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24 Reviews on “Ensoul Medical Clinic”

  • Ann tan
    10 months ago

    I was recommended to Dr Thean .I saw how clear like porcelain my friend’s face is after a few sessions of treatment.I knew instantly this was the help I much needed.After 4 sessions,I was more than pleased with the results.Before the treatment,my face was dull filled with dark spots .After the laser treatment,my face is bright and all dark spots cleared.Dr Thean is friendly, patient and dedicated.His therapists are friendly and attentive.I would definitely recommend Dr Thean to my friends and family.👍👍👍Dr Thean

  • Ann tan
    10 months ago

    I was recommended to Dr Thean by my friend whom I saw how clear like porcelain is after Dr Thean’s treatment.I knew this was the help I much needed.After 4 sessions of treatment,I m more than pleased with the results.Before my face was filled with dark spots .After the treatment,my face is bright and all dark spots cleared.Dr Thean is friendly,patient and dedicated.The therapists at Ensoul are friendly and attentive.I will definitely recommend Dr Thean to my friends and family.👍👍👍Dr Thean!

  • Shirley Tan
    10 months ago

    I have been to EnSoul for my Melasma treatment. Under the tender and professional cares of Dr Kenneth Thean my face complexion has sufficiently improved!!!! I do receive compliments if my beautiful glowing complexion.
    Am so glad and grateful that am under the good hands of Dr Kenneth

  • Lim Elina
    2 years ago

    The results are amazing. Bright, glowing and tightening of the skin.. thanks to Dr Chiam.

  • J C
    2 years ago

    Dr Thean is amazing! In just 2 sessions, the dark spots that have been bothering me for years are gone! The staff in the clinic are also very friendly and take very good care of the patient. There is no hard selling and each session is a breeze! Thank you Dr Thean and all the wonderful staff at Ensoul!

  • Chloe Goh
    2 years ago

    Dr Kenneth is the only doctor that is dedicated and determined to solve the undereyes green veins issue which I had for many years. The veins were getting more visible as my skin became thinner and concealers were not able to cover them. I have approached other clinics before Ensoul and was disappointed with lack of results. I count myself extremely lucky to make the right choice choosing Ensoul. Be patient and diligent in the follow up reviews.
    There will be some pain during the laser sessions even though numb cream had been applied but the final result is amazing!! I really grateful to Dr Kenneth and staff for the amazing experience I had with Ensoul. I no longer can see the ugly green veins now. Thank you.

  • fran kate
    2 years ago

    Great sessions so far and results too! Getting ready for my wedding and the doctor and assistants are so kind and helpful. Explain everything to me.

  • Jiayi Dee
    2 years ago

    Dr Thean is amazing! I have a birthmark (patch of darkened skin) right underneath my left eye that i can’t cover with makeup completely. People often ask if my mascara smudged/i got punched. Due to its proximity to my eyes (it is literally on my left bottom eyelid), i consulted many doctors but none were confident of removing my birthmark. Some suggested plastic surgery?, some did not even had a solution to it, some tried laser but it came back worse after few months.

    My mother chanced upon Ensoul medical clinic and Dr Thean was my consulting Dr. He looked at my birthmark and said he would give it a try. He explained to me clearly my condition and why previous lasers worsen after awhile. Even though it is very near my eyes, he used a metal eye shield to protect my eyes. He was honest and told me he cannot tell me exactly how many sessions to lighten it, but he will do his best! and after approximately 11 sessions, my birthmark really lightened SO MUCH! I am really grateful because now i can put on light make up and look normal!

    Dr Thean really makes it his mission to make his patients walk out of his clinic feeling more confident and happy. Highly recommend anyone with any skin conditions to give him a visit, and see what he can do for you!(:

  • J M
    2 years ago

    Review for Ensoul Medical clinic:
    Greetings all I made appointment with the Ensoul Medical clinic my experiences have been OUTSTANDING! Staff is very caring!
    During consult with Dr. Thean he thoroughly reviewed my concerns about some minor scarring described the laser procedure and completely met my expectations.
    Highly recommend this clinic! *****

  • tengteng Wah
    2 years ago

    I have never believed in laser treatment until I came to Ensoul. I have spent thousands of dollars on laser treatments at other places before and have only been left disappointed with the results. I have been suffering from persistant pigmentation and have some wrinkles developed around my eye area. Dr Thean, not only has helped me to lighten my pigmentation after a few sessions, he also went the extra mile to help me reduce the visible lines around my eye area. Thank you for restoring my trust in laser treatments once again! To me, i finally understood that it is not only the machines, but the hands of the doctor that makes a difference. Your magical hands really does wonders!

