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28 Reviews on “La Vida - Bedok Mall”

  • Kumati
    2 months ago

    Had my eyebrow misty done by Alin neat n professional
    Facial pkg worth the price n services

  • Disappointed consumer
    4 months ago

    I went all the way down to tis outlet to do the classic $68 promotion Wen I go down tey start promoting other type of microblade n keep saying dat the classic is no good saying I canud choose the colour as $ 68 classic embroidery only one colour which is dark lye ink colour n it will juz stay one patch n the colour will not fade .tey keep hardsales the other type of embroidery which is 700+ it’s not about the price it’s about y do u have a classic embroidery promotion n Wen I go down u r saying all the disadvantages of
    the classic embroidery .it’s juz not being fair for consumers if u dun
    Have classic embroidery dun make ppl go all the way down n manipulate consumers.,n I walk into Ur shop i may have done the microblade or whatever new embroidery I juz feel I was cheated n the service is reali terrible pls stop promoting the classic embroidery bcos actually Ur not promoting the classic embroidery it should b out of Ur price list to be fair for the consumers.If I were to choose a package or do other type of embroidery,I would have ask the staffs to recommend n not keep pushing sales lye dat.I understand if the staff skills is really good but if with tis type of hardselling style it will cover all types of benefits of going to la Vida .

  • Julie
    4 months ago

    I make appointment for the $68 promotion but when I reach there the staff was promoting others that cost around $700 and decrease the $68 and make me no confident to it. How do I continue to do even if it is free. Since the $68 is so lousy why you all still promoting that? The staff really scared me away and I just wake up and walk away. I’m happily go there to relax and let them do what I wanna to do. In the end I’m walking out from the shop. Are la vida is using these traits to promote the higher cost embroidery? Really not professional and your staff need to go for PR training. It’s a manipulation to get business. I took half day off to go there and at the end I’m feeling like a fool. I also want a beautician before so how do I don’t know what the staff is trying to do. One word,” Disappointed” Wish you all good luck.

  • Stephanie Lum
    12 months ago

    Don’t bother. One of the worst places i been to. I came here for the lash lift promotion and now I’m still left with 1 session which i might most probably just let it go to waste.

    The lash lift was okay but the talk after the lash lift was hell. It was an older woman in her 40/50s who spoke to me. Well I would say that its sadly rather common to hard sell but this woman had asked me where i gotten my eyebrows done and she started criticising it. Putting down on my looks to get sales? Major red flag. Totally backfired.

    The whole convo was pointless and annoying. She tried to sell more package to me which I eventually rejected. I could see her facial expressions change afterwards. Don’t waste time or money here. Don’t bother at all.

    Regarding to the owner’s response below, here is my reply –
    If you truly feel sorry and take every feedback seriously, I wouldn’t be seeing MORE bad reviews on your google page.

    Maybe before you apologise and act like you care about your customers, try being ethical and work on the internal sales system and give disciplinary training to your staff. They need to learn some manners and the boundaries they should never cross.

    Just a reminder to anyone reading this:
    Those good reviews can be made up or forced upon their customers. So do more research and well, go at your own risk.

  • Denise Chow
    1 year ago

    Good experience here, staff are friendly m.

  • Cindy Ho
    1 year ago

    Very comfortable experience doing my eyebrow embroidery at the Bedok branch. The staff were all very helpful and friendly. My eyebrows look really pretty now. Thank you! Will return again for my future touch ups.

  • sook kuan yeo
    1 year ago

    Before I explained why I gave them 2 stars, I have to admit their skills are quite good since I can compare them with BH. I did it at Bedok Mall and Jessie was my therapist.

    However, they are too hard sell. The first time I went with them I was mentally prepared to spend less than $500 coz I saw their promo on IG. (Note: take a snapshot of the promo you wanted so you can show them. They don’t keep their IG stories so it’s hard to prove certain promo exists)

    Anyway, once I reached, they immediately put numbing cream on my eyebrows while explaining the types of brow for me. I chose to do regenerating brow coz Jenny mentioned she will give me free additional touch up on top of another plus a free eyes mask. I agreed to it coz I thought it’s reasonable.

    After completion at the counter, she mentioned it’s only one touch up if I don’t buy another session. It’s totally different from what she mentioned before they started the session. One regenerating plus a touch up cost me S$1212. Jenny very casually told me to pay for another $1212 so I can get one free touch up plus a facial. She talked as if $1.2k is only $12. I was very angry but also felt dumb to not get b&w of our discussions before starting the session. Btw, the cream to take home cost $128 with no efforts of any LaVida branding or whatsoever. There were some chinese wordings and it look like it cost $12.80. ?

    Anyway, today was my first and final touch up and bluntly told them I do not wish to continue sessions with them. Jenny told me to give them 5 stars review so I can get the eye mask (something she mentioned it’s free for customers after signing up). Firstly, the eye mask is a sleeping mask and the colour is ugly. Secondly, she pressed 5-stars on my phone. So much for genuine reviews.

    I am generous with good reviews but at the same time, I do not want anyone to get pressured or conned into spending hard earned money. Also, when we go for all these treatments, we really just wanna relax rather than somebody keep stressing us.

