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60 Reviews on “TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre”

  • Micole Chan
    2 years ago

    Dr Teo’s Cosmeceutical CC cream and Sun protector worked wonders for me. My sensitive skin has been a problem for a very long time and because of it, I have been unable to put on makeup and sunscreen without breaking out. I have tried countless products but none have worked except for Dr Teo’s products. Additionally, Dr Teo was extremely patient and addressed all my concerns. Would highly recommend TWL to others, especially those with sensitive skin. Money well spent!

  • Ng Jieqi
    2 years ago

    I’ve been using the SunProtector for a few weeks now and I would highly recommend it. It’s lightweight and absorbs into my skin fast. Perfect for our humid climate!

  • Gina Tan Siew Leng
    2 years ago

    I have dull skin but after trying the radiance emulsion from Dr. TWL derma for about 2.5 weeks, my skin has brightened and now, it glows. Also, I tried the sunblock and I like it as it is not so sticky and it smoothen the skin. I would recommend these two products which has improved my face’s texture and radiance.

  • maha lenin
    2 years ago

    I am suffering from acne and scars for quite some time. I had used several products but doesnt help much.
    The doctor prescribed me Radiance fluid emulsion for my skin. Just in 2 weeks time i am seeing the difference. My scars are
    getting lighter and my skin recovering well so happy about the service

  • LiXuan Low
    2 years ago

    I have problems with red discoloration on my skin for a few years. However, after trying the radiance emulsion from Dr.TWL derma line for about 2 weeks, my skin has brightened and the discoloration has subsided. I also have less break-outs and my skin feels more moisturized. I can also now go out without colour correction or concealer on my face! I would highly recommend the radiance emulsion as a day and night moisturizer.

  • Don Ferry
    2 years ago

    I went to Dr TWL to have a CO2 laser treatment for the removal of a facial wart. I was a bit nervous as I’ve never gone through such a procedure before, but Dr Teo was very thorough in her explanations as to what I should expect and that put me at ease. Glad to say that the procedure went smoothly and there was no scarring. I would highly recommend Dr Teo to anyone who requires a similar procedure.

  • Diehl Metering
    2 years ago

    It make me stressed that if consultation over 15 mins need to pay surcharge, which is not often in other doctors. The doc is good for her skills, but attitude is kind of arrogant thought. And she prescribed her own products without informing me or let me know if I agree, although I agree her products are not bad, just too expensive, I found out when my insurance refused to reimburse me. I believe she is good doc, but need to improve those services and attitude, and her staff did not give me good impression either, feel also arrogant in certain way.

  • Amanda Ho
    2 years ago

    A big fan of dermatologist Dr TWL!

    Tried their amazing cosmeceutical skincare products and here’s my review.

    I tried their milk cleanser and found that it cleansed well and was not drying for my sensitive skin at all.

    Also had the opportunity to try the booster spray. This is my favourite. I like the refreshing scent and “zing” feeling felt on my skin which perks me up! And it certainly gave my face a glow. I drive my kids around the entire day and my second daughter actually complimented my skin today! 🙂

    The radiance fluide is a real all rounder. It kept my face moisturised and help fade my dark spots!

    Pictures of these 3 products are attached.

    I’m intent on trying the rest of their products 🙂

    Will update on the rest of the products soon!

  • Zoel makeup
    2 years ago

    They have great treatments and products.

    I’ve noticed that my skin texture improved a lot after a few carbon laser and chemical peel treatments!

    Highly recommend their skincare range – Honey Miel Cleanser, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Multi CERAM Cream and Amino Acid Masque!

    Amino Acid Masque and Multi CERAM Cream is my swear buy. I used them on my client before I do their makeup too, it’s a good skin prep before makeup!

    Thanks Dr. TWL for the amazing products!

  • CCY
    2 years ago

    Dr. Teo is very knowledgeable and responded professionally and with sensitivity to all of my skin condition queries.

    She appreciates that I do lot’s of outdoor sports and recommended that I give her brand of SunProtector lotion a try (see attached pictures of the product). Tried it and it was fantastic! Easy to apply and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin like many other brands.

