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10 Reviews on “Bioskin - Tampines”

  • Sherlyn Chen
    9 months ago

    Just had an amazing session at Bioskin Tampines. Chindy & Pan Pan were very patient in explaining the different treatments suitable for my skin type.

  • Shannon
    10 months ago

    Priscillia is a person who is very friendly and professional 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • unwrapping by mimi koteng
    3 years ago
  • Mui Lian
    3 years ago

    Make me feel fresh and relaxing

  • Grace Sum
    3 years ago

    Very very red, burning skin for weeks. Instead of apologising and remedying the situation, Doris from customer service threatened legal action for the poor review.

  • indrani g
    3 years ago

    A well deserved and great experience with Eva the therapist who took extra care in making me comfortable and feeling great

  • xiao ling huang
    3 years ago

    This is my first time writing a negative feedback.

    1. Gave in to pushy staff after going to Bioskin through Groupon 2+ years ago, and bought a facial package with 10 sessions for $808. I was promised that that package will never expire.

    2. After going for 4 sessions these 2 plus years, and coming back now, I was told that the facial is no longer available.

    3. I was asked to top up additional close to $2K (on top of the $480 balance I have in my account) for 10 sessions of their current O2 facial as my previous facial sessions are now “outdated” and unavailable.

    4. I refused to top up that amount of money. The staff then promised to combine the previous 2 sessions (2x $80) into 1 session of this O2 facial. She did not inform me that the one that I will be receiving is DIFFERENT from what she has been selling me, ie there are no ampoule and eye mask. I got this extremely basic facial at $160, which definitely costs less than $100 everywhere else.

    5. When I refused to top up an exorbitant amount of money for the O2 facial package after my facial, I was told that I can only receive 2 basic facial sessions with my remaining credit of $320.

    6. $320 = 2x basic facial sessions with no massage, no ampoule, no eye mask. Only extremely basic facial for $160 per session, unless I top up an additional $388 (+$160 in my account balance) which will enable me to receive 3x facial (more premium with ampoule, massage and eye mask) and 2x basic facial (with no massage, eye mask, and ampoule). Do your Maths.

    7. I was really annoyed at this point from hearing how they push their sessions across. Ended up spending almost 3 hours there when my facial lasted only 1.5 hours.

    8. The staff also claimed that those collagen drinks in my previous package 2+ years ago weren’t free, which contradicts with what I was told then (I will be provided collagen drinks FOC as part of my package). Hence, she said that the value of my facial was actually worth less than $808 (what I paid for), and I should not ask for so much. A side note, I did not take those collagen drinks then as they were too bulky, but am now told that the system indicates that I have collected them.

    9. I was so annoyed from hearing how they lowered the prices and subjecting myself to their pushy methods. The staff said that if I refuse to top up money, the $320 balance in my account (that I had to clear) would only allow me to have 2 basic facial sessions. Do your maths on how much such a facial with no massage, no ampoule and no eye mask will cost anywhere else.

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