Ekseption Hyaluronic Peptides Serum (Lipo-peptides 5%)

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Concentrated serum for skin firming and wrinkles reduction.

75 ML / 2.53 FL.OZ.

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An active serum to reduce wrinkles, lift and boost collagen with 2% of XS hyaluronic acid and 5% of peptides. Tripeptide-1 is used to stimulate stem cell proliferation; As stem cells are proliferated by Tripeptide-1, different functional cells including fibroblasts can be derived from stem cells. Hexapeptide-12 is a repeated amino acids sequence in elastin produced by fibroblast. Hence, hexapeptide-12 demonstrates a positive effect on elastin production.

The serum can be mixed in any proportion with other mixlab serums to create a personalized formulation with additional benefits.




– XS hyaluronic acid 2%

– Anti-wrinkles lipo-peptides 5%




– Skin lifting.

– Wrinkles.

– Collagen booster.




Natural gel based on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for a velvet and non sticky after-feel. The serum feels rich and nutritive despite it is oil-free. A perfect choice for the most skin friendly formulations.




Twice a day, apply one dose to clean skin. Once absorbed apply a cream. In the morning we recommend a SPF.

40 reviews for Ekseption Hyaluronic Peptides Serum (Lipo-peptides 5%)

  1. YingYing95

    Works well on my skin. Doesn’t feel too oily or too sticky. 5 stars!

  2. L.Y. Chan

    Quick shipping and delivery. Will consider buying again.

  3. Sue-An

    Very lightweight , wont cause outbreak. Will also try their other serums once finished this.

  4. Jyjksg86860

    Hydrates well and refreshing. My skin is soft and smooth after use. Decent 70ml bottle, worth the money:)

  5. Qiu Ying

    The peptide serum is wonderful for my skin. It is quickly absorbed, has no unpleasant odor, lightweight and did not cause any bad reactions. Use twice a day, I can feel how fresh and bright my skin looks ✨️. Highly recommend this !

  6. lovekylin

    Need rich serum to moisturize and repair my skin and this is good!

  7. hadi

    Seems to work as advertised.

  8. Anister Lee

    Started buying products on here ever since covid can’t allow facial. In fact my skin is calmer and better and less red with the products and devices I bought here, hence I truly believe good skincare products and device will work to improve our skin.

  9. sagachewy

    Good price, consider it larger bottle than other brands. This is 70ml not 30ml, just a few drops a day is sufficient.

  10. Yamin

    Did not trigger my eczema. Besides it’s fragrance free! Yay 5 stars.

  11. heartyuen1992

    Fast absorbed by my skin My face feels moisture immediately! Thanks ya!

  12. arwaa79427

    Delivery was fast. Texture is nice and neutral scent. .

  13. Lily Tan

    Overall I really like this. I struggled at first because it wasnt rich enough for my dry skin but when paired with a good moisturizer, I saw some big results. My skin looks much more radiant, fine lines are also much less visible. I find myself reaching for this many times a day just patting it throughout the day. I am so addicted to this now. So good so far.

  14. Peyline001

    Very happy with the fast delivery. Serum to be tested soon .

  15. Himejima

    I thought it was a bit pricey at first but I think it’s worth the value I’ve bought. The bottle is 75ml so the price is actually worth it. I personally think the serum inside is good however.

  16. 丽玲


  17. Xin Mun


  18. krmm

    item was nicely packed in box and was delivered very quickly in 2 days. have been purchasing my skincare products from here!

  19. Tamasha

    Good formula, great experience and results.

  20. darkresidue

    Saw some results. Will continue to use Hope to see even more results Thank you!

  21. doristeng

    face was smoother after use.

  22. Jenny Low

    Good responsible store, Facial Singapore shipped the products swiftly. Skin really show improvement within few weeks.

  23. Noel932

    Just came and so excited to try. Can’t wait to add this to my skincare routine.

  24. bloppers

    This is a fantastic serum, so natural and nothing artificial

  25. Linh40Lang

    Delivery was speedy. Yet to try out

  26. Beng Kat

    Was a present for Christmas and my wife loves it..

  27. Aslin85672351

    Never been more happy with a product omg it only took 3 weeks and the improvements are certainly worth it! Worth your money 🙏

  28. Terri Li

    Light and not overwhelming. Fast delivered too.

  29. ChaLawaiaz

    Great product, I have purchased many times.

  30. RAE

    Excellent product I will definitely purchase again

  31. ejzg1doq2

    Received quite fast within 2 days, So far, its ok, but I imagine it takes time to notice visible results.

  32. Yiva123456

    Just received the serum. It’s all well intact. Haven’t had a chance to use it, so I won’t be commenting

  33. Shu Min

    Thank you.

  34. goldenberries5

    Effective serum. helps to heal acne scars. This is my second purchase here at this shop.

  35. ilikemargarine

    Yet to use, if good will buy again so hopefully it will be suitable for my skin.

  36. Katherine Lim

    My skin feels soft and hydrated and no oily feel, just soft and healthy looking skin.

  37. April Ria

    You cant go wrong with PHA. The size is quite alright.

  38. Jumboant

    Added this into my daily routine, it has good ingredients for the skin.

  39. Zi Xian

    Super-fast reached me, exactly what was advertised, very reasonable price. I highly recommend

  40. Siew Kim

    Very soothing peptide serum. I have also noticed my skin looking more radiant and rosy too. Highly recommend for aging skin repair

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