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21 Reviews on “Avone Beauty Secrets - Jubilee Square”

  • Eileen Pang
    7 months ago

    Avone @ Julibee – Good services, helpful staff.

    The beautician, Fann is Superb gentle and professional at facial treatment. Elaine is very good at body massage.

    Highly recommended.

  • Sally
    7 months ago

    Fann is a very nice & pleasent beautician.

    The technic of trimming eyebrows is very good (no pain at all) and she really professional in facial treatment . Highly recommend 👍👍👍

  • Susan Tan
    8 months ago

    I like to convey my gratitude to Fann and Elaine for their excellent services rendered to me.Throughout my visits,they are always courteous,helpful and friendly.Well done,Fann and Elaine

  • Snow Ling
    8 months ago

    Elaine (AMK branch) is very good at body massage, must look for her. I’ve been there for two years and every massage, feeling so relaxed and fall asleep ☺️

    Fann is always very gentle and professional at facial treatment. My skin looks very nice after a while and I continue the package, definitely worth the price 😄

  • Joshua Teo
    8 months ago

    My mother & I have been a long time customer of Avone for facial and our beauticians Mavis & Fann from Jubilee outlet has been and is still exceptional in their service. They are very attentive, friendly and meticulous! Thank you Fann & Mavis! 🙂

  • Merilyn Lek
    8 months ago

    Jessica is my massage therapist as well as my facial go to person. She has good skills for both. 1 of the reason i go to her for facial is she has stable hands and good extracting skills. She gives me confidence even when extracting milia very near to my eye area. She is also very polite and with consistent high service level, something which alot of service line people clearly lacks. She will check if I wanna take up package but she is not pushy. Thumbs up for her

  • Kenneth lustre
    9 months ago

    There service is superb, the facial sevice amazing definitely i will come back again. special thanks to Yuki. 😊😊😊

  • Elaine
    1 year ago

    (The experience is very bad, I called for a long time when I entered the store and no one answered. The service attitude is very bad, will not come again)


  • Evelyn Mei
    1 year ago

    Called up to book appointment twice at Jubilee AMK and yet they told me no booking for me. Really bad service!!!!

  • Grace Lim
    1 year ago

    I did my eyebrow embroidery here. Shaping was done nicely and process was good as it was not as painful compared to my earlier embroidery experience with others. However after done, the eyebrow came out uneven. The salesperson there are also very hard sell. When i closed my eyes for the embroidery, but the person keep hard selling their service even i agreed to purchase 10 facial package with them. I can’t even imagine going back there for the facial service. This whole experience supposing-ly to be pampering and relaxing. But now thinking of the experience, do not feel like going back for the facial.

  • Rosseanne Jade
    1 year ago

    Very accommodating staff. The service is also good.

    Cant wait to be back.

  • Philyra Choy
    2 years ago

    The services are very good. When you have questions about a facial product or why they uses this products. They will explain to you why they do this way and they will explain the functions of the product. They will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease by asking if you feel to cold or hot. They will also ask you to tell them if you feel pain or uncomfortable when cleaning your face. Regardless they will try their best to clean your face. Me and my mother have been washing our face for 5 years. Together me and my mother will come to wash our face. When you come in here, you will feel calm. You can also have a conversation with them if you want to talk. They will be willing to listen to you. My mother did her eyebrows here, the anesthetic they used here is wonderful, she do not feel pain. Kelly is good in doing eyebrows. When she do your eyebrows she will show you an image how your eyebrow will look like on your face, if you are satisfied with the drawing, she will then start doing your eyesbrow. You can also suggest how you want your eyebrows to be, she will give you suggestions if it fits your face. All in all it is a great experience and I will recommend people to go! Xiaoyu, Karen thank you for washing our faces. Kelly thank you for doing my mother’s eyebrows!

