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  • SL Lee
    3 weeks ago

    I’ve been going to Amy for the last 3.5 years. She is an experienced facialist who is attentive to my needs as a customer. She went the extra mile when she realised I was hungry or not well. She is also generous with the products used during each session. For the amount I pay for each session, I feel that it’s value for money. Her skills as a facialist are good as she is able to improve my complexion. She doesn’t pressure me into getting any products and I like the idea of not having to sign any package at her salon.

  • wendy oh
    1 month ago

    I’ve been with Beauty I & U for more than 10 years. Amy is very professional and have been constantly upgrade herself. One of the best thing is there is no package signing required & she doesn’t hard sell any product.

  • Aneo Neo
    2 months ago

    Amy is a professional beautician who provides good facial advices and services! I especially like her massage strength on my shoulder! And most importantly she don’t hard selling thus don’t create any pressure on the clients and therefore more clients will come back for her service.

  • Shalynn Yeo
    2 months ago

    I’ve been a loyal client of Amy since the beginning (it has been almost 6 years) and I couldn’t be happier with the service. She’s incredibly professional, always choosing the right products for my sensitive skin. Her attentiveness and skillfulness ensure every visit is a delight, and she’s generous with samples of new products. Plus, her prices are very reasonable. The location near the mrt is convenient, and her shop is clean and cozy.

    What I appreciate the most is that she doesn’t hard sell products, allowing me to enjoy my experience fully. Her facial massages are exceptionally good, leaving me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated every time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for top-notch facial services 🙂

  • Eleen Ng
    2 months ago

    Intimate and cozy. Synonymous with its branding – Beauty I & U. Exclusive service, except occasionally between appointments which is acceptable because either one of you are about to finish or begin. Minimal or no disruptions or disturbances. Unlike most spas when you are wedged between chatters. Very annoying.

    2 long hours of pampering. 3-4 different types of technology together with 3 ampoules to help detox, lift, rejuvenate and improve your complexion. My favourite part is my long session of massages. Strong and consistent pressure. Each stroke to perfection. At the end of your session, you come out feeling refreshed and renewed.

    One of the draws is no pressure sale and no packages. You are not tied down and completely stress-free. What a way to enjoy your facial from beginning to the end. Thank you Amy.

  • Grace M
    2 months ago

    You might be unimpressed by this seemingly small space from the outside at the get-go. As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. I have been a customer of Amy’s for more than 5 years now. The level of detail, her skills and quality of products are just some of the reasons for my regular visits. You can be assured that she will take great care of your skin. I love a full 2 hour of uninterupted pampering facial session that leaves my skin hydrated and cleansed.

  • Lindy Lim
    2 months ago

    The Beautician Amy has many years of experience and is rather professional. Facial duration is 2 hours with one to one service. The products use is Babor, Germany No 1 brand. Amy always visit Germany for training and update of new products.

    The environment is also clean and cosy.

  • Jane Wong
    3 months ago

    Amy is a professional and passionate beautician. She will based on your current situation to do the right treatment. No contract needed.

  • Bibi Tan
    3 months ago

    Been with Amy for more than 20 years and counting. 2 hours 1 to 1 session with multiple beauty equipment.. Using 3 Babor ampoules and other Babor products that is suitable for my skin type and skin condition.She is very professional and constantly upgrades herself and beauty equipment..My skin improved alot. Like the stress free environment, no hard selling of products and no need sign any packages.

    Thank you Amy !

  • kiN ck
    3 months ago

    ❤️Beauty I & U❤️ Beauty Salon in potong pasir

    BABOR PRODUCTS from Germany 🇩🇪

    My lovely beautician Amy,

    Professional! Confident! Patient!

    Experience more than 20 years🤩🤩🤩

    How is work form Amy? Personal customization !!!

    Depends on your skin condition to choose a most suitable treatment for you!

    Book an appointment with Amy,

    She will Surprise you🤫

    Let’s get beauty I & U !!!


  • Nicole Chen
    3 months ago

    Highly recommended!!

