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100 Reviews on “Sozo Aesthetic Clinic”

  • Ivy
    8 months ago

    Dr Justin is an acne scar treatment expert. Over the last 2 years, Dr Justin has help me to improve my deep pimple scars and marks. By far one of the most dedicated and focussed doctors on treating pimple scars. My face scars are close to 80% improved. Thank you Dr Justin 😊

  • Maylee Tan
    1 year ago

    Got my hair treatment done. Good outcome and effective treatment. On top, excellent service

  • Nicole L.
    3 years ago

    Ultherapy was my choice of treatment and I’m glad Dr Justin Boey did the treatment for me as he was very patient and skilled! Saw really great lifting results within 2 months and I’ll definitely return for my yearly Ultherapy maintenance!

  • Landon Ben
    3 years ago

    AWESOME!!! Did ULTHERAPY with Dr Justin. Very precise and very professional. Will dedicated and customized to my NEEDS, rather than being pushy. Explained every detailed procedure to ensure what to expect from Ultherapy.

    Service in clinic is excellent. Can enjoy Nespresso coffee while waiting 🙂 Be sure to know more about Ultherapy with Dr Justin. Can’t wait to see my results in 3 months time.

  • Christine Lee
    3 years ago

    I came all the way from Malaysia and did my Ultraformer 3 with Dr Justin. It was a very pleasant experience because the staffs are very attentive and Dr Justin explained to me the whole procedure before we start. I will definitely recommend my friends and family to go to Sozo Aesthetic Clinic.

  • Charlene
    3 years ago

    Service was unprofessional and robotic-like. The lady at the counter, (Zenia?), was very pushy and kept trying to upsell the clinic’s services. Was quite surprised because as an aesthetic clinic, I thought the treatments should be customised and recommended by a certified doctor instead of the sales staff. I was also shocked at how curt and unfriendly the lady doctor was, and she did not seem interested in addressing her patient’s concerns. Definitely my first and last time here. The most terrible experience I ever had at an aesthetic clinic so far.

  • Sherri Ashlee
    3 years ago

    Just tried their Pico Laser for the first time and I loved that it has no downtime plus results were visible after the first session! My pigmentation has definitely faded a little. Looking forward to my next session already!

  • Lynn Lor
    3 years ago

    My wrinkles around the eye is significantly decrease, injections were quick and painless. Good service and worth it price. Highly recommended

  • Jonathan Chiang
    3 years ago

    I’ve never ever been to or had any aesthetic work done before so you can imagine the excitement but at the same time the ‘fear’ I would have.
    Excitement that finally I can get my issues solved but fear that how the processes would be like and of course whether the team at SOZO are ethicial, patient, kind and sincere.
    But the second I stepped into the clinic, all my fears were gone! Due to the kind and warm smile from the nurses, who very kindly welcome me in sincerely and not doing so because its part of their job, and how would I know you ask, I’m in the retail business and definitely can sense and look out for tell tale signs of just hard selling and fake smiles.
    They made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of, and regardless how busy the staff were that day, each and everyone greeted and welcome me and others at the clinic, and even asked whether we were already attended to.
    Soon it was my turn and I had a really good chat with Dr. Boey, he excitedly welcome me into this office and we started our consultation regarding my skin issues and what laser treatments I require. As I’m new to all these aesthetic treatments, one could easily sell me a whole range of what I ‘need’ and I wouldn’t know. But Dr. Boey only insisted that I needed 2 certain type of lasers, according to my skin conditions and what I want to achieve at the end of it as well.
    And so we started and the whole process was just amazing, not scary, not painful and really very pleasant and calming. Almost spa like I must say, and with such ease, it’ll really made the whole experience wonderful and already looking forward to my next while still at my first!
    What made it even more assuring was the day after, when the clinic’s assistant will follow up with you regarding how I was feeling after the treatment. These simple, small gestures may not be much to all, but the devil is in the details and it matters the world to know that it ain’t just business but a reflection of the culture and ethos of SOZO and her team.
    I’ve since had friends, family members gone and seen Dr. Boey and his team, because the trust and faith that Dr. Boey and his team has instilled in us is what truly makes them one of a kind.

  • Annie L
    3 years ago

    I’ve had 3 sessions of subcision with Rejuran for my acne scars. The first 2 sessions had minimal impact but, after the 3rd session, I saw significant improvement in my scars, especially the deeper ones. I was so shocked and happy because I did not expect such dramatic improvement. I am now looking forward to my 4th session.

  • Dom Chan
    3 years ago

    Five sessions at $3.5k+ for subcision and fractional CO2 laser after also purchasing a moisturiser from the clinic designed for recovery of the skin after aesthetic treatments.

    CO2 treatments were recommended based on papular scars I was there to get rid of. Was also recommended to give my ice pick scars a go with subcision and so I did.