    I hope this review will help many and also reach the management level in hope of changing tactical sales method.

  • Joanne Tan
    1 year ago

    I did milia seeds removal and touch up my eye brows there. Ada and Jenny are patient in providing their professional advice.

  • ning joyce
    1 year ago

    It had been a pleasure experience with La Vida. I would like to compliment 2 of the staffs specifically. The manager, Jenny had always share her experience with me to the best of her knowledge and she always explain the product fully so that I can make the choice wisely. I am lucky to have Jessie as my consultant. She had excellent skills and is always helpful to my enquiries. Both of them have make my regular visit to La Vida always a enjoyable one and giving me good advice at all times.

  • Aye Phyoe
    1 year ago

    Had a good service there.All staff are friendly and no hard selling.Jessie did the great job.

  • Jelly Sim
    1 year ago

    Friendly staffs

  • anniebeth culilap
    1 year ago

    Nice and Good service?friendly staff will come back for the services offer.

  • Robert Culilap
    1 year ago

    Nice staff friendly and good service.

  • Amanda Hong
    1 year ago

    Awesome service and recommendations! First time doing brow lamination. Jenny and Layla made sure that I was comfortable and patiently explained and addressed my questions. Recommend!

  • Duangphichai Ladawadi
    1 year ago

    Jessie is a really good brow technician! She can give very good recommendation and suggestions on how my brows should be in order to improve my overall look. Jenny is also super friendly and provide great customer service. If you are planning to go for any facial service, you can give Lavida a go :))

  • Blagamer3 (Blagamer3)
    1 year ago

    Simply feel great in Lavida Bedok Mall doing my brow. The brow specialist Ada and Jenny is so nice, detail and professional. Overall is a nice experience.

  • Nor Naimmah
    1 year ago

    Ms layla is very gentle and friendly during the brow lamination. Highly recommend and they dont force for upselling.

  • Aria H. Kanzaki
    1 year ago

    The lady helping me to do lash lift is very friendly and the whole process is very comfortable! Highly recommended c:

  • HueRouRa
    1 year ago

    Love this brow lamination from Lavida _done by Ada and jenny

  • Sow eng Lee
    1 year ago

    Jessie She has tattooed eyebrows, tattooed lips, and is very serious in every aspect of washing her face. She is polite and eloquent. come on

    Jessie 她纹眉,纹唇,洗脸各方面都很认真,有礼貌口才好。加油

  • Moi Doudou
    1 year ago

    Been customer here for years and haven’t visited in a while.

    Returned this week and was welcomed by Layla.

    I had my lashes and eyebrows done by Ada and I couldn’t be happier and satisfied with the result, I highly recommend her, highly skilled.

    The place is gracefully managed by Jenny, recommend to make appointments even if they can accommodate walk-ins.


  • Deon C K Wong
    1 year ago

    I’m a first time customer getting my brows done at Lavida at Bedok Mall. I was served by Jenny and Layla. Jenny is professional, experienced and knowledgeable. She was patient and took time to explain to me what different types of eyebrow embroidery and packages available and what best suit me. No hard sell. Layla did a fantastic job on my brows and was friendly. Overall I enjoyed my experience there. Highly recommended the place if you think of doing your brows. Thank you ladies.

  • Chern Nee
    1 year ago

    I’ve been to other brow places for brow microblading before, but Lavida at Bedok Mall gave me the most long lasting and natural looking brows compared to my previous experiences. Jenny and Jessie are both professional, experienced and knowledgeable. Jenny was patient and take time to explain to me what different types of eyebrow embroidery and packaegs available and what best suit me. Jessie did a fantastic job on my brows and was friendly. Overall I enjoyed my experience there. Highly recommended the place if you think of doing your brows. Thank you ladies.

  • Christine Chong
    1 year ago

    Did my eyebrows at bedok Lavida, I like they’re service. Jenny adviced and explain very clearly, Ada also very skillful. Thank you

  • Sim Lan
    1 year ago

    Great service by Jenny and Jessie. Even though I reached there quite late at night, they are very patient and goes through a suitable brow design for me before committing an actual one. Professional advice by Jenny. Jessie also made sure the whole process had very minimal pain and the end result turned out great! Thank you both!

  • Quah LiHong
    1 year ago

    I’m a first time customer at Bedok Mall Branch. I was looking for a shop to touch up my eyebrows. Professional advice by Jenny. She was very patient in explaining the process and sincere in helping me with the eyebrow rectification and the differences there are in these services. Layla did my my eyebrows and I’m very satisfied with the result. She redesign my brows so beautifully and lifted my my look with a natural looking brows. I got back my new natural brows. It looked so good on me that I received many compliments from my friends and colleagues. I finally got a nice brows back. Great Job ladies and thank you. Overall, I had a great experience here and I recommend others whom want to get their brows fix to try out this place. I’m looking forward to my next visit again.

  • Claudia Peck
    1 year ago

    I did lash lift here. Got good service from Layla and Jenny

  • hoho Vei
    1 year ago

    Nice service, thanks Layla

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