    Must also commend her friendly staff. Especially her Manager Justin who was super friendly and polite.

    Keep up the good work TWL!

  • FangTing Z
    2 years ago

    I went for the custom Lip Lab experience, and was so pleased with my personalised LipSerum stick. It was a really interactive and fun experience. I got my skin tone analysed, and a colour recommendation based on my tone and colour wheels. As a designer, I could fully appreciate how colour theory was integrated into the experience. What I also enjoyed very much was getting to ‘try’ on all kinds of different shades with the virtual mirror (you can also try it on their website). That experience really helped me quickly narrow down my desired shade, which was really nice compared to going down to a store and trying on all the different shades on my hand…The best part was getting to see my lipstick made right in front of me! I chose a red toned colour with peach flavour, and when I tried it on, I was so happy with how the shade looked on me, and also how buttery smooth and natural it felt on my lips! I would definitely recommend this experience as a treat for anyone, and I think it would also make an amazing and thoughtful gift for a female friend or family member. 🙂

  • Wan Yi Chua
    2 years ago

    I’ve been using dr twl products for 5 months and i would say that their products are great! I was first introduced to the Sunprotector by my sister and it is super lightweight and absorbs fast. I’m currently finishing my second bottle and definitely getting another one soon. My personal favourite is the RadianceFluide Hydrating Emulsion as my skin feels instantly soft and hydrated after every use. My mother-in-law even praises that my skin glows. I also do have issues with pimples on my chin and the recently lauched blemish spot cream help save my day. Thumbs up!

  • Lee Hui Ling
    2 years ago

    Barely a month after using the Vita C Gold Serum and Radiance Fluide Hydrating Emulsion, my beautician noticed that my complexion has vastly improved. They don’t clog pores and leave my skin feeling supple throughout the day. Using these with the Elixir-V Total Recovery Serum, Elixir-V Eyes and SunProtector, I’m now able to ditch the foundation when I head out. The best thing is they smell great! It always feels like a pampering treat for myself.

  • Grace Ramirez
    2 years ago

    The products from Dr TWL derma have already been part of my daily routine. My most favourite is the Radiance Fluide Emulsion because it makes my skin so healthy and dewy! It can smoothen out any dry/flaky area of your skin and give you a beautiful glow.

    Their entire collection of skincare products really helped to improve my skin and I got so much praise for it! My skin cleared up, got free from flaking, and was really looking plump and healthy! It is because of their serums that I achieved the best skin in my entire life!

    (Hyaluronic acid and Vita C combination is the best)

    Their products are quite pricey, but the price tag is definitely worth it knowing that their products are specially curated by Dr Teo and contain active ingredients that can’t be found in just ANY product.

    I also enjoy talking with Dr. Teo because exchanging conversations with her are so meaningful. You get to learn a lot more about your skin and gain medical knowledge from her at the same time.

    Much love always

    2 years ago

    EDITED: (Original Review attached as photos.)
    Thank you for your prompt reply Justin.

    Firstly, you mentioned that the review of the costs incurred are not accurate, and GROSSLY inflated. I do have the documents of my purchases and visits and here’s the breakdown:

    1st visit, invoice 4132 & 4133: $1382.40
    2nd visit, invoice 4274: $952.30
    3rd visit, invoice 4521: $1235.85

    Online purchase,
    Order 7350 – $283.55
    Order 8051 – $107 (Elixir V Bundle on discount, $350 reduction)
    Order 8241 – $139.10 (Mineral Booster on discount, $130 reduction)
    Order 8259 – $387.88 (Anti-Acne Bundle on discount, $362.50 reduction)
    Order 9356 – $58.85

    Total amount spent at TWL: $4546.93

    In the original review, i estimated the amount to be around $5000. I apologise that it was inflated by approximately $400 plus dollars BUT i did state that it was an estimate, and i rounded it up to the nearest thousand.

    And i am not representing any brands, but sure, i would be happy to help in your investigation when the team contacts me, since you mentioned that there are third parties sabotage on the clinic.

    I apologise to the brands i mentioned in my prior review, because it was certainly not my intention to drag them in, i am just a normal user of their products and in no way i’m advertising for them.