  • Connie Leong
    2 years ago

    very bad experience luck in down at the first place didn’t ask me how long I want for my eyelashes within one week need to go back for an touch up after touch up finish never give me a mirror see ok or not pay$ 98 for a first try eyelashes service is bad my neighbourhood service is more better than them

  • Abegail Eunice De Guzman
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended for new Clients and to my friends. Good service, helpful staff and very accommodating especially if you will look for Ms. Fann. She is very good, she will help to brief or explain to you if you have any queries with regards to the service that you would take. She was the one who assists me to do the eye lash lift and it last for more than 1 month and 3 weeks. And also the facial service. 😇

  • Shan Ng (shanshan)
    2 years ago

    Really disappointing and angry visit today at Avone AMK outlet. Have been their customer for almost 5-6 years and renewed my facial package with them once. Bought over 40 times of facial with them and had been going there every now and then.

    When I reached the place, the staff arranged me to share a room with another stranger with a curtain in between to separate the both of us. The staff did not even asked if I am comfortable and went ahead with the arrangement. Okay fine, I don’t mind so long that there is privacy and the curtain does the job.

    The therapist who does my treatment is totally doing the bare minimum. After cleansing, I feel that she did not even wipe my face clean before applying product. Throughout the facial, there is always a long pause about 1-2 mins and I have no idea what is that therepist doing as my eyes were closed with a cloth. Besides that, the aircon seems to be faulty, the whole room was super hot and stuffy.

    The whole facial only took 1 hour 25 mins which only consist of roughly 10 mins facial massage and suction thing. As I was pregnant, the therapist said is not possible to have shoulder massage. However, they did not compensate with longer massage time on face. The rest of the time was steaming, masking and the in between pausing of the therapist. Most importantly, this facial costed me 2 points which cost around $200 over. I can get much better facial outside for less than a $100!

    And I have no idea what is wrong with the salon, there was so many loud noises and laughters outside at the front desk. What’s most ridiculous is they remained my treatment room door opened! Even though there is a curtain that blocks the view from outside, but the noises outside is super loud!

    Throughout the whole time while I was on mask, my treatment room door was left opened and therapists keep coming in and out of the room as if there was no one. What is privacy to them? I could not even have a good 20 mins rest. I was sweating profusely due to the spoiled aircon and was FORGOTTEN by the therapist that I was still on mask!

    While the therapists were having a fun time laughing outside, one of the therapist that was SLEEPING beside me informed my therapist that there is still a customer on mask after approximately 30 mins (that’s is how long the mask was left on my face for a 1 hour 25 mins treatment).

    And yes, one of the other therapist came into my treatment room and sleep on another bed after the customer has left. I only came to realised that after I was done with my facial. No wonder I kept hearing therapist storming in and out of the room while on mask.

    After my mask was removed, the therapist did not even clean my face well and there was still mask debris on my chin.

    Went to so many different facial parlour over the years and I have to say Avone is the worst.

    Value: 1/5

    Ambience/Atmosphere: 0/5 (everything was so cramped up and aircon is not even cold)

    Staff: 1/5 (not every staff is bad, but however the therapists that was working on 25/3/22 is)

    Cleanliness: 0/5

    Seldom or never leave bad complains but this has to go up and let everyone know I highly do not recommend Avone

  • Hwee Min
    2 years ago

    Due to weak health, I have been looking for a place that offers lymphatic massage (淋巴排毒) to work my circulatory system. I was at Avone Jubilee for brow embroidery when I came to know they have the treatment massage I wanted. Decided to give it a try and I was glad that I did. My therapist Wang Ling is skillful and knowledgeable. She helped to unclog my blocked lymph nodes and my body felt alot lighter after treatment. Thumbs up for Wang Ling 🙂 Branch manager Kelly who did my brow is just as good. Overall, it was a pleasant experience without them being overly pushy with treatment packages.

  • Kathleen Nunag
    2 years ago

    I really love my new embroidery eyebrow. It was good outcome🤙🏻 Staff Kelly handle me is very trained and skillfull. She is very professional. No pain as she promise and she handle it with care. Thanks also to karen for the help in doing my eyebrow. Highly recommended👍🏻😀

  • Yeening Tan
    2 years ago

    Did my eye brows here and really like the outcome. My brows was done by Fann. The people there are very friendly and skillful. Highly recommended. 👍

  • Corrine Ong
    2 years ago

    The beauticians are very well-trained, professional and customer centric. They also have a comprehensive range of facial treatments. Most importantly, I have seen real improvements in my skin after the sessions.

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