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  • Pearl
    5 days ago

    i’ve received a service recovery attempt from mode. please help remove my previous review. thanks

  • Pearl
    2 weeks ago

    they damaged my perfectly normal skin and caused and scar and have been trying to shirk responsibility. see the scar picture below.

  • Hetal
    9 months ago

    I went for EMS.
    When I went for an initial consultation, the consultant informed me I would need 4 sessions to achieve my desired results costing +$900. I did not tell her 4 sessions, she told me. I have little body fat, I have a slim build, I exercise 5 times a week and eat healthy. She assured me I would achieve my desired result after said number of sessions.
    After the 4 sessions my abdomen looked exactly the same, no definition at all. They then told me I would need a minimum of 10. I feel this is definitely a scam operator and have asked for a refund.

  • Jessica lim
    10 months ago

    Ashley has served me today at mode aesthetics today. She is friendly and helpful. Enjoyed the laser and session.

  • Annabelle
    1 year ago

    Worst experience ever and let’s purely talk about customer service. For a so called “award-winning” aesthetic clinic, services provided was completely lacklustre. Staff are ridiculous, rude and condescending. Signed up for the $68 Xmas ultratite HIFU facial. Firstly, many staff reached out with multiple texts creating confusion. So anyway, Booked my appt for 6.30pm told them running slightly late due to jam. Person texting said OK. Got there by 6.43pm (took me 6 mins to actually locate the clinic on level 3) when reached, this Malay lady on the left (see picture) said “since u r late today just do consultation. We will not charge you”. Feeling appalled, I said “I’m shy of just 15 mins late and i informed beforehand and u all said ok no problem” to which she said, “The whole treatment and consultation takes about 2 hours and our clinic closes 7.30pm” and I said “look even if I come on the dot 6.30pm, 2 hours is way past your operational hours then u shouldn’t even have set appointment with me at 6.30pm” she go on and said your appointment is actually 6pm which I showed her the message that it’s stated black and white 6.30pm. Then go on to mention called me multiple times I showed them phone records there was ZERO calls made to my mobile line at all.

    After 10 mins of their deliberation, (which I do not appreciate they go on to laugh amongst each other) and then the short hair lady (back facing; as pictured) said “ok we will do it but no consultation just straight to treatment ya” as soon she said it, she STILL proceeded to consult me and said this is $68 without gst total will be $72.76 after gst bla bla I said ok. Then proceeded me to the treatment room. The bloody therapist cleansed my face and told me “this promo only 1 tab usually is 3 rounds” I said “ok whatever it is I paid for, just do it”..guess what? Sat inside the room 6.56pm. Got out of the treatment room by 7.21pm. The whole treatment minus cleansing was of face etc was under 20 mins! 20 mins and they said the whole thing takes 2 hours and initially they wanted to cancel my entire session and just do bloody consultation??! The audacity!! To think I actually spend $18 to cab down and they tell me that. Ridiculous. So u saying 2 hours consultation + treatment. Actual treatment 20 mins so is it ur clinic protocol to have staff hard sell and chat nonsense to customers for 1.5 hours?!! And after I am done, they went back to attempt to sell me package (WITHOUT asking me how I find the treatment lol) and it’s $3288 for 10 sessions and mention will be 3 rounds and will throw in facial too. Point being- do u think customers will give a shit and even bother to sign after experiencing such ridiculous service by ur clinic staff? LOL. Seriously, award winning clinic should have trained customer service professionals and not hire low EQ people to manage and run day to day operations. Very NC (no class) standard. Ruining reputation only.

  • Sandy
    1 year ago

    I get to know them from Facebook about the promotion for filler of dark eye circle. The lady refer me to the ‘Consultation Room’ to understand my skin problem. As I went there for the treatment (filler for dark eye circle) I want, she start to start her sells talk, she asked me to sign up the package for glass grow treatment at $1111. I rejected and I request to have a single session to try as I don’t know the result. After go for the glass glow treatment, I go ahead with the filler for dark eye circle filler. When I back to the ‘Consultation Room’ , the same lady asked me to sign up the package again. Once again I rejected, then she start offered me not go for 10 session but for 5 session. I not keen to sign up anything. I believe she can’t meet her quota then she ask me to pay for 1 more session again for next appointment for review which is 2 weeks later. I felt really uncomfortable with such service. When come to payment, they will bring the credit card out of my vision. She had make 2 separate transaction without informing me. As it should be all in 1 transaction. Overall they only want to meet their sales quota they won’t really need to know what customer need. Good luck to you if you heading there soon.