    Subcision worked for some but not all ice pick scars. CO2 laser evidently shrunk pores, but was not effective in treating papular scars- with them resurfacing to their original state after a month since the last treatment.

    Doctor did start by saying that he does not provide to his customers, success rates for his treatments-

  • Lee Lee Hew
    3 years ago

    Had a pleasant journey to great skin with Dr Justin Boey and his team. I could vividly recall my first visit to Sozo in mid 2018. I was keen to find out more about Pico laser to treat my pigmentation and at the same time apprehensive about such treatments.
    During my first consultation, Dr Justin was very patient in addressing my skin concerns and his explanation and sharing on the subject matter was very professional and comprehensive. Since then I have been going to Sozo for other treatments as well and my skin conditions have improved significantly. I always walked out of the clinic feeling happy and confident after every visit.

  • Tan Chek Yih
    3 years ago

    I’m so happy, this is my second time to go back to Sozo for my yearly skin tightening treatment HIFU. I must say the treatment is highly effective with minimal downtime. The team is very friendly and Dr Justin is very gentle and professional. Highly recommended!

  • Lynn Lor
    3 years ago

    My wrinkles around the eye is significantly decrease, injections were quick and painless. Good service and worth it price. Highly recommended !

  • minjae kim
    3 years ago

    Even I have tried to cure my keloid several times in south korea, I couldn’t find any proper solution.
    After being treated at the sozo clinic, my scar almost removed. I’m very impressed with high injection technique of Dr. Justin and Dr. Sau.
    Especially, I want thanks for sincere caring attitude of all staffs.

  • Audrey Tan
    3 years ago

    Very good experience with Sozo!

    Did Pico laser and fillers , both Dr Justin Boey and Dr Sau Po Yi are professional and really set my mind at ease. They gave me constructive advice as to where I should add fillers for a more symmetrical face. Am very happy with the results

  • Xuer
    3 years ago

    Please avoid this clinic at all cost.

  • Jeremiah Leong
    3 years ago

    Been with Dr Justin and his team for a year now on various treatments. And I have to say they have been one of the most attentive and dedicated people I have had worked with on the journey to great skin. No nonsense and pushy approach, Dr Justin will only advise and recommend accordingly with the precise tailored treatment option as he deem fit for every individual

    Overall my complexion has drastically improved within a year. So if you’re someone who opts for transparency, sincerity and effectiveness then you might want to give them a chance to help you achieve your skin goals!

  • Humairah Joehari
    3 years ago

    This review may come slightly belated but better late than never! Visited Sozo sometime late last year as I was down with hormonal acne at the age of 28! Signed up for a treatment package for Pico Laser and could see a vast difference in my skin and its condition! Dr Justin is patient and encouraged me a lot despite me being super low about my face. The Acnotin 10 medication certainly helped as well in reducing the acne occurrence. No doubt that it is a little on the pricey side, but their treatments indeed work and I definitely recommend them!

  • Sharlyn Lim
    3 years ago

    Done with the 1st session of Pico Laser on my back so that I can have a svelte smooth back wearing gorgeous gowns at events.
    Thank you TEAM Sozo clinic & Dr Sau for the utmost care! I didn’t break a sweat as the laser wasn’t even painful at all. I was chatting happily with Dr Sau Beauty doesn’t have to be painful

  • Adeline Pan
    3 years ago

    I recently went to try their trial picolaser treatment. Before I went, I called to ask if their trial treatment is different from the full price treatment and I was informed that it is the same so I decided to try since I have never done laser treatment. When I arrived, not very pleased to see a patient wearing disposable hair net at the waiting area so you can imagine how small the place is. Dr Justin is very patient to explain on the different pigmentations, treatment options and my questions. I was asked to go back to waiting area where the reception lady went through the price rates handwritten on her note book. I told her that I will try out the trial session and will decide whether to sign up a package after the treatment. I was asked to pay even before treatment started. The treatment started with a 1min brightening peel which the assistant applied using her fingers wearing disposable gloves and the chemical got into my eye which stings. During the laser treatment, no numbing cream is applied I could only feel a bit of tingling. No redness and no changes to my skin except it feels dryer. Do not expect spa treatment that you see on YouTube when they go for laser treatments. No facial mask after treatment. Just a quick moisturiser and sunblock and off you go. The people at the clinic are courteous, not warm or chatty. No BS no hard selling. I feel it is a waste of money and time.

  • Brenna Ngoh
    3 years ago

    Great service experienced here with the friendly staff and doctor! Will definitely return for future treatments!

  • Kylie Low
    3 years ago

    Great service with experienced staff. Will recommend!

  • Ang Jinyuan
    3 years ago

    Very pleasant experience with Dr Justin Boey, Dr Sau and the entire team.
    Did hydra facial, PICO and HIFU, and esp like the PICO laser treatment results. Would recommend SOZO Clinic if you’re looking at skin brightening/lifting.