    Also, what i said about TWL’s product was that my skin didn’t improve much, and it could be inferred from the previous review that the products don’t break me out too, which i thought was a pretty decent comment. This was also what i said of the other brands i’ve mentioned, just that i included they are more affordable. And in my review, i also mentioned that i had made purchases after my three visits to the dermatologist, and in no way did i state that i was forced to purchase the cosmeceutical skincare range. Also, i wrote that i’m still using the honey cleanser and sunprotector from TWL, so i regret if you interpreted it as an attack on TWL products.

    I wrote the previous review with the intention of sharing my experience with less informed customers – i thought that was the point of reviews. And i think it was in no way defamatory or angled at harming your business reputation or dermatologist. I did mention that the dermatologist was professional and a possible reason why my skin didn’t improve was due to not heeding her advice of going for blue light sessions. So i regret if you thought i was trying to harm your business reputation especially when the last part of previous review caveated that different doctors might work for different patients.

  • Anthony Tsang
    2 years ago

    Great experience! Professional staff with top quality consultation and service.

  • Peiwen Ng
    2 years ago

    I went to see Dr Teo last November and I was very disappointed. All she did was to google the information on hair loss in front of me and sold me a lot of her products. After I left her room and was still waiting outside, she blasted her pop music really loudly as though we were in a club.

  • Jess Tettelaar
    2 years ago

    I would describe Dr Teo as a good business woman, an excellent saleswomen and lastly, a doctor. On multiple occasions, I would be presented with an extortionate invoice as multiple products from her range were added to my bill without prior discussion. Not a pleasant surprise when consultations start exceeding S$2000! Moreover after 6 months of visitations, I did see any real progress with my skin. I had told her my concerns at the time that the journey had been overly costly and I was unhappy with the treatment.
    The last straw was when I was diagnosed with PCOS and when I informed Dr Teo, this lead to my ultimate dismissal. It was obvious that she was not interested in helping me and had found the perfect excuse to dismiss me. If this is the kind of service one can expect after raisings concerns with her service, I am left feeling particularly ashamed that I had not discontinued my visits to Dr Teo sooner. This is why it has taken me so long to write a review. I have not been back to the clinic since.
    I also agree with other reviewers that Dr Teo rushes through appointments. One time I arrived early on a weekday and there were no other patients. Dr Teo walked past me in the waiting area without acknowledging my presence even though the receptionists had told her I arrived, took a long lunch (over 1 hour) and then saw me for my 10 minute consult. This was utterly disrespectful.

  • Ros Leon
    2 years ago

    I have been using some of Dr. TWL’s products for over three months now and it has been a great discovery. They are gentle and work very well with my sensitive skin. My skin problems have never been more under control. Thanks for the help Dr. TWL!

  • lucie l
    2 years ago

    I’ve been using the Sunprotector for about 3 months. It feels light, gets absorbed very quickly and works very well in protecting my skin from the sun’s harsh rays! I tend to get freckles easily but with the Sunprotector, I’ve realised that I haven’t developed new freckles despite the harsher weather!

  • Chong Zhi Yao
    2 years ago

    TWL offers a full range of awesome skin products. I have been applying the sunscreen every day ever since I started a month ago and I am totally sold by how it feels on my skin. Easy to apply, feels like nothing and smells great. There’s a product for everyone. Highly recommended for all to give it a try.

  • Phan Chow Fu
    2 years ago

    Absolutely love the range of products that are being offered by Dr twl! Top 3 things that I really like:
    1. Miel Honey Cleanser – one of the most soothing face wash I’ve ever tried! I hate cleansers that are overly intense that it makes the skin feel tight. This cleanser cleans without removing moisture, leaving my skin feeling soft after wash.
    2. Sunprotector – amazing sunblock! Doesn’t feel greasy and smells naturally great (not the artificial fragrant kind that u get in many other products). But what I love most is how fast it’s absorbed by the skin!
    3. Hyaluronic acid – just 1 drop each on both the cheeks and forehead, spread with fingers in rotating motion and is sufficient to keep the skin moist and supple throughout the day. Was skeptical initially when the clinic demonstrated but it really works! I have a mixed oily skin but glad to see my face was very much less oily at the end of the day as the moisture was retained in the skin throughout the day

  • Natalie Tan
    2 years ago

    Friendly staff. Knowledgeable doctor.

