Fusion Hyaluronic Acid Face Body Scalp Peel

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250ml / 8.45 fl oz


Fusion Meso has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products. The active ingredients for fusion meso is of pharmaceutical-grade.

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Removing dead cells improves the penetration of meso solutions and serums. The hyaluronic peel combines gluconolactone and enzymes for a synergic exfoliation in a hyaluronic acid gel formula for a slow dry. Polyhydroxy acids have considerable molecular mass and consists of relatively big molecules. As a result, they penetrate skin gradually, layer by layer. Dead skin cells are removed gently, avoiding skin irritations. Gluconolactone is also a natural antioxidant which is as effective as vitamin C and vitamin E. Gluconolactone blocks the synthesis of pro-interleukin-1 which is responsible for inflammation. The ability of gluconolactone to transfer water molecules plays also a central role in skin moisturizing. Getting in the granular layer of skin, water causes calcium ions concentration decline sending signal to the body to stimulate lipid synthesis in keratinocytes.



Active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Gluconolactone
  • Enzymes

How to use?

Apply the product with a fan brush avoiding the eye contours. Leave-on for 5 minutes and remove with humid cotton pads.

57 reviews for Fusion Hyaluronic Acid Face Body Scalp Peel

  1. Pakaya.NZ (verified owner)

    Super peeling! I have dry and sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate. I will order again and again!

  2. EngS64 (verified owner)

    Get rid of blackheads and acne. Moisturizes the skin , gives the skin radiance , softness and smoothness. Does not injure the skin. Does not cause irritation. Overall a good product.

  3. Elyse Leung (verified owner)

    After applying the peel, there is no discomfort, tightness and redness. The skin looks really fresh.

  4. Xin Ling (verified owner)

    Use it every other day, and as a deep cleansing. The results are excellent.

  5. Ava Tay (verified owner)

    Awesome clean skin after use on my scalp, face and body! You should try it too!

  6. Sharmaine Tan (verified owner)

    Effective exfoliator. the skin after that is smooth, which I cant stop touching my face..

  7. Olivia O (verified owner)

    Purchased this product to combat dull skin and blackheads and this product really works and makes your complexion look stunning.

  8. chaos235 (verified owner)

    Try this if you have oily congested scalp like me. Apply directly to the scalp before shampoo . I am seeing much less hair fall with this product!

  9. Jiaxin (verified owner)

    Refreshing and hydrating skin peeling. Really loving this product! A must-have!

  10. Nerdtextbook (verified owner)

    This is an amazing skin peel. Super good in getting rid of congested pores.

  11. Filon Lee

    It really works! I am impressed!

  12. Sistaz Emma

    This peel is a lifesaver! Due to covid i have experienced really bad outbreaks. After the first use, I noticed a difference and after the second use, I’m hooked! Awesome product!!!!

  13. Coolmumof3

    Received this in a day ! So happy !

  14. Clara Zhong

    Exfoliates and brightens the skin and you can see results after first use. My skin feels great whenever I use it! I use it on my face, which helps with acne scars and dark spots. it’s very gentle on the skin and I highly recommend.

  15. Brielle

    This is too watery. I was hoping for a thicker consistency.

  16. LisaYeoNX

    I use the peel at night after my makeup remover and cleanser. This will remove all the remaining debris that clogged inside your pores. I wont be without this peel.

  17. Carlyn9987

    I am glowing with this peel! So excited to try the radiance cream too!

  18. Shanti_L

    I have been using it for a month. At first i thought it was kinda watery and when I applied it there isn’t an sensation. But when i rinse it off after 3 mins. my face look brighter it’s bright and clear . It’s does not dry my skin out unlike other peels. My skin is so soft, moist dewy and bright. The peel gently exfoliate my skin. I think sensitive skin can use this too. I have great results. Now it is one of my new favourite skincare products. ❣️

  19. Xihua

    This is an amazing peel to use for pigmentation even when I have damaged skin barrier, it does not feel stinging or biting on the skin after application. It is very comfortable to apply .As someone with dehydrated dry skin and compromise skin barrier. I can still use this without any issue, The hyaluronic acid peel hydrates my skin while during the peeling , My skin texture and pigmentations have improved drastically. I am impressed! .

  20. XiaoWenn

  21. Katie

    I love this product!