  • Leslie Chan
    3 years ago

    Wonderful experience there even for the 1st time… The tattoo removal was good also… just after 1 session can see significant changes… The doctor and nurses there was helpful and customer oriented… would highly recommend to all my friends out there…

  • Suky Chong
    3 years ago

    Had a great experience for my Ultherapy treatment and Filler injections with Dr Sau in Sozo Clinic. She is really took the time and listened to my concerns with patience. I’m very happy with the results. Highly recommended!

  • Rocio Perez
    3 years ago

    Amazing experience – I started seeing Dr Justin a few months back and am soooo happy with the experience! I had done a few treatments at other places (eg, for acne), but those clinics always had limited options available. I really respect that Dr Justin takes the time to research the most effective treatments that are coming out (and there are constantly so many of them), invests in new technology and advancements for his patients to benefit from, and also focuses on education so that his patients can make better decisions. I basically spend like 40 hours researching any treatment I’m interested in – so this part is super important to me!

    Overall – he has such a wide selection of treatments available for just one condition (at different price points) – so I know I can explore a variety of options. He’s also super realistic about expectations/ maintenance (which I know because I then do additional research to confirm – haha).

    He also has a really good eye for aesthetics/ beauty – and can see right away where improvements can be made. The good thing, I feel, is that instead of bombarding you with options (or pointing out all your imperfections), I noticed that he focuses on the thing that will have the biggest impact, and then once the patient sees results, can help them continue meeting their objectives.

    I also love that he centers his practice around busy professional women – which means that he’s focusing on impact/ results/ time/ recovery – rather than just selling a package of 10 sessions that will take like 25 hours over 6 months – or create a lot of downtime/ prevent us from working. This was definitely a new experience for me! The location is also super convenient and the staff are really friendly!

  • LK Lai
    3 years ago

    Would like to thank Dr Sau helped me with my complexion issues and giving me a better face profile. She is really professional and skillful. Did a pico laser, nose thread, tear trough and chin filler as i wanted a nicer face contour and flawless skin. Am amazed with the results!! Thank you Dr Sau making me look good and feel confident. THUMBS UP!!

  • Kymberley Ling
    3 years ago

    I had great experience for the pigmentation Laser, HIFU and jaw botox here with Dr. Sau. My face is more V shape now. Also my pigmentation have lightened after pico laser. She’s very patient and took the time to explain all my skin condition before proceed the treatment. Highly recommended!

  • Amelia Ang
    3 years ago

    Went there for injection for a cystic pimple. initial price quoted was consultation 70 and injection 80. when i got there, doctor was very patient in answering all my questions however says i have pus and will need extraction which is $100 more. really expensive and not what i expected to pay but i already did the consultation so feel its a waste of 70 if i dont proceed. it took like 3 seconds for him to extract pus (i was not shown the pus) so i dont actually know if there was any. the injection came after and it did work however i feel like a carrot head, feels like they just randomly add on things to make you pay more. Doctor is nice but the recept not so much.

  • Lavena Xu
    3 years ago

    I went to sozo aesthetic for a consultation for my ultherapy and pico laser.
    Dr poyi attended to me
    She was very patient , im very pleased and comfortable throughout the consultation, that I decided to proceed w my pico and ultherapy treatment!
    Dr poyi checked on me and made sure I’m ok. Thumbs up for the service and non pushy sales!
    Highly recommend dr poyi

  • amy voo
    3 years ago

    I’m into my 5th pico laser session for my post natal pigmentation. There are definite improvements! I’m so happy bcos I have wasted so much money and time trying other useless treatments before and this was gonna be my last investment. I’m glad it worked out. I wished I came earlier to sozo. Dr poyi is very meticulous and adjusted the goggles to target the cluster of pigmentation under my eyes. I felt that maybe my dark eye circle also improved after this laser!

  • Joan Ong
    3 years ago

    I went to sozo aesthetic for a consultation for my hifu. I expected to see Dr Justin but ended up consulting Dr poyi instead. I’m glad it turned out that way. She was very patient and pointed out my concerns which I found v difficult to verbalise! When she found out that I expected to see Dr Justin, she offered for Dr Justin to consult with me. But I was so comfortable with her that I decided to proceed w my hifu treatment! It was a bit painful but Dr poyi checked on me regularly and made sure I was OK. Zero downtime. Super pleased w the service and non pushy sales!

  • zou zhimei
    3 years ago

    I went to Sozo Aesthetics Clinic for my Pigmentation Problem . Their Doctor Sau Poyi is very Patient and Friendly and Professional to attend my Problem . I like their service and incredible result. Definitely will come back again.

  • Skai Sim
    3 years ago

    Had a great experience with Dr Justin Boey at Sozo Aesthetics. I had visited them to find out if there were any treatments suitable for my acne scars and they recommended lasers and fillers. Doctor and Nurses were very friendly, helpful and not pushy at all. Have been visiting Dr Justin for 3 months now and it’s been a great experience so far!