  • lyn w
    2 years ago

    I was recommended this clinic by my friend who has been seeing Dr.Teo for the last 2 years. I suffer from hormonal acne , as well as hair loss of giving birth to my last child 1 year ago. I have been visiting so many dermatologists without improvement until I visited TWL. First of all, the staff nurses here are incredibly well trained and knowledgeable, Justin, the clinic manager has been extremely helpful in my insurance claims enquiries, with excellent response times. Most of all, Dr Teo is so lovely, professional and understanding and she really reassured me throughout my recovery journey with her amazing range of haircare that has restored my hair growth to at least 30 per cent more than when I first saw her just a few months back! Thank you Dr.Teo and TEAM!

  • Mei Lim
    2 years ago

    Brought my daughter to Dr Teo to get her acne treated. Dr Teo is very empathetic and reassuring towards my daughter. I could tell that Dr is very knowledgeable and experienced from the consultation. Her team of staff are great too! Impressed by the results of the treatments and Dr.TWL cosmeceuticals on my daughter’s skin, I decided to visit her for my own skin concerns too. I would like to specially mention the radiance emulsion and sunprotector prescribed to me.They feel so light weight on my skin, it’s amazing! The pigmentation on my face has always been troubling me and ever since I started treatment with Dr Teo, it has lightened tremendously and I noticed my skin is looking brighter & feeling more supple. Many thanks Dr Teo & Team!

  • Rachel Wang
    2 years ago

    Visited the clinic regarding a growth on my knee. Dr Teo was very approachable and patient in explaining to me the condition and the treatment options available so that I was well informed. Each visit I went was a smooth and pleasant experience and the products recommended were very effective. Would definitely recommend the clinic!

  • Samitta A. Chowdhury
    2 years ago

    Rude staff, don’t bother coming to your appointment on time as your kept waiting. I went in December BTW. Dr tries to rush through appointment and would not clearly listen to my concerns or check my problem areas just scattered through my hair for 2 seconds and starts rubbing hand sanitizer right after? Overpriced medication as it’s her own brand. Staff was not helpful with insurance paperwork as well and claims they need 2 days to get a signature.
    I only came here as my usual dermatologist was out of Singapore when I was visiting. Doctor even asked what dermatologist I go to, made a face after I said a named and when I told her the skin conditions I had been diagnosed (by multiple accredited dermatologists might I add) with she said it was not true. On the second appointment she made false
    Claim every time I see her I’m wearing tight clothing which is the reason for my skin problems on my leg in a very judgmental tone. How can she notice this while meeting me for the second time only? This claim was later proven to be false by my actual dermatologist. Don’t be fooled by the high star ratings, which is what caught my attention to even go in the first place. A complete waste of money and so much of my time.

  • Clarissa Lim
    2 years ago

    I suffer from dry, sensitive skin since childhood even in a humid climate like Singapore. After trying different moisturizers and skincare products and not noticing any long-term improvements in my skin, I was starting to get frustrated so I decided to pay a visit to the clinic after hearing good feedback about the clinic from my friends.

    Upon reaching the clinic, I was greeted by the friendly staff at the counter and registration with the clinic was quick and smooth. During the consultation, Dr Teo was very knowledgeable, patient and empathetic. She explained my condition clearly and made sure that I understood my diagnosis and what to expect for my treatment and the risks involved.

    For my dry skin, I used their home brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals’ Multi-Ceram Moisturizer and the flaking I experienced would disappear with just a single use!! Their moisturizer differentiates itself from store-bought moisturizers because of an ingredient called ceramide which helps hold the skin barrier together, maintaining the moisture on the skin. They also swear by using plant extracts and dermatologist-tested formulas for their products so fret not about their quality!

