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  • Cheryl Ong
    10 months ago

    Agreed with all the earlier comments- hard selling. The sale girl called Carmen that I met recently was so fierce as if she was scolding me like her daughter. I told her I didn’t bring my credit card and atm cards as I just sneaked out from my house in a rush. Just brought $10 with me. She told me to use a paynow. She was really determined to get me to sign her package. Wonder how much commission she will earn if I signed with her. With sheer determination, I managed to walk out of their ‘palace’ without spending a single cent on them. A pat of my back.

    Nail Palace Admin- Pls do not just simply copy and paste your reply. To prove your sincerity, do tailor make your reply to every complain. Otherwise , you sound so fake.

  • Yin Theint
    10 months ago

    Very very bad…the worst nail art ever…staff are not honest and service is also not good…they try to persuade a lot and want to take a lot of money from customer…Never come back ?????????

  • Karen Low
    1 year ago

    I agreed with all the reviews here that YTP nail palace is horrible, very hard selling especially when come to end of your treatment. Be prepared when going there and have to be very strong mind not to fall into their trap.

    I have sign package many years ago from their hard selling, and regretted as I found that their prices are not transparent as they can adjust the prices just to make sure they can get a deal from you. And because of their hard selling, I decided not to go there even though I still have quite a number of services from them.

    After more than 3 years, today I step into their shop again in Yew Tee Point. I thought I could tell them off I don’t want to sign any package until all my services used up. Unfortunately, they start telling me my toe nails have fungus and said they can help me. I’m aware of my toe nail problem long long time ago, and previously they also try to persuade me to do that treatment but I declined. Don’t know why this time I agreed with their treatment.

    You know what is the price for fungi treatment? They quote original price is $300+, now offer $270 before GST. Ok, I thought try one time to see if can really help me. I also do the gel pedicure since I have balance 2 more but they said I have to pay extra $40 for the pedicure since my gelish pedicure is only for gelish. I thought since I wanted to faster used up all my services and don’t want to come back, so just agreed with it.
    When my treatment about to finish, the girl start selling me the package start with $3K and later change to $2k. After I tell her I do not want to pay so much and do not want gel pedicure and manicure. She finally come up with final price of $1680 with 12 classic pedicure and 6 $270 fungus treatment.

    If I don’t sign up this package I will have to pay $342 for my today’s fungus treatment and pedicure.

    So, the above package of $1680 looks attractive and all the services have no expiry date.

    Again, I fall into their traps again and total damage is $1680.

    I regretted so much after coming home. If earlier I let go my balance service and don’t step into their shop and I will not have this damage. And I think their prices are not transparent as they can anyhow adjust the price.

    When I complained I have to pay 7% GST on top of the price and refuse to sign the package, the staff can tell me they can absorb the GST.?

    Please remember to bargain to the price you want if not just walk out. There are plenty of nail salon in Singapore and they don’t hard sell like nail palace.

  • Diong Hui Hui
    2 years ago

    Hard sell n very expensive, won’t go again.

  • Anna M.
    2 years ago

    I made an appointment very excitedly to have a relaxing manicure and pedicure. Overall, the service was great, I’m pleased with how my nails turned out. However, it was not relaxing at all and by the end of my session, I just could not wait to get out.

    The pressure to sign for a package and become a member was just too much. I was hardly left in peace for a moment. The constant photo taking to show me how much problem my feet have, to showing me photos of OTHER people’s problematic feet (disgusting!), literally non stop talk about membership and packages….it is JUST TOO MUCH. I have vowed to never step in there again.

    If you are not a member and desperately need a fix and can put up with a non relaxing time, then go for it. But if you’re looking to enjoy your time, then this is not the place unfortunately, even though the results might be okay.

  • Rin Rizal
    2 years ago

    Hard selling and rude staff

  • Amirah Anuar
    2 years ago

    went there to get my usual classic manicure (mind you, i already have the package) however, the staff there kept forcing me to get another package to renew cuz mine is “finishing soon”. i politely told them i will wait for it to finish then i will consider getting the package again next time. but they kept hard-selling me into getting the package on the day itself. i told them i’m still a full time student and i’m not working hence i can’t pay for the package. they offered me a discount and lowered the price to $600+ LOL so ridiculous???? and it kept going for like 15 mins even after i said no. horrible service…why can’t the staff just accept it when someone says no??? WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.

  • Debbie So
    2 years ago

    The service is not good and very expensive. Always hard sell the services. Do a normal pedicure that took me 2 hours because the staff keep selling the service while doing nail.. wanna put sticker on toes, 2 fortune cats and 6 small fish cost me $48!!!!! Ridiculous!!!

  • liting kty
    2 years ago

    Don’t know where to begin. Using a random alias as I do not want my friends to know that I continued using this service despite being let down twice before.

