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21 Reviews on “Bao Zhi Tang - Tanjong Katong”

  • Lai Kuan
    12 months ago

    (Tried their one-hour bone-setting massage. Master Ma is extremely great. The one-hour massage relieved my sore and stiff muscles a lot. Highly recommended, no hidden charges, all from nett!)

    试了他们家的一个小时的正骨推拿。马师傅非常厉害,一个小时的推拿让我身体疼痛与僵硬的肌肉放松了不少。非常推荐,没隐藏式收费,都是 nett 的!

  • Justina Sweet Li Khoo
    12 months ago

    Good services.. Attend to my needs

  • Sarah Wee
    12 months ago

    Simply awesome massage and reasonable pricing ; the Masseuse, Boy, managed to solve my neck pain almost instantly. I’m very very impressed! Finally found my fav place to go ? ????

  • Rick Chan
    12 months ago

    (Master Hai is really amazing! The technique is great, and it is in place.)


  • Woo Cher Chong Joe
    1 year ago

    胡师傅with 7 years of experience really able to release the knots. After analyzing my condition, he will explain what likely the problem and able to work on the tight and injure spots. His 推拿 skill is good.

    Felt good after the session.

    Recommended for revisit.

  • David Goh
    1 year ago

    Probably the worst tuina I have been to. Strength isn’t there, and I had to wait for a while when I reached for my appointment.

  • Reviewer X
    1 year ago

    Left a review on their Facebook sharing that they HARDSELL, kept pushing on guasha $15, ba guan $15, even push me to buy pillow and plasters!! Worse than beauty salon! and they blocked me on their Facebook, so you can see what kind of business owner this is.

    They also don’t fulfull the one hour treatment, cut short on treatment time, but got time to SELL many things. Beware!!

  • Faith Child
    1 year ago

    Rating it prior to my experience with booking a time slot. I wanted to book it on 23 June 2023, on the day I had messaged them. I messaged the tanjong katong location thinking that it was the people’s park location since their Facebook said it was located at people’s park with that number. When I saw the location was off, I asked them why it wasn’t located at people’s park. They explained to me nicely. I then asked them whether Chinatown point’s location had any timeslots. They told me 4pm/5pm was available without telling me that it meant that it was available tmr, 24 June 2023 instead. If u had used common sense, u would have known that I wanted to book it tdy. I, being totally unaware of the date of the availability, I said 4pm @chinatown point. She then said ok. I thought it was all fine until I reached the center itself. They told me the booking was for 24 June and not 23 June! So I had to wait another hour for the next available timing @5pm on 23 June. Y’all think I very free isit? I have no kids to take care at home? How can u pay me my one hour back huh?

  • 摩擦摩擦
    1 year ago

    (The environment is not very good. The guest next door chats with the masseur very loudly. There is no feeling of relaxation at all.)

    環境不是很好 隔壁客人和按摩師聊天超大聲 完全沒有放鬆的感覺

  • Deepika
    1 year ago

    I went there for a serve backpain. Was not even able to walk properly. But once after the massage, I felt super relieved. Was able to walk properly. Will be back for more sessions. Thankyou very much.

  • Shanmugam Arumugam
    1 year ago
  • Steven Kwong
    1 year ago

    Master Hu is worth 5 stars

  • Ding Liang Lim
    1 year ago

    Master Hai, literally cured me

  • Teoh Tee
    1 year ago

    (Please change your tone when you answer the phone. The tone is a bit off.)

    麻烦改一下接电话的语气 语气有点差

  • Larry Hoo
    1 year ago

    Thank you 海师傅, i was suffering from a stiff neck and back pain for a week and today it was all solved. Finally a good night rest. So happy!!

  • Josh Chen
    1 year ago

    Not really the best massage I’ve gotten. The masseuse was okay in strength and hitting the right spot. They convinced me to buy a pillow but when I brought it home it did not work as well. They allowed me to get a refund thankfully.

  • Oscar Hampton
    1 year ago

    Excellent massage! I discovered this place near my home 4 months ago and have been going almost weekly since! The body massage (mine is with master Hu) is great if you have tension, especially from sports, it’s acupressure based so may be painful sometimes, but it feels great afterwards! The foot massage is very good too!

  • Wendy Loh
    1 year ago

    Great massage (feet and upper body) at reasonable price. Masseuse is skilful and presses trigger points (which may be slightly painful in some areas, but in a good way). Clean place.

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