    I was also pleasantly surprised by their Le Lait Milk Cleanser which was very gentle for my sensitive skin but still managed to thoroughly cleanse the face. After trying the red light treatment for the rejuvenation of my face, I have also noticed my skin becoming less dull and more like my younger days if I may say so

    To sum up, my whole experience at TWL clinic was seamless and I could even say lifechanging. Would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from hair, skin or nail conditions and don’t hesistate to place your trust in the expertise of Dr Teo!

  • Bella Ågestam
    3 years ago

    I arrived and was “welcomed” by a rude receptionist. The feeling I had as soon as I walked in the door was bad straight away because of the welcoming.

    After being asked to sign a bunch of paper with a lot of overwhelming information about prices and what was going to happen during the appointment I sat down and waited.

    When I was welcomed by the doctor, who was nice and polite, I was per-scripted a bunch of expensive shampoos for my dandruff, which was not the reason I was there for. I was told if I do not start using it, I will suffer a lot of hair loss.. During the appointment I had the receptionist sitting on a chair in the appointment room, present all the time. It was very uncomfortable and I was never explained why she was present during the whole appointment..

    The hole appointment and experience was very overwhelming and the price tag likewise. After the appointment I had to sign even more papers with ALOT of information of side effects and more of what could happen during my next treatment. When I wanted to read through everything I felt like the receptionist was stressing me to sign asap.

    I have never felt so overwhelmed at a doctors office before and from the moment I stepped in to the room I felt like they just wanted to get as much money from me as possible. The doctor is polite and nice, but I can not for my life understand how this place only has 5-star reviews?

    The clinic is not very nice and the staff, defiantly not.
    I was supposed to come back for a second appointment but I have decided to cancel it and go to a dermatologist when I get home to Sweden.

    I also see that on every negative comment – you get a very rude “know it all” answer back. Maybe you should just take the constructive criticism that you receive and try to make the place more pleasant for your patients. There is never a fire without smoke..

  • Wan Sian
    3 years ago

    I was really concerned about my skin and I had bad acne flare-ups that really affected me. I decided to look up dermatologist clinics to seek for real help instead of self-experimenting with expensive store bought skincare. I chanced upon TWL skin clinic while on google and thought it was worth a shot because of the great reviews.

    Booking an appointment to see Dr Teo was surprisingly smooth. I made a call to the clinic and was promptly greeted by a clinic staff. She gave me all the available timings to choose from. She also let me know the consultation rates beforehand which I thought was really nice as some clinics do not let you know until you’ve seen the doctor and you get taken aback by a hefty consultation fee afterwards.

    When I visited the clinic, the staff were welcoming and responsive which I really appreciated. They registered me and run me through some consent forms that I had to sign. Although I had to wait for some time I could understand as the clinic was pretty busy, there were a few patients before me and there is only one doctor to see everyone.

    Dr Teo was very warm and polite throughout my consultation with her. She understood my issues and gave a lot of insightful information regarding my face and skin. She was very thorough and made sure I was fully informed about what I could and should do with my condition.

    The treatment Dr Teo recommended was tailored to my skin needs and I was very confident to try it out and see how things would pan out. Some things that were prescribed to me, I have never heard of and I was scared that I might use them wrongly. But the front desk was quick to answer all my queries and they were very informative as well. They booked me in for a review with Dr Teo after 2 weeks and I was done, easy as that!

    All in all really pleasant experience at this clinic. The treatments really helped me, my acne is actually under control and my skin has never been better. I would honestly recommend anyone to see Dr Teo for their skin or hair problems, can’t thank her enough!

  • haoji hen
    3 years ago

    I found this clinic on google, and was attracted by it,s 4.6 score, I applied for appointment and was told the first visit cost 150 SGD & review cost 120, I believe higher price for better service , went to the clinic with good wish, but later I found I was absolutely wrong. The doctor is not professinal, too proud or too lazy to move a finger during the examination, I try to tell her my prvious medical attention to help the diagnostic, but she did not listen, I think she’s hurry for her lunch, and left a long list of prescription , let me ” try if it’s work, and back to review in two weeks” , and then I found the 150USD diagnostic fee is only small piece of cake of the total bill.
    And then I “try” the prescription and not surprisingly not work.
    I had read some of the comments, and regret not having read earlier, the doctor is definitly over rated, and the score will mislead people who like me believe rates, I hope my comment will help people who want to go this clinic, please have more consideration.

