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47 Reviews on “Ozhean Zoey Medical & Aesthetic Clinic”

  • Chen Chen
    11 months ago

    Great experience with Dr Sam and Ashly! Cozy and clean environment, detailed explanation and most importantly, I did see huge improvement on skin condition! Friendly service staff Christina too. An very nice experience, highly recommend!

  • YAO LU
    11 months ago

    Just came to the clinic to try Secrecy RF. It was a wonderful treatment. The doctor therewas very patient and always asked my feelings during the treatment. Also the nurses was very nice and quiet good at extractions. I think I would come again.

  • Serene Lim
    11 months ago

    Great experience with Dr Sam and therapist Kristabelle. Lazer is effective and saw results on my pigmentation from Day 1. Do not have to wait long when appointment is made (unlike some other clinics). Highly recommend!

  • Tan Zhi Zhong
    11 months ago

    Wonderful experience with Dr Sam and therapist Ashly! They were very cordial, patient and professional. Dr Sam constantly checked on how I’m feeling during my treatment and tried to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Client Service Manager, Christina was also very accommodating with my questions and took the effort to send me a detailed post treatment skincare routine.

  • Sarah Lim
    11 months ago

    My go to clinic for laser treatments. Results can be seen after every session. My favourite therapist Kristabelle is very personable, helpful and makes me feel at ease whenever I’m doing treatments there. Be sure to look for her if you decide to visit them! What a rare gem in the service industry these days 🙂 Client service manager Christina and Dr Sam is patient and helpful as well. Laser program package is quite reasonably priced too!

  • Rennie Hong
    11 months ago

    Good skin laser experience with Dr Sam – detailed explanation and he will cater to my skin needs! Friendly service staff Kristabelle! Recommended!

    11 months ago

    Was with Ozhean for quite some time.
    Found Dr Sam as an amazing aesthetic doctor with a kind heart in getting to understand what one needs and explained in details patiently.
    When I first tried the pro yellow laser, was astonished that my red broken blood vessels have vanished instantly.
    I have also tried their freezemax, am surprised that I lost more than 2kg after their first treatment.
    Yesterday tried the Needle RF, was impressed by it’s first treatment too. It has brightened my face, reduce wrinkles, tightened pores, saggy skin, pigmentation, dark circle, etc.
    I am most grateful to all the Doctors for their care and concern of my skin.
    All their staff were warm-hearted too.
    Would highly recommend them to all the new comers and friends too!

  • Jamie Jiang
    11 months ago

    Very good experience! This is my second time in Ozhean Zoey Medical & Aesthetic Clinic for Pico Max skin treatment. And I can see the improvement of my skin condition. Good environment and the service is perfect.
    Overall, I’ll give a 5-star.

    Thank you!

  • Jenn Lim
    11 months ago

    The clinic was very clean and comfortable. I was attended by Client Service Manager Christina and Therapist Ashley. They’re very friendly & attentive in listening to my concerns. Dr Sam & Dr Jim are both very patient, they walked me through the different issues, procedures professionally. They were also very careful and caring during the procedures knowing that my pain tolerance is super low. Even on the review session, both docs addressed & reassured my doubts patiently. Overall experience was quite pleasant. Visible results in before and after photos. Will wait for everything to settle and go back for more services! Thank you team 👍🏼

  • Shirl Lim
    11 months ago

    Been a long time customer and the reason I frequent here is the professionalism and skilfulness of the doctors and therapists. I know I can depend on them to make me look good always.

  • Jx Yue
    11 months ago

    Been a long time customer, the doctors and staff have always been patient and professional in their treatment. My skin always looks much better after each treatment. Would highly reccomend!

    1 year ago

    I would definitely recommend everyone with skin problems to visit Ozhean if you have any. The staff here are friendly, caring and professional. Consultants recommend suitable aesthetic treatments based on your needs, in a comfortable and soothing environment. I did the Pico Max laser treatment here with Dr Sam and the results were great. Not just that, the follow up service after the treatment was also impeccable. Highly recommended.

  • Winnie Tan
    1 year ago

    Never have I ever thought I’ll be visiting an aesthetic clinic every month but here I am visiting Ozhean Zoey aesthetic clinic , I always enjoyed my trip down to the clinic and never fail to feel satisfied leaving.

    Dr.Sam is such an amazing doctor, not only he takes good care of my skin but also check-up on me constantly on the progress. Never met a doctor professional and skillful at the same time. Keep up the good work ! Happy to recommend him with his wonderful team

  • Arissa Ha XY
    1 year ago

    I did the Ozhean Zoey Doll Face treatment in April 2021. Dr Sam is very knowledgeable and patient in answering all my questions regarding the treatment. The treatment involved threads which was inserted in the side (from the jaw to the temple) to achieve a lifting effect. Dr Sam even checked in on me personally a day after the treatment to ensure that everything is okay.

    Post- treatment, there was definitely a visible lifting result and would help you achieve the desired V-shaped face.

