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13 Reviews on “The Urban Clinic Medical Aesthetics”

  • Natalie
    3 years ago

    I really love this clinic and I recommend it to all my friends. I found out about it when I met a friend I’d known for over 6-7 years and her skin was glowing and perfect. My friend suffered from severe acne our entire friendship. She’d done lasers, and multiple accutane treatments to no avail. So it was really impressive, and I decided to check the clinic out myself.

    They don’t hard sell or try to scam you by doing treatments half-heartedly or lightly. You see results immediately (i.e. within a single treatment). If you are considering looking for a clinic, look no further, Dr Yanni is absolutely amazing and will listen to your concerns and provide the best treatments!

  • Cassandra Wong
    4 years ago

    Never does reply messages or any queries. What is the staff doing on Instagram and with the official contact numbers? For months I tried contacting and enquiring but almost all messages are always left on read and then ignored. The questions are always simple: How much do the steroid injections cost? This type also ignore and cannot answer. I don’t know why. Excellent quality products 5 stars, but minus 3 stars here for the terrible customer service.

  • sherena ow
    4 years ago

    Doctor yanmin saved my skin! Been suffering with Rosasea and didn’t realise it until dr yanmin told me. Manage to cure and treat my skin. They have good service there and the Nurses are very caring.

    I have seen quite a few reviews on making people wait for their appointments a year ago but for me probably the most is 10-15 minutes delay and I think they probably improved a lot which means they actually listen.

  • Cynthia Oh
    4 years ago

    Thank you dr yanni and dr yanmin for fixing my skin. Finally after so many doctors I finally solved my chin outbreak mystery!

  • Tan Family
    4 years ago

    The clinic deleted the review on their Facebook, which says all about how it is. Was told by the doctor that the removal of skin tags is included in the price of the laser package and could be done every time after the laser, but was charged $200 additional in the bill after the treatment. It should have explained clearly right from the start.

  • molar kisa
    4 years ago

    Spacious and nice place to wait but I think I don’t deserve to wait if I already set an appointment on a specific time. I hope that they could prioritize those who already made a prior booking to guarantee that each client will have a positive customer service experience.

  • wen tan
    4 years ago

    Despite HAVING MADE AN APPOINTMENT, i was asked to wait indefinitely. I was told by the nurses that is have to wait AT LEAST 1.5hrs and there was no promises that the doc would be available by then to see me. Its a ridiculous wait. Why bother to fix an appointment and no a bid by it. Not everyone has the whole day to wait for your service. They offered an alternative, which was for me to return another day if i could not afford to wait any longer. Mind u, i made an appointment, made time and effort to travel to your clinic just for you to tell me to come back another day?! If u enjoy waiting like you would at a polyclinic, then this is certainly the place for you.

  • Shah Aisha
    4 years ago

    Loving the new Space and Vibe ! Friendly staff and deffinitely worth the visit.

  • kylie yeo
    5 years ago

    Dr Yanni and Dr Yanmin are not just the average doctors but they show you care and concern just like a friend would. Quality services from highly skilled technicians also leave my skin feeling fantastic and refreshed with visible and lasting results after each visit.

    It’s safe to say I’m now a regular at The Urban Clinic and there’s no turning back! 10/10 would recommend The Urban Clinic !!!

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