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33 Reviews on “Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic”

  • Wayne
    1 year ago

    Dr Tyng Tan and her staff are fantastic! They are all so friendly and helpful and I’ve never felt any “sales pressure” here. The treatments are really effective and Dr Tan always explains everything so that I know what’s being undertaken. I can 100% recommend the clinic!

  • Candy Chong
    2 years ago

    Dr Tan is a very patience and hamble Aesthethic Dr. I have been her loyalty customer for many years, She treats my skin very well. I am very happy with her service. And moreover, her staffs are very friendly and knowledgeable!
    I strongly reccomend her professional services to everyone.

  • Bill Chan
    3 years ago

    This is day 1 after my 2-day hair transplant operations. I am impressed with the professionalism and dedicated services offered by Dr Tan and her team. They are very knowledgeable with their services, and patiently explain to all my queries and concerns. They will listen to understand your needs and preference, and offer you a few viable options which best suit your need for consideration, without over-promise or oversell their services/products.
    Throughout the duration of hair transplant operation, Dr Tan and her team demonstrated high efficiency and team work. They will make sure you are comfortable and well taken care throughout the operation. The most touching point is Dr Tan personally called me in the evening to follow-up my condition after the 1st day operation.
    I am looking forward to seeing the results in upcoming months and share with you then.

  • Aileen Kwek
    3 years ago

    I enjoy my visits to Dr Tyng Tan very much as she and her team of nurses are v meticulous n professional. Dr Tan takes time to listen to my concerns and her unassuming personality makes it very easy to relate to her. Her attention to details and her reassurance make me feel very at ease too

  • Pang Xin Yi
    3 years ago

    I consulted Dr Tyng for enlarged pores and she recommended me Mosaic Total Rejuvenation laser, which also helped with my acne scars. I saw significant improvement with my pores in 3sessions and my acne scars lightened a lot after 5 sessions. She also recommended me to do Medical Facial to help to deep cleanse my face and unclog my pores. My skin has become much cleaner and smoother and makeup stays on better.

    The therapists here are very thorough when doing medical facials for me, and always explain what they are going to do next. Dr Tyng is very patient and professional too. I am unable to afford long downtime from lasers due to my job nature and she always uses appropriate settings to balance effect and downtime.

  • Beesian Lim
    3 years ago

    A humble doctor who cares for her patient. I went to Dr Tan for my back acne problem and my back is now clear! The staff at the clinic are very friendly too!

  • Calvin Au
    3 years ago

    Wonderful experience each visit to Dr Tan, staff are well trained and polite, able to answer any queries and very accomodating to change of schedules. Results are effective. Would recommend for anyone interested in laser hair removal.

  • Sean Prior
    3 years ago

    Dr Tyng Tan and her team provided the highest quality professionalism with a very genuine personal touch when carrying out a hair replacement procedure last year. I was impressed by the realism with which the clinic approached the job – they did not over-promise and they were clear about what they could and couldn’t do. The procedure itself was carried out professionally and efficiently, but afterwards was where they really shone. I have had multiple follow-up and checking appointments as part of the overall package, and a level of genuine personal interest in the outcomes. The objective results have been as good as, or maybe better than, expected. I was very impressed with the combination of high level professionalism, realistic advice and a strong personal touch. Many thanks.

  • davidtoh zihao
    3 years ago

    I really want to thank Dr Tyng for helping me, in my success to achieve acne-free face. I used to try many products, from other companies to get rid of acne, but they dont seem to work well, or some even made my acne worse. After coming to Dr Tyng, my face totally cleared off, no more acne, and whats more i understood my face better. She was really patient and walk through this journey with me, to the smallest detail. Thank you Dr Tyng!!

  • Matt Djojonegoro
    3 years ago

    First consultation was great – learned a lot and was provided with various options. Recommendations are given based on each individual and their goals. Couple months later and now my hair is growing and scalp is no longer visible!

  • Angie Nolan
    3 years ago

    They are a great help with my husband’s hair loss problem. Dr Tying Tan and the rest of her staff is true to their mission of reviving every strand of their customer’s hair. My husband is more confident to face his clients because his hair loss problem is being resolved one laser session at a time.