    The first time I visited this place was when I had moved to Yew Tee for the first time. I should probably also mention how up until then, I had only had about 4-5 manicures done, essentially I was pretty young and don’t frequent myself to manicures regularly.

    Staff were seemingly jovial (which I’ll get to in a bit). First strike, failure to mention the exclusion of GST. Prior to the appointment, I had called and checked for the exact pricing as I had some knowledge of hardselling, but its almost hilarious as to how I truly was not aware of to which extent they’d be going. They mentioned how the total cost would be shaping, buffing and color. They make it nice and comforting, being super friendly and nice (which I understand is a business tactic) but are borderline hostile the more you disagree to their ‘extreme value’ packages.

    On the actual appointment, they put a GEL color without getting my approval. This was especially annoying since right before the actual appointment, I ensured to confirm that it would be an express manicure. There were 2 of them, and honestly I feel this was their top-tier conniving tactic as 1 would be super nice, chatty and keep you busy and the other will randomly speed-declare products, and you’d find yourself accidentally accepting them. I still don’t recall agreeing, but they applied a strengthener, a top coat and some fast drying coat. What I do remember is them saying ‘try try only la’ and then proceeding to charge me for said items. What was supposed to be a $20 manicure ended up costing $110.

    I went once again to fix a broken nail and same thing. It was supposed to be $15, ended up being $45.

    5 years later, I decided to give them a chance as 1) that was quite an extensive period for major improvements and 2) they were the only salon that was quite near my residence.

    This time they essentially tried to shame me into getting a gel pedi with extensions but I stood my ground. It truly became bad when the person who was hardselling was straight up grinding into my cuticles. After that, for the whole of 2 hours, they tried to agree to this $2000 package. It was exhausting, never had I ever wished to be a ratchet more than in that moment. That was not all.

    I saw this other girl who couldn’t be older than 14 who came to do a classic mani, unfortunately they coerced that poor thing into agreeing into getting a $1k pedi package. It was disgusting. She was trying so hard to not agree, was visibly uncomfortable, then one of the senior nail techs went up to her and basically forcibly made her agree to the package.

    Seriously reconsider the way your business operates. I would say that if otherwise, it would get awful but one other thing I noticed was they would always hard more to people who aren’t Chinese. Worst part is, I’ve seen and heard from many Indians, Malays and Indos on how they were essentially too nice to not comply.

    Will never recommend this place to anyone, infact would recommend not going unless you’re ready to drop at least 5x the amount you were willing to pay for. I hope the other outlets of this franchise is not the same. Absolutely disgusting. I would give a 0 if I could but I need to give at least a 1 for this review to go through, so there.

  • Wanyi Kee
    2 years ago

    I went to the shop and asked for normal nail polish. The staff applied Gelish nail without my consent and put my nails under the UV lamp. I was not aware that UV lamp was part of Gelish. Thereafter, I tried to clarify and asked for normal nail polish. They then told me that they have applied Gelish and UV is used hence I have to pay. Instead of spending 20+ SGD and saving a trip down to remove my Gelish, I had to pay 80 SGD for the Gelish and another 16 SGD to remove.

    Would strongly suggest to avoid the shop in view of poor customer service and hard selling.

  • Sheillz Natz
    2 years ago

    Ms Tracy was especially whom I requested to attend to my SPA pedicure session twice this time round. Thanks to my friend whom signed packages I get to meet Ms Tracy and have her professionalism working on my pedicure without hard-selling away.

    I don’t know why there are so many negative feedback seen, but overall if you want a gentle, meticulous,attentive yet respectful towards the customers then you should call in and book an appointment with Ms Tracy as your nail artists.

    She is really awesome? super amazing yet patient nail artists whom I truly ? ? times 1000× a must go to expert for your pedicure session

  • Lim Ling Li
    2 years ago

    Alot of hardselling . The price is not cheap too.

  • nata decocoa
    2 years ago

    I had my first pedicure treatment and was handled by Tracy. She is a quiet nail beautician yet very meticulous with her work and I truly appreciated the utmost professionalism she provided me with.

    Even tho the next seat away person and her nail artist so the noisy… I am super thankful that mine is very ? focused with her services.

    It is a great place to come by and have your pedicure treatment here?Thanking my friend for this pampering session ??‍♀️I may wanna take up pedi treatment packages but ultimately would want Tracy to attend to me.

    The best workmanship of the month should really be given to Tracy?Jiayou Ya Tracy!

  • Ms. Suchi
    2 years ago

    I prefer Nail Palace ,Choa Chu Kang MRT Station as the staff members at Nail Palace Yew Tee are known for pushing the packages when you visit the salon for pampering yourself and relaxing.

    I used to be served by a staff named Irene who now works at CCK outlet.

    I visited Yew Tee Nail Palace twice then started visiting CCK outlet as I feel welcomed there.

    I have done Pedicure,Manicure and Gel painting at both the outlets.

    Do check CCK their outlet,you will feel well attended and pampered.

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