    1 year ago

    I have given the lowest rating as I experienced terrible service at the Orchard branch of Mode Aesthetics. I went their to avail the promotion which I got through Instagram Alma Laser facial. When I got there I was kept waiting for 35 mins before the so called consultant therapist named STELLA took me to a consultation room and started telling me things about my skin which I already knew and thats the primary reason I went there to address the issues and try their facial. The very minute after she told me how bad my skin is, she suggested me a package of SGD 3880 for 10 sessions. I was blown away as I had not prepared to sign up for such an expensive package. I asked her what Laser facial were they promoting on Insta to which she said, its nothing great and it will not help me with my skin. Her exact words were “Its a ver basic laser which will not help with my skin condition, its cleansing and laser thats all” I felt I wasted my time making time between work to visit MODE and I did not even avail the promotion as the moment she knew I have no intention of signing thousands of dollars package without even trying a single facial, she displayed dis interest in even continuing the conversation. I understand all this promotions have a hidden agenda which is ok as its business as usual, however don’t advertise something which ain’t true and play with customers time and money unnecessarily. I already suffered, hope the ones reading this act early and don’t waste time…Good luck

  • Gopalan Siamala Devi
    2 years ago

    This is my second visit to Mode and I must say that I will not hesitate to recommend this place to my friends. I found the consultant Joyce to be very patient in explaining the procedures clearly and also helpful in .answering all my questions. Another person to commend is Julia who did the actual treatment for me. She was very genuine and gentle yet strong with her hands. Whilst she was treating me she asked many times if I felt any pain or discomfort. Wonderful to be taken such care of. Thanks to both Joyce and Julia. Certainly looking forward to my next visit

  • Nairika
    2 years ago

    I have been very impressed with my SHR treatment at Mode Aesthetics Centrepoint. Ferlyn is an excellent therapist and I would highly recommend her for treatments. She goes above and beyond.

  • Joanne
    3 years ago

    Good experience with Julia. Bubbly, assuring and informative.

  • Wei Shan Koh
    3 years ago

    Had Lucent Beam Brazilian done by Jiaxin. She’s gentle and friendly. Great experience.

  • An Qi
    3 years ago

    Nicely therapist Jinn patient service, good ??

  • Lé Tunstall
    3 years ago

    Am Very Happy with Aries Service! She’s very patience, kind and very detailed in what she’s doing. Like how she calm me down when am nervous about how painful thinking the treatment will be.
    Will come back and see her again next mth for another treatment.
    Thank you, Aries!!! ?????

  • Jordy Goh
    3 years ago

    Jinn was professional in explaining the treatment procedure.
    Overall is a pleasant visit here. Would revisit here for treatment in the months to come.

  • YY tham
    3 years ago

    Thank Jinn for her good service and very patient
    Nice beautician.

  • Cindy Lai
    3 years ago

    MK was very friendly and reassuring during my session with her!

  • Shenghui Peng
    3 years ago

    Aries is very gentle and kind. She has been super meticulous and thorough with my SHR treatment ☺️

  • Andrew Soh
    3 years ago

    Aries is very efficient and explains the procedures well.

  • 琪琪Aylna
    3 years ago

    Aries is patient and their service is recommended.

  • Julie Pristine Belmonte
    3 years ago

    I would recommend Mode Aesthetics to get your facial treatments. The place is very relaxing and they provide an excellent service. I got the dermashine and my face got brighter. Thanks to Shirley for accommodating me.

  • RA Sampang
    3 years ago

    Jinn and Angie are very professional and helpful.

  • Amy Hong
    3 years ago

    Agnes is very knowledgeable and skillful. Thanks for her service.

  • Carmen Ebit
    3 years ago

    Recommend therapist Jinn, she is very professional in her skills, friendly and caring of me thank you so much !