  • Nicholas Lee
    3 years ago

    Heard from friends that the acne scar removal treatments at Sozo are good so I decided to try them out. True enough, the results are better than what I expected. It took 4 sessions of pico laser and tca cross to treat the nasty scars. It might sound like a long time, but any other doctor that tells you it takes just one session isn’t entirely truthful. Highly recommend Dr Justin and his team!

  • Cat T
    3 years ago

    I really appreciated the service at Sozo! His nurses were very kind and reassuring, and Dr Justin was extremely meticulous about the process. I had jaw (masseter) botox done, and it was surprisingly painless! I had very bad teeth grinding issues that were causing tension headaches, and Dr Justin suggested that paralyzing the masseter muscles with botox will help minimise night time teeth grinding (bruxism). There was an option to apply numbing cream for those who are jittery about needles, but I decided to go without. During the process, the nurse helped to distract me from the injections by tapping on my forehead or shoulder. Injections were quick and painless. Im very thankful that Dr Justin took the time to go through with me what I would feel, where he will be targeting and what to expect post injections/the timeline on when the botox would take effect. I felt very comfortable throughout the process and i’m glad that he took the time to educate me on the procedure before proceeding! There was no bruising at all post injections. It has been a few months since the procedure (and I had a top up of botox since), and i can say that I no longer get severe tension headaches or an aching jaw when i wake up in the morning. A plus side to having jaw botox is…my jaw is also slimmer now! My face shape has changed and has become more “v-shaped”. I have received many compliments from friends and positive comments that my face looks slimmer. Will definitely recommend Dr Justin!

  • Jening Chng
    3 years ago

    Dr Justin took a look at my skin condition and gave me some very good advice that helped me change my lifestyle. The treatment options were laid out to me, he made sure I understood the Pros and Cons of each treatment and what they can do for my skin. I am surprised he never once persuaded me to take up the most expensive treatment, only the treatment he is sure will help my skin condition improve. Now this is a doctor with integrity and good ethics. Thank you Dr Justin!

  • Valentina Charlotte
    3 years ago

    I signed a crazy expensive package last year
    of 3000 $ plus 300$ useless and dangerous Hydroquinone cream with this clinic
    when I was living in Singapore

    And after multiple session….zero results!
    My pigmentation end up even worse than before !
    Total huge scam!
    I have started now a laser in Europe and only after 2 session results are amazing !
    Don’t go there never ever!

  • Mandy Teo
    3 years ago

    I have suffered from cystic acne, redness of skin and just having bad skin for the most part of my life. As a firm believer of how your skin is an outward reflection of what’s on the inside of your body, I’ve really tried so many ways to control my skin condition and really lucky that by cutting down on dairy (cow’s milk, yoghurt etc.), food high in sugars, oily stuff and switching to nut / oat milk and using tea tree oil, I’ve seen improvements in my skin. However, there’s always these acne scars and patchy skin that has always bothered me and really affected my self esteem, confidence and mood.

    I’ve walked past Sozo Clinic so many times on the way to the food court with my colleagues and always felt like checking them out. However, I was always really shy and there’s just this stigma (or maybe it’s just me) about visiting an aesthetics clinic. I AM SO GLAD I WALKED IN as Dr Boey and his staff were really helpful, non-pushy and I felt like they understood what I was going through. After a few rounds of treatments over the past 4 months, my skin has seen marked improvement! It really helped with things I couldn’t control beyond my lifestyle changes. It’s still very much a work-in-progress but I’m so glad I plucked the courage and gave them a try. Kudos to Team Sozo!

  • Tarry Cher
    3 years ago

    Dr Justin helped treat my active acne and acne scar headaches and I’m very satisfied with the results. It took 5 sessions of a combination of active acne and acne scar treatments. I went through infini and pico laser treatments mainly, and the staff was very attentive and professional. I would recommend Sozo to anyone who wants to treat their acne and acne scars.

  • Clifton Yeo
    3 years ago

    Tried the acne scar treatment and it worked well. easy-going and efficient process. staff and doctor were professional and very friendly.

  • Jasper Tan
    3 years ago

    Had some post-acne inflammation scars that didnt go away even after 9-12 months and felt very self-conscious about it. Visited Dr. Boey’s clinic and he recommended Pico Laser. I got 10 sessions in total and after a few sessions, the post acne inflammation scars have already started to fade significantly and I’m really glad that Dr. Boey has managed to help me with it. The staff there are also super friendly and professional and I always feel comfortable and well taken care of when I visit Sozo Clinic. Will highly recommend Sozo Aesthetic.

