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  • Joreene Yukee Lim
    2 months ago

    Thank you Eva for the facial treatment! I really enjoyed the massage. As I have sensitive skin, she customised the mask for me and even made sure I was comfortable with the mask she chose for me. Her massage was so relaxing and comfortable and her service is top-notch.

  • Julia Lee
    2 months ago

    Did a bojin trial with CC. Overall a great experience and I feel that she is very professional and truly know how to do the points properly . Even though I did not sign a package as I am not a believer of package, she did not pressure me. She did her job professionally and she is actually going to give birth next week. Wishing her a smooth delivery

  • Joyce Thong
    2 months ago

    First time try on bojing . It’s help me relief my stiff neck problem has been bother me some time. CC & YT both of them thumbs up service .

  • Meg Wateva
    2 months ago

    Thank you for the good service!

  • Stefanie Pang
    2 months ago

    Did my trial Hibuso facial with CC, it was good experience. The salon is very cosy and relaxing. The hibuso experience is very targeted according to individual’s requirement, and the therapist will not oversell what is needed of you. You will feel the difference before and after the facial and massage. Recommended! 🙂

  • Fernando Joseph Chin Lun Yiek
    2 months ago
  • Vincent Yue
    2 months ago

    Highly recommended Suzie. Amazing Bojin Body massage experience! Feel relax after Bojin section.

  • Sharon Tan Mei Feng
    2 months ago

    Kelly provide a very professional service and is quite knowledgeable.

  • Yael arad
    2 months ago

    It was the best thing I have ever had ❤️

    Thank you so much May for your professional service

  • Cheng Chooi Deep
    2 months ago

    I was served by Suzie (Penang Lady)! She took time explained in detail for every steps bo jin she done with courtesy. My shoulder stiffness was gone after the session and have a wonderful slept on that day.

  • KaiLi Yh
    2 months ago

    Came here for bojin twice. felt the effect only after twice look for may!

  • Eugene Lee
    2 months ago

    Came here for bojin felt relax after it

  • See Pheng Lim
    2 months ago

    I had severe sciatica pain which didnt go away even after my visits to specialist and acupunctures from TCM.

    Recommended by my colleague to try bojin under May and my sciatica pain completely gone.

  • Vonn Lam
    3 months ago

    Did the Rev Hibuso face first trial with the v experienced consultant CC. CC is very patient and explain each steps of the facial. Very clean and relaxing environment.

    No hard sell. Recommend the packages according to my needs.

    Highly Recommended.

  • June Teu
    3 months ago

    Exceptional Experience at Beauty Full Skin Wellness

    The cleanliness of the facility was impressive, reflecting a high standard of hygiene. They took the time to understand my preferences and ensured that my experience was tailored to meet my specific needs. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Beauty Full Skin Wellness to anyone seeking a top-notch wellness experience.

  • Jerlin Aw
    3 months ago

    My consultants are Jessie and YT. They are very knowledgeable in the products and machines. Bojin is painful – not gonna lie, but you will feel better after that. No pain no gain.

  • Andrea Cheng
    3 months ago

    Kelly gave me wonderful bojin massage after a stressful work week. Highly recommended for those who need a real stress release

  • Wan Er Lim
    3 months ago

    The bojin treatment helped my shoulder pain a lot. Eva was very knowledgeable and explained the different parts of treatment to me in detail.

  • Pastries Lab
    3 months ago

    Thanks Eva for her excellent service!

  • Natalie T
    3 months ago

    Had a great introductory experience with my therapist YT, who was able to adjust the amount of strength she used to suit my needs and explain how the tension in different parts of my body might be connected. Jessie also explained everything to me really well and they were all very friendly and welcoming with their service, especially for a first timer to bojin.

  • Yew mui Tan
    3 months ago

    Nice ambience and friendly staff . Good Bojin treatment

  • Carol Wong
    3 months ago

    Visited for bojin massage. Nice ambience and friendly staff. Very cosy salon that is worth a visit. Will come back again

  • Clara V
    3 months ago

    Went for the Hibuso face trial, attended by Jules and therapy done by Eva. Both were friendly and pleasant. Excellent therapy and massage by Eva.

  • Stanley Wong
    3 months ago

    Had a great bojin session done by Jules & Eva. Much needed relaxation.

  • nica chin
    3 months ago

    First time Bo Jin. Great experience from Suzie. Explain very clearly. Friendly. Will highly recommend it to others.

  • Karin Ng
    3 months ago

    Therapist YT is skillful n knowledgeable. She is experienced n know how to address your body concern 😏

  • Belle Tustain
    3 months ago

    Came here for my first boujin! Kelly was my masseuse & she made my visit pleasant by ensuring that I was comfortable 🙂

  • Serena Chan
    3 months ago

    Did the Bi-Buso Face treatment, was really good! Face really became smaller. Jessie was patient and explained every step of the treatment. Thank you!

  • Joyce
    3 months ago

    Came first time for trial, Lily is very professional for the treatment, highly recommended👍👍

  • Su Su
    3 months ago

    YT is very professional and patient. My shoulder pain issue was better immediately after the bojin session. Thanks, YT!

  • Irene Lim
    3 months ago

    Suzie attended to me for the treatment of Bojij massage, I feel so much better after the session with her, she is knowledgeable and very skill-full. My body feels very light and relax after that. It is very very different from other massage I went. Thanks

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