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23 Reviews on “Nailz Gallery - Harbourfront Centre”

  • Aleksandra Zhukova
    8 months ago

    Efficient, quick and knowledgeble service

  • Tiffany Neo
    10 months ago

    My friend booked an appointment for the both of us, where we decided to do a french manicure. The person quoted her $58 + $15 surcharge over Whatsapp, in the end when we reached, we were quoted $68 + $28 + $15 (cny surcharge). So we tried to clarify and the person finally told us they will charge $58 + $15 for normal express and $88 + $15 for gel. Before my manicurist started doing my nails, i clarified to confirm, “Mine is the same as my friend, $58 right”, she acknowledged and started working on my nails. When we paid at the counter, to my horror, they wanted to charge me $88 + $15, claiming that my friend told her that she is going to do normal, i will be doing gel, wanting to brush it off as a miscommunication. I pressed on to explain that no matter what was the sequence of events, i asked the manicurist if i am doing “the $58 one” before she start so that is not an excuse. In the end, the manager waived off the $15 surcharge for both my mani and pedi. This was already a bad experience considering that i was forced to pay for something that has already been done deal.

    Today, to my horror (again), the so called gel mani chipped and i can still see all the dead skin and cuticle on my fingers.

  • Candice Astro
    10 months ago

    The macucure-pedicure in itself is well done, i am just TIRED to be a WALLET. the pedicure is 38S$ before GST which is already high, if you ask for a poor arms waxing they will charge you an extra 58S$ ++ saying they did full arm when clearly they stopped at elbow of course. not saying the price before. They will ask you ten times if you want to pay in advance to become a member and you say no they ask again and you have to say no and no and no. This week they charge 15S$ extra for CNY and will go higher next week.

  • Nadiya Kravchuk
    11 months ago

    I have been a customer for 3 years now and always received great service. My favourite nail master is Eva. She is kind and super professional. Her manicure and pedicure are pure perfection. Also, gel lasts 3-4 weeks. It’s pretty impressive. Thank you, Eva, for fantastic service and always great hand and neck massage.

    Using your service even during pregnancy ?

  • Nancy Leo
    11 months ago

    The service is very good and all the workers are very kind

  • jubby
    11 months ago

    i think this outlet’s rate are fake. most of positive review are made within a day and I totally disagree. very rude and unfriendly service.

  • Kelly Nguyen
    11 months ago

    Excellent service. Highly recommended.

  • Kamilah Idris
    11 months ago

    Good Services!! ? I feel so much satisfied ?

  • Jeffrey Liew
    11 months ago

    Excellent service

  • Beatrice Cheong
    11 months ago

    Very good service

  • Jernail Singh
    11 months ago

    Good service and great hospitality.

  • Shirley Ng
    11 months ago

    I hv ingrown toenail. Miss EVA is my “toe doctor”. Now my toe no longer pain. Can sleep well. Need to thank her alot.

  • Soocheen Yee
    11 months ago

    Eva is very meticulous with her work. You can take a nap and trust her to deliver perfect pedicures every time ❤️

  • CLASH_ X24
    11 months ago

    thank you annie for doing such an amazing job in getting my nails done and I am very satisfied with the business.

  • Lee Lee
    11 months ago

    thank you annie who did a wonderful job at getting my nails done.

  • brayden kho
    11 months ago

    I have done my nails here and it wan FANTASTIC!! Thanks to Annie that has painted my nails.

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