  • Susan Tan
    3 years ago

    Did Pico Laser and ultraformer hifu here with Dr. Boey. My skin feels tighter now, less droopy. Also my pigmentation have lightened after pico laser. He’s very patient as I was quite afraid if the treatment would be painful initially and he took the time to explain and reassured me.

  • Natalie Y
    3 years ago

    Battled with acne growing up, and now that I’ve gotten that under control, I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to lighten pigmentation and treat scarring. I’ve had mixed success with different types of more superficial treatments. My first fractional CO2 laser experience also scared me so much I told myself I’d never consider laser treatments again.

    I was introduced to Dr Boey by a friend. Dr Boey talked about the fractional CO2 laser, and how it was the holy grail of all acne scar treatments. I shared about my prior bad experience with him and my hesitation with undergoing any lasers again. I like that he didn’t pressure me to do the CO2 laser right off the bat, but instead offered alternatives. He proposed subcision with Rejuran, to break up scar tissue and promote the development of collagen. I liked that there was barely any downtime for this procedure, and given that his clinic is located conveniently in the CBD, I’ve done a couple of lunch time procedures. Dr Boey is always upfront and meticulous about sharing what to expect from the treatment and recovery process.

    Having undergone several sessions of subcision with Dr Justin, I felt comfortable enough to finally try the CO2 laser. He turned the settings down low, because I told him I couldn’t afford the usual 5-7 days of downtime. Happy to report that the downtime was indeed minimal! I had the laser done in the evening and was able to go back to work the following day with some light makeup. The laser results in some light grid marks that disappear in a couple of days, but nothing too much to handle. I was advised it was best to go makeup-free during the healing process, but if you’re like me and you can’t, some light tinted moisturizer or tinted mineral powder does the trick!

    Very professional team at Sozo, keep up the good work!

  • Lynn Ang
    3 years ago

    Dr Justin is professional and very detailed in explaining the treatment options to me. I felt very comfortable during the consultation and treatment. Definitely will go back for follow up

  • Khairul Anuar
    3 years ago

    After 3 months of hair loss treatment, my hair is fuller and much thicker now. Very happy with the dedication and care shown by Dr Justin and his team. Well done!

  • Nat Ho
    3 years ago

    I absolutely love the environment at Sozo Clinic, it always feels like coming home to family! The staff are warm and friendly and Dr Justin always takes time to understand my skin concerns without judgement. More importantly, he is not overly aggressive in his approach and will actually advise accordingly if he feels a particular treatment is unnecessary for a patient. I do the hydra-facial regularly for maintenance and also have done the occasional HIFU treatment with great results. Strongly recommended.

  • Bryan Zhang
    3 years ago

    Dr. Boey was excellent in assessing my acne scars condition. We chose to go with infini laser and it was really effective! Thanks for always making me feel assured with excellent service!

  • Bianca Pereche-Gamboa
    3 years ago

    I’ve done two sessions of HydraFacial at Sozo and I love how painless it was.
    During my first visit Dr. Justin Boey gave a thorough consultation. My aims were aired and reasonable solutions to my skin frustrations were suggested. The nurses were attentive and polite. Always a good experience. Can’t wait for the next HydraFacial (or any other treatments!)

  • Victoria C
    3 years ago

    Really convenient location in the cbd, and I like how clean and bright the space is. Dr. Justin was really patient in answering all of my questions and concerns about my skin. I also really appreciated that he always warns me about any downtime after treatment for me to consider (even the most minute of effects), and also alternatives that don’t have downtime. So I don’t have to feel self conscious about going to work after. The tech seems really up to date, and the laser treatments for freckles is very effective. My fave skin pampering is with their Hydrafacial (the main therapist is soooo sweet, such a nice but professional lady!)

  • Jeneen Goh
    3 years ago

    I did HIFU Treatment with Dr Justin Boey at Sozo Aesthetic Clinic and I’m extremely pleased with the results. I saw obvious face lifting just after one session. Dr Boey is very knowledgable and attentive – he really paid special care to the problem areas that I pointed out and I can see this in the results. I’d recommend anyone who’s looking for a non-invasive face lift to try out this treatment at Sozo!

  • Ronny Fonda Latumahina
    3 years ago

    Brought my bff to sozo clinics. I was being recommended by someone. The doctor is very professional and informed my bff each procedure that is done. She was doing a filler procedure using the product called Stylage. Wedding was successful and i will come back to recommend my other bff.

  • Jonas Tay
    3 years ago

    Regenera activa hair loss treatment with Sozo’s Dr Justin Boey was effective. Happy with my results at 6 months! tried many other hair loss treatments at other centres but this is one of the most effective hair loss treatments.

    I must thank Dr Boey for his highly ethical consultation!

    I initially wanted to do FUE hair transplant – spend more than $10,000.
    However, he recommended that I try Regenera activa first because I might be able to see results with regenera activa alone.

    He helped me to save more than $6000+. Regenera activa cost $3k+.

