Fusion Niacinamide 5.0 Moisturizer

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30ml / 1 fl oz


Fusion Meso has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products. The active ingredients for fusion meso is of pharmaceutical-grade.

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Highly concentrated serum with Niacinamide. An active serum to reduce redness and itching due to dry skin, appearance of pigmentation and impurities. Niacinamide, is one of the most widely studied topical skincare ingredients. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have revealed its many benefits on the skin, which include clinically proven efficacy to brighten the skin, reduce acne and blemishes, improve the skin barrier and rebalancie the skin’s micro-biome. – Has a positive effect to reduce skin pigmentation to deliver a more uniform skin tone appearance. – Provides a significant positive effect on AQP3 expression thus improving skin hydration. Aquaporins (AQP) are a family of transport proteins involved with the movement of water and small solutes across cell membranes. – Has demonstrated a positive effect on the expression of multiple proteins critical to forming and maintaining the skin moisture barrier. – Regulates the skin microbiome by reducing the level and growth of C. acnes. Niacinamide is reducing the appearance of blemishes through a twice daily application of a 5% niacinamide serum, with the efficacy skewed towards subjects with oily skin.


Scent: Ceylan tea and fresh citric.


Product texture: The specific composition of this oil-in-water emulsion leads to optimal emulsion stability while enabling to provide a specific smooth and velvety skin feel. It contains only squalane as emollient, a stable derivative of squalene, which is found naturally in sebum. Due to these anti-inflammatory properties, squalane is popular with customers with acne, eczema, and all sorts of sensitizing conditions. Squalane is non-comedogenic which means that it does not clog pores: it can be used on oily and/or acne-prone skin. Olive squalane is part of a sustainable development approach, in accordance with the principles of green chemistry.


Active ingredients:

  • Niacinamide 5%

How to use?

Wash your face before you apply your serum. Collect a dime-size amount of the product. Dab it onto your face. Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the serum on to your skin. Avoid the eye contours. This intensive treatment have to be used daily over a period of 10 to 15 days at night. If the skin feels sensitive and shows signs of exfoliation stop the treatment for few days. Always combine the treatment with the Meso shield during the day.


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Fusion Meso

30 reviews for Fusion Niacinamide 5.0 Moisturizer

  1. Keely

  2. Sheena

    Amazing texture, quickly absorbs, noticed the difference within a month. Will definitely buy again.

  3. Judy T

    I struggle with problematic skin, and this product helped me to clear up my skin and acne! Excellent!!

  4. Lilliana C.

  5. Nataly

  6. Faithman

    There is no more redness or swelling on my skin and my skin has never been any better! 10/10 love it!!!!!

  7. DianeKangLing

    I love this product, I have a sensitive skin but it definitely cleared up a lot of dark acne spots from my face. I would definitely recommend this. Thumbs up!

  8. RinanAisyah

    I have only used this product for a few days and I no longer have skin irritation. I was struggling with skin irritation before but this product does the trick!

  9. Manju99

    This serum is magical. It brightened my complexion and made my skin soft. It didn’t irritate my skin at all considering i have sensitive skin. The only downside is that it is a little pricey.

  10. Alicia4656

    Great product, loved it!

  11. Xin Yiu

    The ordinary is no where near this . This is way better standard. Can see results real quick.

  12. fds3463fa

    Affordable and well packaged!

  13. Desa Avani

    I think it worked well. Acne is diminishing and pigment has faded too. But if you have dry skin you may need additional moisturizer after applying this.

  14. xuanxuan111

    Heard niacinamide is good for skin so wanna try this .First time trying this serum so will feedback again if it works

  15. boomboom99

    Came in perfect condition, received product within 2 days of order Long expiry date. Thank you seller

  16. Julia Quek

    Swift delivery and good purchase

  17. jiayantan

    I will buy again if got good result…

  18. iren324654

    Good serum! Fan of this, repeat buy:)

  19. paperpencil

    Bought few products here under promotion. Overall good deal!

  20. Xyola

    Simply amazing serum I use it every morning and my skin feels much smoother and looks better

  21. Riyin

    I’m a new to Niacinamide. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on it and decided to give it a try. Fusion meso is one of the expensive medical brands of skin care. I like it so far and the result is amazing. I just used it for just 10 days now and my husband noticed that my skin is glowing.♥️

  22. chee yan

    Delivery was fast, Product is light and smells nice 👌

  23. iamben

    My skin got better coz of this and fusion cica care. So bought this again 2nd time !

  24. April Yee

    Exceptional service and very effective product.

  25. cluelessclub

    No oily cast which is perfect for my skin. Niacinamide can help in a variety of skin conditions.

  26. nzhd87357

    Good moisturizer with Niacinamide. Box was slightly dented when it arrived. Otherwise was good,

  27. Katty On

    Was recommended this product by a friend . It works perfectly on me. Thank you.

  28. Wilson

    Product was delivered on time but parcel was left outside the door by the delivery man. However the item itself was undamaged. This niacinamide cream has always proved to be very effective however I am not pleased with the delivery. I would have given five stars for the product if they had knock the door and not leave the item outside without knocking, hence minus two stars making an average of three stars.

  29. Brigette

    Applied it on the face so it is soaked quickly. Skin seems like softer hope can see more improvements soon. Thank you.

  30. Chloe Chan

    On my second week and see the difference on my acne! Will try out more products of this range

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