  • Jeremiah Barnabas
    3 years ago

    Great service by Agnes at Bedok branch! Extra thick layer of numbing cream.

  • Jonathan Yeo
    3 years ago

    Good service delivered. Have been using their service for more than many years now. Carbon and Alma laser is effective. Shirley and Aries both are very friendly and helpful. Recommended.

  • Pearline Chen
    3 years ago

    MK is super professional and friendly!
    Nice experience with her!

  • Adeline Neveah
    3 years ago

    Jiaxin was great during the whole session, periodically checking in to make sure that i was comfortable.

  • Sophia Chew
    3 years ago

    Did my SHR at Bedok branch and therapist Agnes was very gentle and patient as my skin is quite sensitive. Thanks for the good service 🙂

  • Lee Ji-Hyun
    3 years ago

    Visited the clinic for the first time after looking at promotion. The clinic was very clean, luxurious and ambience was good. Esp, Joyce, Florence and Mk was very helpful and kind and gave me personalised solution. ??

  • Navajith U M
    3 years ago

    I had a great experience with Mode. Especially Shirley was quite knowledgeable, gentle and helpful throughout the service. I would definitely recommend her for anyone new to their services.

  • Nadia Lee
    3 years ago

    Came here for SHR; didn’t appreciate the hard selling on my first session, but on my second session my therapist was Genie, who was really thorough, well done! My third therapist was Jinn who also did a fantastic job! 🙂
    Edit – later on switched to Lucentbeam (found better results than SHR), my therapist Aries was excellent as well!

  • Sharon Heng
    3 years ago

    Relaxing environment with friendly staff Shirley. Professional service provided.

  • Angelita Pepito
    3 years ago

    Jinn,,, awesome the service. Thank you

  • lim chew lan
    3 years ago

    Enjoy my Alma laser treatment with Shirley at mode aesthetics orchard. She is very nice and professional.

  • Mira Nurbabanova
    3 years ago

    I really enjoyed my experience of facial treatment with professionals Joyce and Shirley. Amazing service and great quality! Thank you! Will be back here again!

  • Natalie
    3 years ago

    Highly recommend Jinn she was friendly and patient service !

  • Serina Seow
    3 years ago

    Agnes is very meticulous and patience in sharing with me the steps and process. I would be back again.

  • KS C
    3 years ago

    Received meticulous and caring service from Agnes @ Bedok Mall outlet ??

  • maximus ng
    3 years ago

    Stella and Aries are very professional and warm , the best in town! Highly recommended!

  • Desmond Goh
    3 years ago

    Sarah from HFC is a very friendly and meticulous aesthetician ! Highly recommended!

  • priscilla leow
    3 years ago

    Went for a first experience with my husband. Consultation was pleasant initially and decided to go for one course of treatment thereafter. That was the worse decision ever. Poor quality of attention and totally unprofessional. They failed to deliver the basics of service and left me helpless in the cold. The cups fell off halfway through the treatment, nobody was there despite shouting for help twice. They did not even offer a blanket. There wasn’t a call button inside the room as well. I came out of the session shivering till I went home.
    Am contemplating to complain all the way up to their management. It’s totally unacceptable.
    My husband still paid for his session despite them being inexperienced for his session as well.
    For people out there, beware and do not pay up until you are satisfied after the treatment.
    The only thankful thing I did, was not to sign up any packages.

  • Merlyn Yeoh
    3 years ago

    Mk Annie
    Excellent services from Annie, highly recommended. Exercise her facial skills, explained every step and product that she put on. Has a friendly personality. Great and appreciate it. Happy treatment ? Thanks, Annie

  • Jeffrey Chew
    3 years ago

    Great staff jia xin.

  • fuusha 99
    3 years ago

    First time try fat freeze not sure results
    Agnes is the one serve me

  • Jess Chen
    3 years ago

    Encountered the staff named Agnes in bedok branch offers friendly and impressive service. ??

  • Randale Ong
    3 years ago

    Always have a great time here. Staff were professional.
    Jia ning (if the spelling is correct) is really professional in handling my skin.
    Highly reccomend.

  • Edmund Fong
    3 years ago

    Jinn fantastic

  • Jamie Ong
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the warm and good service from Jiaxin and Angie! It was a very pleasant experience!