  • Xin Rong Lee
    2 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Thean and Dr Chiam for the care rendered to my skin. I am able to see visible improvement on my skin especially my clogged pores and acne. My skin also feels tighter after the first treatment!

    Keep up the work team!

  • Tan Winn
    2 years ago

    Oily skin has been one of my nightmares since puberty. I have very active acne and some aging acne scars. It really broke my confidence until I met Dr. Thean. Seriously, I am very happy to meet him, I hope I will know him soon. He gave me a treatment plan. After 3 months, my acne got better control. My scars were not as obvious as they used to be. I don’t have to use concealer to hide my skin!


  • Nadia Amran
    2 years ago

    Came across Ensoul while looking up for treatments to deal with the bumps on my face and I was very pleased with the results. Dr Thean is consistently attentive and thorough to ensure best results achieved after every session. It helped a lot that he explains every step of the procedure, giving a feeling of assurance and confidence. Despite the bumps being said to be difficult to flatten due to its nature, Dr Thean’s customised laser treatment actually showed visible results after only 2-3 sessions. That was one year ago, and up till date I still frequent the clinic to seek other treatments. Unlike other places I have surveyed, Dr Thean never overpromises and personally, his treatments are relatively affordable.

    The plus point I’d like to add on is the fact that his staff are genuinely kind and friendly as well; and it’s always nice to be greeted warmly every time I visit the clinic.

    It has been a pleasant journey so far and I look forward to continuing my treatments at Ensoul. Thank you, Dr Thean and team!

  • Theng Theng Koh
    2 years ago

    My experience with Ensoul has been delightful. The first time I visited Ensoul, I did not know what to expect. I was afraid that they would not solve my problems and would hard sell me treatments that i don’t need. But, thankfully, the staff there were really nice. None of them pressured me into buying anything unnecessarily.

    Dr Thean started the consultation with understanding my entire treatment history and timeline. He then suggested all the treatments available and what he would recommend if I wanted to see the best results. Dr Thean was confident he could show me real results with just one session. To be honest I’ve heard this many times before with other clinics but I took a leap of faith and decided to proceed with the trial treatment.

    During the treatment session, I can feel that it was pretty manual for him, and he shared that the laser tip is small which is why there is enough power to go deep into my skin. This would also give him more control to target the troubled areas. He spent quite some time on the tougher spots a few times to help me achieve the best results. That’s a clear sign of dedication and care for his patients to me.

    After the treatment, i can see my pigmentation has lightened quite a fair bit. He also took time to explain to me that I would still need to come back a few more sessions in order to have it all clear and controlled. I like how there is no overpromising or hard selling from them. They took time to explain the treatment and how it will help my skin. Very genuine doctor and friendly staff!

    I’m very grateful for all of them and am looking forward to continuing the journey to clearer skin. Thank you Dr Thean and the team!

  • chan shik ping
    2 years ago

    I finally got to the point where I was serious about losing weight and fat and getting healthy. I had tried dieting and exercising for months and had lost some weight in the past but always gained it all back.

    I couldn’t understand why I could not slim down. I have tried so many methods, until I met Joo. Joo is the body specialist at Ensoul Body Clinic. She helps me to understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss and proceed to help me with a detailed body assessment.

    Through the thorough body assessment, I finally understood the reasons why my dieting and workout didnt work. I decided to give it a try as per what they have recommended.

    I love how detailed they are. Instead of just applying the applicators on me, they took the time to use the proper measurement tools to draw on the areas that i want to target. I tried both the fat freezing and warm sculpting machines on the different parts of my body. The treatment is comfortable and the room is super cosy. I used the whole treatment time to catch up on all my Netflix show.

    It has been close to three months now and i continue to see my body losing those inches. I am able to fit some of the clothes that I used to be not able to fit. I am so happy! The treatment really complement my workout and diet.

    Joo and the team are very encouraging and has really helped me get the result i never thought would be possible! So so so happy! I truly recommend them if you are looking to reduce your weight or fat.

  • Alicia Cheong
    2 years ago

    I started 1st session of laser, quad and anti-aging laser with Dr Chiam , the result can be seen instantaneously. My skin was smooth , radiant , pores became smaller n I had less pimples after the laser. Result was even more significant after a few days. It really makes me look younger!

