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22 Reviews on “Milly's - Tampines 1”

  • Unhappy customer
    3 months ago

    I wish I read the reviews before using their service. Went to the Suntec outlet. I’m quite new to lash extensions but my first experience at another shop was so much better. Here, the entire process stung my eyes, the lashes are prickly and my lash bed itches. Worst of it all, my extensions have fallen off a lot faster, along with my natural lashes. Lashes on the whole feel clumpier, like too much glue was used. My first and last time here. Won’t be coming back for sure.

  • A T
    8 months ago

    Bad experience. Please don’t look for Ruby if you’re doing your lashes here.

  • Tiffany Goh
    10 months ago

    I’ve been a loyal Milly’s customer for about 3 years. I like that the outlets are easily accessible (was located right next to my previous workplace) and some of the lashes (if done by the right technician) look natural and last longer than other competitors out there. While the prices on the ala carte list may scare the living daylight out of you (~$168 for eyelash extensions), getting the package deal would make each session to cost about $75-85.

    However for festive periods like CNY, instead of rewarding loyal customers with good deals, I felt like I was being punished. Especially this year when I did my lashes yesterday (during the CNY blackout period), I was told that I wasn’t able to utilize my package hence I would have to pay the ala carte price ($178) + removal of Milly’s very own set of old lashes on me ($18) + CNY surcharge ($5). Total added up to $201. I was aware of the ala carte price and CNY surcharge. But what’s with additional surcharge for the removal of their own set of lashes? I also don’t remember being denied the privilege of using my own package nor having to pay extra for removal of their own set of lashes. That’s CNY robbery – 七个隆咚呛咚呛,Milly’s 抢钱去拜年.

  • Lydia K
    11 months ago

    They are fast, pleasant, and professional. Just splurged on a long-term package because I’m addicted and there’s no going back. Thank you so much

  • Evelyn Eve
    1 year ago

    The glue is so strong and it is stinging my eyelid, eye and through the nose! Lashes not done to what I expected. Will never go again

  • S
    1 year ago

    First and last time. Great customer service but lashes are of poor quality.

  • Chris (fujiko)
    2 years ago

    Did an eyelash extension for this branch to try out. Didn’t catch name of eyelash technician working but she reeked of cigarette as her hand touching my eyes. Assuming she washed her hands here. Anyway, freaked out quietly that her nails are so long and might poke my eye (which she did several times). Also a bit uncomfortable on the set up that I lie down on a plastic covered bed without any blanket. Felt that they didn’t emphasize on service here. Also, didn’t ask how I was feeling just did the work as per se. Sales pitch came after I paid, a bit insistent but I said I do not have the budget and I wouldn’t dare to go back again on this shop ever. Not recommended. However, the eyelash extension done was nicely done, if you don’t mind the service, you can try this out.

  • Veronika Wongsarot
    2 years ago

    Kudos is “Karena”! This is my second time letting her do my lashes and I never regret it. Lashes has stayed for more than 4 weeks and it’s still looking fab! Definitely recommend her if anyone planning to do ur lashes at Milly’s Tampines branch. Keep up the good work Karena.

  • paintmenot paintmenot
    2 years ago

    Bad. Just bad. Outlet was very dirty with visible dust and stain all over counter, including the lash samples displayed. Therapy bed was laid with one thin plastic sheet. Lash tech also poked my eyes and nose many times and I could feel her hands ALL OVER my face ? felt really grossed out even though I had my mask on.

  • CallmeParis
    2 years ago



  • Ant
    2 years ago

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. The manager raised her voice at me because I went back to touch up lashes that SHE did not do properly. I tried to speak to her nicely but she kept yelling so loud that the other customers even turned to look at us. Overpriced lashes that are done with ZERO care. Super unprofessional!!!

  • KK
    2 years ago

    Absolutely TERRIBLE experience at this place.

    1. Beautician (Cindy the manager) was 15 minutes late to my appointment

    2. Her hands reeked of cigarettes

    3. Her tone was condescending, dismissive and rude

    4. My lashes were not done properly and was hurting my eyelid

    5. Went back to get it fixed but it wasn’t done properly AGAIN.

    6. Went back the 3rd time and I was told I didn’t have an appointment, which means they expected me to walk around with a sore eyelid due to their unprofessionalism and lack of skills.

    I’ve been getting my lashes done here for YEARS and never had a problem until Cindy got her hands on my lashes. She’s the rudest beautician I’ve encountered and thanks to her, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  • faith chong
    2 years ago

    JUST AVOID. At this price point, so not worth it. Firstly the lash tech reeks of smoke— so unhygienic— and is really heavy-handed. I thought she was going to squeeze my eyeballs out and stab me with her nails. Secondly, the place is super cramped, cold, and uncomfortable. You are literally sleeping on a rock covered in plastic. Thirdly, the lashes are overpriced, stringy, with a lot of gaps in between. They also generally treat you like an inconvenience. And the glue stings really badly, I thought I was going to go blind. And it costs a bomb as well. To top it all off, the place plays horrible music. And no free lash brush given. The place is so bad that I booked an appointment at another place to remove this and get my lashes redone. Also, I think my natural lashes look better. I am a lash veteran and this is bad.

  • Aly L.
    2 years ago

    Normally I don’t post reviews but I was so impressed by Karena’s expertise and professionalism today while I was getting a new set of eyelash extensions done. Told her that I was having a cosplay event tomorrow and she instantly knew what look I wanted to go for. Besides that, she was patient, friendly, and took the time to understand my request and concerns. I’m so in love with the result and will come back to Milly’s again. Highly recommend Karena for anyone looking to get their lashes done.

  • Nurazlin Binte Razak
    2 years ago

    First time doing lash lift because there was a 50% discount and the results are great! Will wait to see how long the lift will last. I was attended to by Ivy and she was very professional and her lash lift was very neat and no fuss 🙂

  • 劉冠廷
    2 years ago

    The service was good


  • Recca Li
    3 years ago

    Very fast & efficient service! Prices are reasonable too.

  • Jenesis Chen
    3 years ago

    More than 3 year with Milly’s with Cindy. Cluster lashes are my best friend.

  • Shermaine Jaclyn Tan
    3 years ago

    I am truly blessed to have Karena from Tampines One outlet to help me with eye lashes. She is very professional and gentle with my eyes. I love her gentleness and touch. Strongly recommended her to anyone who is keen to do eyelashes at Tampines One outlet.

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