Dermedics Lipofilling Breast Enhancement Oil

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YOUTH EXPERT™ Lipofilling Oil is a rich formulated, luxurious essence dedicated to prestigious skin therapies targeted on global rejuvenation of skin and volume correction – real results™.

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General product view

YOUTH EXPERT™ Lipofilling Oil is a rich formulated, luxurious essence dedicated to prestigious skin therapies targeted on global rejuvenation of skin and volume correction – real results™.

Active ingredients*

GEN’X-17-GAA™ Complex: Crystal Tears™

Volume control:  VoluFL™
Tissue remodelling: Xymeninic Acid
Nourishment & Hydration: Sunflower Oil + Cotton Oil

Anti-oxidant: Vitamin E


Eco-friendly = free of parabens, colourants and preservatives.

Completely safe:

  • Topical activity (only in place of application)
  • Does not stimulate hormone activity when applied on breasts
  • Free of epidermal growth factors



  • GEN’X-17-GAA™ – a stunning technology Global-Anti-Age (GAA™) that awakes youth genes of skin involved in cellular activity, thus – to stimulate:
  • Synthesis of cellular RNA = by this way cells are more active and their vitality becomes similar to fibroblasts -17 years younger!
  • DNA repair and cellular detoxification
  • Synthesis of fibrillin (a large glycoprotein (~350 kDa), rich in cysteine, which is a main component of microfibrils – its expression is reduced during aging).
  • VoluFL™ – a new cosmetic concept intended to remodel tissue through a progressive and targeted action that stimulates the creation of new adipose cells. It  promotes lipid storage leading to an increase of adipocyte volume in the fatty tissue to fill the wrinkles and expression lines typical of aging skin from the inside. Cells from adipose tissue under the skin increase volume and allow wrinkles to become less visible, naturally and safely. This process is called “lipofilling”.


Directions for use

  • Age group: no limits
  • Skin with lack of volume and thickness
  • Dehydrated skin with visible wrinkles
  • Global rejuvenation on all levels of skin
  • All round anti-aging treatment to extend cell lifetime
  • Daily skin care for skin of all types (day and night application)

Efficacy of active ingredients*

  • Absolute rejuvenation: re-densifying, re-volumising, wrinkle 3D reduction
  • Re-activation of two youth proteins: KLOTHO* and FOXO**
  • Re-activation of cellular detoxification and the repair of RNA&DNA damages
  • Intensive nourishment: smoother skin texture, skin tone improved
  • Skin sagging reduced: improved skin hydration, elasticity and firmness
  • Skin looks healthier and has younger appearance

Treatments types

  • Luxurious therapies targeted on global rejuvenation
  • Tissue remodelling: volume corrections and wrinkle 3D reduction
  • Deep regeneration and nourishment
  • Treatments targeted on visible effects – improvements of skin texture from first application!

Application area

Face, décolletage, breasts, hands, other (if desired).

Avoid chin area (lipofilling effect can cause double chin creation).
Avoid neck area (unless your skin is strongly dehydrated and wrinkled).

Not to be applied on skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, sebaceous cysts, seborrhoeic warts, cholesterol deposits.




Skin condition improvement visible after single application/treatment.
Regular application provides spectacular skin improvement.

* Efficacy of active ingredients confirmed by in vitro and in vivo tests through regular application.

Registered in European Union as Cosmetic Products according to the Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC.
Manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. | NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.
Made with the greatest care in the European Union.

68 reviews for Dermedics Lipofilling Breast Enhancement Oil

  1. Tan Pei Ling (verified owner)

    Really gooooddd. Am coming back for the larger size.

  2. GAP (verified owner)

    A rare find. I was recommend this product by my cosmetic surgeon in Texas. The result began to appear a month after the use . I am using in on my “melons” but you can use in on any area you like to fill in.

  3. leyla (verified owner)

    Cheaper alternative to lip filler. I noticed a difference

  4. Haney Lim (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Increases my lip volume. Comparable to filler injection. I will recommend it !

  5. Yestoshaun (verified owner)

    Worth buy !

  6. LooYiShan (verified owner)

    Every woman will need this. I hope this product will never discontinue.

  7. BGoosh (verified owner)

    This magic oil actually works !

  8. RC (verified owner)

    Seriously it will make a huge difference.

  9. Rubaham (verified owner)

    The only skincare product that makes a difference in volume

  10. Lily

    So-so, pretty average

  11. Aisha

    Really works!

  12. Connie Lau

    This purchase is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have never expected this to work , I had low self-esteem my entire life. I’m very grateful this product had changed my life, my bust size had increased significantly without having to go for enlargement surgery. Great to have a genuine product !

  13. CharleneGaoXH

    Unlike others using on their breasts, I am using this to enhance my cheeks .This miracle oil truly makes my cheeks feel firmer and look fuller.

  14. Anna Cao

    Good breast enhancer serum. Will purchase again and again.

  15. Huang Ling

    Extremely pleased with this product.

  16. Mindy369

    Visible results. My breast size has improved drastically and its very natural without any drastic work done.

  17. JohnTheManiac

  18. XuYiLian

    I’ve always been embarrassed having a small bust size. But after much consideration, I decided to finally try out this product since my therapist kept recommending this one for bust enhancement. I am glad to see visible improvements. I will definitely consider using this for my flat butts .

