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23 Reviews on “Nailz Gallery - Chinatown Point”

  • Nancy
    3 months ago

    The technicians including the so called reviews’ best complemented Candy are all fakes. They will behave very sweet to you in the beginning and get you to write good reviews about them. After their mission is accomplished, they will stick out their ugly tail! They are not that pleasant at all, especially if you do not buy their packages. Shame!

  • Adrian Ng
    8 months ago

    Great service from the staff!

  • ngo guan tian
    8 months ago

    The service is very good, very comfortable, and very polite to customers.??


  • S Khoo 2020
    10 months ago

    Camelia is my amazing callus removal. She is very patient and always does good job whenever I visit. Candy is my go-to nail designing specialist. She understands my likes and creates beautiful nail designs for me. Thank you ladies ?

  • linda ganem
    10 months ago

    Bad Quality! 2 weeks after the manicure, the color was peeling!

  • MQasim ARaub
    11 months ago

    Friendly staff , highly recommended as they gave good service.

  • Yuhan Xie
    11 months ago

    Really love the service of Candy and Jasmine! Super friendly and no hard sales! Been a customer for months already ☺️

  • Jimmy Choi
    1 year ago

    Very professional.

  • Lily Heng
    1 year ago

    I have been serviced by Candy for the past 5-6 years from days when she was with the other nail salon till now when she migrated to Nailz Gallery at Tiong Bahru Plaza and now Chinatown Point. Have not had any experience of hard selling issues and treatment costs if any is always advised first before the okay to proceed. My daughter also has her basic pedicure sessions here. Candy is very pleasant and easy to get along and at the end of the pedicure, I am very happy and satisfied with the result. ?

  • Samantha Jackson
    1 year ago

    In 2019, I was in Singapore on business and popped into Nailz Salon at Chinatown Point for a basic manicure and pedicure — no nail art, no extensions, nothing special at all…

    I feel like it’s pretty established that a simple mani-pedi with gel polish at a quiet (no other customers) mid-to-low end shop in a mall basement is never going to cost more than around $100 USD all-in, so I didn’t bother to ask about the price before we started — and they didn’t tell me what their prices were, either.

    I was in a hurry to get to a meeting, so when we were done I went straight to the cashier and asked for the total so that I could pay and be on my way. Instead, they forced me to sit down at a sales desk.

    They wouldn’t tell me the total or let me pay and leave. They kept trying to force me to purchase a package of ten manicures and pedicures. They said if I bought the membership package, the service that I received that day would be free — but then they told me that the package would be $2,500 SGD.

    I nearly fell out of my chair. I wouldn’t even pay $250 SGD for a basic mani-pedi at the Four Seasons. Why in the WORLD would I pay $250 SGD for a mani-pedi in a dingy, dimly lit mall basement nail shop?

    They continued to be very pushy and did not want to allow me just to pay for my service and leave, despite the fact that I told them I was on a tight schedule and was late for a meeting.

    When they relented and finally did give me a bill, I was absolutely shocked. They handed me an invoice for $627.02 SGD with a bunch of random services scribbled on it in poor handwriting and with no clear calculations or itemized services.

    Again, I was late for a business meeting and they wouldn’t let me leave without paying AND they refused to provide me with a legible, itemized bill to explain the charges. Ultimately, I had no choice but to pay the bill and then deal with my credit card company and The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) to get a refund later.

    After MONTHS of wasted time going back and forth, I *finally* got a refund of $441.29 SGD (meaning I still paid $185.73 SGD for a mediocre, basic gel manicure and pedicure at a sketchy basement nail salon).

    My recommendation is that no one should EVER go to Nailz Gallery under any circumstances, unless you enjoy being scammed and extorted. Frankly, I’m shocked that they’re still allowed to operate: I expect higher standards from Singaporean businesses and authorities.

  • Wanling Ng
    1 year ago

    Jasmine was very patient and intricate! Had a pleasant time w her. Recommend that you guys look for her!

  • Tony Mogan
    1 year ago

    I am very happy with the service provided by Candy for the pedicure, she did a very good and professional work. She is a very pleasant lady with very good customer service.

  • Amy Tan
    1 year ago

    I have been customer for two year Nailz Gallery here,and always looking only for Candy.She provides good advice and service,her manicure is meticulous.She take the time to ensure I have a very pampering session.Highly recommended for Candy!?

  • Shalu Maheshwari
    1 year ago

    TERRIBLE AND PATHETIC service. I got gel manicure done here. In 4 days, my nail paint started chipping and falling from sides. Anyway, didn’t complain about it. Went to them for a soak off service of gel nail paint. To my utter disbelief, they started running a machine on my nails to chip off the nail paint. In the process they have chipped off my nails also. Now my nails are weak, uneven and painful. I need to wait for my entire nails to regrow. For people who can’t imagine, this chipping machine was similar to the wood chipping machines in a carpenter’s store. I WOULD NEVER ADVICE ANYONE TO GO THERE ???

  • G Lim
    2 years ago


    Im a regular with Nailz Gallery, putting up with attempts of upselling and pushy tactics to sign more packages and stuck to the chain over the past years. The ladies have always been nice and chatty so i didn’t really mind coming back. I even left a good Google review for another outlet a few months back.

    What happened today left me extremely disappointed and made me rethink if i should consider taking my business elsewhere.

    Upon checking out, the staff claimed that she used a callus treatment on my feet despite never once informing me that she is doing so. I have not complained about calluses and the technician never breathed a word on it. I was shocked when she credited a fungus treatment session saying its the same price as the callus treatment. I believe she found a way to profiteer from this ‘claimed’ treatment after knowing from the other outlet that i have a fungus package. She even tried to ask me to sign up a new package so she can take the treatment off the bill (the treatment which i never asked for and never even knew was performed on me!). Seriously? I felt scammed.

    With so many options available there is little reason to stick with you anymore. Please clean up your tactics to save your business.

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