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Your skin is the most vulnerable part of your body. Being exposed to intense heat and the grimm of everyday life leads to a nasty outbreak that will ruin your girls' night out. Many skincare products use a plethora of ingredients to combat and protect your skin; the king of ingredients with the best anti-aging properties and acne-fighting prowess is Retinol.

Retinol falls into a group called vitamin A that many dermatologists consider an effective and active ingredient for skincare efficacy. Other than its aforementioned properties, it can help reduce acne and acne scarring post-outbreak, treat hyperpigmentation, and even help with those pesky wrinkles that come with age. Given retinol's ever-growing role in skincare, the abundant and vital benefits it brings cannot be ignored.

However, as dictated by Mother Nature, all things in excess lead to unwanted side effects and more harm than good. Too much retinol leads to dryness of the skin, causing flakiness and irritation. The key to maximizing the acne-fighting benefits of retinol while avoiding its adverse effects lies in its concentration in the product. A general consensus would be to start with a lower-concentration retinol product or apply it sparingly, once every 3 days, for your skin to acclimate to the active ingredient.

Squalane Retinol

1. Ekseption Squalane Retinol Serum 0.3%

This serum, which can be used throughout the day, offers unparalleled cleansing when paired with a day or night cream. Containing squalane derived from olives, which adds a layer of nourishment and moisture without being comedogenic, along with vitamin E, which prevents the active ingredient retinol from oxidizing, the serum is effective against both hyperpigmentation and acne.

Squalane is generally non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores, making it a beneficial ingredient for acne-prone skin. Its lightweight consistency allows it to absorb quickly, reducing the likelihood of residue that might clog pores and lead to acne. It is also a fantastic moisturizer that resembles the skin's natural squalene (sebum), perfect for blending into your skin tone and appearing fresh and ready for a night out.
It is oil-based, so the oil-in-water microemulsion might seem too greasy for some. On the contrary, it is soft to the touch and non-greasy, unlike most other serums. The serum has no preservatives added, and the addition of vitamin E protects the oils and retinol from oxidation, reducing the risk of blackheads that clog pores and preventing further acne outbreaks.

Retinol concentration: 0.3% Pure retinol

Other key ingredients: Vegan squalane, vitamin E

Price: $95

Where to buy:

Fusion retinol 1.0 30ml

2. Fusion Retinol 1.0

The retinol in this product is stated to be pure and stable, an ideal and key point to penetrate deep into the inner layers of the skin to prevent any buildup of sebum, with the additional benefit of wrinkles, dark spots, and melasma that has everlasting effects. This cream also contains citral and limonene, which are a group of active ingredients that provide good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. After applying, your skin will definitely feel pleasant and fresh, with a hint of lemon fragrance. The combined effects of retinol, citral, and limonene help stimulate skin cell production, strengthen and regenerate the collagen fibers that hold your delicate skin structure together, and reverse skin damage with great healing efficiency. It also keeps the skin clear, and pores unclogged, with the added benefit of shrinking pores, thereby limiting clogged pores and preventing acne. After an acne outbreak, Fusion Retinol 1.0 supports the treatment of acne by alleviating inflammatory acne spots to reduce inflammation quickly.

Retinol concentration: 1% Retinol

Other key ingredients: Citral, limonene

Price: $110

Where to buy:

Intensive AlphaRet Overnight Cream

3. Intensive AlphaRet® Overnight Cream

A product from Skinbetter Science has been making headlines from exposure from influencers and dermatologists for its proven acne-fighting capabilities. The retinol in this product comes in a different form, called retinoate, which they claim helps combat irritation. Although its new form of retinol is a novel and promising ingredient that causes less skin irritation than your typical common retinol, it aims to tackle wrinkles, lines, and uneven tones more effectively than acne. Although the company states that retinoate is a key ingredient, it falls far below the ingredient list and gives insight on the role of retinoate corresponding to the product: other ingredients such as glycolic acid have to play a vital role to reap the benefits of retinoate and aid in its acne-fighting efficacy. It is, in essence, a very fanciful acidic cream that excels in chemical exfoliation and eliminating acne breakouts. The brand new, novel ingredient makeup that screams for more research to be done and a high price tag attached to it is the reason for its low position in this list.

