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  • Koi
    11 months ago

    Very very good service especially Thai cuties girl talkative and friendly

  • Lavania
    11 months ago

    Bad experience. Very very good in upselling n overpromising.
    But no results. Dont bother guys. Ive wasted 2k on this. The one i went was toa payoh outlet.

  • Alice
    2 years ago

    Their customer service (marketing side) replies to messages rather slowly. Staff at reception was friendly and helpful. The doctor came out briefly to recommend treatment base on my concerns but because the clinic is quite small, customers who were sitting on the couch were less than two metres away from me, stared and listened to the entire process. It was rather uncomfortable. Also maybe because the doctor was busy, he didn’t seem very keen, but after all it’s considered a free consultation so I can’t complain much.

  • EH
    2 years ago

    Sharing this negative experience with A.M Aesthetics (Lot One), but this apply to other branches where my other friends have also signed up their packages.

    Around Aug-Sep 2020, I took up Pico laser package with the clinic and was hard sell to coupled in few facial at $1K+. As I didn’t like the Pico laser after 2 sessions ( I think), I decided to change to my regular Q-Switch laser in Oct 20, at cheaper per session price, since I have very good effect at other clinics for my freckles and spots within 5-8 sessions. It was an amazing 40 sessions at $12,00 and I was told there is no expiry date. At that point of exchange, I wasn’t issued the receipt as I was told the printer was down. I asked for a print screen from camera and took it as it is. No terms and conditions was stated for this Q-Switch.

    Since Oct 2020 till Sep 2021, I used up ~15 session,s but there was no sign of any effect that lightened my spots. I persevered till I experience changes to the treatment.
    1. Whenever I called to make appointment, I am always told the appointment are full and gladly insert me to a date and time. But when I arrived earlier, the clinic is empty!
    2. Initially, the machine will go 3-4 rounds the face and covering neck. But when the Doctor changed in Sep-/ Oct 21, the cycles reduced to 2. In Nov 2021, the neck was not even covered. I feedback to the staff but due to the high turn over, I didn’t see the same staff whom I feedback during subsequent visit. Even the after service auto SMS feedback that I rated unsatisfactory, no one ever got back to me.

    On 5 Jan 2022, I wrote an email to the general enquiry to request for someone to contact me during my lunch hour. I waited till 09 Jan (in-between another email reminder) when the so-called branch manager, Cally, finally whatsapp me saying that she will contact me. Days by days, she failed to, giving reasons for engaged in meeting during lunch hour. I requested for an official invoice for the Q-Switch, but Cally delayed many days to produce and kept repeating I have signed on an agreement that stated no refund, no transfer and no exchange terms.

    Finally on 17 Jan 22, she produced a machine generated invoice, with no signature on it and insisted that the invoice stated no Refund.

    My questions:
    1. the initial invoice I signed for Pico stated not exchangeable, but A.M. had gladly allowed exchange as I need to top up?
    2. The branch high turn over and change of treatment dosage when the clinic just feel like it? Is this an attempt to shortchange customers once package is signed and paid.
    3. Harping on the fact that the scribbled agreement (stating Pico) was endorsed, but the Q-switch invoice produced on 17 Jan 22 was a totally different format, which means it would have superseded the initial terms. I was not even issued. I was shocked to even see that there was an expiry date on it. How would I have accepted to complete 40 sessions with an expiry date and I was told differently.
    4. Finally, is A.M. Aesthetic GST registered in 2020 ? Cally skipped my question when I asked. But the invoice stated GST.

    I think this is some kind of tricky as they didn’t provide any invoice for customer to exercise Lemon Law. Of course, Cally gladly accepted I file a CASE with them.

  • Kitty xx
    4 years ago

    First time here at AM Asthetics Clementi Outlet was welcome with 2 friendly beutician name Yenn & Eunice. Did pico tonight today , doctor was gentle i would reco this place to my friends! 🙂

  • Vel Ariella
    4 years ago

    Did my session at Toa Payoh’s branch. Super friendly staff and gentle on the skin as well! (Hui Yee) Just from my first visit, I can already see a difference in my skin! Amazing service and highly recommended! ?

  • Sandra Chiang
    4 years ago

    lot one . jovorn,amy ,yen,Mariah are helpful in their service.

  • Eulen
    4 years ago

    Very friendly staffs Especially Jovron! (Lot 1) She give good deals and advice with regards to any aesthetics concern you may have ?. Not to mention that, this clinic has helped me with my scars, at least a notable improvement after every session. Kudos to the professional Doctors!

  • Nur Lee
    4 years ago

    Friendly staff. My pigmentations have lightened over the years. Doctors are friendly as well.

  • Lyn Lee
    4 years ago

    I love the staffs and DOCTOR’S. They are professional and most importantly price are affordable compare to those Orchard Doctors. always sell according to their high price instead of our skin

  • tan zhihao
    4 years ago

    Friendly staff and skilful doctor, Eunice, Melissa and dr Justin r very helpful.

  • Jorden Ng
    4 years ago

    Staff at Bedok branch takes the time to explain procedure and details on the treatment

  • Wang Beng Hong
    4 years ago

    The clinic is cosy, especially after its renovation. It is easy to schedule appointment and appointment is usually on time. The doctors are knowledgeable, skilful and reassuring. The staff are helpful and friendly. I always feel very comfortable at the clinic and would recommend it for aesthetic treatment.

  • KM Loke
    4 years ago

    Excellent staff and professional Doctor. Good advise from them. My skin improve a lot after the treatment.I will continue it to have better resu

  • 郭红
    4 years ago

    I did the treatment in lot 1 a.m aesthetics, and it helped me solve my problems by helping me improve my problems. The waiters and doctors here are very kind and attentive, and take the treatment seriously

    我在lot 1 a.m aesthetics 做疗程,通过这里有帮助我改善我的问题解决了我的困扰。这里的服务员和医生都很亲切很细心,在做疗程的时候很认真

  • Fanny Jim
    4 years ago

    Done with pico toning.Nice and friendly staff

  • yuyi Huang
    4 years ago

    Always went BM outlet for facial and laser treatments. Feel comfortable and nice results. Friendly doctors and staff specifically Fiona is sweet

  • Julian Lee
    4 years ago

    Did my treatment here at Lot 1 branch since 2016. Staff were polite and professional. Doctors were good as well. Recommended.

  • Loh Ah Choo
    4 years ago

    All the staff in lot one are friendly. Treatments result are good. I have been a customer for few years.

  • Trillyn Ting
    4 years ago

    AM Aesthetics lots 1 staff very friendly and professional. Treat the customer like a family.

  • enelrebma
    4 years ago

    Reasonable package prices and many locations around the island. Staff is only friendly.

  • Lim Wei
    4 years ago

    Good service, treatment and friendly staffs at lot one branch.

  • J Y
    4 years ago

    Extremely poor customer that can’t even handle simple questions. It is extremely frustration that the customer service can’t even handle basic question. Extremely bad.

  • Karin Cheong
    4 years ago

    Clinic is spacious and welcoming.

    Eunice very knowlegable, approachable and give good recommendation.

    Dr. respond to my query via wats app. was prompt dispite PH today.

    Treatment yet to start.

  • Fatin Hazwani
    4 years ago

    Person serving was very rude and will pick on your every flaws to increase sales. Do not go to CCK outlet. Playing it dirty by manipulating customer and will pick on your flaws to lower your self esteem so hard that they can up sell their product. If you need help with your skin, this is NOT where you should seek for help. They are only out to get money. Not passionate to help at ALL. Seek help elsewhere, it’s not worth it

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