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61 Reviews on “Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic”

  • Kiru
    2 months ago

    Dr wong you are the best doctor.This is my first time visiting kowayo aesthetic clinic. Today i did Pico Laser and Aqua Pulse treatment is the best! 🥰
    Thank you Kowayo 🙏🏻
    The staff is so friendly and explain to me the treatment she is doing. I love the cooling facial after the laser treatment so nice and feel like there is ice pack on my face.I can’t wait for next visit.

  • mika
    3 months ago

    Pleasant experience with kowayo, which offers wide array of aesthetic and medical treatments. A strong team of staff who gives me total ease & trust.

  • charlene Chew
    6 months ago

    Went for kowayo Aesthetic’s nose filler treatments and it was quick and painless! I could always entrust myself with them at Kowayo aesthetics!

  • Tyra lisa
    6 months ago

    Dr Wong is the best. He has transform me to a beautiful women. So many people said i look different. His hands are so delicate. No bruises after the jab and seriously the pain is just like ants bite. Bareable. I totally recommend you. He will not force you or ask you to do things that is not necessary. Even his nurses treats you very well.

  • IK
    6 months ago

    Has visited Dr Wong at this aesthetic clinic many times, and had laser, chemical peel and Botox treatment. A nice, friendly doctor with in-depth knowledge and expertise of aesthetic medicine, I feel very comfortable in his good hands. Always satisfied and happy with the end results. Will return for more in future.

  • Aylna Neo
    6 months ago

    Did undereye filler to help with my undereye wrinkle and doctor really very skilful and very gentle. Was nervous about the procedure but doctor skills really assured me. End results is really what I wanted and will definitely recommend more people to go!

  • Royce Lee
    6 months ago

    I had a wonderful experience at Kowayo doing HIFU treatment for lifting and Secret RF treatment for burning the fats in my double chin. Dr Wong has been very patient and I really appreciate that. Friendly staff too :))

  • TracyLin
    6 months ago

    Superb experience and love the results. Doctor is so professional & friendly! Highly recommend!

  • Evangelyn Poh
    6 months ago

    Dr wong is very detailed and welcoming, his staff takes v good care of me throughout the process as well! Definitely had a comfortable time here 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Amirah Yusof
    6 months ago

    Have been doing treatment for my skin with Wendy for a long time. Satisfied with results. Effective and highly recommended! She is very patient, professional and friendly.

  • Kismet Md Amin
    6 months ago

    Ive been visiting this clinic for more than 5years.i recommended to my families & friends.
    With advanced system used the result is fantastic.
    Friendly staff add to it too.

  • Amanda Lee
    6 months ago

    Kowayo is the reason for my clear skin! Dr Wong helped me through the process and guided me on which treatment is best for my skin! Eversince then, I’ve been going every month for my Pico Laser and Aqua Pulse. My skin has improved so much and I am happy with the results! The staffs are friendly too! Thank you! ❤️👍🏻

  • Sandra Wong
    6 months ago

    I went to Kowayo to make my face look sharper. Dr Wong recommended me to do chin fillers. He was very professional and patient throughout the whole process. I am very impressed with the result as my chin looks more v shape and overall face looks sharper right after treatment. Everyone in the clinic is very friendly too 😊Thank you Kowayo!

  • Cai Auston
    8 months ago

    Finally got my lopsided brows and expression lines on my forehead fixed via Botox procedure by Dr Wong. Dr Wong patiently explained on my queries before the procedure. It took less than 30 mins! Literally painless and no downtime. Highly recommended!

  • Samantha G
    8 months ago

    i had lip filler done for the first time! impressed by how patient and informative dr wong and the nurses were. the entire procedure was quick and painless, and 1 syringe was enough to get fuller and smoother lips. will be back in 6 months for my next syringe – highly recommended!

  • lingzhi_xo
    8 months ago

    Very disappointed with the result 🙁 and yet they said they can’t do anything about it. It just didn’t turn out to be what they thought… very unprofessional. Really regretted trusting them

  • Jing wen Wong
    8 months ago

    Had my nose thread done here and had a great experience. The whole process quite fast and painless. I’m happy with the results will definitely come back with other treatments

  • Diana Mohamed
    8 months ago

    Firstly, no hard sell.
    Consultation, you think about it, if you dont wanna or prefer to save more money then go ahead. They never push me to do more treatments. Its like, what I want to achieve, help me achieve it, or I feel I look ok and no more treatments they will not push you.
    I did the jaw face slimming treatment. 1botox + 3 different times go for fat melting injection. After 4mths ‘no more chubby cheeks’ – my square shaped face ‘become oval’, ‘sharper’ – were the comments that I get from friends. ☺️ Happy happy! Hehe

  • Vanessa Tan
    8 months ago

    Had a serious dark eye circle problem and it made me look tired all the time. Decided to visit Kowayo based on friend’s recommendation. The result of the dark eye circle treatment was surprisingly great and now I can actually leave my house without putting on concealer! Friendly staff and reasonable price.