    The staff are some of the most wonderful and personable people I’ve met. Very gentle, friendly and reassuring. Threads are a minimally invasive treatment which can be uncomfortable for those who have a low pain tolerance but Dr Sam and his team made the experience very smooth, with minimal discomfort.

  • Devi
    1 year ago

    I came to the clinic to do fillers, and was attended by the friendly staff & consultants. Dr. Sam was very informative, knowledgeable, skillful and most importantly patient enough to explain to me whatever doubts I had beforehand. Certainly, after the filler procedure I’m tremendously pleased with the result.

  • Ang Jun Wu
    1 year ago

    Did my laser trial here. I am happy with the results. The staffs here are friendly. All the details about the laser were explained well. Dr Sam is very professional on what he is doing.

  • Ooi QiuMin
    1 year ago

    Nice clinic! The staffs were very professional and friendly. Really love the picomax and picolaser service

  • Belda Chung
    1 year ago

    I chanced upon Ozhean Zoey on Instagram and decided to give the trial a try. Their Picomax treatment surpassed my expectations. Dr Sam was super patient and detailed in addressing my concerns. I saw visible results after 1 session. I look forward to continue the programme.

  • Evon Chng
    1 year ago

    Dr. Sam and team are really patient with my many questions regarding my skin condition. I have sensitive skin and they made sure to prep my skin before and after the treatment to minimise redness. Will definitely visit them again!

  • Pik Ngan Lau
    1 year ago

    Did Pico Max Laser by Dr Sam The treatment was very good at just my 1st session. Their HIFU treatment is painless yet effective. The staffs there is very friendly and approachable too. Love their service here. Thank you so much

  • Xin Li
    1 year ago

    Had a pleasant experience at Ozhean Zoey Aesthetics clinic.Dr Sam was patience and explained clearly to my concern. He was gentle with his treatment too. Staff Ashly and Chloe are friendly , Highly recommended👍👍👍

  • wendy wen
    1 year ago

    I have visited other clinics but the treatments did not really work for me. I can see visible improvements right after the session here. Very excited to see how it goes , Dr Sam is very meticulous and really cares for the patient. He takes his time to explain the procedures that will be done and is very detailed. Thank you Dr for taking care of my skin

  • Guan Xiong Woo
    1 year ago

    Came here for the first time to try out the laser treatment. The doctor is very professional and he explained everything with patience and handled every single steps of the procedure with care. The assistance of the doctor is very friendly and cheerful, she make sure we were well-attended and feeling comfy during the pre and post procedure.

  • Gwenda Tan
    1 year ago

    Have been a regular client of OZ for all my aesthetic needs. They’re very open with their recommendations of treatment plan without being pushy. Dr Jim has an excellent eye for detail and Dr Sam is patient and meticulous with his treatments. The team is also very friendly especially Kristabelle, always a good experience with them!

  • Su Jakircevic
    1 year ago

    I found this clinic by chance while doing research on HIFU. Was very happy with the calm voice on the phone (the clinic’s GM) who was very patient in explaining the process and the equipment they use. The treatment itself was amazing. No hardsell. Doctor Sam ensured that he explained to me what he thought i needed and left me to decide on my own with no pressure whatsoever. Throughout the process, Doctor Sam and all staff ensured that i was comfortable. I tried the PICO max treatment and HIFU – and saw results on the day itself, and even now (a month later).

    I cannot recommend enough this clinic for professionalism, skills and state of art equipment. You are in safe hands at this clinic, i am so glad i discovered Ozhean.

  • Rida Abdul Rahim
    1 year ago

    Love the ambience. Friendly staff and good doctors. No hardselling at all which I love. They will only recommend on which treatment is good for you. Definitely recommended.

  • wh ng
    1 year ago

    Overall satisfied with the laser and facial treatment, although I do feel the clinic is rather noisy as the walls are not soundproof. I can hear alot of chatter whilst having my facial done and i could not really relax in that one hour . Laser session was okay since it’s fast but for those clients doing facial it might be not conducive to hear staff chatting. Perhaps facial room can have some soft music and staff can be mindful to speak softer.

  • Crystal Teo
    1 year ago

    I’ve seen their posts on social media for quite some time now and was thinking of trying out their services, thus contacted them on Instagram to ask for more details and also if there was any downtime for the treatment(s) available.

    Personally, I feel that it isn’t an issue to want to clarify any concerns beforehand lest as a consumer, we might end up getting slapped with more charges after the treatment. So, it took me by surprise then the staff handling their social media account hit me back with a “Lol” and a rather sarcastic reply although I was simply trying to be as transparent as possible with my questions.

    For an establishment that boasts quality service & treatment, their reply was both shocking and disappointing.

    There are much better ways to bring across their message and this was definitely not handled well – especially when they are trying to win over a premium clientele base.