  • Koo Matthew
    3 years ago

    I am very glad I came to Aesthetics and Hair clinic 3 months ago, I had severe hair shedding and almost bald from the frontal to the back of my head.
    During the first consultation, Dr Tan told me she is confident to cure my sudden hair lost problem and asked me to give her 3 months, I was slightly unreceptive and wanted an immediate quick cure to the problem as I don’t want to risk 3 months of further deterioration. She was very patient to share with me her proposed method of treatment and at the same time caring to understand my feelings. I trusted her and followed her advice.

    I have seen tremendous improvement since, the shedding stopped about 1.5 month into the treatment, new hair started to grow and I can’t see the bald area exposing the scalp now.
    It was a miracle to me to recover at this rate, I am even more glad as Dr Tan advised against the other treatment method I wanted for a quicker fix, but cost much more. Kudos to Dr Tan for the accurate diagnostic and professional advice you have given.

    The entire team with Dr Tan was great too, all filled with positive vibes at the same time sensitive towards my feeling during the recovery process. It was always nice experience for every visit to the clinic.

    Thank you Dr Tan and your wonderful team!!!

  • Karishma Asnani
    3 years ago

    Dr Tan is a wonderful doctor. Each time I go to her clinic, I feel listened to. She caters to my needs and requirements in a professional way without being pushy with sales. I am glad to receive such personalised care from Dr Tan. Her prices are reasonable too.
    I also cannot forget to thank all of the staff who are extremely welcoming and friendly.

  • Erin Wei
    3 years ago

    Really good doctor, my face, when I was going to do the laser, my face was very dark and dark. After six times, it has changed a lot. I will continue to insist. Thank you doctor tan and all the service staff. Very good service.

    真的很好的医生 我的脸我在去做激光的的时候 正脸很黑很暗 做了六次之后就已经很大改变 我会继续坚持 谢谢 doctor tan 以及所有的服务人员 非常好的服务

  • Giridaran Ganesan
    3 years ago

    Dr.Tan is best in treating hairloss. The staffs here are very kind, sweet and responsive. I definitely recommend Dr.Tan‘s clinic!

  • Toby Sutton
    3 years ago

    After much research I decided to visit Dr Tyng at the Aesthetics and Hair Clinic to discuss what options might be suitable for me and to get advice from a doctor. I wasn’t necessarily looking to go for a transplant straight away, mainly out of down time. Dr Tyng suggested trying the Regenera which is just an hour operation and will help stop the hair loss and should even grow some back. Sounded great so I just went for it and booked it in.

    The team were super friendly and professional and all was quick and pain free, I flew home the next evening and was back to work before I knew it, just with a small plaster at the top of my neck.

    I was expecting great results and after the first 2 months had passed I didn’t notice the difference. It was at month 3 my hair dresser said.. you look different.. wow man you have more hair! Which was amazing to hear. I had a check up with Dr Tyng and my hair count increased in the treated areas ranging from 30% to over a 100%! Great, book me back in. So now i’m having a second treatment for the other areas.. bring on 3 months.. I also take the pro Viviscal they offer.

    They are 100% worth a visit to discuss the options

  • Hidayah Mohd
    3 years ago

    I have had hair thinning and hair loss over the years, tried multiple treatments and finally, by sheer serendipity, visited Dr Tyng Tan – in the hopes of getting a hair transplant. She, however, patiently advised the dis/advantages based on my situation. To date, there has been significant progress in my hair growth; and I’m confident of continued hair rejuvenation with the help of Dr Tan and her wonderful team:)

  • Stacy Dodsworth
    3 years ago

    After suffering with hair loss since moving to Singapore, I finally found Dr. Tan! She and her wonderful staff have have helped me go from helpless to hopeful in my hair rejuvenation journey. Dr. Tan is very knowledgeable and caring. She takes the time to explain the causes and treatments available and follows her patients closely. Because she is an expert in hair rejuvenation, she can offer a multitude of treatments to suit her patients’ medical needs, lifestyle, and budget. She works hard to help her patients with customized and evolving treatment plans to help us achieve our goals. She has also assembled a wonderful, attentive staff. Everyone in the office is so pleasant, sweet, and efficient.

    It is a pleasure to visit the office every time I go because of the terrific staff and Dr. Tan’s effective treatments that are administered with skill and compassion. I highly recommend Dr. Tan and her team for anyone struggling with hair thinning!