  19. James Shefford

  20. rocco

    I have never believed this would work. I did a patch test on my lips and immediately saw some differences, my lips looked more voluminous!!!! Now after a two weeks of using it daily. my hollow cheeks have filled up. My lips are poutier than ever. I am starting use on my breast soon. You don’t need a filler injection, this product is so magical, i swear by this and highly recommend it!

  21. Fanny Long

    I love how well this product firms the breast and smooths the appearance of the skin. I will always use it.

  22. Kaleem bin Humaid

    Quite pricey, I can buy many other stuff with that amount of money

  23. Crespo2255

  24. Shi Ting

    It really works ! Now i can see why the listing state to avoid chin area incase of double chin creation. Get this if you need some volume enhancement!

  25. Esther Teh

    This is much more effective than other bust enhancement cream i’ve tried !

  26. nighttime07

    Good breast lipofilling serum.

  27. Yufeng

    3rd time buying this oil. Can really see results. Thank you seller .

  28. Hui Ting

    Pricey but totally worth it! Definitely would recommend. Delivery is also quick and items are well packed.

  29. flync17

    Delivery was so fast!

  30. Theresa S.

  31. Daphne Shen

    Ok, first this product is simply AMAZING. When I initially bought this enhancing oil I never expected it to actually work I have always wanted a larger bust but I tried everything but it never worked. I’m starting to believe this is just the thing I needed. It works magic for me

  32. YSchew115

    Arrived fast. Look forward to use this daily. Hope to get good results.

  33. Chatelle Chan

    I am hoping to get chubbier cheeks and this product really works. From the first week, my sister and friends started asking if I had filler injections done. No one knows I was using this. They were surprised when I told them about this product. Really amazing!

  34. Nisa691

    Great! Came in original package and lightning fast delivery too!

  35. YTH121314

    Thank you. Serum is perfect as described.

  36. pohweiliing

    Can see results quite fast. Thanks alot FS!

  37. lessismore

    Item came very securely packaged. Thank you

  38. Hui Xian

    Just bought only, Time will tell.

  39. MaNgoTan

    Came fast, yet to try, will update review after using

  40. Tham346

    My lips pouted after a week of using. It really works!

  41. kikakomae

    Large bottle, using on small area only so can last really long time.

  42. Rouleau

    I finally know how the other reviewers raved so much about this product. Truly amazing how well it can work to volumize! Am certainly impressed!

  43. Pretti


  44. chee koon


  45. Christabel Fok


  46. anisah79

    Authentic product that really works!

  47. NadiaNCN

    Seems to be working but rather expensive,

  48. luckygirl008

    I am actually quite impressed!!
    I have taken oral breast enhancement supplements in the past, never thought i will find a product like this.
    I massage this light oil to help with absorption, and for maximum results.
    All I can say is this product truly works very quickly, And yes I mentioned very quickly, I can feel the size difference, it helps to firm up and its moisturizing too,

  49. Heng Chai Hui

    Softer yes, Firmer yes, Bigger yes!!

  50. Jasmine Liu

    Expensive to keep on repurchase, It will work to increase one size bigger but thats the limitation, if you are contented go ahead, but I rather go for implants as its just one time and faster results. I gave 3 stars because its natural without the silicon.

  51. Retna

    As usual delivery is timely. I can’t tell the performance of this product yet as I have only used this brand facial range, The lipo filling oil is really expensive so i really have high hopes for this product. Thank you

  52. Lizhen

    Thank you for the wonderful serum.

  53. Yun Sow

    Unbelievably good. Can’t be without this now

  54. Suzanna89

    Didn’t expect this big bottle. it’s expensive but i only will need a 5 cents coin size each application so this can last me around 8 months. .I am trying to increase my lips volume and it does work.

  55. Nurain534pi35p2u254

    Have been sticking to the lipo oil the results are good.

  56. Huan Lian

    Working good. Thanks.

  57. Akhiler

    I love this item. It’s really consider large bottle size. If you think its expensive, you can try other products but I can assure you will come back to this one. Definitely well worth for the results. Thank you

  58. Sawi

    This serum works. And of course, i still do chest exercises like chest press and resistance band.,

  59. EliseYong26

    Good. works well if you are consistent

  60. Rou Ling

    Still a student and this is way too expensive for me, even for its largest size I still find it expensive. I am happy with the results so far, but for this price I cannot afford to continue to repurchase it unfortunately.

  61. Yvonne Sim

    Truely amazing product. Thanks a lot!

  62. Siew Lei

    Not the fastest delivery. Took a week to arrive. Product is ok.

  63. mrslili

    Gentle on skin 👌

  64. Wrena58468

    Tried for 3 days, I will need to give it a little longer until I notice big results. Am hopeful 🙂

  65. Peggy Hsu

    Volumizing and enhances skin elasticity, Great for bust care.

  66. Rikka

    Lovely serum, thanks a ton!

  67. Ellen Tay

    I’m amazed by how well this works. I have had Restylane fillers done on my lips and this lipo filling oil made the filler results lasted long and gives a nice pout. Really impressive product. I’m sold to this magic serum.

  68. Desi Wei

    I have been using this for only a week now, and I could honestly say “wow”. I have used every cream out there and nothing worked, Till I started using the lipo filling oil on the areas I wanted to increase in volume. You have to be consistent, every night. and day, I wanted faster results so applying it twice is really necessary.. This really worked for me, I’m excited to see what the outcome is going to be when I’ve completed the 200ml bottle

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