  • Rashmi Dalai
    3 years ago

    Dr. TWL cares for both my and my children’s skin. She’s smart, efficient and kind, and her clinic team has the same qualities. Her assessments and treatments have all been spot on. Her cosmetic dermatology services also deliver as promised. The same can be said about her new skincare line which is a true hidden gem. I highly recommend her practice and her products!

  • Kei Chen
    3 years ago

    I’m taking this time writing this review to thank Dr Teo Wan Lin. I’m thankful for the advices given by her during the consultation, as she will ensures that you understand what is the treatment about and gives you information for your well being towards better results. Very professional, friendly, and helpful. Secondly i like to thank her assistant Cheryl for being friendly, and professional throughout the session. Lastly i want to say thanks counter staff, Stella for giving and writing details for my medicines whether its day or night medicine, it’s very helpful. Overall 10/10 experience at TWL Specialist Skin and Laser Centre. Regards – Kei

  • James Abbott
    3 years ago

    Five star service from Dr. Teo and her staff! Thanks for being so patient at explaining my condition in detail during the consultation. I felt completely at ease throughout my visit to the clinic, and the best part is that the treatment has been working so far! Definitely my go-to doctor for all skin related issues

  • Edward Tan
    3 years ago

    I first saw Dr Teo for my eczema about a year ago which recovered under her care, and then started seeing her for acne that I suffered since my teens with breakouts that frequented around the hair jaw lines and nose areas. Breakouts that no longer bother me under the warm friendly care of Dr Teo and TWL staff I’m happy to say. Particularly like the Hyaluronic Acid that keeps my dry yet oily skin moisturized and Honey Cleanser that I also use as an anti bacteria shaving foam helping to soothe the sensitive shave areas. All these coupled with a monthly chemical peel has helped maintain a relatively clear complexion since the initial treatments. Highly recommended and thank you Dr Teo!

  • Cheryl Heng
    3 years ago

    I have been to this clinic for the past few months now, having my chemical peels done there. I really love the results – brighter skin and smoother texture. I also tried their milk cleanser for removing makeup, and it is one of the gentlest remover I have used. I have purchased it along with their honey cleanser. I have never been happier with my skin condition right now, thanks to Dr Teo!

  • TL Yao
    3 years ago

    I have been seeing Dr. Teo for the past six months after being referred by a family member. Despite having seen a couple of other dermatologists before, none of the different chemical gels and creams I had been prescribed yielded long-lasting positive effects on my acne-plagued skin. After going on a course of medication from Dr. Teo and using the Miel Honey cleanser she recommended daily, I’ve seen my acne condition significant improve rather drastically. In all, very good experience at this clinic and most importantly, fantastic results. Thanks Doc!

  • Calista Tan
    3 years ago

    After years of having eczema and I could not find a doctor that could treat it, I went to TWL in hope that it would help at least a little to stop the eczema flare-ups.

    She wasn’t understanding at my condition at all, commenting at how bad it was (which was the very reason why I came to her) and questioning the doctors I went to which put me off during consultation because that wasn’t helpful at all. Speaking of which, I also didn’t learn more about my own condition with the fact that she’s a dermatologist.

    After a not very pleasant consultation, she prescribed me with cream that wasn’t suitable and my skin didn’t react well to it (became more flaky).
    I also used the shower gel and lotion, ate the antihistamine she gave, didn’t help but brought another round of flare-ups which became worst this time.

    Her unprofessionalism contrary to the reviews I read online made this entire experience really disappointing not to mention the exorbitant price that was charged for a short consultation.

    After writing this review, I received a reply from them within an hour, claiming that I was not their patient without first checking their records. After going through the unnecessary process of verifying my visit with them, the only request I made was for them to retract their false claims of me not being a patient in their reply to my review; I wrote my review with the sole intent of sharing my genuine experience with the clinic as I believe it would be beneficial for others like myself who believes in and relies on online reviews and services.