    Other clinics in orchard that I went to all suggested FUE hair transplant straight away. probably because it is higher profit margins for the doctors.

    I’m happy with my hair growth results. Highly recommend!

  • Anabel
    3 years ago

    Dr Justin and his team are truly the best! The quality of the treatments have been great for my skin, and they are quick, painless and with minimal down time.

  • May Leong
    3 years ago

    I went for a trial hydrafacial at the clinic and the aesthetician seemed really knowledgeable and thorough. Unfortunately, 2-3 days later, I developed cystic acne on my forehaead as well as chin, and am still recovering from the marks. I texted them to let them know this had happened, and their response from me is to use more salicylic acid !

  • Toh Karine
    3 years ago

    the staff was professional n pleasant. Doctor Justin was assuring n made me feel very comfortable. More importantly, the treatment was effective with short down time.

  • Yuqing Zhao
    3 years ago

    love the Pico Plus Laser + Brightening Peel, the sun spots on my face are much less visible and my skin tone is much more even now.

  • Nur Hayati
    3 years ago

    Recommended by my colleague & I’ve totally no regrets! Excellent customer service & Dr. Justin Boey is truly amazing. My acne scars are slowly fading away and I’m excited to see how it goes in a few months!!

  • Nicole Tan
    3 years ago

    Dr Justin was very attentive during the treatment procedure and I felt very relaxed throughout the treatment. Will recommend to others having skin issues!

  • Wei Ling Rai
    3 years ago

    Dr Boey is attentive and detailed. Highly recommend a consultation!

  • Vance Wong
    3 years ago

    Long overdue review. I went for my second visit after having contemplated for a few weeks since my consultation with Dr Justin. The staff was still as polite and well-trained as ever – almost feel like I’m being greeted by friends!

    I’ve had some acne, light scars, and skin issues here and there and I finally decided to take the plunge after hearing the positive comments from friends who have been to Sozo Clinic before.

    Dr Justin recommended a suite of treatments for the best results but assured me that it was not necessary if I could wait. I was curious how quick I could see results so I decided to take up the suite of infini, pico laser, and hydrafacial instead of just one laser treatment.

    I must say the results were nothing short of my expectations. I must even say I was shocked at how much my skin improved!

    Thank you, Sozo! And sorry for the overdue review

  • norbert james aliling
    3 years ago

    Kudos to Dr. Justin. Very helpful

  • Shane Yuen
    3 years ago

    Sozo Clinic is loved by my friends and me for their top notch service, aesthetic expertise, and most of all, Dr Justin.

    The acne scar treatments Sozo provides have improved my skin by more than 80% after just two treatments. In particular, the infini, tca cross, and pico laser treatments were the most effective for me.

    My friends tried Sozo’s hydrafacial, subcision, and filler and experienced at least 80% improvements too.

    I would recommend Sozo and Dr Justin to anyone who’s looking for a local face and a doctor who really cares for you and delivers results.

  • Vi King Kee
    3 years ago

    Visited Sozo Aesthetic Clinic to treat my pigmentation issues some 9 months back.
    It took a couple of session to see 80% of the results. Now I am completely pigment free.

    Some 2 months back. I treated my sagging skins. Notice 30% improvement immediately after the treatment.
    More improvement happens in the last 2 months.

    Thank you Dr Justin & team !


    Vi King

  • Kevin Dam
    4 years ago

    I went for some acne scar treatment at sozo a few times and was pretty well informed. Dr Boey provided more than enough info for me to decide which service treatment type was suitable for me and my pocket! the team were also friendly and accommodating. very happy with my results too!

  • Dblchin Clara
    4 years ago

    I love the environment, bright, well-lit interiors. Everyone is welcoming and friendly.
    Dr Justin is very dedicated and passionate towards his work, he gives really good advice in helping me to improve aesthetically. Also he ensures that minimal pain is involved when carrying out his treatments. Overall I would recommended this place should you have any aesthetic concerns!

  • Samantha
    4 years ago

    It is always a pleasure to visit Sozo – Dr Justin listens and makes suitable suggestions for my skin based on my problem areas. The HIFU treatment is definitely worth it, after 3 months my skin feels lifted with the stimulation of collagen around my face. A big thumbs up! PICO lazer has made my skin clearer with minimal pigmentation now. Overall, a great place to visit for aesthetic needs. The staff are always friendly and easy to deal with too.

  • Min Tee
    4 years ago

    I went for mild acne on one part of my face and despite saying I was sensitive to glycolic acid, was generically put under an iS Clinical Fire and Ice peel. Spent $480 for the peel and a cleanser. I went ahead with it thinking this derm knows his recommendation and he explained it was a blended multi acid and meant to be non irritating peel. Also I didn’t want to have made a wasted trip.