  22. 0sowhat0

    Pleasantly surprised with this watery lotion. Applied on one side of my body and i rubbed it after few mins can see all the dirts coming out. The other side which i did not apply the product did not have dead skin coming off. So it works !!!


    Perfect exfoliant.suited for sensitive skin

  24. Yuen22

    Superb! Fast received!

  25. Brenda34

    First time using a peel, I don’t see any peeling, but my skin certainly looks a lot better and cleaner. Minus 1 star for not peeling. .

  26. Poh Qian Ling

    Loved the scent and good ingredients. Good for everyday use even as it wont dry out the skin. Can help with blackhead and whitehead issues Having the best skin after using it.

  27. KAC364347659sfs

    Perfect for whole body use. Skin is soft and radiant after the peel.

  28. gottagothere

    This really good, skin so smooth & soft.

  29. Shi Ying

    Just received and started using. Thought it was thicker like a serum type but in reality the consistency was very liquid like. I have to use a cotton to apply on my face but on the body it is difficult to apply with such consistency. Results wise, it leaves the skin very soft and glowy and I quite like the results.

  30. Tasha

    Loved it. Not drying for my skin ,so perfect for me.

  31. Kaylee Zhou

    So good, I repurchased 4 times

  32. Camilla30

    My favorite exfoliator.

  33. sisterjenny

    Good peeling serum, well worth it. Thank you facial singapore

  34. Kelly Lim

    Good for travel. Eliminates blackheads,

  35. Rochelle

    My skin has been more balanced when it comes to shine after using this product.

  36. SarahGoh98

    Timely delivery. Thank you.

  37. Cheesiebabe

    1st time trying on this item..will continue if it’s work with results..thanks

  38. Corinne

    Very very good, unlike most peels , this one has never dries out the skin.

  39. dabaraja

    Large bottle that can last for quite long. This is a healthier and more natural option than the regular supermarket scrub, which generally contains heavy perfume and many chemicals. This one is so pure, Thanks fusion and facial Singapore for this extraordinary exfoliator.

  40. prisinolatiova

    I want to start off that this is not a soap. I previously thought it will lather but there isn’t any lather, it feels like water. At first trial, i felt nothing like it isn’t working, Then i tried again, applying to one of my leg, left it on for 5 mins and then I rubbed lightly and saw lots of dead skin and dirt coming out, It purifies my skin very well. And when compared to the other side of the untreated leg, the treated side was smooth and glowing. I can’t be without this peel now.

  41. Huiling

    Received faster than i thought. Am trying this out tonight and revert!

  42. JAG

    THX U

  43. toastedbread

    Rebuying this again. Thanks seller.

  44. 79364607548762

    Not much smell and very natural, try on feet and can see dirts coming out easily when rubbed.

  45. Evan Sim

    Face is kept moisturized after the peel. Great item.

  46. Shan Ye

    Does the job with the right consistency , gentle but effectively exfoliate. Skin is clear. Thank you.

  47. Nikka-3

    An excellent liquid peel exfoliates without causing any abrasion.

  48. Jeremy Chong

    Works very well and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed..

  49. vasantha

    I started getting clogged pores on my cheeks, and using this peel daily has helped to eliminate. I also have a very tiny bumps on my chin and it is dissolving slowing.

  50. Rudzka

    I absolutely love everything I’ve ordered. I have acne prone skin and wanted to switch away from big brands with lots of chemicals to medical grade skin care. I’m on to my second bottle of this exfoliating liquid and will be continuing to use this for the indefinite. I also use the soothing cica care moisturizer and retinol 1.0 serum from fusion meso and this combination has helped control my breakout.

  51. Jia Li

    Doing well with this product, no irritation. Thanks.

  52. Catrina76

    It literally gives you a brand new skin! Fusion Meso knows how to take care of women skin with real high grade ingredients ! You have to try it yourself tp believe.

  53. maomaooo00

    Items quality are great👍🏻Thank you!

  54. kerrin8rr6n7k1

    Hoping to reduce pore size and improve skin acne. Thank you Facial Singapore!

  55. Jaycan

    Smooth purchase. Item as described

  56. anvene

    Get this if you want radiant skin. Thank u.

  57. Shu Qing

    Bought due to good review. Product looks promising. Hopefully it won’t dry out my skin if use daily.

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