  • hazel peck
    1 year ago

    Dr Sam and frotn desk staff are friendly and environment of the clinic is incredible! Loving Dr Sam clear explanation and their prices are very good! You will not regret your trip here! Thank you Ozhean team! 👍🏻

  • Wan Nee Tan
    1 year ago

    I can see a difference even after the first treatment of picomax! Dr Jimmy and Dr Sam are very patient, friendly and detailed in their explanation. Kristabelle also made me very comfortable.

    Overall I really like this place.

  • Nicole Tan
    1 year ago

    Clean and New clinic. Super friendly & professional staff. More importantly, effective & affordable treatments available!

  • Eunice Tay
    1 year ago

    Love everything about OZ! The location is so convenient (located in Orchard!), the ambience is so comfortable and I can literally fall asleep while having my session with them. The doctors are always patiently understanding what’s your needs and customising the treatment that is best for your skin. They will also diligently follow up with your skin condition after the session! Shout out to their lovely therapists who would make sure that you are doing well! I’ve tried their Agnes treatment for my nose pores and boy, they’ve shrunken significantly that they’re almost gone (say bye to strawberry nose!). Also did their Picomax treatment and love how brightening my skin instantly becomes right after the session! Thanks OZ once again!

  • tk tan
    1 year ago

    Pleasant experience at the clinic. The consultation with the doctor was not rushed, he took time to explain everything and was patient with long list of questions about how the treatment works and what the formulation is etc. A separate team come in to tell you in detail about what services they offer and prices etc. So make sure you come prepared with questions about the admin side of things as well 🙂 over all I highly recommend this aesthetic clinic!

  • Ben Nee Sim
    1 year ago

    Great service and treatment by the staff and Dr Sam! I could see the results after one treatment. Highly recommend them especially for the pico-max laser treatment.

  • Nur Amira
    1 year ago

    Both doctors are very professional, skillfull and very experienced. Doctors are the best!!! Front- desk girls are approachable and really nice. Top tier clinic!! Reccomended to go here! Thank you Ozhean Zoey Clinic😁

  • Kelly Vuong
    1 year ago

    Thankful to always help and keep me more young and pretty. Super good dr Sam and dr Jimmy experience. Highly recommend 5 stars services. Thanks & God bless❤️

  • Sim Jamie
    1 year ago

    First visit to the clinic to do Pico Max laser and the treatment delivered visible results in pore reduction. Doctor and staff were also not pushy with treatments when it came to consultation. Will definitely visit again.

  • Pearlyn Ang
    1 year ago

    Would definitely recommend my friends to visit. The doctors and nurses here are very caring , assuring and nice!

  • Serena Tan
    1 year ago

    Loved the attentiveness given by the doctors and nurses here! Felt extremely safe and assured after each of the staffs here took their time to explain things, they are so patient! Highly recommend to try out the services here

  • Avie Mercado
    2 years ago

    I had a very pleasant first visit, trying their hydra white facial with laser treatment. Before that, I had a consultation with the doctor, who was informative and re-assuring, considering it was my first time stepping into an aesthetic clinic. I also felt at ease throughout the quick procedure. Their staff was very welcoming and friendly too, and makes the entire treatment delightful. The place is new, clean and conveniently located as well! Left the place feeling refreshed with a glowing skin to boot!

  • deborah ng
    2 years ago

    Great experience, with knowledgeable doctors.

  • Jeremy GemStarr
    2 years ago

    Awesome and very dedicated service by Dr Sam ! Highly recommended!

  • Justin Kan
    2 years ago

    Was referred to this place. Was introduced to Agnes RF and the Hydrawhite Facial. I am very amazed by the results after just 1 session. The clinic was extremely clean and comfortable and the staff were all very friendly, and most importantly, they were not pushy at all. They truly listened to the problems I have and they were able to give very good solutions to my problems. Lucia, the client care manager, is extremely friendly and professional. After every procedure, she will be sure to check up on you and is very prompt with messages. Carol, the clinic therapist, has very good hands and I really enjoyed the facial she gave. She gave very honest opinions on what to do and what not to do. And lastly, the doctors were extremely professional. They have a very good sense of aesthetics and I trust them as they are very genuine. Dr Sam was very careful when doing the procedures for me. Overall, I would highly recommend coming to this clinic for your aesthetic needs.

  • Cheryl Poon
    2 years ago

    I would totally recommend Ozhean Zoey to my friends and family! It was my first time visiting the clinic and the experience was just amazing right from the consultants to the doctor. Dr. Sam was extremely patient in trying to explain the laser procedure and only recommend what was needed for you. The process was made very comfortable with little or no discomfort.

  • Norman Mohd Yusof
    2 years ago

    A great place with great service! Kudos to Dr Sam and staff!

  • Amelie Men
    2 years ago

    Good range of treatment with excellent quality control. Doctors are very professional and staffs are very warmly welcoming. Overall good recommendations for friends who have skin concerns or just general maintenance:)

  • Yvonne Xie
    2 years ago

    诊所助理Kristabelle是一位非常可爱又很有经验的小妹妹,任何不懂的 问题她都会很详细的讲解,而且还可以用中文讲解给我,简直太贴心啦。

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