  • Muhammad Fadhil
    8 months ago

    Great service by Wendy !

  • Mandy Chen
    8 months ago

    The team at the clinic was very professional. They knew exactly what I needed so the entire experience was seamless and reassuring, especially for someone who’s embarking on an aesthetic procedure for the first time! Throughout the session, I always felt I was in the safe hands of Dr. Wong & his skills because of how meticulous & experienced he is.
    Really love how my nose look now.

  • Vivian Ng
    8 months ago

    Will not visit again. A honest opinion from a customer who regularly visit aesthetics clinics for the past 8 years. The staff from Kowayo who attended to me is only interested to sell me more treatment and products rather to prepare me for the treatment. Luckily another staff who attended to me after the treatment is attentive. Doctor is not interested in my concerns and wants. I have never encounter a doctor like him. Doctor just literally left straight after treatment and did not bother to ask me to sit up and take a good look and check with me if its alright and if this is what I want. Quite surprising to me. More like a “get it over and done with” attitude. And also the result from my treatment is not up to my expectations. No after care advices were given even though one of the treatment I did there was my first time. I’ve encountered way better service and result from other clinics.

  • li jun
    8 months ago

    I’ve only recently dipped my toes into Botox waters, having tried this wrinkle treatment to remove my crow’s feet and forehead lines. Before undergoing the treatment, Dr Wong examined my face, he told me what’s my problem and explained how this treatment can help. It was a quick procedure, a free touch up was given after 7 days, I re-visited the clinic and doctor gave me his professional views about which area need to be touched up. The overall experience is good and I’m satisfied with the result.

  • Jasmine Tan
    8 months ago

    really good experience with Dr won’t , very professional and will explain to you the process to ensure that you are clear and safe before moving on to the treatment 🙂

  • Jailani Nathan
    8 months ago

    Highly recommended. Reliable services. The PICO laser treatment was always done with great care. Thanks, Dr Wong. Wendy, too, has always been attentive to my needs. She provides good consultation and advice at any time of day. Thanks, babe!

  • Natalie Ng
    8 months ago

    The best aesthetic clinic in the town! Saw their IG post and decided to make an appointment to get nose filler done. The whole process was professional. Special thanks to Dr Wong who explained the treatment clearly and I am happy with my higher nose bridge now that looks nature!

  • Hafiz Mohammad
    8 months ago

    Did the aqua pulse. Awesome result.

  • Jason Teo
    8 months ago

    Definitely one of the best aesthetic clinics in SG! Great Service and Reasonable Price. Had hair loss + hair balding issue since my early 30s which is very disturbing. Dr Wong was very patient and explained to me which treatment was more suitable for my case. At the end, I agreed to go with Regenera Activa treatment. This is my third week after the treatment and I am happy with the visible result.

  • Germaine Lau
    8 months ago

    Thank you for the good service provided by the Kowayo team & Dr Wong! At Kowayo, there’s really zero hard selling and Dr Wong will only recommend what’s best for your face type, and nothing more than that 💯👍🏻

  • Tracey Chang
    8 months ago

    Professional and friendly. Had a great experience at Kawayo!

  • Daniel Lim
    9 months ago

    Excellent service from Dr Wong and his staff. A very patient and knowledgeable doctor. Highly recommended!!

  • s p
    9 months ago

    Thank you ChaiPin for your kind good services👍!I did facial & signature treatment at kowayo. Hope to see you soon again. 🤗

  • Q Lb
    9 months ago

    Have been going to him for botox face slimming for years. Fast efficient and professional. Highly recommended.

  • Sally Huang
    9 months ago

    Recommended by my best friend and decided to visit Kowayo last month. Everyone is professional and Dr Wong explained clearly about what to expect about nose enhancement (ex: results, downtime, the difference between nose fillers and nose thread, price etc). The result is surprisingly great and I am very happy about it! 🙂

  • Apple Sim
    9 months ago

    Been having wide hair parting problem for quite a while. Visited Kowayo two months ago and Dr Wong recommended me to do Regenera Activa hair loss treatment.The whole treatment only took about 30 mins and it’s definitely effective! Hooray! I have seen improvements of hair density.

  • Alicia Cho
    9 months ago

    I did Botox on my Jaw at @kowayo_asthetics!Its to slim down the jaw area to have a slimmer face 😉Most of you will worry if it’s painful? Initially was kinda scared of the needle haha. I don’t feel any pain coz my jaw was numbed/iced before that. The needle poked in was very thin too 🙂 Doctor Wong was very assuring & explained the whole process to me during consultation:) After the injection, it took about 3 weeks to see effect & I have to avoid chewing too much on the day too. Overall effect will last for 6 mths, it is not permanent but still nice while it last 😀

  • Katherine Aiko
    11 months ago

    Did botox at Kowayo. Dr Wong is very reliable and meticulous. With his aesthetic skills and the Kowayo team dedicated customer service, you can rest assured that they will deliver the results you desire 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Adeline Hokulani Murray
    11 months ago

    My experience at kowayo is amazing . I’m very happy with my Chin and he is very attentive and attention to detail . He gives good advice too. I would strongly recommend Dr Wong .