  • Shin Yuen Phang
    3 years ago

    Been here for alma laser & served by Agnes. She is vry patience & provide clear explaination on skin care info & daily routine to take care. 🙂

  • aarthi balasubramaniam
    3 years ago

    Aries services is very good. She took care of me very well and She explained everything clearly to my understanding. ?

    3 years ago

    The service is the best. Agnes made me feel comfortable during the whole treatment. Treatment is very effective for my acne problem.

  • Zhang Jiayi
    3 years ago

    It’s okay and comfortable, the staff were approachable

  • Aditya Dubey
    3 years ago

    Good experience. Thnx Agnex.

  • Doris Tan
    3 years ago

    Thank you Aries for her professionalism, thoroughness and patient! ?

  • Li Yuan
    3 years ago

    The prices are reasonable and Agnes the therapist was fast and through in the treatment

  • Willy See
    3 years ago

    My beautician Agnes is very professional and when doing treatment, she will make sure that everything is ok. I also prefer her to do extraction for me as she is gentle and more thorough and my skin feels so clean after my every visit. I would highly recommend her.

  • Melle Poon
    3 years ago

    Aries has been very dedicated and detailed.

  • Ian De Guzman
    3 years ago

    Thanks Agnes for the wonderful service! looking forward for next Almalase service!

  • Mandy goh
    3 years ago

    The service from the Bedok branch was spectacular. Agnes attended to me and she was brilliant and awesome!! She explained it to me while going step after step of the treatment which made me feel comfortable and know what I’m actually doing despite my first time trying such treatment which was the Carbon Laser.

    Angie was the consultant that attended to me and she was one of the best I’ve come across from such beauty salon. She did not hardsell me when I told her I’ll take some time to consider, she gave me enough space and it felt really comforting.

    I strongly recommend the Bedok branch if it’s your first trial! (:

  • Esther Low
    3 years ago

    Excellent service by Agnes for being patient and helpful. Angie is very nice too. Explained thoroughly and very sweet. No hard selling. Impressed.

  • Natelie
    3 years ago

    Highly recommend Jinn, Thanks your good service and so patient .

  • Tiew Hiong Woon
    3 years ago

    Jia xin good service ??

  • Yujia H
    3 years ago

    Annie Mk is quite nice and sweet. ❤️
    Awesome experience and good service!

  • Meena Jay
    3 years ago

    Didnt my extraction in mode aesthetics… jiaxin was great.. was gentle… i had a goodtime.. thank you jiaxin and mode…

  • Yun Er
    3 years ago

    Thanks Jinn for the professional service and friendly talk to me nice experience !

  • Raj sriramoju
    3 years ago

    Staff is very experienced and explained the program properly . I took my first session really will wait to see the difference.

  • Mirawati Papan
    3 years ago

    Nice ambience.. I took Almalasser.. Ms Aries very good, attentive .. .. love her service. Thank you

  • Radziah Razali
    3 years ago

    such a pleasant experience with agnes. she explained the steps and benefits patiently throughout the session ?

  • Renee Ng Wei Ling
    3 years ago

    Jinn provides pleasant service for my firsy visit, and was patient in explaining what the process will be like

  • Maria Faustina
    3 years ago

    Very polite and friendly service. She always make sure that I am alright and also inform me before applying any product.

    I will recommend her . Thank you Mode Aesthetics ?

  • Fira Izabella
    3 years ago

    This place is amazing.Service is good.my treatment was done aswesomely by Agnes..would recommend this place to others

  • Kuhaneswari K
    3 years ago

    Agnes is a very gd therapist. She ensures I am comfortable during the whole process of facial?

  • Lawrence Chai
    3 years ago

    Its a pleasant day! The management take serious steps to read and listen to all reviews. Thanks Eve and Jaclyn for solving my problem and explained to me patiently. They are GREAT people!

  • Lolli Po
    3 years ago

    Great Service by Agnes/Bedok Branch! Very friendly,polite and professional. Did Microneedling RF to get rid my stubborn scar. It was slightly painful (albeit more so psychologically). Looking forward to great result on my pitted scar which has haunted me for the past 12 yrs. Thanks Agnes.

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