    Anyways it was pretty much pay the a la carte price or sign up for their acne package at $2400 which consists of different options of things that can be done each visit depending on how your skin was and what the derm decided you need, there was nothing else or lower times package.

    Glad I didn’t sign on because I broke out on the other parts of my face after and my skin on my left cheek is left pretty sensitised and bumpy now (3 weeks after). I get that purging of underlying comedones happen sometimes but my face was pretty clear on those areas.

    The clinic is fine, but what they offer is what it is. Post consult and before the peel, I was told to sit outside with the receptionist and explained and presented this package. I was presented no other options. It is good that its flexible but I’m not sure it is as patient focused as they present the package to be, just my opinion. Felt like another aesthetic derm clinic’s sales approach.

    Only upside was the therapist that did my facial was nice.

    It also strikes me as strange that most of the reviewers here have only made one review ever. Not sure what to think.

  • Athirah Huda
    4 years ago

    I had signed up for a package to treat my acne scars, mainly rolling scars- treatments were inclusive of INFINI RF, and subcisions. I am happy with the overall result. Even asked friends and fellow colleagues – were told that there are improvements on overall texture of my skin.

    I highly recommend this clinic, Dr Justin is very professional. The staffs are friendly – no hardselling – decide on your own comfort.

    Thank you Dr Justin Boey and team!

  • Tracy Lim
    4 years ago

    Dr Justin gets many good reviews. But I would like to praise his staff Xenna, Val and Selina for their attention to detail and quality service.
    I’ve never done HIFU and Fillers before – so I was nervous.
    thankfully, my 3 Sozo angels =) were so caring and patient with me. Thank you all for helping me look my best!
    HIFU results are good and I’m pleased with the results of Ultraformer 3.

  • Daniel Tan
    4 years ago

    Dr Justin is a very professional aesthetic doctor. I went to his clinic as I had a large cystic pimple and within 2 sessions of steroid injection and pus draining, my skin was back to normal! He explains the procedures very clearly. Injection was done very professionally and was really surprised that it wasn’t as painful as expected. Dr Justin also follows up on his patients which is something other clinic will not do! Had a really good experience with his clinic and would definitely recommend people who are facing acne issues or aesthetic issues to pay him a visit! And thank you so much Dr Justin! 🙂

  • Wei Ling Rai
    4 years ago

    I did the HydraFacial at Sozo and I love how relaxing and painless it was — even the extraction bit! My skin looked a lot brighter and felt very smooth and clean after the facial too. Dr. Boey was really professional, knowledgeable and answered all the queries that I had, the nurses took good care of me during and post facial and overall, it was a great experience here. Definitely coming back here again for my next HydraFacial (or any other treatments!) 🙂

  • Jo Yee
    4 years ago

    Visited Sozo Aesthetic Clinic a number of times to have anti-aging treatment done. Dr Justin explained to me the treatment that is needed for me. I find that the treatment effective.
    The staff in this clinic explain the treatment to me and prepare me for the treatment. Very professional.

    I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

  • Han Jonathan
    4 years ago

    Dr Justin is an extremely patient, caring and meticulous doctor. He went to great lengths to explain the huge range of treatment/procedures available in his clinic, before going on to customise and tailor the most suitable ones for my skin. He instilled confidence and reassured me before my laser treatment, which took place very smoothly. With his professionalism and gentle hands the procedure was pain free.

    Definitely looking forward to returning for my next appointment!

  • vanna lee
    4 years ago

    I had hair loss issues for a number of years.
    About two months ago, I had hair loss treatment called Regenera Activa at Sozo Aesthetic Clinic.
    It is effective !
    Thank you Sozo Aesthetic Clinic, Dr and team !

  • Axel
    4 years ago

    Tried some botox and fillers with Dr Justin. Recommended by a friend. Excellent results, excellent service. I like how my jaw and cheeks are contoured while still looking very natural. Dr Justin is very professional but friendly. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a serous but caring and friendly doctor.

  • Cheryl Ann Chong
    4 years ago

    Tried the hydra facial for the first time at Sozo as recommended by Dr Justin. Love it and I can’t wait for my next appointment so I can see the improvements. I’m so glad extraction is not so painful with this facial.

  • Luke Lee
    4 years ago

    Great experience at Sozo Aesthetics. Dr. Justin really takes the time to understand the problems facing patients with regard to their skin and clearly explains to you the strategies and treatments at your disposal for improving your skin quality and texture. Tried their HydraFacial which really cleared up my skin. Will definitely be going back.

  • Pearly Tan
    4 years ago

    I have visited Sozo Aesthetic twice by now and my face had been very well taken care of, by Dr Justin. It appears calmer and less sensitive. I will sometimes skip my skincare regime due to tiredness but wake up seeing my face all good, because the face treatment last me up to a good month. I can also trust him and be trying out other treatments that he recommends from time to time because he constantly strive to improve his knowledge with the latest technology through his research trips and make me #beeabetterme. Thank you Dr Justin and team for your care each time i visit and i’ll see ya all soon.