  • Shermaine Choo
    12 months ago

    Dr Wong was super patient and he would explain what he was going to do to help me with my concern, in this case my nose. Did fillers for my nose bridge and also botox on the sides of my nose to make it seem smaller. The whole procedure was fast and painless and the nurses were also really helpful the whole time. I loved the after effect and I’ll definitely be back for other treatments with Kowayo. Thank you for my nose enhancement, super happy with everything here!

  • XM Aaron
    12 months ago

    Amazing instant result!

  • Zheng Hui Phuah
    12 months ago

    Went for Aqua pulse facial and IPL treatments. I feel my skin smoother, brighter & glowing after the session. Good environment while doing treatment at Kowayo Aesthetics Clinic. Dr Wong & the staffs are all friendly and give me professional advice. Most importantly, no hard selling👍🏻

  • Usha Rani
    12 months ago

    I have done many treatments in this clinic over the years. Always happy with the results.

  • Beryl xu zhen
    12 months ago

    The most recommended and reliable aesthetic clinic, doctor and staffs are professional and friendly. Recently went to try HIFU treatment, happy with the result.

  • Tina Amir
    12 months ago

    Had my nose fillers done here and had a great experience. Was initially nervous but the friendly staff & Dr Wong made me feel at ease. The procedure didnt take long and the results were instant. Loved the results and will definitely be back again!

  • Tan Xin Yuan
    1 year ago

    Highly recommended aesthetic clinic! extremely satisfied with the result of my nose threadlift and the latest PROFHILO treatments! the Kowayo teams are extremely professional and their hospitality is remarkable! special mention to Dr.Wong and Ms. Caibin.Thank you for always making me looks my best!

  • roe kinko
    1 year ago

    Very satisfied with the result! I went for a smiling line injection, and the doctor used his expertise to advise me not just fill the smiling line but also add a bit on the cheek. Because when the cheek loses volume it will make the smiling line more evident. The Ellanse injection also feels also a lot more natural than HA filler.

  • Sonia Gay
    1 year ago

    surprised to see some bad reviews but doctor is extremely friendly. he might be too easy on customers sometimes, i want to give him more money for more procedures but he always advice the most cost effective way.
    first time visiting an aesthetic clinic that helps me save money LOL

  • Shellie Wong Xing Hui
    1 year ago

    Made me looked the best on my wedding day! thank you Dr Wong!

  • Ting Aaricia
    1 year ago

    I really recommend this clinic and totally trust the dr and clinic assistants. Never have I felt that they were out to just earn my money. They are just there to make sure that you look your best. I have just recommended everyone who have commended me on my good looks. Two thumbs up to Dr Wong and all the sweet nurses!

  • Tsu Ching Hsia
    1 year ago

    I have been doing the Aqua pulse facial for a few sessions and i really like the effect! My skin feels so much smoother & pores looked much smaller.. my freckles did lighten a little every session. Dr Wong is also very friendly in recommending the treatment & the nurses are sincere & nice. Always looking forward to each session for my ‘baby’ smooth face 😊

  • Mahani Mohd Amin
    2 years ago

    Good service n friendly staff.

  • Valentine Sophie
    2 years ago

    As a European here from many years
    and after all the bad experiences I had
    I felt so blessed to find this Clinic…

    The Doctor is very accommodating and patient.
    Open to listen on your concerns.
    Understand what you want.
    Never felt unsafe
    or pressured to do something I did not want (common here).

    Staff friendly kind and very sweet.

    10 stars!

  • Slim Lim
    2 years ago

    Had some treatments done here and the results weren’t great. Didn’t feel that the doctor cared very much about patient welfare, especially post treatment. Staff training lacking too; just want your money and can get really indiscreet when seeking consultation. No privacy at all!

  • Adeline Miller
    3 years ago

    I love the Dewy Shine treatment! Professionally done!

  • Maya B
    3 years ago

    I wanted to stop grinding teeth and make my jaws slimmer. At the first appointment where I paid more than 500$ they told me that they will see me in two weeks and if the procedure didn’t work the doctor will fix it by making new injections. Suffice to say—ni still wake up with pain in my jaws which means I still grind teeth and me face looks exactly the same—they might as well have injected a saline solution. And when I came after two weeks to say that nothing happened and I am not happy, the doctor said maybe I need another injection in 1.5 months (another500$ of course) and that he cannot fix it because injecting more Botox now will put too much toxin in me. The pictures of before and after the nurse took were so obviously taken from a different angle but even so didn’t show any difference in my face. Waste of money.

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