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32 Reviews on “New York Skin Solutions - Ngee Ann City”

  • virna ordoyo
    2 months ago

    Alice so friendly and customer so satisfied with the service thank you

  • Candice Wong
    2 months ago

    Adelaide is always providing top notch services and she’s also very friendly too! Thank you! 💜💜

  • Fann Lee
    2 months ago

    Helen is very experienced and professional in her facial therapy for me, I love it thank you!

  • bryan chitra
    2 months ago

    Great experience on my trial visit. Staff are friendly, they did a thorough job and no hard selling… My wife signed up for a package 🙂 Happy wife..happy life…

  • Vivien Lim
    2 months ago

    Taka Consultant Helen Wong is always providong good facial treatment on me. Appreciate her good service. She deserves good merit for service.

  • Amy Ho
    2 months ago

    I have struggled with adult hormonal acne for awhile, going through different skincare products for help. I came across New York Skincare’s facebook page and thought about giving it a try. After coming for half a year, my skin is no longer oily or or having as much pimple anymore. I’d like to give special thanks to Renee for taking special care of my skin.

  • Christopher Christ
    2 months ago


    Thanks for the long-term professional service, the comfortable environment and service deserve praise.

  • agnes toh
    2 months ago

    Enjoy Alice’s massage. Joanne’s techniques is superb and professional.

  • Tang Sen
    2 months ago

    10/10 for Consultant Renee👍👍

  • Ade L
    2 months ago

    I enjoyed my visit each time here in Ngee Ann City outlet. Adelaide is very professional and meticulous in her service. My skin conditions has improved a lot after several visits.

  • Jeyamalar Ayadurai
    2 months ago

    Adelaide is good – great hands ! Receptionists very welcoming

  • Hon Hon
    2 months ago

    Good facial experience with Helen, thank you so much on the treatment.

  • Sek Onn
    3 months ago

    Yuki is a very good consultant

  • Susan Su
    3 months ago

    DO NOT VISIT THIS CLINIC. I had such a terrible experience that I still shudder when I think back to how badly treated I was at the time of the treatment.

    The lady berated me on my facial conditions and repeatedly told me that my skin will turn terribly awful as I age. As I didn’t have a very good understanding about the products and techniques used, I find it difficult to justify an instant commitment for a $300++ treatment package. The negative attitude also gave me a very bad impression. But the lady continue to claim that it is a “Collagen” treatment and she is infusing collagen into my skin, as if that is the magic answer to everything.

    For some context, I opted for a $38 trial of Facial Treatment over Facebook. The initial ladies who took down my particulars was very kind and welcoming. But it started going downhill when I was shifted to the care of the “Beautician” who did my skin analysis and subsequently the Facial Treatment. I made it clear that I am more comfortable to speak in English even though I could also understand Chinese. Yet she is adamant in continuing all interactions with me in Chinese. Perhaps she’s not strong in English but the clinic could have assigned another person. Even the 1st lady I interacted with was very nice. Language barriers aside, her terrible attitude was really her nail in the coffin.

    All in all, although I saw visible results right after the session and it lasted not more than 2 days. Moreover, I felt incredibly discouraged after the awful interaction. I will never recommend this brand and franchise to anyone I know.

  • YC Wai
    3 months ago

    Good consultation and facial experience under Adelaide’s service. Big thanks.

  • Longsern Hoe
    3 months ago

    Good facial experience with Renee, thank you so much on the treatment.

  • Gladys Liu
    3 months ago

    I am happy with the visible difference after the first few sessions and how well their treatment works for my skin. In fact, I’ve seen continuous improvement after my treatment under Adelaide consultation and facial sessions.

    It has been apleasant experience.

  • Grace Shiow
    3 months ago

    Big thanks to Adelaide, our consultant for the wonderful service.

