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  • Goh Lai Chieng
    1 month ago

    Cozy nice environment with excellent service. Queenie is very attentive & professional, my skin really improve a lot after few facial appointment with her!

    👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Catherine Sam
    1 month ago

    Really bad service! Call multiple times no one answer phone calls, no one served. Asked question A but what I’ve got was an answer B from the server/staffs! And slow response! Really don’t know what they are doing!

  • Anna Lo
    2 months ago

    Dr Teh is very professional, gentle and skillful, I’m very happy with the result, looking younger by 5 years. Will arrange for regular visits for sure.

  • Ebel Lim Shan Wen
    2 months ago

    1ST treatment – Waited for > 1h with numbing cream on.

    2ND treatment – Waited for > 1h again cuz doctor was ‘stuck in the jam’.

    3RD treatment – Was turned away as they cancelled the appointment

    Absolute horrible service.
    1ST treatment – Waited for more than an hour with numbing cream on. When I called for assistance, they even asked for my name just like they have forgotten about me.

    2ND treatment – Waited for more than an hour again cuz there were no doctors around. Seriously, the doctor was ‘stuck in the jam’ for more than an hour.

    3RD treatment – Was turned away when I reached. They cancelled my appointment without confirmation. I enquired for other availabilities and they made assumptions to cancel my appointment. Was offered a slot for 5 hours later and it was shorten to 30 mins wait after gave my feedback.

    Nope, I did not take up their offer. Transferring the rest of my session to the other outlets. You and see how insincere they are when they reply to this review with the templated message to reach out to them for further feedback.

  • bereal tim
    3 months ago

    doctor very good and professional

  • tim bob
    3 months ago

    very friendly and professional

  • Anne Tng
    4 months ago

    I have my facial treatments here because it is one of the best in terms of treatment options and pricing. My consultant Quennie is very professional. She is highly skilled in helping me to achieve the best results from my treatments. I have absolute trust in her skills and highly recommend this clinic and Quennie for your aesthetic needs.

  • Donovan Chia
    4 months ago

    Kelly Yang very friendly and service very good.

  • Jing Rong
    4 months ago

    I was served by Kelly yang today, she is such a caring and kind person . I feel fully welcomed and cared by her。☺️

  • Yan He
    5 months ago

    Ann is my consultant, she is super nice and patient!!!! She helped me do two times of medi liftera recently and I do see immediate effect after the treatment.

  • Eunice Loke
    5 months ago

    Therapist Kelly was very service oriented and great in her skills.

  • Lim Hui Yee
    5 months ago

    My consultant Queenie is a caring and friendly person. She is always responsible and organised while following up appointments or during the treatment. The treatment and cleaning helps me to build up confidence a lot. Thank you so much!

  • Fat Sheep
    5 months ago

    Scammy & hard sales

  • Alice Yeo
    5 months ago

    Before I signed more packages at Lot 1 branch, staff assured me I could transfer remaining unused courses to their other branches. I have since shifted to new home.

    When I called staff at Orchard, I specified I want the PDRN treatment. Staff assured me no issue. When I reached the salon, I was told they do not have the PDRN machine there and staff tried to persuade me to do other facials.

    Today I called Raffles City branch. After putting me on hold to check (hmmm… why doesn’t the staff knows if company has that treatment), she told me RC branch does not carry the PDRN treatment.

    DO NOT sign packages at any specific branch if you are planning to move to new location.

  • L N
    5 months ago

    Kelly Yang was exceptional in her facial massage skills and service. It was a really therapeutic and enjoyable session for me 😃 🙏

  • Alan Nixon
    5 months ago

    first visit. Dr. Eric performed the laser. extremely skilled and provided excellent guidance. Kelly performed the facial, and she is quite detailed

  • jaccy
    6 months ago

    Great experience at A.M. Aesthetics. Dr. Teh is very professional and patient in giving advice on my skin issues. He is very experienced and focuses on the best results for my skin, focusing on my skin needs. My skin has improved after the treatment. Staff are friendly, especially Queenie. She is very professional in facial treatment and has the highest customer service! Highly recommend!

  • Tang jie
    6 months ago

    (From the beginning when I understood the need for mole spotting to the time when I couldn’t spend SGD 198.

    I walked in because I had a mole. A person named Queenie very enthusiastically learned about the moles on my body. Based on her experience, she said that it would cost about $500 to remove all the obvious moles on my body, but she would need to make an appointment to see a doctor named Dr. Zheng. Then I made an appointment to see Dr. Zheng at another time. Within two minutes of entering, I was led out by Queenie and told that I needed two laser treatments. The first time was $1,500 and the second time was $2,000. I was dumbfounded at the time, how could 500 become 1500-2000? ! I told her that I didn’t agree to pay more than 500, and Queenie said that my mole is not easy to remove. I was already unhappy, so I said I wouldn’t do the mole tattoo, and she asked for a consultation fee of 100 yuan, or else I would buy one of their projects.