Retinol concentration: -

Other key ingredients: Glycolic acid

Price: $190

Where to buy: At selected clinics

Retinol peel 4%

4. Ekseption Retinol Peel Serum 4%

This active serum is similar to Ekseption Squalane Retinol Serum 0.3%, in which it nourishes, reduces aging and photoaging, with the lack of squalane and a higher percentage of retinol. As we established, retinol works on many levels and in a variety of ways. Retinol promotes skin cell production by causing skin cells to shed, revealing a new layer of healthy skin underneath. By increasing the renewal of cell layer and sloughing off the old, damaged layer of outer skin, pores are able to stay clear due to the riddance of sebum and damaged skin cells, consequently preventing acne. The contained salicylic Acid inside the serum also aids to combat acne and blackheads and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores to help exfoliate the skin, improving texture and brightness. This is due to salicylic acid, a special way of penetrating the pores to rid and clean impurities that are responsible for acne formation. However, for the average individual, the more you apply a higher concentration, the more you will see results as long as you use it regularly.

Retinol concentration: 4% Retinol

Other key ingredients: Salicylic acid, vitamin E

Price: $240

Where to buy:


5. Obagi 360 Retinol

This formula found in Obagi 360 retinol contains hydrating jojoba oil and shea butter which aids in reducing the irritation that comes with application of retinol containing products. The additional ingredients of vitamin C and E are great for neutralizing free radicals to salvage your skin from the effects of age-related changes and vitamin deficiencies in the skin. Vitamin C has effective anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and swelling that comes with acne-prone skin and vitamin E is fat soluble, which aids its ability to penetrate easily into the skin to help with healing of acne scars and hydration, preventing sebum over production and the likelihood of acne reoccurrence. This combination of ingredients helps to normalize the physiological regulation of skin activity. After regular usage of this cream, the skin becomes noticeably pleasant and smooth; your complexion often gets better and the skin tones lightens, leaving you with a skin that's very soft, smooth and youthful.

Retinol concentration: 0.5% Retinol

Other key ingredients: Vitamin C and E, jojoba oil

Price: $140

Where to buy:

CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum

6. CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum

This retinol facial serum reduces the appearance of imperfections and enlarged pores, helping to restore the skin's protective barrier for a smoother appearance. Niacinamide is great for calming the skin and also for hyperpigmentation. The retinol in this product comes in a new form from CeraVe, which is encapsulated, which is a new technology developed that almost traps retinol in an enclosed container. This helps with getting the retinol into your skin without it getting degraded or contaminated, and it will burst open within the skin cells, giving it pinpoint accuracy in delivering it to the right places. Developed with dermatologists, the lightweight formula that contains licorice extract has been proven to be a powerful arsenal for brightening skin, almost akin to glutathione, another well-known brightening agent. Enriched with three types of skin-important ceramides (1, 3, and 6-II), this helps people with compromised skin and reduces the appearance of imperfections and enlarged pores to improve color while restoring the protective skin barrier. Ceramide even aids in combating the drying effect of retinol due to its oily nature, which adds a layer of protection to your skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the day


Retinol concentration: 0.3% Retinol

Other key ingredients: Ceramides, niacinamide, licorice root extract

Price: $60

Where to buy:

CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum

7. CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum

While the CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum may seem extremely similar to the CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum, it is formulated and targeted at different skin problems. The renewing serum could be classified as more of a product for wrinkles, aging spots, and lines on the face. However, the base ingredients do remain identical. You still have the essential and nourishing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, niacinamides, and the star of the show, retinol. The key difference is the additional ingredients, such as shea butter, chicory root extract, and silica. These ingredients are proven and essential to protect and aid in reducing and eliminating any visible signs of skin degradation that come with age. For those suffering from acne, these ingredients help in the pre- and post-acne stages: they maintain and regulate the natural moisture barrier of your skin and keep your skin from producing too much sebum that clogs your pores, which exacerbates acne; they also deal with any irregular skin tones that may come from acne scarring.

Retinol concentration: 0.3% Retinol

Other key ingredients: Ceramides, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, chicory root extract, silica

Price: $60

Where to buy: Amazon

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