  • Willy Yong
    3 months ago

    My consultant Adelaide handle my treatment really well.She also very friendly, very professional.Treatment are comfortable! Thank you NYSS☺️

  • Live 2 Eat
    4 months ago

    Horrible Hardselling. The person who did facial trial for me kept convincing me to continue the package. When i said i can’t afford, she got her manager to come in to convince me. Her manager kept saying ” Your skin is so white, so wasted!!!” If you dont buy today, you will not get this price again.

    They started off by showing me a price sheet which states that EVERY single mask / serum / facial cleansing step ALONE COSTS $100-$200 which amounts to 1k per facial. But they would give me an 80% discount. So its around $200 per facial.

    However, the actual time they did extraction is only like 20 mins. The rest of the time they are just placing face mask on me and lying down.

    4.1k for 20 sessions? They just love to pressure people and make people feel bad about themselves. Initially first few treatments seemed to clear up my skin, but the truth is sebum filaments and blackheads WILL ALWAYS COME BACK AGAIN, the pores will always feel up. Their treatments are not worth it. Dont listen to their nonsensical hardselling. Just say no and walk off. It was only after i changed my diet I realized skin really depends on the food you eat and getting good sleep on time also. Surface extractions can clear congested pores but are only a temporary solution. I found so much cheaper facials on Carousell at other places that only cost 50-70 per session instead of this ridiculous 200. The extractions are painful and rough here, they scarred some parts of my face by bursting those pimples.

  • Wei Yi Tan
    6 months ago

    I was particularly happy with the visible difference after the first few sessions and how well their treatment works for my skin. In fact, I’ve seen continuous improvement over the last 2-3 years under Joanne’s consultation and encouragement to establish a daily self-care routine. It is also comforting to see the Covid-19 measures being taken seriously. Certainly a go-to for me.

    If anything, I think the treatment price list could be made more transparent and readily accessible on their website or on site.

  • Yan xin low
    6 months ago

    Was with New York Skin Solutions since 2019.
    Was lucky to meet the manager, Joanne, who has helped me to recover from my severe acne skin problem.
    Everyone else in the clinic are friendly and I feel welcome. 😀
    Thank you!

  • Elise Tan
    7 months ago

    My consultant Joanne. Service every good and after 1st time facial my face better than before.

  • Yin Chew
    7 months ago

    Very good services

  • Andi Antoro
    7 months ago

    Staff pressured me to buy their package. Say can refund within 5 days. Purchased, but decided to refund. All staffs including admin has been avoiding my queries.

    Please do not go for this company EVER

    7 months ago

    My consultant Joanne & Renee is well experienced and professional 🙂 I am very pleased with their service. I would recommend it to my friends & family members .

  • esther ng
    7 months ago

    在New York Skin Solutions 让我体验到前所未有的高科技美容护理和服务态度。美容护理和美容产品都达到一定的效果,使我拥有了健康,美丽,好肤质,很安心把我敏感肌的脸蛋交给她们。除止之外,店里每一位漂亮的眉妹们更是和蔼可亲,服务态度非常好,事事为顾客着想,会站在顾客角度思想。
    感谢new york skin solution,让我人生遇上它

    In New York Skin Solutions, I experienced unprecedented high-tech beauty care and service attitude. Beauty treatments and beauty products have achieved certain results, so that I have a healthy, beautiful and good skin texture. I feel relieved to give my sensitive skin to them. In addition to stopping, every beautiful eyebrow girl in the store is more amiable and has a very good service attitude. They consider everything for the sake of customers and think from the perspective of customers.
    Thanks to new york skin solution, let me meet it in my life

  • tianyi chen
    7 months ago

    very friendly and professional

  • Ong Yi Min
    8 months ago

    Have been with NYSS and under my current consultant – Joanne Tan’s care for a few years. She is very thorough and have helped improve my skin condition greatly.

  • Sugi Wei Yep
    8 months ago

    I am with New York Skin Solutions since 2018 and my consultant is Winci.She is professional and the overall experience is good. Will continue to support!

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