    Our interactions came to a halt after this request was made, and I have not heard from them since. They were extremely efficient in making sweeping statements while defending their image even when it was a clear mistake on their part, instead of taking the effort to make clarifications regarding my issues faced during the consultation.

    After posting this same review on their Facebook page, they have the audacity to claim that they depend on word of mouth recommendation to keep a consistent track record and that they have no intentions of removing their false claims on me as you can see from the comment below this review.

  • Charissa Tan
    3 years ago

    Visits to TWL clinic are always pleasant. Dr Teo takes the time to understand my skin concerns and clearly explains to me the best treatment options in a gentle and reassuring manner. I have also started using their skincare line – Dr. TWL Derma, which has done wonders for my skin. Thank you, Dr Teo and team. My skin is in good hands.

    [Oct ’19]
    Applying lipstick is an everyday affair for me. When I heard there was a way to fully customise my lippie, to the exact shade and finish, I had to try it. I visited Dr TWL’s new clinic at Royal Square @ Novena for the custom lip lab experience two weeks ago. The session started off with a skin tone analysis. Using the advanced colour science system, I was recommended a shade on my chosen colour wheel (coral) which truly complements me. This is so great because I don’t know for sure what shades work for me (i.e. end up buying the wrong colour) so I’m happy there’s a scientific approach to this. The colour scientist then mixed the pigments into a cosmeceutical anti-ageing, antioxidant base, infused with salmon roe DNA. Only good stuff in this LipSerum; totally safe to ingest (I worry sometimes how much lipstick I’m consuming daily). I chose a caramel flavour for my lippie – it’s like applying desert on my lips!

    I’ve used the LipSerum stick for two weeks now. It wears like a dream – no tugging on the lips when applying, melts into a serum on contact with lips, leaves them plump and glossy. The staying power is also great. I will definitely be back for more colours.

    To complete the whole experience, I also had a colour corrector and concealer custom blended to my exact skin tone. I’m sure majority of us ladies struggle to find the perfect concealer match. Layered with Dr TWL’s CellTalk CC Cream over, and the Radiance Fluide Hydrating Emulsion under, I’ve received so many compliments on the “glow” of my skin.

    Dr TWL is a one stop shop for all my skin needs now. I haven’t looked back since starting on their cosmeceutical line two years ago. My skin has never looked better.

  • penpen lim
    3 years ago

    The clinic staff are very friendly. Doctor is knowledgable. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Thumbs up!

  • Derrick Kong
    3 years ago

    I’ve been suffering from eczema on my right index finger for many years, which acts up very badly especially during overseas trips to cold dry countries, the skin around the finger becomes more brittle and cracks so easily that the skin around the finger gets really painful and bleeds with open wounds sometimes. I am excited to share with you, Dr Teo and TWL team, that my skin condition has improved dramatically after getting treatment at the clinic. No more cracked, painful, peeling, bleeding skin around the finger on my recent trip to Japan, despite the cold dry weather, totally ENJOYING it, thank you so much Dr Teo and team!

  • chua wan tian
    3 years ago

    Professional and friendly service from doctor teo and her team! Informative and easy to understand explanations which breaks down complicated medical terms for layman like me 🙂 Particularly like the medicated shampoos prescribed to treat my scalp condition, highly recommended!

  • Sally Tan
    3 years ago

    Terrific care and excellent service from Dr Teo and staff at TWL. On long term meds for a separate medical condition, which has caused side effects on my skin that became very sensitive, dry, easily red and flared up. Under the meticulous care of Dr Teo, the redness has now disappeared and my skin restored to its former, in fact younger self. Thank you Dr Teo!

  • Yuri C
    4 years ago

    My first encounter with Dr. Teo was when she was still with the Raffles medical.
    I decided to continue to seek her professional advice as I felt that her primary objective is the well-being of her patients.
    When you enter her office, you will feel this positive energy, you will feel that this is the right place to be for whatever questions you may have in regards to dermatology.
    I am not the easiest patient to have, as I have a fear of needles.
    But Dr. Teo and her staff, both were really patient and calming.
    I would like to thank you and your staff for making the experience to your office a pleasant one. There are not too many medical offices where I can make the same statement.
    I will sure recommend you to anyone who needs professional advice in dermatology.
    Thank you again Dr. Teo.