  • Annie Teo
    3 years ago

    Dr Tan genuinely cares and concerns about my skin condition. My skin condition improves alot after going through the medical facials recommended by her and she does not hardsell expensive treatments to me at all. Thumbs up for her team of staff as well who are always polite, dedicated and helpful to followup with me on my skin condition diligently.

  • Jonathan Wee
    3 years ago

    Like many of you reading this, hair is also important to me. Hence, I am very grateful to be under Dr Tan’s care. As a patient of hers for some time now, Dr Tan has definitely been a major part of my hair journey – from providing medical care, to educating and equipping me with knowledge, and most importantly, inspiring hope. She always takes the time to patiently explain the science behind the recommended treatments (including advantages and risks, which makes her advice holistic!), share anecdotal experiences and listen to my concerns. She’s also supported by a team of well-trained and friendly nurses, which makes the whole experience under her care a really good one. She is trustworthy, and that’s why I’ll be happy to recommend her highly. Thanks for everything Dr Tan.

  • M M
    4 years ago

    Dr Tyng Tan is very friendly and always takes her time for my concerns. She explains procedures, follow ups and medical facts in detail leaving no questions unanswered. The hair transplant was done very professionally, the follow ups were perfect and the results great. Also her medical crew and staff are very friendly, helpful and make you feel comfortable all times.

  • Shannon Siow
    4 years ago

    My experience at Dr Tan’s clinic has been absolutely amazing. The service is stellar and I daresay you’ll be hardpressed to find better elsewhere. It has been a year since my hair transplant and I have also been through a hair laser routine. I am extremely happy with the results, and most importantly gained back my confidence. Hair loss has been a bad trip for me but thanks to Dr Tan and her super experienced and her amazing team, my hair situation has never been better. There was no pressure on me to take up any of the treatments. Multiple consultations helped me to make up my mind for the surgery. There was no hardselling involved at all. I would like to thank Dr Tan and her lovely team for all their hard work and caring and I look forward to our progress together.

  • Lawrence Gwee
    4 years ago

    I had my hair transplant done by Doctor Tyng Tan and her nurses in the year 2018. Doctor Tyng Tan and her nurses are very professional, friendly and know the procedures very well during the whole hair transplant process. I must say that it was a very relax and enjoyable process. I am now back to my usual self and able to carry myself with a stylist hairstyle after a sucessful hair transplant on the bald area damged by a horrific accident which I had in the year 2016. I am able to regain my confidence once again on my good looks and a BIG thank you to Doctor Tyng Tan and her nurses on making the hair transplant process a big success. THUMBS UP!

  • Daniel Wong
    4 years ago

    Great service, hospitality and products. Dr Tan and her team really do a splendid job in all aspects. You will definitely see good results!

  • Komal Narayan
    4 years ago

    I came to this clinic for my acne treatment.The medical facial is very helpful and my skin has improved a lot.Dr.Tyng Tan gives very good consultation.She is very patient and helpful.The staff is very nice and attentive.
    Thank you!

  • Futian Cai
    4 years ago

    Got a hair transplant and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

  • Catherine Jaevans
    7 years ago

    I sought Dr Tyng Tan’s services for my acne issues and had Chemical Peeling done at her clinic. Her professionalism and services are indeed second to none. From my initial skin consultation to the completion of the treatments, she has been very patient and gave advice that would benefit my condition. The Chemical Peeling sessions proved to be a success as the results were evident – My acne gradually decreased (Something that I never thought would have been possible). It was my first time doing Chemical Peeling and I am glad that everything went smoothly!
    I will definitely highly recommend Dr Tan’s services – You will have to try once to believe 🙂

  • Jacelyn Sng
    7 years ago

    My visits to Dr Tan has been extremely pleasant as she’s really friendly and never fails to listen to my skin concerns. My skin has improved after the treatments, even my friends commented that I look glowy and more radiant. Thanks Dr Tan 🙂

  • gian sun
    9 years ago

    its only been ten months since my hair transplant surgery and so far i find the results highly satisfying. I like how Dr. Tan did my hairline that it did not look awkward. My family even said that i look younger with it. I think it was really worth the money and i would certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sure solution to their hair loss problem. I found it to be pretty expensive at first, but now i think it is really a good investement!

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