Hair Booster Nano Pen

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new non-invasive procedure involving superficial and controlled nano-puncturing of the skin and scalp with nano-needles.

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Nano-needling is the new non-invasive procedure involving superficial and controlled nano-puncturing of the skin and scalp .

> Serum sold separately



  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Promotes circulation
  • Prevent hair loss, including Androgenic Alopecia
  • Supports scars reduction
  • 8000x times better serum penetration than normal application
  • CE:
  • Trusted quality.
  • Product of HB aesthetic
  • Designed in Spain
  • Assembled in China
  • Wireless:
  • Digital display.
  • 4 Adjustable speeds
  • Portable
  • Intuitive and convenient operation
  • Improved stability and motor functions
  • 2 guides:
  • 1 nano pen
  • 1 charging adaptor
  • 1 x diamond nano cartridge
  • 1 x 0.25mm needle cartridge
  • 1 x 0.5mm needle cartridge
  • 1x 1.0mm needle cartridge



Add the serum into the serum bottle and insert the bottle into the device.  Start operating the device and massage the desired area.

67 reviews for Hair Booster Nano Pen

  1. Joseph Ong

    Received in a day. Delivery is fast. Just tried the device. seems very stimulating. I am hopeful it will give good results. Many thanks to Facial Singapore.

  2. Leslie Theo

    Repeat buy for my brother.

  3. EugeneTX


  4. Teng Seng

    OK. Fast delivery.

  5. Charz

    UPDATE: almost 6 weeks and very good results: Much thicker hair, also started seeing new growth too.. This is indeed a keeper ..Its the latest model of mts devices today, My hairloss is under good control now. I will continue maintenance . I have since stopped doing this treatment daily but once a week now.

  6. Kai Ling

    High quality device. However it does not come with serum. You have to buy it separately. Hope they can include the serum

  7. Yun Ting

    I bought this for my husband because of his hair loss. He’s using it daily and he likes it! It feels comfortable on the scalp He uses it without serum sometimes just for the massage, The serum is effective but is also very costly so only uses the serum once a week and the other days without the serum. It is a great device !

  8. K1k2

    Worth for the price!

  9. Shaan90

    Less hair fall after using. It works for me, so I’m going to continue using it.

  10. Ajay

    It arrived exactly as in the picture.

  11. Daniel98632239

    Helps my scalp alot in recovery in a failed hair transplant. I’ve been using it for2 months now and I’m already feeling the differences. I am also seeing baby hairs.

  12. Jai

    Awesome massager! Scalp feels good!

  13. Jun Wei

    Excellent quality, exactly as described.. very effective, I am using with dermedics meso hair. Am seeing significantly less hair loss now.

  14. Yong Sheng

    The nano hair stimulating pen does amazing differences to my hair after suffering from severe hair loss due to covid. Have bought the recommended serum from them too.

  15. DavidToh80

    I think I really need this. This is good to enhance penetration of hair tonics.


    Item received in good condition. Excited to try

  17. Claudia Lim

    This device does what it says. You can adjust the speed settings on. Overall it is well built.

  18. David Lee

    Works well for me! Highly recommended!!

  19. Hai Wei

    I have suffered from serious and hair fall. Hundreds of hair falling daily especially when i comb my hair. I have been using this for a month now and have just 1 or 2 strands of hair fall during combing This stuff is amazing! Wish I knew about this sooner! It is a little expensive but I think it was worth I use it on my scalp for 5 minutes every night.

  20. Sarah Tsui

    I am so excited trying this out ! Very good built and effective too . I have a problem with oily scalp so using a water based ampoule works well to keep my scalp healthy.

  21. Ethan77

    Even at promo $288 isn’t cheap, but it’s peanuts compared to surgery or treatments for hair loss
    I decided to test this for 60 days to see if it really works. On my left i use it with Regaine minoxidil and on the right with the clinical derma roller hair loss ampoules, After only a month of use, there is a noticable difference, My hair is thicker, and also looks much shiner on both sides! Most exciting, the bald patch treated with clinical derma roller ampoules is almost gone.

    I must say this device will definitely work with any hair serum u have, But I do recommend the Clinical derma roller ampoules to go with.

  22. MrCheah

    I’ve tried several devices. And this one is good. For hair loss, you will still need a good hair tonic. You cant use this alone. The power is strong at level 4. You really want it to be strong to be effective. Put it lightly on your scalp and it will start massaging and infusing the tonic.

  23. Kashvi


  24. Kalo_1

    Fast shipping.

  25. Jia C

    Feels more like a massage for my scalp, easy to use and good results. Can recommend.

  26. XiuYing

    I thought it would be painful at first, but to my surprise, there is no pain! It even feels comfortable and I quite like it.

  27. Francis Lukeman

    So far this product has been working really well. I was surprised by how the device felt of high quality, not some cheaply made material. I’ve used it several times with no issues. Great for home use.

