Dermedics Gen’x Global Anti-Aging Cream #3

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YOUTH EXPERT™ Global Anti-Aging Cream #3 is a rich formulated, luxurious cream dedicated to prestigious skin therapies targeted on global rejuvenation – real results™. Cream is suitable for daily care for skin of all types of age 60+.

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GEN`X-17-GAA Technology


Extraordinary Source of Youth

General product view

YOUTH EXPERT™ Global Anti-Aging Cream #3 is a rich formulated, luxurious cream dedicated to prestigious skin therapies targeted on global rejuvenation – real results™. Cream is suitable for daily care for skin of all types of age 60+.

Active ingredients*

Leading components
GEN’X-17-GAA™ Complex: Orange Stem Cells + Baicalin (Telomere Protector) + Apitoxin (Bee Venom) + Crystal Tears™

Complementary components – typical to the age group
Lipid-restore: Ceramides 1-3-6 + Shea Butter + Lauryl Olivate (Hydrolipidic Dermollient)Hydration: Cotton Oil
Tissue remodelling: Xymeninic Acid
Anti-wrinkle & Lifting: Matrixyl® 3000 Peptides
Anti-discolouration: RC-PBR™ (tyrosinase inhibitor for flawless complexion)
Immuno care support: Xylitol + Lacticol
Anti-oxidant: Vitamin E


Free of parabens and colorants.



  • GEN’X-17-GAA™ – a stunning technology Global-Anti-Age (GAA™) that awakes youth genes of skin involved in cellular activity, thus – to stimulate:
    • Synthesis of cellular RNA = by this way cells are more active and their vitality becomes similar to fibroblasts -17 years younger!
    • DNA repair and cellular detoxification
    • Synthesis of fibrillin (a large glycoprotein (~350 kDa), rich in cysteine, which is a main component of microfibrils – its expression is reduced during aging).
  • RC-PBR™ – an innovative component that restores natural brightness and fairness in skin complexion by reduction of melanin formation in skin, this it helps to achieve a noticeable correction of hyperpigmentation.

Directions for use

  • Age group: mature skin of women aged 60+
  • Dull and dehydrated skin with deep wrinkles
  • Global rejuvenation on all levels of skin
  • All round anti-aging treatment to extend cell lifespan
  • Photo-protection against UV and free radicals (FR)
  • Reduction of discolouration typical to the age
  • Daily skin care for skin of all types (night and/or day application)

Efficacy of active ingredients

Benefits provided by leading components include:

  • Re-activation of two youth proteins: KLOTHO* and FOXO**
  • Re-activation of cellular detoxification and the repair of RNA&DNA damages
  • Extension of  the length of telomeres’*** which are responsible for lifespan of cells
  • Protection of cells against high levels of free radicals and oxidative stress in the way of the expression of Cit-SAP – a protein with considerable homology to glutathione peroxidase**** (GP)
  • Re-activation of cellular activity (synthesis of collagen, elastin and fibrillin)
  • Increased microcirculation, thus accelerates skin oxygenation


Benefits provided by ingredients typical to this age group include:

  • Deep nourishment and lipid restoration: increased hydration, reduced roughness
  • Skin looks healthier: skin tone is improved, discolouration reduced
  • Skin looks younger: less wrinkles, smoothed texture
  • Lifting action: facial contours appear to be redrawn

Treatments types

  • Luxurious therapies targeted on global rejuvenation
  • Anti-wrinkle therapies for skin aged 60+
  • Deep regeneration, reinforcement and renewal of skin
  • Treatments targeted on visible effects – improvements of skin texture from first application!

Application area

Face, neck, décolletage, other (if desired).


Home care: airless 50ml


Skin condition improvement visible after single application/treatment.
Regular application provides spectacular skin improvement.

* Efficacy of active ingredients confirmed by in vitro and in vivo tests through regular application.

Registered in European Union as Cosmetic Products according to the Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC.
Manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. | NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.
Made with the greatest care in the European Union.