  • Maita Cabinian
    4 years ago

    On our first visit, she made us wait for half an hour. That’s after my son and I rushed to make it to our appointment since they were very strict with appointment timings. Not a very reassuring visit as I feel I didn’t learn anything new about my son’s condition, having consulted other dermatologists before. Although I was surprised that he was given a full course of antibiotics. Gave her the benefit of the doubt so came back for second appointment. (This time, not too conscious about sticking to the appointment time!) Became more confused and worried when he was prescribed even more antibiotics. Disappointed that our experience didn’t live up to all the positive reviews I read from here as these spotless 5-Star reviews were the sole reason I chose to see this doctor. So for the first time ever, I posted my own “caveat emptor” review here.

    I did have to amend this review after her staff called me with a friendly suggestion to remove it. Sorry, my conscience won’t allow me to remove it but have reworded it to be more factual. I’m sure I’m but a small voice easily drowned out by all the 5-stars but to remove my post would be a disservice to people like me who rely too much on online reviews.

  • Chris Elliot Gange
    4 years ago

    Absolutely wonderful service at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre. Warm, friendly and professional, Dr. Teo is always customer-oriented, taking the time to listen to patients’ concerns despite her busy schedule and always making patients feel comfortable. Procedures are also incredibly well-managed, with all the preliminaries (ie. washing face, setting up) done efficiently by her group of well-trained staff. As a long-time, satisfied customer, I definitely highly recommend this place to anyone seeking skin or beauty treatment.

  • Debbie Chen
    4 years ago

    I have followed Dr Teo since April 2016 from when she treated me in Raffles Hospital to now, in her own practice. It is evident that she really cares about her patients and she is not only professional, but understanding too. I suffer from moderate acne and am a poor college student. So she has definitely helped me to overcome my acne problems step by step and has also given me the best solutions which I can afford.

    Her expertise and her empathy for her patients makes her one (the only for me) of the best dermatologists that I have seeked treatment from!

  • Fen G
    4 years ago

    Started as an eczema patient of Dr. Teo, later on referred my brother and friends too when I see results on myself after several sessions of treatment. Dr. Teo is confident, pretty and accurate when it comes to diagnosis and suggesting the right treatment for you just by looking at your skin or listening to your symptoms. She have thus far treated not only my eczema but i also consult her on other skin problems for my face and body. I know I’m well taken care of in her hands.

  • stephanie sheriff
    4 years ago

    Absolutely professional and warm, Dr Teo has got to be my favourite after the numerous dermatologists I’ve visited throughout my many years. She is detailed when explaining my skin condition, conscientious when tracking my progress and gracious when it comes to recommending products and treatments. Love her team of assistants too!

  • LP Yau
    4 years ago

    Awesome service provided on my last visit to Dr Teo’s. Really warm and inviting as usual. I like it that she offers unbiased, honest feedback and doesn’t overcharge for her services. This is one doctor that really cares for the welfare of her patients, emphasising patient experience over everything else. Thank you Dr. Teo!

  • Stephanie Tan Hurrell
    4 years ago

    I’ve visited Dr Teo several times for my cystic acne. She has been extremely attentive and informative, and suggested combination therapy – including carbon laser treatments, and some topical and oral medications. My cystic acne is now under control! I’m on my way to getting laser treatments for my scars. Looking forward to clear and smoother skin!

  • Ong Jy
    4 years ago

    Been to Dr. Teo’s clinic twice after a recommendation, and I absolutely love it! The clinic offers unparalleled service in many aspects, from the consultation to the procedure. Everything was completed professionally and the best part is that my skin condition improved by leaps and bounds after Dr. Teo’s chemical peel and blue light therapy. Highly recommended and definitely worth a try!

  • Stanley Tay
    4 years ago

    1st appt w Dr Teo 2mth ago when i had a serious right foot abscess. After seeking her medical advice, went through 2 rds of minor procedure and I am recovering well. Thank you TWL.

  • Sijia Sijia
    4 years ago

    Professional advices given by Dr Teo and service rendered by her team!

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