  • Jia Lun Lee
    4 years ago

    I did HIFu + Botox with Sozo Clinic and Dr Justin was very detailed and professional during the consultation and throughout the treatment. The clinic is very clean and cosy and the staff are helpful and friendly as well. Price point is very competitive and would definitely recommend!

  • xenna ng
    4 years ago

    I had 3 sessions of pigmentation removal laser at Sozo by Dr Boey who used PicoPlus laser. It was less painful than Q-switched lasers. I am seeing good results after 3 sessions. Caring and attentive doctor with a friendly team of staff!

  • Remus Suchart
    4 years ago

    Had Infini RF for Acne Scars treatment done and though slightly painful but bearable. But after few session, you will be able to tell the differences from your skin clarity and scars are also lighten.

    Doctor’s Skills
    Staff Quality Services
    Machineries & Technologies

    Total Experiences:

    Beyond words to describe! Patronise yourself and you will know!

  • withlove joyceng
    4 years ago

    Visited Sozo Aesthetic to treat my dark eye circles last month and am amazed by the effectiveness. Dr Boey recommended the microneedling Radio-Frequency and I could see immediate effects. My eyebags were less puffy and dark and the results are still lasting after a month! Would definitely recommend!

  • tan shuhui
    4 years ago

    I had botox done with Dr Justin and I love the results.It was so natural.He was very detailed and patient throughout the consultation.He made me feel very at ease during the procedure too.Would definitely go back to him for more aesthetics procedures.Prices are very reasonable as well.Highly recommended!

  • Nigel Lim
    4 years ago

    I underwent fractional co2 laser and picolaser for scars and pigmentation with Dr Boey. Had good improvements after the treatment sessions. I am happy with the results. Knowledgeable and skilful doctor. Will definitely recommend my friends to him.

  • Jen Wu
    4 years ago

    I went to Sozo Aesthetic Clinic for acne scar treatment and had a great overall experience. Dr Justin Boey was very patient with explaining the types of treatments available for my skin issues and recommended a customised solution that included laser treatments with the PicoPlus machine, peels and skincare. My acne scars have reduced significantly with just a few treatment sessions and my skin has never looked better!

  • Angel Lee
    4 years ago

    Unexpected results and bad customer experience for their services.

  • Rachel Wan
    4 years ago

    Very glad I chose Sozo to treat my eyebags. It was a very informational consultation with Dr Justin Boey. I felt very at ease there, I could trust them with my face! I’ve been to other clinics & they all say my only option is fillers for my eyebags. But Dr Boey is the only one who gave me an extra option of Radio Frequency, which is non-invasive & would yield more permanent results in the long run. I saw results after my first RF treatment for my eyebags already and am excited to see the final result! Would definitely recommend.

  • Benedict Choo
    4 years ago

    Did a brightening peel and picolaser . Yes the peel is a quick turn around for a red carpet glam. 30 mins and you are ready to go instant brightening. Picolaser has minimal pain even without numbing cream for lightening my pigmentations. Amazingly with a lightening serum it helps the pigments to lightening at a faster rate… YEAH

  • Shawn Quek
    4 years ago

    I had some dark spots on my right cheek from pimple scars and freckles. Dr. Boey reduced the marks using pico laser and not only was it effective, it was painless.

  • Sheau Li Gui
    4 years ago

    I first tried Original HydraFacial MD for facial cleansing and Pore Cleaning. This was the last time I had a traditional manual squeeze exfoliation/blackhead. Because the pain of the squeezed pore removal method made me deter, it took a long time. Under the double torture, I no longer stepped into the beauty salon.
    By chance, I spent only 30 minutes at SOZO to complete the 2 hours of facial cleansing and maintenance treatments, which quickly and effectively made my face clean, comfortable and light. Most importantly, the pain of the entire process is greatly reduced, just like the slight tingling of ants biting. The young lady who helped me with the treatment was careful, gentle and experienced, which made me enjoy it.
    It is recommended for you to have the same shadow as the traditional blackhead/acne.

    我第一次嚐試Original HydraFacial MD 做了臉部潔淨和清除毛孔Pore Cleaning.這離我上一次進行傳統的人工擠壓式去角質/黑頭足足有好幾年了。因為擠壓式毛孔清除法的疼痛讓我卻步,所花的時間也久。雙重折磨下使我不再踏入坊間的美容院。
    一次偶然的機會下,我在SOZO 只花了30分鐘便完成了以往2小時的臉部潔淨及保養療程,快速又有效地讓我的臉乾淨、舒服又輕盈許多。最重要的是,整個過程的疼痛度大幅減少,只像螞蟻咬的微微刺感。幫我做療程的小姐細心、溫柔及經驗豐富,讓我很享受。

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