    2 weeks ago I did a trial on picosure laser. The result was even more fantastic ! I have spent so much money on products but my skin has never been so flawless before :))

    Dr Chiam is extremely patient, knowledgeable and detailed. He takes time to explain during consultations. Most importantly he identifies my needs and suggest treatments accordingly . And no hard sell from the Dr Chiam And the staff. Feel very comfortable during each visit. I have many friends who go to Dr Chiam and all give good feedbacks about him!! Thumbs up for Dr Chiam 🙂

  • Wei Ling Tan
    2 years ago

    I have always heard about painful experience for laser treatment and never dare to try it. I had my first laser experience with Ensoul twice as I had decided to do something about my face less than 2 weeks prior to my actual wedding day. To my surprise, the experience and result was fantastic!! Dr Thean was super attentive and it does not hurt while doing the treatment. I was able to see the difference immediately and decide to return for the 2nd session few days before the wedding. They have also provided me with an honest feedback and opinion about not be able to do too close the actual wedding date as there will be a down time after each treatment. This is one of the experience I love being with Ensoul as they don’t do hard selling and to provide genuine feedback based on our conditions.

  • Teo Jing Ru
    2 years ago

    My dark eye circles used to be pretty bad. It made me look very tired and restless all the time. Tried a couple of creams and facial, but it just doesn’t seem to be working.

    Got recommended by my friend to try laser treatment at Ensoul Clinic. I used to think that medical treatments are expensive. Surprisingly, the prices are pretty affordable as compared to the other aesthetic clinics. The staff is very attentive and friendly and Dr Thean is also very professional and skilful. He explained my condition patiently and tell me the types of treatments he will be doing for me. He also assured me the results I should be getting after every session.

    True enough, after the first session, I am able to see that my dark eye circles has lightened. After subsequent treatments, my dark eye circles has been reduced quite significantly. I’m so glad that this ordeal is over! Thank you Dr. Thean & team!

  • Jan Tai
    2 years ago

    In search to fix my melasma problem, I was someone that have spent enough money on beauty products and beauty packages to the extend that “you name it, I tried it”; and with all that, no result…

    I heard from friends and read about using laser treatment but it took me over a year to decide finally to part with my money to approach a professional. Today, I am very happy to have made that decision which I should have done it much much earlier!

    In all it took less than 3 months for my aged melasma to clear off, my first treatment was late May’19. I am now able to get out of the house (even to the office) with simply serum and sun block, nil cosmetic just like my young days. My skin texture & clarity has obvious ‘changed over’ to probably >10 years younger look and feel. All these outcome did not put a hole to my bank, charges are reasonable from Ensoul. Most importantly, it avoids further disappointment from trial and error & time spent!

    With this result, I have trust to bring my teenage daughter to fix her acne and scar problem, while also I am confident to recommend Ensoul to my relatives and friends.

    Thank you Dr Thean for your professional and effective treatment 🙂

  • Rachel
    2 years ago

    Whenever I visit the clinic, Dr Thean will re-evaluate the condition of my skin and provide the right treatment it needs. My skin has gotten better since my first visit!

  • Afifah Redzwan
    2 years ago

    I first had my Facial Treatment done by the staff followed by Laser Treatment by Dr.Thean.
    Within 1 session I can see the instant result, my acne subsides, skin looks clean and more radiant. Absolutely love it!
    The staff and Dr.Thean is very friendly and sincere, also helpful in giving advice on how to take care my skin.
    What I love is they don’t hard-sell their products or packages, compare to any other aesthetic clinics I have been.
    I had a good first-time experience and I have been continuously going for my treatment, I even drag my partner along

  • Ree Sen Yun
    2 years ago

    After going through 2 sessions of their intensive laser treatment, i feel that my acne scars has reduced significantly! Definitely feels more worth it as compared to the money spent at the beauty salon for the past few years. Their staffs are friendly and Dr Chiam is also very determined to treat my acne scars wholeheartedly. I am satisfied with the result and would like to recommend anyone to come here for acne scars treatment.

  • Sherlyn Ler
    3 years ago

    ENSOUL clinic is one of the most reliable and comfortable aesthetic clinic I visited in Singapore. The professionalism of the staffs and the doctors. It’s cozy and very well orientated. They make sure that I am comfortable with every visit. I highly recommend Ensoul and my doctor is Dr Chiam.

    Dr Chiam is amazing!! He knows exactly what my skin needs and recommended the right treatment for me. After two sessions of PICOSURE laser, my colleagues actually came up to me and commented that my skin looks smoother and radiant!

    Thank you for bringing in back my confidence!

    Way to go ENSOUL & Dr Chiam!

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