    Summary: The service at this beauty salon is really disappointing. The fee for Queenie’s mole appointment was supposed to be $500, but after meeting Dr. Zheng, the price soared to $2,000 without any prior notice. What is even more dissatisfying is that he was suddenly asked to pay a $100 outpatient fee without any advance notice. Finally, in order to offset the outpatient fee, I was forced to spend an extra $200 on a facial cleansing program. The opaque charging methods and forced sales tactics made the entire experience unpleasant.)


    我是因为有点痣的需求walk in进去的。一个叫Queenie的人很热情的了解我身体上面的痣情况后,以她的经验判断说大概$500块可以点完我身体所有明显的痣,但是要预约让一个叫郑医生的看过。然后我就约了另一个时间来看郑医生,进去两分钟不到就被Queenie 领出来说要做两次激光治疗,第一次$1500,2次就是$2000。我当时就傻眼了,怎么500变1500-2000?!我就跟她说不是说好500多,Queenie 又说我的痣不容易去除什么的。我已经不高兴了,我就说不点痣了,她又说要100块钱的咨询费,不然就买她们家的一个项目。


  • Celestine Ang
    6 months ago

    AM aesthetics ran a free Pico toning trial with supermom. Made an appointment in advanced for the pico session on 10 Nov via WhatsApp. Received message on 9 Nov informing me that the promo is over and offered me a facial. Received sms on 9 Nov to confirm my appointment. Went on 10 Nov for my facial and was told that there’s no therapists available and the sms was sent by the head office. What a terrible waste of my time! If AM did not want to honor the promotion, they could have tell me that the promo is over and not waste my time and effort.

  • Kogila Vannu Gopal
    7 months ago

    Crystal very good and cheerful and professional care beauty lady. She gave me confident and thought me the ways to keep my skin glow and healthy. We need young lady like her to take care of lady skin at older age. Her skill using laser definitely better than doctor based on my experience treatment at other outlets. 😘♥️

  • Chiun May Leow
    7 months ago

    After 2 weeks, only a patronizing email. Under Lemon law I think I have rights to request for a refund. It is not the money paid but your business ethics is in question. You said you need to investigate but do you really need so long to find out what went wrong? After trying the service, it wasn’t what I wanted so I request for a refund.

    Paid for membership by paynow but when I tried the hair-treatment, it wasn’t what I expected, I told them I signed mainly for the hair treatment as I thought it was a good deal. When I asked for a refund right after the treatment, I was rejected because I paid via paynow.

  • Felicia Tan
    8 months ago


    Had concern with dark eye rings. Had RF eye treatment done by Mimi . She was very friendly and addressed the my under-eye concern . I could observe visible lightening of my undereyes immediately after treatment.

    Thank you so much

    Very pleased with Liftera Hifu treatment done by Crystal . Will continue to visit monthly for maintenance program.

  • julia abdull
    10 months ago

    I had a good experience at A.M. Aesthetics at Raffles City for my pigmentation issues.

    Today i came for Pico with Dr Teh, he was very friendly and professional in his approach. I have been a royal customer since last year. Crystal was gently in prepping me, explaining clearly every step. The counter girls are Mimi a very friendly and full of welcome smile every time i come for treatment.

    Definitely recommended !

  • Myra Choo
    12 months ago

    Had a pleasant experience doing jawline reduction injection, the staff there and Dr Fan were very patient and nice when i told them i was scared of needles. The process was very quick. No hard selling from them too👍

  • doris Wong F H
    1 year ago

    I’m very happy to meet Dr Kevin Teh whom given me a detailed understanding of my skin condition to date and advise me professionally what’s the appropriate treatments..

    Next, I hv to compliment Ms Felicia in her clear explanation of the types of treatment n prices clearly without any pressure selling tactics , which enabled me to make the right choices in committing the treatments.

    Lastly, Ms Ann is very meticulous, knowledgeable and patience in the preparation process..

    Great staffs , great doctor n good experience 👍

  • Tianshu Liu
    1 year ago

    Great experience with AM Aesthetics, special thanks to Miss Zhao, Dr Kevin Teh and Tingting. Highly recommended!

  • Winnie Lo
    1 year ago

    Excellent service by TinTin and Ann. Knowledgeable and helpful. Will recommend.

  • Janice Cheng
    1 year ago

    Met Dr Kevin Teh, Felicia and Anne. They were very detailed and precise in their explanations on what I would need to meet my objectives. The ladies were helpful to ensure that I’m comfortable as it is my 1st visit to an aesthetic clinic. Definitely recommend to visit the branch to speak to Dr Teh and his team.

  • Iming Bahari
    1 year ago

    Dr Kevin Teh is very friendly and professional. He patiently explained to me the treatment each step of the way. The staff are all very approachable too.

  • J H
    1 year ago

    Dr Kevin Teh understands the needs and expectations of his patients. He provided his recommendations based on his expertise and respected the client decision. He strikes to achieve perfection and is meticulous with his work.

    I’m very impressed with Felicia & Mini, who are very friendly, attentive, and patient.

    A.M Aesthetics will certainly be my recommended service provider.

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