.

    Dr Dylan Chau has always been caring and professional in advising me the treatments needed for my areas of concern while the lovely nurses : assistants made me feel at home whenever i’m there.

    I have done Revlite and Sculptra and find that these are good anti-aging treatments that should stay with me. Sculptra to give me the natural volume in facial for a more youthful and lifted look while Revlite for a more refined skin texture.

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