  28. Maria H.

    I bought this after seeing some reviews. I really appreciate this product and how AMAZING this pen is. Althought it is a little pricey, the shipping is fast and overall, I can recommend to my friends if you are able to afford it.

  29. Yueling

    Awesome. ensure you fill serum first before use.

  30. Sam Zhou

    Quality is very good and powerful. Speed is adjustable too. Recommended to my friends Thanks

  31. Farhana

    These device are on the expensive side but surely very worth it. Use it with ampoules and can get very good results. I use with vitamin C ampoules for facial and the meso hair for hair. Ampoules are more potent than serums as they are fresher and are individually packaged so I find that the vitamin c maintains its potency better than serum that tend to degrade quickly after the bottle is opened. I did see noticeable improvements in fading of dark spots. Overall skin is also fairer.

  32. XinHui89

    Good buy.

  33. calvinong

    Item received? Was recommended by my friend to use this device, He had excellent results so hope it will work the same for me.

  34. cookiexoxo

    Hope it works!

  35. Steve7

    Very fast delivery. Product well packaged. Quality is excellent. Highly recommend.

  36. Kenny Hong

    The device is powerful and very effective. However it stopped working after awhile. Facial Singapore is helpful to send me a replacement set though.

  37. Yuki Chang

    Received timely. Tq.

  38. Ethankoh

    Nice device, lacks usage instructions though.

  39. Yao Chan

    This device promotes excellent blood circulation,, Hair drop I would say it’s improved quite alot. Nonetheless hope continuing usage will reverse my hair fall.

  40. WeiHao79

    Looks promising. Can’t wait to try. Thank you.

  41. Abaasa

    Speedy delivery. Item exactly as described. Thank you. Highly recommended.

  42. e1sx9_

    Appreciated Facial Singapore service, in time and good product,

  43. Jacob

    My hair looks good for using this for about five months, its quite a long time but still I find it rather effective, The serum that’s paired with is also very important As I peer into the mirror today, I admit that my hair looked fuller than it once was. I do notice the difference under different lightings too. My scalp does not look empty anymore.

  44. amos

    good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good

  45. Quacker

    I’m very excited 🤩 now I can throw myself into my hair.

  46. Benson_68242f

    Bought second time, gave my set to my dad and he likes it so now buy again for myself.

  47. Cathy537

    Bought extra cartridges 0.25 and 0.5 mm Device works well with infused serum. Thank you.

  48. shadiarai


  49. Oliver47

    Its a good derma pen. Thanks.

  50. Fusaro

    I’ve had this for a few weeks now and find some improvements in my hair quality. . Overall i would recommend it – Its cheaper than yun nam hair treatments also.

  51. Evonne Kuan

    I absolutely love this nano massager, get the 0.5 needle for extra stimulation on problem areas. No regrets at all, love the feeling during treatment !

  52. liat978

    Super ! Very recommended! ❤️

  53. Limon Tan

    I like this set and this is my second purchase for my brother.Thanks

  54. Weijie

    Surprisingly good and also healthy for my scalp. 😄

  55. Sanhara

    Shipping is really prompt very happy w my purchase!

  56. handyman48

    Thankfully, the nano needles does not hurt and works perfectly. I do feel there was a slight noticeable difference on my scalp condition but I can’t work out if it was the device or the hair tonic I am using. I do think it’s a great tool though, Nano needles had already worked well for me but you can still opt to purchase the needles instead of the nano.

  57. Gary Seah


  58. Mien Myint

    Speed is fast and powerful and can use for both skin and scalp. The battery last very long and theres no need to keep on charging. One time charge can last more than 6 sessions of treatments at full power of max setting I am very pleased with this purchase and recommend it to everyone who wants a high-quality and affordable skin and scalp device/

  59. JavierTanKaiMeng

    The accessories are manageable, very easy to use even without instructions given.

  60. Edward Sim

    It was so much fun to use it. You can select the needle choice, I like the diamond head best, It’s not painful,

  61. Janna9nkn

    The best ! Love it!

  62. 91Marcus19

    Admiring how cool the packaging and device looks love the easy setting, FACIALSG had delivered it within a day, Happy!

  63. Gerri_154nl

    Wonderful item. Improve my scalp condition .

  64. Mun Yun

    Quite enjoyable to use. I like the feeling of the diamond nano tip.

  65. Esther Wee

    Arrived very fast in 1 day only and look new and good quality. Thank you Facial Singapore for the brilliant product!

  66. Ong Heng

    Prompt delivery. Item received in good condition. First time trying this device.

  67. Marcia4630

    You can use this device with any product you own, I use it on my face with my favorite green tea serum, vitamin c serum, beta-glucan, and ferments all super ingredients and this device will help to penetrate the serum. For my scalp I use it with fusion hair men mist, it has great ingredient composition such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, bio-placenta vitamins and minerals. Try it and you will surely like this gadget too!

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