    This shop was recommended by a friend. After two visits, my skin became very bright and soft. There was no hard sell and no package sales.

    Amy is very friendly and provides samples that are suitable for my skin type for me to try out.

  • Yings Chew
    3 months ago

    Amy is very gentle yet very thorough. She uses authentic Babor products and has many up-to-date equipments. There is no need to sign up for a package. I highly recommend her service!

  • Esther
    4 months ago

    (Amy has been washing my face for over 8 years. No package required, just pay after one service. She gives me the right care for my skin. Her skillful hands will make our faces become more and more V-shaped. Recommended.)

    Amy帮我洗脸已有8年以上了。不需要配套,服务一次后就付款。她会针对我的皮肤给予正确的护理。她的巧手会让我们的脸越来越V。 值得推荐。

  • Weiqin Lim
    4 months ago

    Amy provides customized facials and aftercare advice for her customers. It is a fuss-free experience – no hard selling, no packages, and the shop is clean and neat.

  • G G
    4 months ago

    Amy is a very experienced therapist who knows all the products and techniques well. Immediately after facial, my face become more radiant. Prices are reasonable and no hard selling. The environment is friendly and warm. Strongly recommended👍

  • FoodieBuddy IsHere
    4 months ago

    Amy keeps everything well-organized and clean. She was compassionate and understood my sensitive skin concerns and breakout issues thoroughly. She introduced me to Babor products used throughout the facial, providing me a prefect solution to my sensitive skin. Have been enjoying my facial sessions with her for more than 10 years.

  • MeeLeng Goh
    4 months ago

    I have been going to Amy for facials for more than 10 years. Each session is 2 hours and by appointment only. She is very passionate in her job and uses quality Babor skincare products. I also like that there is no facial package to sign. I highly recommend her for facials!

  • M M
    4 months ago

    Less than a year in with Amy and I can see significant improvement in my skin! I’ve been going to numerous facial places in Singapore for years with little to no results, so I did not expect to see minimised pores, smaller face and more controlled breakouts in just two sessions. Amy is gentle and thorough in cleansing, and provides a targeted approach using a mixture of machine and ampules which best treats your skin condition. She also uses a generous amount of Babor products during sessions. During my first visit with her, she also provided me with samples of the products she recommends for me to try out and never hard sells. The best part – her sessions comes at an affordable price with no need to sign for expensive packages I.e. no need to worry about being forced to sign anything after your session! Highly recommend!

  • Sze Sze Chua
    5 months ago

    No package required. Authentic babor products used.

  • Pamela Woo
    5 months ago

    Amy is a very good at her job and I have been with her since 23 years ago. Will always come to her when I can, even after I left Singapore.

  • Diane Kang
    5 months ago

    If you’re looking for a fuss free, relaxing facial, then i would highly recommend Amy.

    Can’t rmb the countless times i’ve gone to her with skin flareups and issues and she’s always been calmly resolving them. It’s been close to 15 years and I have never looked back.. 2 hours of dedicated 1-1 service and enjoyable conversation, what more can you ask for?

    Also, you don’t have to worry about having to sign up for any packages – there’s no such thing here!

  • Joan Yao
    5 months ago

    I have been going to Amy since 2017 and her service has always been consistent! Her advices through these years have also helped me improve my skin condition. Highly recommended as well cos you don’t have to take on any packages unlike many places.

  • T T
    5 months ago

    I have been doing facial with Amy for more than 10 years even before she set up Beauty I&U. Here are why – No package and pay per visit (so there is no hardselling involved. stress free environment); Generous use of Babor product; Good facial equipment used; Amy continues to improve her facial skills too!

  • LG
    5 months ago

    Have been a long time customer. Amy is very skillful and use authentic Babor products. No sign-up package required and no hard selling. Highly recommended.

  • Li Li
    5 months ago

    Strongly recommended for your skin care needs!!

    Long-time customer under the tender-loving hands of Amy. Lavish and quality products are used and there is no 配套to sign, hence all the returning customers are proof of the services provided. 真材实料!!

    A gem in the neighbourhood!!

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