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36 reviews for Dermedics Gen’x Global Anti-Aging Cream #3

  1. Mahni Z (verified owner)

    I am 61. I’ve been using this product line for 2 years now, almost exclusively. My skin is looking a lot better than when I was in my 50s. I have spend a lot of time outside under the sun, so fine wrinkles were exacerbated . So far I’m really happy with the results.

  2. Zenv (verified owner)

    Really hope this works as all facials have stopped during covid , I’m buying products to do my own facial at home

  3. Seah Char Ee

    The pump makes it quick to apply the serum is fast absorbing, almost immediately. The serum feels potent and leaves your face feeling fresh and lifted. This is indeed a really good product!

  4. Tina

    Nice and spreads beautifully. I also mix in a few drops of hyaluronic serum when I need more moisture. Will buy again.

  5. Avatar1979

    I have noticed a dramatic change since I started using this cream and I highly recommend it. However, if you really wish to keep your skin looking young and lifted, you can also do facial exercises. You need to stop eating dairy products and sugar in order to enjoy the clear skin you always wanted. with good diet and good skincare, and I promise you that you will achieve good skin.

  6. mei lian

    Speedy delivery! Will repurchase again.

  7. Glenda

  8. Yasmin

    I am 62 years old. At this age my wrinkles are quite obvious. I used to not take good care of my skin when I was younger and really regretted it now. I knew I needed to do something more for my skin. A long time GP friend of mine gave me this link . I am using this anti-aging cream for 2 months now. I do see an obvious change in my skin overall in a positive way. I would never have thought a small bottle of cream could work wonders. Get this without hesitation. It does works! You can’t go wrong with this anti-aging cream.

  9. Alfred60

    Works well with the elderly as my wrinkles are not so obvious now. Great product.

  10. ShoeSnail


  11. sanjay123456

    Only needs a pump or two to cover the entire face, so this size lasts ages. Goes on smoothly without leaving any residue. Non greasy and feels lovely on skin.

  12. lisan

    Nice product, like the texture

  13. khairu

    Awesome cream . Perfect base for make up too, Blurred my fine lines nicely.

  14. ChileneTan

    Good feeling with this cream . The active ingredients are good. Definitely will re-buy this item when I’m done with this bottle.

  15. victoria_goh90

    Great stuff. Received on time.

  16. Yao Ling

    Items delivered and received with thanks. Had used it before previously and works well hence repurchase again now.

  17. Serene Toh

    Been using this for nightly for a couple of years now. This is good to improve fine lines and skin texture.

  18. rubyleeyanyan

    Recommend by friend this brand and got it . So far feels good.

  19. ArielYeo1989

    Wonderful item and so pure. It’s made in Poland.

  20. vosksy

    Quite pricey but works okay

  21. eliseww

    Received fine and dandy, can’t wait to try it.

  22. fangyanyan

    Trusted place to buy medical grade skin care. ordered quite many items from here for me and my mum and every product is correct..thanks very much seller..packing is good too.

  23. bigbucket

    Dont see anything will go wrong with this purchase.

  24. Piea

    Thank you.

  25. Betty Ang

    Great transaction all around,thank you seller. .

  26. Sujatha

    I am really liking this product so far, is definitely nice. Highly recommend!

  27. Angela8555

    At the moment I’m using this cream with a cold massager at night and I really enjoy it!

  28. Greizie8

    Have’nt used the item yet but it arrived in good condition.

  29. nfesn64


  30. sonyan

    Good quality. Product is good. Sender is fast and good. Happy buy. 😀.Bravo !

  31. Roxyyy

    Repeat purchase several times now. It’s a good product than those at the drugstore.

  32. Bao Tian

    Great product for more mature skin type. Thank you

  33. awy67

    Fast and efficient delivery. Will buy again from here.

  34. Anita Lam

    Switched from Estee Lauder Adv Night Repair and I am glad I did!

  35. sixtiesjunior

    Been amazed by Dermedics as always Good product 💯

  36. Nuraisha

    Soothing scent Use two times a day, Texture is thick but once you spread it, it’s not oily. Good quality and rich nutritious cream Well packaged in airless bottle Good for my aging skin.

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